Afterimage, The - Secrets Lyrics

Turn your eyes around
Don't bear these secrets let them be found

You've convinced yourself, conforming your own thoughts
Changing memories
Relaying images that have never been seen
But you believe them to be true
All these stories that are within you
See you've been told that what I don't know won't hurt me
You're deciding how I should feel and I won't ever know what's real
Don't decide for me, you don't have the fucking right
I really want to believe you this time

Turn your eyes around
Change is in the heart our paths wind the same way

Berated, you can't go without lies spewing from your mouth
Careless, yet never in doubt
You're determined to shut me out
You're determined to shut me out
I'll close my eyes, relax my mind
Unfold your lies, but everything won't be fine
I'll close my eyes, relax my mind

Turn your eyes around
Don't bear these secrets let them be found
You'll wake up and hear me so pay attention
Let your mind free, let the word out
Change is in the heart our paths wind the same way

I hope you choose the next one wisely
So that you never have to discover what I feels like to see those who believed you take a step in front of a gun for your sake
(Take a step in front of a gun for your sake)

I hope you choose the next one wisely
So that you never have to discover what I feels like to see those who believed you take a step in front of a gun for your sake

You daytime tells all the lies
As the sun distracts your thoughts, showing how things could be
Night time is truth, night time is truth
It screams and it shouts at you
Night time is truth, night time is truth
I know you thought this was the moral thing to do
Night time is truth, night time is truth
I won't be anything true to you
I won't be anything to you

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Afterimage, The Secrets Comments
  1. Imran Athallah

    ah this is good

  2. Joey Thompson

    The Allan Holdsworth is strong with these boys

  3. XNinja81GuitarX

    From the sound of it I want to say the solo is Rick Graham. Can anybody confirm?

  4. Book of Joe

    Who mixed this?

  5. JakeMeOff

    Least favorite song on the album

  6. Kac Vegas

    Excellent. Regards. 🥃

  7. aztecwarcry61

    love this song and cant wait for the new album!

  8. UnitedWashclothEx

    This band regressed so hard. Sounds like middle school metal music now with the shitty mixing, weak lyrics, and generic structuring. Is this an attempt at appealing to the broadest audience possible, or is this the music you guys really wanted to make?

  9. Nick Mavromatis

    Song is awesome... Vocals sound better than ever!! The whole production though sounds weird. Can't stay on the production now though, SO EXCITED for the album you guys <3

  10. Josue Oviedo

    Erra vibes ☆

  11. keith seeman

    Someone should make a cover or release the tabs for the solo.

  12. Jose Jasso

    This song replaced my current favorite song. Now i cant stop listening to this

  13. Ybwyn

    A huge step up from the first single. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

  14. Andrew Lein Guitar

    man that solo though

  15. Josh Covell

    Dude yes! You guys continue to outdo youselves! I cant wait to see what comes of this album! Hopefully a few Guitar Playthrough vids!

  16. The Antarctica Project

    Great song dudes ❤️, greetings from Chile

  17. Griffin Worster

    yall need a better sound engineer

  18. Salty G

    Fucking Sick!!!! Love It💚

  19. Sentanyl3

    Now this is sick

  20. The Parallel


  21. Derk Ender

    I hear a pretty good production here maybe peoples speakers are shit.

  22. Trey Dissolution

    What the fuck. Stop. Go back. Go back.

  23. Tyler Chapman

    I was scared shit wasn't gonna go nuts until the two minute mark.

  24. nickolie56

    Really wish this band didn't ever start adding those fruity cleans

  25. Hugo Foulquier

    2013 me would have enjoyed this song so hard

  26. Ryan

    What year is this????

  27. Zenn ΛЛТł•MΛТТΞЯ

    its Music Djent & great vocal

  28. Pure Perceived

    Love this band. But what happened, it feels like a down grade. Both production and song structure.


    The production seems weak compared to singles like Onyx, so you definitely have a point. In the song structure part, i can't agree, since at least to me they feel the exact same but with a different mix.

    Pure Perceived

    苦白石【CleanClouds Channel】 I take it back. Its not the structure. What I was trying to say is the vocals do not contain that special hook for me like there last album did. It just seems so bland.


    Lysergic Yogi Totally a fair point!

  29. TR I

    Reminds me of Issues verr nice! Canada represent and the 905 much respect

  30. Gildael

    The solo and the riff followed by it are so fucking good ~~~

  31. Shane Tyler

    Idk what y’all are talking about, the mix sounds great. Y’all using good headphones and speakers??

