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I'll marvel and I'll dread how you're not alive, though your prehistory has dimension

Your jealously will dry these plains
Pull up your roots like rotten teeth I'll follow you so long, then maybe I'll be something more
I'll follow you so long, then maybe I'll be something more I know I am lost

From the lacerations between the earth, I'll take in the last of your water
And when not a drop is left, I will fall into your bed of arms and die without division

I'll follow you so long, then maybe I'll be something more. I know I am lost
These dreams are reoccurring
I know I am lost
(I am lost)

In reverie of your sentiment you drew me out I was hoping that you'd follow suit until the day that I cease to exist
Until the day I cease to exist

Until the day that I cease to exist
Though your prehistory has dimension

I'll marvel and I'll dread how you're not alive though your prehistory has dimension

I'll follow you so long, then maybe I'll be something more I know I am lost
These dreams are recurring, I know I am lost
(I am lost)

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Afterimage, The Follow Comments
  1. mtayala

    What the hell kind of harmony is that with the bass at 2:11? Sounds insane


    Que delícia 🔥🔥🔥

  3. dead SNORLAX

    “maybe you’ll be something more.” R.I.P. Afterimage💕💕💕

  4. Praveen Madhavan

    Tuning /tabs please

  5. Eric Markowitsch

    Still here in 2018 i loved this song!

  6. Lee Element

    "These dreams are reoccurring" that note is too good.

  7. Jeffrey Ferreira

    1:29 And..... that was a soprano high G in full voice. Thanks Kyle. Lol

  8. Martial Poet

    2:10 man i can feel the dimensions quaking

  9. Sacredgeometry

    Mandroid Echostar wants their riffs back on this song >:O

  10. Pumpino

    favorite song atm <3

  11. Pastel-Axle

    Kyle's voice can go higher than my grades, he has a great vocal range!

  12. John Doe

    This is such a tragically underrated song. No music video, no video of it being played live... I don't personally ever recall seeing any mention of it by the band themselves on social media; I haven't even seen so much as one cover of any kind for it.

    I really love it either way though; it sounds cheerfully beautiful despite the lyrical content.

  13. Shaun Whalley

    I was waiting for the breakdown lol

  14. lkzz


  15. Hansol

    Is that Jonny Craig??

    Darian Ali

    +Hansol Lol not even close

    Darian Ali

    +Darian Ali Okay maybe a little, but nah

  16. Ace ofAquarius


  17. Electroventure

    Hands Like Houses on cleans?

    Ivan Razvor

    +Electroventure No. Sound different

    Alessandro M

    +Ivan Orechov “RAZVOR” Maybe a little of Dance Gavin Dance

    Pat Wallace

    lol no way

  18. ClayMoore

    Hot jumping christ, that vocal range. This dude could give the singer for A Skylit Drive a run for his money.


    +7dayspking Mike Patton's range spans 105 octaves. So nah. Definitely not.


    @ClayMoore  Good you got the joke, my point was that this person's range is actually mediocre and stock standard...he actually sounds like a million other vocalists in this genre (to be fair, this tends to be the case...but he's nothing special.)

    Michael Kiske wasn't even properly trained and he's far more impressive in a lot of areas....although he didn't perform harsh vocals.

    Edit: Unfortunately I've never come across a harsh/clean vocalist who appears to be particularly good at either......(Howard Jones though is a far better clean vocalist than this one.....but has similar crappy harsh vocals.)


    +7dayspking Everyone's got an opinion, man. I get your point completely. Some bands in this genre have a pretty similar formula when it comes to singing. But I like a broad range of singers in metal music. It just all comes down to preference. I think this vocalist does a good job at what he is doing. Everyone has the freedom to say otherwise, though.

