Afterimage, The - Seeking Lyrics

Now is the time to reach out before I find myself on the edge of existence
(The edge of existence)

Evolving from an agonizing birth, dark days eclipsing draining all self-worth
Dreams of hideous splendour begin
Conceal my faith, I’ll seek redemption
Dark days eclipsing draining my worth
(Dark days eclipsing)

I’m growing weary of destroying all the evidence
I’m growing uncertain of the outcome
With all these constant reminders of where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen
When you said you were searching, I hoped that you’d find me

When you said you were searching, I hoped that you’d find me, now
(When you said you were searching)
When you said you were searching, I hoped that you’d find me, now
(When you said you were searching)

Living in oceans of assaulted tranquility; only a shadow, I have inaudibly fallen through
Everything that I longed for was right before my eyes
(Before my eyes)
Neglected abandoned

As you walked away and called back my name, I knew then I had made a mistake
Crashing into the harsh reality, that things will never be the same
(They won’t be the same)
I’m dead to you
I’m dead to you forever

I can never get back what I chose to throw away Dreams of bliss repeat my name
Choices made without the heart, now despised
Choices made without the heart, now despised
When you said you were searching, I hoped that you’d find me

I know you’re seeking more. I know that you’re searching I know you’re seeking more. I hoped that you’d find me
I know, I know that you’re seeking I know, I know that you’re searching. I know, I know that you’re seeking
(I know that you’re seeking)
I know, I know that you’re searching

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Afterimage, The Seeking Comments
  1. Ben Wade

    They don't want anyone to make tabs for theyre music because it's so difficult to play... they just said fuck it let's Make a masterpiece

  2. unnamedplayr

    dammmmmmnn this version is still so much better than the lumiere version. <3 <3

  3. iamrichlol

    There's something magical about this song. I love this mix compared to the one found on the album, also. Wish this band were still together 😭😭😭


    If your looking for something similar, the parallel droped the crazyest album of 2018 a couple weeks ago, give em a look, they are as close as it gets to this style

  4. Nick Palumbo

    I still come back to this video when I want to hear this song thanks to the god awful production of the new version.

  5. Ashton Fitness

    2018 and still one of the best modern metal songs ever made.

  6. Michael Dennis

    The cleans on this are so fucking beautiful i cant stop creaming

  7. ADV

    The guitarwork is so damn impressive. Catchy, technical, super melodic.

  8. ranknonewarrior

    I just cant get tired of this song!

  9. Sean Kenny

    Idk why u guys changed the mix on this so much for the album version, I STRONGLY prefer this mix


    For real

  10. Tio Hollow Ichigo

    Banda espetacular ❤

  11. Get Low

    This version of the song sounds so much better than the version on Lumiere.

  12. Julius Caesar

    Always hate how the chorus never comes back in this song


    That epic line returns in The Unseen

  13. ieatbreakdown

    erra's sons

    Brandon Tyler

    nah dude this is erra on steroids. I am in love with erra but these guys are killing it. imagine these guys but replacing the clean vocalist with Jesse Cash. that would be nirvana

  14. brOOtal bananas

    00:27...... nutsack crushed

  15. James White


    James White

    and im just now wiping it up that was months of an orgasm

    Anakin Sepherd

    James White u wiping it 9 months later??

    James White

    Anakin Sepherd hell yeah bro that shit was all over the damn house

  16. Johnny Lumaad

    more some of this the afterimage !!! its been years want a chorus like this
    something w/ a pause momentum of riffs <3 love stll love the vocals tho

  17. The Dance Floor Massacre

    heard this on the radio! love this!!:)


    The Dance Floor Massacre what station ??


    Hansol yo hansol❤ i was just about to ask you if you know this band :D this is my first time listening to them and i really like it. im the biggest erra fanboy so its really hard to find bands where i dont get bored after 10 seconds, but they are great.


    manicxx haha I feel you, same here. ERRA spoils the ears


    Hansol True.
    still subbed to you on twitch btw, almost 1 year now. just want to say thanks for everything man


    manicxx aw you're OG dude.

  18. Severed Shadow

    This song is perfection. You'll find nothing else close to its perfection this I swear.

  19. DaddyFatherDad

    this sounds just like ONYX :/

  20. ltcolchino

    that periphery trio-like lyric transfer though.

  21. xeqtioner 0

    Dat intro. Dat outro. Dat whole damn song!

  22. Jeremiah Funke

    *2:46* yummy riffage

  23. Andromeda is Coming

    i didn't think any band besides erra could hit me like this. i hate myself for saying this but this is better than erra.

