Afterimage, The - Reach Lyrics

I am constantly dwelling on these memories that take me to the place I want to be
Can you hear me now? I know that you're searching, I know that you're seeking something
Can you feel me now? I know that you're searching, I know that you're seeking something so far from my reach
I hope you realize though we are lost, we are not alone
Together we'll be searching and answers will surely come
You're so far from my reach and I'd give anything to return to way we used to be
Losing everything made me see clearly I'm willing to forfeit all that I am so that I may be with you again
(You again)

You knew you'd find me here
It took me losing sight to count it all as a loss
I hope you realize, though we are lost we are not alone
Together we're searching and the answers will surely come

Can you feel me now? I know that you're searching, I know that you're seeking something so far from my reach
Without you I'm nothing
Release I'll release everything
Release all I am I'm constantly doubting my abilities
You're so far from my reach

Release I'll release everything
Release all I am I'm constantly doubting my abilities
You're so far from my reach

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Afterimage, The Reach Comments
  1. izzomctorro

    Love the call back to the title intro track!

  2. A Sharif

    Poor uncleans. Sounds outwardly forced, lacks depth and delivery is strange - very stop-start for this melody.

  3. Gautam Brahma

    Jesse's clean vocals r much more better

  4. Joey Dymarcik

    I get a Kingdom Hearts vibe


    seriously thought the same thing

  5. Sacredgeometry

    I really dislike the unclean vocals on this. His delivery isn't very clear and the starting and stopping between words is an enunciation I simply can't get over. It sounds so weak. I love this band but I don't know why this happened.


    Not complaining for the sake of complaint, I really genuinely don't understand why the vocals turned out this way, and as a vocalist myself it was one of the few disappointing moments on the album. Great album though!

    Eric Scott

    +Lucas Jenkins Song is really jazzy and probably hard to fit lyrics too. Are you talking about the low vocals between :50 and 1:45 ?

    Eric Scott

    +Lucas Jenkins There is way too much space between words, I will agree. Makes reading the lyrics and singing along really difficult. Respect for the talent though. This band has everything I've been looking for and I am just grateful for the release. They need some new tunes ASAP.


    Definitely, and yeah. The lows from when they start pretty much the whole way through. There's just too much breathing between every word. Slow down maybe?

  6. McKenzie McGilchrist

    anyone else see boobies in the middle of the picture?

  7. Swansen03

    the lyrics tho.. MEANING AND SUBSTANCE!! mmaan, i feel this track ssoo hard

  8. Johnny Lumaad

    its been a long time since i rape replay button on afterimage's unseen song.... now they're more fuking awesome !

  9. Anthony Foust

    I love The Afterimage. It's like Erra and Dance Gavin Dance had this perfect progressive melodic baby.

    Liam Harlow

    Except for the old stuff. The old stuff was heavy as fuck!

  10. Matt Novak

    Just seen them live. Wish they would have played this but great show.

  11. p33pdon

    That resolution at the end of Reach is something else. That absolutely made this release for me. Chills..

  12. Scotty Peterson

    This song is so god damn dope. i remember the teaser for this song on kyle's instagram

  13. Taylor Alexander

    "Release, I'll release everything!" That vocal melody is so beautiful. the lyrics are just so heartfelt can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  14. VVORMWOOD____

    the seeking, the unseen, the reach

  15. Jeff Lotley

    Boring track. But I do like the EP

  16. Ian Hayes

    Write different lyrics. This band just recycles the same shit over and over again.

    Ian Hayes

    Lyrics that don't repeat in every song I write...

    Joey Dymarcik

    Ian Hayes And where's your EP? What concerts do you play? What kind of genre is your band? What's your lyrical structure? I'm interested now since you've taken time out of your busy schedule to criticize somebody with real talent, post some videos or stop talking out of your ass

    Ian Hayes

    1. I can have an opinion and you can choose not to care about it.
    2. I just posted a video....
    3. I don't need to post videos to justify my opinion because I don't care what you think.

    Joey Dymarcik

    Ian Hayes Yet you posted a reply so you care enough

    Justin Jimenez

    Lol. It's called a motif. One of my favorite things about this album is that they carry a lyrical motif throughout each song up until this final track that carries through and comes back around to the motif that started in the album's intro. I personally love when bands do this because it gives poignancy to their music and shows a thoughtfulness when composing. One of my favorites is Periphery's Alpha and Omega albums which do the same thing and the song "Psychosphere" is one of my favorites because it combines a series of lyrical and musical motifs from nearly every song before it to create an amalgamation of the entire album.

    There is nothing wrong with this approach to writing music.

  17. Nick Mavromatis

    Who else can see the boobs on the art for this track? :D

    Sean Hamilton

    +Nick Mavromatis Featuring Kung Pow's famous uniboob chick.

  18. Gilgamesh

    Are we?

  19. Tony Marinilli

    "I know that you're searching, I know that you're seeking." I LOVE the hints to the other songs.

  20. Sub Atlas

    You guys never seem to disappoint, good shit!

  21. Dillon Wheaton

    Been waiting too long to hear this song since they first showed it during a livestream! Awesome to be able to hear this again finally! Great ep boys!


    +Dillon Wheaton Same! I got some high quality rips of the songs from that stream and have been jamming those for months! Sounds even better now!

    Dillon Wheaton

    +Michael Muller I had a recording in my voice memos on my IPhone 😂


    @Dillon Wheaton hahahaha damnnnn xD I gave those songs out to everyone I knew and random internet people so it would get out lol

  22. LIJ4Productions

    listened to the stream, and im loving the vocals especially the cleans on these new songs. Im a little undecided on the old songs mixes ,but the little new stuff added brings me joy. made me cry cause of how sublime this e.p is. Im def bumping this all day

    Stu Dunn

    +LIJ4Productions I'm in the same boat, hard to justify remixing and recording new parts for the legacy tracks. Still will be a jam for months for me.

    Dillon Wheaton

    Right there with you, this was a banger for sure!

    Andrew Mitchell

    they should have left those alone but this new new is awesome. the old mixes had so much ambience that made them that much better.


    It's nice that they redid the old stuff so it isn't the same thing I've been listening to for so long. If I really wanted I could just go back and replace the songs on the album with the old ones. It's a win-win

  23. Mattie Moolins

    This one's probably my favorite

    Joey Dymarcik

    Mattie Moolins Easily

    Auspicious Legend

    Mattie Moolins idk if favorite. Great music tho yeah