    MetaL DudE

    7dayspking spencer from periphery tho <3

  19. BigDaddy215

    @2:40 jizzed

  20. Davie

    Very dance gavin dance

  21. TheAlbinoskunk

    "these dreams are reeeCUrrrRRIGNNGNGGG"
    oh my god this line has to be one of the best-delivered lines I can think of.... ever

  22. Anthony Foust

    a lot of you guys are fucking crazy, the clean vocals are incredibly dope

  23. murara-youtube


  24. Evan Golebiewski

    its still good, but the old stuff was so much better

  25. billy zee

    this rox!

  26. god ov\\

    Knew before I even heard this it would be so dope

  27. Matthew Burkard

    This song is pretty damn good....If you like these kinds of bands and metal listen to IDOBI howl by going to they play all the awesome music. I have heard of so many good bands because of them :D

  28. Jamaar Durham

    The Human Abstract + Dance Gavin Dance

  29. Mike Leandro

    fuck this band. you guys used to be good back in the day now ur just like every other sell out, fuckin mainstream as shit.

  30. Claritys Edge

    Who the fuck disliked this? You tasteless bastards......

  31. TriHard

    Does the same singer do cleans and screams? Or are there 2 different people?


    +Aaron Rogers Kyle Anderson does the cleans and the screams.

  32. Matt Novak

    I'm buying

  33. PrimePork ForJews

    im not trolling, honestly.... but you had this sorta tony danza vibe going on before and I was so happy, and now you bust out the gayest fucking singing ive ever heard. Drop that whiny shit guys, you're better than that.

    Alex Bocock

    Fuck you

  34. Scott Cunningham

    This is good... but I could definitely do without the clean vocals. So many bands are doing that now! Just be mean as fuck. Cut that singing out haha

  35. Ian Hayes

    Sounds like I See Stars. Gross.

  36. Aaron Chisholm

    They killin' it on all fronts. Those clean vocals are insane, and the instrumentation is so damn interesting. Bravo, gentlemen.

  37. Jordan Gervo

    One thing I've learned from this band is: yes, it's okay to become soaking wet from a single set of songs

  38. Nathan Straughn

    Sounds too much like the old stuff! Not necessarily a bad thing, but the old stuff was better IMO... A little let down because I expected so much improvement.

  39. Ulrik Linstad

    1:27 Good luck doing that live hahahaha

  40. Holden Horvath

    I might be missing something but these screams sound IDENTICAL to The Color Morales screams from their first two albums. Scary similar. I love it

    Neil Blake

    I know right!

    Branden Oller

    +Holden Horvath Woooooooow. That's crazy.

    Daniel Lee

    +Holden Horvath Even the cleans as well. If you listen to Humannequin by TCM it kinda sounds similar.


    +Holden Horvath They sound identical to a thousand generic Metalcore/Deathcore bands.

    Blak Deldo

    Yo pensé que los screams se parecían a los de Chunk, No, Captain Chunk! :P

  41. Kenwood Zeu

    OMG. Keeping echo in my heart. That's amazing.

  42. Lance Donavon

    Yup Polyphia and CHON had sex and made a baby named AFTERIMAGE, buying this album

  43. schwolmart

    straight up your biggest fucking fan. come to Florida now.

  44. BornDissolutionBand


  45. s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Too much feels. Can't take it. Gonna die.

  46. yung phenex

    the vocals at 2:58 made me fucking jizz


    So glad they've decided to go more melodic. After hearing the singers cleans more prominently in onyx and the unseen I've always thought he'd be really good if he sang more. This song proves it. Can't stop listening. Awesome song.