    Stephen Feuer

    +sarin royce no words can describe the perfection of rebirth


    yeah, this song is like an insta-classic. this band is killing it pretty good right now, I can't wait to hear their next release !

    Andromeda is Coming

    @Stephen Feuer this is late but you got that right. Rebirth is the pinnacle of erra beauty.


    Rebirth Is definitely the best, I'm glad you agree.

    Le Tonsito 21

    don't hate, I agree

  24. Neville Allen II

    0:02 GIVE US OUR TOYS!!!

  25. Ben anonnimous


  26. somewhatsonny

    love the recurring thematic lyrics

  27. jojojo87

    Wish this was on iTunes

  28. GoshDarnBarnOwls

    3:08 and so forth is just beautiful.

  29. Phosis9

    Oh fuck. Wow.

  30. Sean Brown

    those breakdowns could be so heavy if you distorted the shit out of the harmonics!

  31. Sonia Blade

    so underrated!

    Larry Hoskins

    marry me please

  32. Prawz Prawzimodo

    This is insane.

  33. Prawz Prawzimodo

    I see a song like this and I say wouldja look at that, wouldja just lookatiti!


    Ohhh, woulja look at this, woulja look at that

  34. Shizaru al Kira

    this band is literally flawless and perfect.

  35. Jeff Bobbin

    1:49 WTF!!

  36. BTBAMsean

    catchy cleans, great music.  dont drop the cleans guys, they work.


    Yeah seriously, the cleans fit so perfectly.

  37. asKINGaboveyou

    Reminds me of Entities

  38. Nicolas Panet

    1:00 same lyrics in The unseen right?


    Yeah, really clever use too.


    You mean the The Unseen has the same lyrics as this? ;)

  39. ItsAvalxnche

    This is perfection.

  40. Imadaveable

    This song was amazing I was loving it until the faggy clean vocals. Totally ruined

    C W

    Imadaveable stfu those cleans fit the song perfectly

    R F

    Imadaveable whether they fit or not isn't my point, my point is they sound shit.

  41. Kayla Pickles

    Don't ask why but this song makes me soo happy!!:)

    Nich Riley

    same 😊

  42. JaJaJon

    pure talent

  43. multirockskater

    Hell yes

  44. appleipodtouch2g

    So insanely unbelievably good. This is candy for the ears

  45. dukepowerst

    Am I dead? I think this song just killed me


    There newest song ONYX killed me within the first 40sec..

    joe Ozer

    Wow, just like erra minus the cleans they will never be as good

  46. Jakob Hester

    3:25, pure jizz

    Brandon Tyler

    for real. I could have that on repeat for the rest of my and be happy with myself. goosenipples everytime

  47. DedLordSoth

    Haha I love how the band keeps calling people out on their Bullshit comments. Great music, great vocals. Keep up the work, and keep feeding the shit back to the people trying to give it to you!

    Honestly not my FAVORITE band ever as far as the music itself goes, I like a little more rhythm along with the leads, so the dual lead riffs in some of the songs is kind of iffy for me, but its amazing writing and great riffs none the less! I just find it a little more difficult to groove to. But I am a HUGE fan of the band for telling people to step up when they start talking shit. GG guys, you win.

  48. powergroover19

    Pretty cool, but I still like Volumes and Lifeforms better

  49. Distorted Designs

    fucking great track! dig it!

  50. Stephen Weitzel

    Drop the cleans, and you got yourself some amazing music. Personal preference.

    C R

    Agreed. They feel forced and out of place.

  51. Stephen Weitzel

    Drop the cleans, and you got yourself some amazing music. Personal preference.

  52. TheGameStopClerk


  53. jay hundley

    This is just so groovy! I can hear the dgd or tfot influence with the guitars. I just can't get over how good this is

  54. Gaaraizthebest

    Please put these songs on iTunes so I can pay for them!!!

  55. Ragnarok

    I love this band! Some of the most creative freshest, ear candy riffs you can hear something in this kind of genre of music is lacking abit.

    Eternal Overwatch

    @Shea Cardinalli
    I'm a musician as well. Been playing drums for a while. I just don't see the reason to bash on other Metal bands. If anything Metal/Djent/Core are a big family of mainstream music rejects. We all have our differences but Metal is still Metal!

    Allan Madhuram

    @Shea Cardinalli You do realise ERRA also use that "synthesizer crap" right? 

    ZIon Anderson

    @Shea Cardinalli those are bells they may be synthesised but still epic, crazy musicianship!

    ZIon Anderson

    @Allan Madhuram that they do!

    Djentile 777

    ZIon Anderson I always thought it was somebody ripping up a xylophone

  56. James Allan

    This band is amazing. Wish my band failure in vanity could play with these dudes.

