Afterimage, The - Lumière Lyrics

I'll release everything, release all I am

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Afterimage, The Lumière Comments
  1. Antagonists

    _Welcome from the 8th dimension!_

  2. VMSC

    NICE :)

  3. Joey Dymarcik

    Tokyo Ghoul:RE ending?

  4. wagner frança

    10 hours version please

  5. McCoyTheBuilder

    That Skrillex sample

  6. Sergio Muñoz

    When you mix Trainspotting with Skins? is shit that I'm saying? Anyway... Awesome Band!

  7. Beanie Sandals

    I wish more of their songs were like this, I just love the drawn out vocals and repeating chorus'. The rest of the album really sounds like DGD with breakdowns, not hating but damn I just love this first track so fucking much.

  8. Joshua Epperson

    My favorite song to repeat

  9. Qurida Pearson

    This whole album is absolutely flawless.

  10. Robby Lee

    Amazing! Anyone know more songs like this?


    when I first heard this song I immediately thought of "Judah (reprise)" by After the Sirens. They're not extremely the same song but there's definitely some aspect that I feel is similar between the two which, in turn, drew me to this song

  11. AtomicShane

    I could listen to a full album like this


    Check out MKKY then. He's the guitarist and has an EDM EP along with a bunch of singles.

  12. BlackFrost

    This album is Fire

  13. Jesse Rodriguez

    loving this.

  14. Joel Lee

    1st time hearing tis grup & I <3 it.
    Keep it up, guys...

  15. Micah Gamalog

    It sounds like this could be on the soundtrack of any big budget anime movie, I love it.



    mex herr

    +Micah Gamalog or maybe we could suggest this to marvel for their Phase 3 and 4

    Beanie Sandals

    Micah Gamalog AOT 2 is out!!!

    Micah Gamalog

    Starblazer haha yeah! Been watching lol

  16. Clarkzor

    Fuck yea stoked as shit on this album

  17. Josh Hansen

    This whole album is absolutely flawless.

  18. Stu Dunn

    This album really needs to go up on Bandcamp, or Amazon mp3 or something.

    Tragic Hero Records

    +Stu Dunn it's been on Bandcamp :).

    Stu Dunn

    @Tragic Hero Records I bought it on gplay, but this is a lot easier way to spread the album around!

    Stu Dunn

    @Praetorian Foil I cannot use itunes, it's a cancerous platform.

    Stu Dunn

    @Praetorian Foil I agree, their music platform remains poorly optimized.


    +Stu Dunn I was able to buy it on amazon.

  19. Joel Dirnberger

    My favorite song.. Holy.................................Moly................

  20. Tyler Davis

    I wish this was longer

  21. Thomas Peladeau

    Holy actual crap. Leo you're a genius.

  22. xCryingxMisfortunex

    Going up on iTunes soon?

    Nathan Kwon

    +xCryingxMisfortunex Tomorrow!


    +Nathan Kwon forgot today is only Thursday lol. Thanks man.

  23. LIJ4Productions

    loving it so far

  24. Matthew McRae

    thank god!