  48. Jordans Monkey

    Man. I wanna write better music but how do they makes the screech noises past 2:00

    Selling Soul 5 Bucks

    @Jordans Monkey Pitch shifter wasn't used for the screech but just before that when he uses the whammy it's added in. There are pinch harmonics and artificial harmonics you can play on your guitar, i'd recommend you just look them up if you really want to know 

    Jordans Monkey

    +incongruous4 ah ok. cheers for the info. this stuff seems quite technical and tricky to incorporate while just trying to come up with riffs. should be fun

    Selling Soul 5 Bucks

    @Jordans Monkey No worries man it's fun trying to dissect this stuff. It sounds like he's just trying to do filler sounds around the chugs that are outside of the box like those harmonics and the string scratching, crazy stuff. Good luck in your own works :)

    Matt Novak

    +incongruous4 sick.

    joey BOYER

    I think 2-3 fret harmonic
    and 15th fret single note picks and rakes a crossed
    and some quick like slides above 12th fret high E string

    maybe if you have a tremolo bar do harmonics and use it to dive and sore

  49. Antdant4435

    I love it don't get me wrong but I'm not sure I'll ever like any of their songs more than The Seeking

    Severed Shadow

    I'm glad to know I ain't the only one bro. The seeking and below is untouched gold.

  50. ted's 52

    wtf!! ,new vom, reflections ,afterimage : gaycore --'

    Seth Black

    +teddy tisset lawl open your mind. the new VoM is tits and also..what were you expecting considering The Seeking and The Unseen released long before this was.

  51. SteezMctweez


  52. Metaphysics

    Their best work so far in my opinion.

  53. Booby Miles

    Only complaint is that I can't really hear that beautiful lead around 2:25.

  54. Ash Chauhan


  55. Mitch Cutrole

    how can someone not love this song I listen to it at least once a day can't wait till the 28th

  56. Brandan Giehl

    On repeat

  57. Camden Smith

    sounds just like structures at 2:08. love it

  58. John Kitchen

    Ever since The Seeking I knew this is where you guys were headed and I was stoked.

  59. Cailean Darrington

    sick song!!!!!

  60. FrquentC

    bout fuckin time I heard something from you guys and its amazing!

  61. Kyle Noonan


  62. pormetheusforms

    love this

  63. Christian Ryle

    I love his high vocals, but he should do some more of the lower vocals like at 2:40

    timothy recio

    @Christian Ryle yes, I agree

    David Brown

    Yeah, I agree totally. Wish that bit would've lasted a little longer the first time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps. Dude has some fucking pipes on him.

  64. Birdseed

    Thats a really neato album cover.

  65. Leo Foote

    This is cool beans. Was not disappointed

  66. MaidSkitty

    So proud of this bands' progress.

  67. Dominic Morgan

    Fuckin next level shit right here. These guys are going to be huge, and deservedly so. Wish them and Erra would come to the UK.

  68. //pariah


    All the little nuances in that breakdown are insane. Sam is out of this world. Congrats on signing to TH! With Invent Animate and Erra here too, some of my favorite bands are now all in one place. 😎

    Wayne - O

    @KurtBurnsRed erra hasn't been on TH for ages

  69. LIJ4Productions

    This band keeps evolving, and for the better. Im excited for this band, even though theres going to be more singing, less screaming.

  70. LIJ4Productions

    On THR. Maybe finally you guys will tour in nyc. I wanna see you when you guys go to NJ, but i have no ride.

    xeqtioner 0

    @LIJ4Productions You need to find a ride man! I'll be at the NJ show!


    there coming to Amityville Music Hall on the 6th with Erra, Polyphia, and Invent Animate


    there coming to Amityville Music Hall on the 6th with Erra, Polyphia, and Invent Animate


    There coming to Amityville Music Hall on the 6th with Erra, Polyphia, and Invent Animate


    There coming to Amityville Music Hall on the 6th

  71. muman717

    Aw this is one of the two songs I've had for months from that Twitch stream xD I love it nonetheless! :DDD

    Zack Scruggs

    But...but this song just came out on the 12th


    +Zack Scruggs  This song used to be called "Lost" and they streamed it over a twitch stream along with "Reach", or "III" at the time. A friend got good audio stream ripping software and posted it to youtube and I got it from there! I can send you a link if you don't believe me xD

    Zack Scruggs

    +Michael Muller Please do! sound cool


    @Zack Scruggs Lol whoops just now saw this haha oh well the official versions are out xD 

    Seth Black

    +Michael Muller I remember that stream! I played CS with him back then

  72. Fitz Alvin

    I’ll follow you so long, then maybe I’ll be something more. I know I am lost

  73. alex Sabatini

    Man am I glad to say that I get to see these guys play at my school on the upcoming ERRA, Polyphia, Invent, Animate tour!

