Afterimage, The - Shallows Lyrics

I am motionless.

The currents they seem to call to me.
But all I hear are the voices of the dead.
I have scoured the earth without direction,
Only to find my fate was severed, anyway.

I have no intention of leaving this water untouched.
Another day, another fucking night.
I'll leave my dreams with the ocean.

Ideas inflamed, roar through my brain.
Drown my hollow hopes so I'll learn to look ahead.
This is the truth that was relayed to me.

The currents they seem to call to me.
But all I hear are the voices of the dead.
I have scoured the earth without direction,
Only to find my fate was severed, anyway.
I will scour the earth.
I will scour the earth without direction.

I will be rewarded for my cowardice.
I'll fade with the rest of this fucking world.
Return to dust.

Tears of regret cannot turn back the hands of time.
Nonetheless, we do not deserve to call ourselves the kings and queens of this world.

Open your eyes and look upon those who have broken you.

Open your eyes.
And look upon the broken.
Open your eyes.
If you want to stand a chance.

You are but dust carried on a desert wind
Why do you cling so desperately to your humanity?

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Afterimage, The Shallows Comments
  1. Thad Joseph

    This band is DOPE!

  2. Sonia Blade

    INVENT ANIMATE= Northlane and the afterimage had a baby. lol

    Alec Craig

    @sonia G marry me. ;]

    Joey Thompson

    They aint that good

  3. MatttGG

    New genre pioneers: Fuckyourfacent

  4. Kade Hansen

    The farther you get away from mainstream music the better people get along haha, good to see

  5. Luis Galvan

    1:40 ... <3

  6. Tyler Fraser


  7. Sred

    Boy, they really let the cat out of the bag on this song

  8. avlkush

    Demoralization of the Luminary comes out at the end of this month. Get stoked!

  9. Mike Zuker

    intro gets me a little chilly...ooooooooh


    For real man Aristeia, FUCK YES, green dream all the way.

  11. Bone.Crusher

    wow is there a vid without people bitching at each other. constructively talking about music? what?

  12. vicerexcising54

    Yes and AURAS, Sciolist is my favorite song on their album.

  13. Joshh Rowsell

    Aristea is amazing man, glad to know people like that band. Way underrated

  14. Joshh Rowsell

    If you like Aristea check out "Lorelei" so sick.

  15. 7VEMESIS

    Thank you so much

  16. Joshh Rowsell

    I can't wait for their new music. Any idea when it's dropping?

  17. avlkush

    best new thing i've heard so far this month. to everyone who likes this and has never heard of Aristeia, go listen to them RIGHT FUCKING NOW. They dominate in this sound, and they're just about to drop their debut full-length LP

  18. Stealth Boy

    dude. ... so lucky :o !

  19. MA1S0

    ya boi :) i saw them live about 2 nights ago and that was part was so majestic!

  20. Stealth Boy

    that is in my opinion what makes this song even more epic :D

  21. MA1S0

    1:42 :O

  22. vicerexcising54

    haha yea i know i meant to say Elitist where the second entities was, and Substructure's new song Time Vampz fucking rules.

  23. Stealth Boy

    whatever that harp sounding thing in the backround is at 1:42 , definatley made this song alot more awesome !!! idk why but it gives such a badass feeling to the song , like their about to march into a battle of the bands and reak havoc to all the lame ass mediocre bands that cant compare to the amount of awesomeness that this band releases through the power of the metal gods >:333

  24. Ray In der kummer

    Que puteria cabron 2.0

  25. Joshh Rowsell

    This band and Structures are local in my area, fucking awesome

  26. Johnny Bravo


  27. vicerexcising54

    This, The Contortionist, Entities, Circle of Contempt, Erra, Entites. Those are the bands i have been listening for the past months. So addicting. Oh yea, Sean Hall- Terrestrial is also in that mix.

  28. 7VEMESIS

    I love you both.

  29. BoardUnderMyFeet

    Haha I do listen to Erra :p Good taste in music friend.

  30. kerril kellis

    if you like these guys you should listen to a band named Erra especially their solo to the end of a song called invent.

  31. ezar2xfizzler

    these guys are nothing like whitechapel

  32. frizzybob

    these guys are br000000tal

  33. asavagewookie

    these dudes r nasty

  34. Doomistic

    i can't wait to see them when they come over the the UK (north west islands in europe)

  35. BoardUnderMyFeet

    2:29 and on is the sickest riff!

  36. pormetheusforms

    baayaauud-ass, man.

  37. Andre Boecklin

    I hope to see them live soon here in Brazil (south america)!

  38. Jack Black

    cant wait to see you boys tomorrow night,
    nick itll be good to have you home ;)

  39. Groy H

    Love <3 at first listen

  40. mysteriousDSF

    It is incredibly good! I love the sound. All similar bands have a clipping sound all the time, haha.