Afterimage, The - Reverie Lyrics

In this walk of life, we reveal our need to satisfy.
We built up these walls.
Foundations of shame, jealousy and pain.

The thoughts, the memories they flow away with time.
You live in fear. You live on illusions.
But the question of guilt lies on your fucking hands.

I called out your fucking name.
Where have you been?

Rest in peace.
Redemption is far.
Redemption is so far away.

My heart has become leaden with your thoughts.
My heart has become leaden.

This place shall become your grave.
Your entity, it strives on defeat and pain.

I've been given two options but I'm sorry I won't take both.
I will pour out my soul into one call.

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Afterimage, The Reverie Comments
  1. Dariusz Muzyka


  2. Life_on_the_amazon

    Instrumental sounds alot like animals as leaders :)

  3. Jerel Eubanks

    damn you canada for making us look bad

  4. asavagewookie

    i wouldnt say its like comparing them to marvin gaye lol at least aild is still metal, quite frankly im sick of sub genres tbh

  5. Evan

    marvin gaye is the shit

  6. Brian Foster

    comparing these dudes to as I lay dying is like comparing them to marvin gaye - totally different ballpark my friend

  7. ZiggyDoes


  8. JiminyStudio

    sounds like super weird as i lay dying :D but good stuff!