Afterimage, The - The Void Lyrics

I felt the presence of hate but I never thought I'd embrace it.
Here is the enemy that has taken control.
An enemy that has haunted my soul.

I am absent minded.
Free me from myself.
Free me.

I burnt these bridges.

Show me the way out.
Then show me the way out.
Show me the way out.
Show me the world.

I'll be rid of this world. Free me from myself.

Who am I to say everything will be alright when we've ruptured the foundations.

I have become so bitter.
I don't think I can create my own destiny.
Who am I to say everything will be alright, when I've ruptured the foundations.

The countless times we'll fall.

You've become, you've become.

You've become the Void in my life.

But you had all the answers, you had them.
You had all the answers.
You have a sense of formless importance.

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Afterimage, The The Void Comments
  1. Chris ADTR

    this deserves so much more attention.......

  2. Connor Clark

    What happened to the awesome duel-guitar playthrough that was up here a while back?

  3. ShaRMz6g

    That breakdown at the end is fucking mean

  4. MR. Šiçk

    Fucking badaSs /w\

  5. Эскендер Григорович

    @Kromhoff09 The members of this band were in Centuries Apart and The Prologue. Formless was the new version of one of The Prologue's EPs, but they have sick new influences in their new singles!

    hexagram the dragoon

    i just learn't some shit

  6. Caleb Carnahan

    Lovin the monument from the Barrie Waterfront on the album artwork

    Эскендер Григорович

    Spirt Catcher :)

  7. Consuela

    3:18. love how that sounds.

  8. vocover

    it's Kyle haha.same guy

  9. Skeeter Jean

    Sounds fuckin tasty! \m/

  10. Mikael Paczkowski

    dude high pitched does not mean horrible. listen to his solo stuff and that should change your mind. seven rules

  11. Thierry Blondin-Rivest

    Erra would be amazing without that insanely horrible clean singer. That being said, Seven is an awesome song.

  12. Devan Sobolewski

    No full-length yet -___- patiently waiting.

  13. NoSoulToFind

    Just found these guys. Fucking awesome! Do they have a full-length yet? And if so, where can I find it?

  14. Mikael Paczkowski

    thats right mate :)

  15. Soy Sauce

    I give them credit for doing something new in a genre saturated with trendy cookie-cutter bands. However, they're lack of "structure" in every song is overkill for me.

  16. Soy Sauce

    Agreed. The guitar work and song structure of Erra is second to none IMO when it comes to melodic metalcore. Besides Mis Sigs' Controller album of course.

  17. bmanbel33

    I just kicked someone in the my head. Awesome fuckin sound

  18. PeripheralDjent

    Scenie deathcore tryhard bands typically use (and more often than not, overuse) bass drops.

  19. Squampy

    WELP, just saw the spirit catcher on the album art and found out these guys are from Barrie, Ontario.

  20. Joseph Kester

    Structures blows.

  21. Bobdylanator Tenthousandsix

    Gonna vomit.....

  22. Ethen Gibson

    So is Substructure and Structures. I could do without Elitist though.

  23. shawncastles

    There is definitely an Emmure influence here.

  24. derick turner

    it's been a while since i've heard some refreshing music, keep it up guys

  25. Natalie H

    Just stop.

  26. Nik Brown

    Structures? No, these guys have some sort of elegancy to them. Structures is just dissonance. Dissoant Chords.Dissonant Vocals. A lot of dissonance.

  27. CamiloDjent Casanova


  28. breon williams

    All they need is bass drops and they'll be perfect!

  29. Jordan Lavigne

    Hahaha, as if the Spirit Catcher is the album cover bahahaha

  30. tHe XeKuter

    sorry dude thats just stupid. those bands came LONG before afterimage, and not to put them down but there sound is basically exactly like structures. my guess is they wouldn't sound like this without structures. erra is absolutely amazing along with elitist. original technical deathcore metal

  31. avlkush

    I call bullshit. Yes, Structures kinda sucks, and Erra is so-so; but Substructure and Elitist are fucking incredible. Not to say these guys aren't sick tho

  32. Pray for the dead

    increibles. muy buenos. so good material! awesome, guys!