    Tyler B

    listening on HD 598'S
    can confirm the mix is shit


    Tyler Boy hahahaha fucking gold


    I guess you must be deaf Shane.

    Shane Tyler

    UnitedWashclothEx unless it’s the EQ I have my phone set too, cause this shit sounds crisp in my car


    Is this from 2010? I like this..

  33. Jeffrey Ferreira

    Love it. This is guitar magic.. Seeing a lot comments on the mix.. i can kinda see where theyre coming from, but it doesnt mean that the compostion isnt fantastic.

  34. CarlosSS

    Very good song!!! Never disappoint!! But, this mix isn't good.

  35. Jeff Chillworth


  36. Mark LePage

    After two songs, it's just still hitting me like I hoped it would. "Lumiere" was great, but the production was the weak point there too, being that the guitars were too quiet. The general songwriting was brilliant, at least, so it mattered less. Obviously losing Sam was going to affect their sound guitar wise, but these songs just don't seem to do it for me, thus far. Even still, knowing the songs aren't quite as impactful as they used to be, it was difficult to hear the guitar work. When Kyle isn't singing, the guitars are turned right up, and out front, but for the most part, he outshines over the guitars for the bulk of the time. It's just upsetting. I want to like the new material, and look forward to the album, but it just doesn't have the same appeal to me.

    Mark LePage

    Jeff Chillworth To my understanding, the last EP was written by Sam and Leo. This album had two brand new guitarists, one that has since left, who also produced the album. I’ve seen that Leo returned, but not before this album was tracked. So, that actually would explain the album sounding different because two entirely different guitarist wrote it.

    Liam Beeson

    hey Mark !! Sam wrote 1 song off of Lumiere, and 1 riff in Onyx. Therefore, sam leaving had no impact on any change in sound. Our upcoming album "EVE" was written by our now ex-guitarist Asher, and i myself joined right before we entered the studio. After "EVE" releases, the future writing will be done by Leo, with contribution from myself and the other guys here and there. We appreciate you checking us out after all these years, and we hope you stick around and listen to the full album once its out !!

    Mark LePage

    Liam Beeson Hey man! Thanks for clearing that up and responding to me. Of course, I’ll be checking out the album when it releases, and I still have high hopes for the record. I follow you on IG. You’re an amazing guitarist. I hope this record and future material brings back the old flame for previous The Afterimage releases.

    allseeingowl 1220

    Mark LePage leo is in the band fool

    Mark LePage

    allseeingowl 1220 Yes, he is BACK in the band. However, he was not back in time to write or record any of this album. Yet, I’m the fool...

  37. Eric Markowitsch

    Back then, they where much better, just way more creativity. But i still think this is okay and im huge proud that they keep on making music for so long, i like that. You have potential for a really huge band!

  38. Josiah Clelland

    Lacking those pinch harmonics and pinch harmonic breakdowns :( thats what i love about the afterimage haha

  39. Kyle Barna

    2:05 "VWHAT"...? Lol Awesome song though ❤

    Josiah Clelland

    nice catch hahaha

  40. JN Perez

    The Afterimage is amazing! <3

  41. Ordacleaphobia

    Cerulean took some time to grow on me, I straight up didn't like it at first.
    This song sounds good right out of the gate, I'm sure in another week or two I'll be super into it. SOOOOO hyped for the album.

  42. Antione Pena

    They need to go back to the guy who mixed their Onyx, Unseen, Seeking and Pathogen singles.


    sad to say this, but I agree

    Chris B

    I think that might have been Jordan Valeriote


    feel ya bruv

  43. daniel reeves

    Kyles voice is way too loud, the last song had the same problem. I enjoy the afterimage for technical guitar playing and decent vocals, but it seems like maybe the vocalist has gotten full of himself over the years.

    John Tollefson

    daniel reeves him being loud in the mix has nothing to do with the vocalist lol

  44. Kelsey Smith

    idk why but im just not feeling the 2 new songs. They're not bad at all just not leaving me going oh shittttt

    Devan Sobo

    Kelsey Smith they definitely toned down the technicality.

    Liam Beeson

    Stick around and wait for the full album !! :)

    allseeingowl 1220

    Liam Beeson thats what i think about the cleans too in these last 2 singles are beyond underwhelming and uncatchy i still preordered, but man im looking for the catchiness of the stuff before its bringing me down

    Ty S.