    Nick Palumbo

    Nice product placement, I almost didn't notice

    James Allan

    thanks simon much appreciated 

  57. Joshua Willard

    dude. the way you guys played around with your squeels like that was amazing. never heard anything like that before. superb.

  58. David Arredondo

    Las voces melodicas cagaron todo el tema

  59. Naji Shaw

    This shit definetly buttered my bread, fo sho. Lol

    Joshua Willard

    dude buttered jellied up and still served hot.

  60. eFrance o6


  61. Matthew Rutowicz

    my prenis is rdy

  62. Danny L

    More 1:00 vocals please!

  63. NightmareTerror17X

    I was really hoping to see if u guys would make a music video for one of the songs, cause I bet u guys could pull off a good music video with any song u do :)

  64. MastaX

    i listen to this song everyday, fucking love this band with a passion!! holy damn my ears have never heard music so good, its gives me an eargasm everytime

  65. Ty Guy

    vocalist from Substructure?

  66. Cody Taulman

    The Unseen is a continuation of the same concept as this one. It's a story.

  67. Quelaagging

    I agree 100%! Chad is good, but I started listening to FTFD when Dylan was in the band, and I just got used to him.

  68. Jacob Miller

    i miss when that dude was in FTFD. I like them with Dylan more. Chad's dope, but still. Dylans the shit

  69. Quelaagging

    The unclean vocals sound like Dylan richter. IMO.
    Im not saying it in a bad way either.

  70. Mitchell Tremblay

    Brandin Sullivan: "So, not trying to be an ass but, I have a problems I want fixed with your music."

  71. FavelaFavela

    The fact that the cleans and harsh vocals are performed by the same artist blow my mind...we need tutorials or some shit, so good.

  72. Jeremy McDonald

    Well, going by the notion that Formless was a small concept, I have a feeling these singles and the full length will have some sort of concept.

  73. Donny Perison

    Ashton cervi is not a vocalist

  74. CasteHappy

    This band would be on my top 5 if they had more songs... I seriously can't wait for more. *w*

  75. Ashton Cervi

    dude im a vocalist, going on for 6 years now, and i will tell you this. his range is JUST fine and the singer is great! it takes ALOT of practice to actually get your voice higher and to stretch your vocal cords. the vocalist sounds great with his lows and mids, if you can withstand a fluent performance while pronouncing every word you say then prove it and make a video. until then, stfu.

  76. AtomicShane

    Fuuuuuuck this slays

  77. Cromia Cache

    When the cleans came, i did too

  78. Kevin O

    is this the substructure vocalist?

    w r e x a n d

    supadoob nope :) sounds like him tho haha

  79. User 1901

    Good shit! Fans of this look up "Emerald Eyes - The Ep"

  80. Jake Wright

    hmm some of the same lyrics as "the unseen"

    w r e x a n d

    Jake Wright the whole album uses that line, it's its "tagline" i suppose

  81. Christian Jordan

    I'm addicted to this song now

  82. NightmareTerror17X

    when r the afterimage releasing a full length album?

  83. In_FlamesBR

    1:00 - 1:25 Bricks have been shat by me

  84. PlethoraOfficial

    This song literally never gets old. Everything's perfect!
    If you have the time, please check out our newest play through video!

  85. Steve Aboagye

    It's a good thing these guys sound like Erra

  86. Jake

    Do these guys have an album out besides their EP?

  87. Jake

    Just found you guys out, this is dirty, and similar guitar style of playing that my buddy plays when we jam

  88. reneeshays

    Fuckkk yeh

  89. Tyler Strong

    If they didnt have the singing vocals this would be an a+

  90. Bazz27

    This makes my heart feel all light and shit. I love good music.

  91. sexnotchocolate

    So, uhh, when the FUCK is this thing actually coming out.

  92. jarl-caysen

    i just like the instrumentals

  93. pizzadude691

    Are there guitar tabs? The musicianship is just amazing.

  94. EraOfHeroes


  95. Jesse McArthur

    This and The Unseen are by far my favorites... Absolutely beautiful instruments, powerfully evolving screams, and uniquely satisfying cleans. Please, keep this sound going..
    I think I've listened to The Unseen about 50 times in the last few days.

  96. TheAfterimageCA

    Totally man, want to audition with all your sick vocal ideas?

  97. Augie Guitar

    Everyone on YouTube seriously needs to go to the doctor. It seems a lot of people keep involuntarily crapping, jizzing, and dropping their ass apparently. Get your shit together, people!

  98. Tyelin Robinson

    Why isn't this in iTunes