  33. Lavaalamp

    i think he meant, people are comparing crappy bands to "substructures,erra,structures,elitist."

  34. Alec Parker

    2:53 mother of god

  35. Vagaceratop

    Substructure is fuckin beast mofo

  36. asavagewookie

    u have no idea wat ur talking about ok yolus

  37. James Slattery

    I agree 100%. I've personally never listened to Substructures, but Erra certainly isn't anything special and I don't think they have anything on these guys talent wise. Structures is cool, but they need to learn to make their music more cohesive so everything doesn't seem like it comes out of fucking nowhere. Elitist is sweet too, but I think their songs lack variety.

  38. DarKSpiritAU

    same vocalist

  39. DarKSpiritAU

    same vocalist.

  40. evaninboots

    Yea reminds me a lot of centuries apart :D


    When I hear 1:16, I POOP!

  42. Ryan DaSilva

    yea sounds exactly like centuries apart

  43. Jarett Kelly

    soooo fucking good omg how do you even think of this shit

  44. Mikael Paczkowski

    NO. Erra is amazing

  45. Gilberto Velazquez

    am i the only one that thinks their sound (guitarwise) is similar to The Fall Of Troy in some parts?

  46. Gilberto Velazquez

    i agree, however, you cant deny that 1:19 is something similar to what Elitist would play

  47. TheAfterimageCA

    Nope, we've always been The Afterimage.

  48. Kromhoff09

    did this band used to be named Centuries Apart?

  49. Joshh Rowsell

    I could listen to that for hours.

  50. Ken Bristow

    I'd still throw this into the dumbed down relative of metal called deathcore, but this is hands down a tasteful approach. Good job guys.

  51. Gacha Universe

    Honestly minus the breakdowns that are in every band this band sounds like them seves! Simpl!

  52. Steven Lavigne

    Structures and them are about the same imo, the others your are completely right!

  53. Doomistic

    i am thinking whitechapel, stray from the path/tony danza and a tinge of volumes. awesome

  54. Shane Varady

    white chapel and volumes baby. <3

  55. Dallas Bricker

    It's being written as we speak.

  56. Kyledrownstoday

    Elitist is pretty solid, but inconsistent. I hope to god that The Afterimage releases a full length sometime soon.

  57. Wyatt Lane

    I seriously think that every band you guys are comparing this to is sub-par, next to these guys.
    i.e. Substructure, Erra, Structures, Elitist

  58. MandaPandaSenpai

    Yes it is =)

  59. LumberJake

    Sounds like fall in archea

  60. Edog Snizzle

    No way!!? I didn't even realize that

  61. Timothy Quiros


  62. Circasurvive1238901

    ex vocalist of centuries apart actually :D

  63. AcidRaiNz0Rz

    This sounds like what would have been the continuation from Structures' first EP. This is killer!

  64. Jacob McGregor

    that's the statue at the waterfront in Barrie right?!

  65. Raquaable

    Thank you.

    This guy gets it >.> Want some generic music? Listen to BDM or Black Metal (both of which I like, the latter more so than the former.)

    So, my intellidjent friend, what musics do you indulge in? Your opinion is quite valued lol

  66. OrangeCounty92

    You know why he called it generic? It' because the way the rhythm guitars gives the music it's structure..........He doesn't realize every genre has like a beat in the backGround that is played in every song of that one genre.

  67. Raquaable

    That's a valid opinion, however I don't see where the generic deathcore thing is coming from XD

  68. Erin Bates

    holy shit this is the first thing that I thought when I heard this

  69. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    new favorite band

  70. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    reminds me of centuries apart

  71. Vagaceratop

    HOLY SHIT!! ma new fav band. keep it up brahss. sounding rad as fuckk!!! <3

  72. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777


  73. Sebastián Chávez

    beast mode

  74. gagago302

    umm how does this not have at least 20k views?

  75. Brosephosaurus

    dat 2:57

  76. Matthieu Coulombe Lacasse

    fuckin awesome!