    The guitars are really lost in the mix and the bass has a pretty flat tone so

  45. Koohey


  46. inflames70two

    Cleans have an A Skylit Drive feel. Loving the singles. Cant wait for Eve :)

  47. ashdefpot

    Man the guitar work sounds like it's great, wish I could actually hear it

    I actually think the song is fire, just a shame that the mix is weak

    Arya Banerjee

    ashdefpot agreed!

  48. Yuto Hirabayashi

    da solo<3 2:33

    keith seeman

    I hope someone covers it and hopefully releases the tabs.

  49. Chaoz

    I think its a bangin song but I agree the mix seems unusual. Vocals are louder and everything else seems weak, not just in comparison.

    allseeingowl 1220

    Chaoz i mean it is Youtube man buy the album youll see it sounds better


    allseeingowl 1220 you already know ya boi preordered

  50. hi there

    had to double take because it hought i accidentally clicked a periphery song at the beginning

    Jake Zee

    Spencer uses different vocal pushes mid-line and changes it up all the time, giving him more of a raspy sound. Kyle's voice is a lot smoother because he has sweet spots that he sticks to. Those sweet spots give away Kyle and the rasp gives away Spencer.

    hi there

    Look we already established I was talking about the very beginning!!! It took me a few replies but I concluded that with the last guy, I don't need another confused person!


    Jake Zee Yeah, I can see what he's talking about but it doesn't sound like Spencer. Thanks for the insight.

    Jake Zee

    I read the comments and I get that it's just the lower range layer at the beginning, I just still think it's a little bit of an ignorant comparison. Like just 'cause they're both higher range metal vocalists and Kyle doesn't often do lower range cleans so as soon as he does it reminds you of a high range vocalist who does all the time.

    Jake Zee

    either way I hope you don't take me offensively 'cause they're both great singers so it's not like this is an insult lmao

  51. hnjgman

    Some sick lows from Kyle and that solo was beautiful!

  52. Gibson Les Thall

    Be sure to check out other great Canadian bands!
    The Parallel
    Galactic Pegasus
    The Northern
    Sky Written

    Gibson Les Thall

    didn't even know they were canadian. i have them in my library but have yet to give em a spin.

    Gibson Les Thall

    i believe one of the members from the northern used to be in sky written.

    Gibson Les Thall

    not sure about that. currently they have no vocalist listed on their FB but i heard they were gonna make a comeback soon!

    Nick Papster

    Gibson Les Thall Eric was part of the original “The Northern” lineup on bass with myself , Leo , Mike and Sean. Eric and Sean went to Skywritten , Leo joined the Afterimage and I stuck with The Northern until last year. Eric has since moved on to fill in on bass in Protest the Hero. I’ll be announcing a new project myself this year as well.

    Nikolas Stoebick

    Auras kicks ass

  53. Devan Sobo

    Super underwhelming.

    Josiah Clelland

    agreed i still think Formless EP was the best song wise and mix wise

    Jeff Chillworth

    yo sam didnt write any of the old stuff lol.. they made a post about it clarifying

    Liam Beeson

    Devan !! We hope you stick around and wait for the full album to release. Sam is an unbelievable musician but only wrote 1 song for the band. Cheers !!

    Devan Sobo

    Liam Beeson I'm definitely not hating on the songs. I preordered the album because I know it will be good. I'm just underwhelmed compared to when Lumiere dropped.


    Yep, Sam wrote some riffs here and there.

  54. Salvatration

    Not gonna lie, the writing is still as spot on as ever, but the production really doesn't do much for me. The whole thing is kinda flat, no peaks or valleys, no dynamic range. It's scrubbed clean. Kyle's cleans also drown out everything else a bit. It's a great song that I wish was made differently here and there.
    >inb4 "oh ok audio engineer"
    I say this cause I want this to improve and I like the band.


    Nyxi with the album coming out in like 3ish weeks, doubt they’re going to do anything about it.. mixing/mastering is usually complete months before it drops 😬

    Marcello Chua

    Salvatration I think the lower bitrate and information lost from compression still removes enough information for the mix to sound different

    128kbs after being shot through YouTube and in 144p sounds notably worse than 328kbs downloaded off of Google Play will reveal details previously missed imo

    Josiah Clelland

    lol many songs sound fine on youtube tho including their old stuff!


    Marcello Chua It still doesn't make a voice go above an instrument. Even if YouTube was lossless, to give the example again, Kyle's cleans would still be too much higher than everything else.


    Nyxi also i didn't get any of these notifications hi again nyxi

  55. Salvatration

    A new The Northern video and a new The Afterimage song? Good stuff.