  74. justin smith

    Sooooo good bros

  75. Taylor Hoy

    that artwork is so sick

  76. Taylor Law

    Djent Gavin Djent

    Alex Morales

    nailed it

    Tyler Lori

    +Taylor Law and I thought I was the only one that found them strangely similar to DGD hahah! I love it, they're so dope

  77. SuperNils666

    Gonna miss the heaviness a lot

  78. Playing God

    Wooo! We are stoked for the new releases!

  79. Steve Aboagye

    I don't understand why, but THR signs the best bands. Period.

    Soy Sauce

    @Steve Aboagye Tragic Hero has some gems, but as expected as this response may seem, they can't compete with Sumerian's roster. Tragic Hero signed ERRA initially, but then they signed to Sumerian, so you can scratch them off the list. Without ERRA, all your really left with is Letlive, The Afterimage, and Invent, Animate. Sumerian: CHON, Veil of Maya, Periphery, AAL, Circa Survive, Stray from the Path, Lesser Key, I the Breather, etc.. and that's not even including their bigger, more Rise-ish sounding bands like AA, I See Stars, and Down & Dirty.

    Soy Sauce

    @Soy Sauce Basick also has one hell of a roster.


    I see you comment on almost every single song I watch/listen to on YouTube. Great taste in music brah!! :D

    Steve Aboagye

    +TacoMan850 Thanks man!


    +Soy Sauce The issue is you'd have to consider the aforementioned bands 'good' to assume this redeems/justifies the statement that they sing 'the best bands'.

  80. jacob miller


  81. BirdyRC

    Tragic Hero has to be my favorite label right now...

  82. Vincent Gravel

    He really remembers me of Jag when he hits dem'high notes. Sweet tune!

  83. jean-sebastien Masson

    Truly amazing !

  84. ninjapie117

    As always killin it! So excited to hear the rest of the album. Keep up the great work fellas. Gonna go pre order right away!

  85. Clifford Wu

    Damn, I was hoping for more ONYX style stuff. Maybe it'll grow on me but I'm a bit disappointed. Hopefully it'll be the "worst" song on Lumiere. Not that Follow is bad by any terms, just not my preference.

    Clifford Wu

    Haha there are definitely the similarities, but the general "feel" just doesn't do it for me


    I get what you mean, this song is a bit mellower and I guess you can say softer in a way than Onyx

    Andrew Rasmussen

    I disagree because I am not disappointed at all, but I think I see what you mean. It is more post-hardcore sounding than anything else they have released. I still think it is styled similarly to ONYX and the unseen but it isn't quite as crushingly brutal and incorporates more clean vocals overall.


    They said that with the new record, they were going for more singing, and less screaming


    @Clifford Wu The direction of the entire new album is more the same flow as this.

  86. MrKylePopovich

    Everything is perfect, except for the drumming. There are 2 fills that are only played and are the same every time, very distracting and uninspiring. The drums just match the guitars which seems more like a guitarist programmed the drums... Anyways, the vocals are phenomenal and the guitars as always are brilliant! Can't wait for the full length.

  87. Hello!Nurd

    This is what happens when you add vocals to Animals As Leaders.

    You have a colorful pool of sexy!!!


    @Hello!Nurd "dance gavin dance isnt really that guitar driven"

    xeqtioner 0

    @Asdfjkl Thank you. I had no response to that...


    @Asdfjkl Let me be more specific, In MY opinion, DGD has lots of fast guitar in each of their songs. But compared to bands like ERRA, Polyphia, & Glass Cloud, They're more complex & technical. Feel free to hate me all you want, but that's just how I feel. I'm not saying that DGD is bad.

    xeqtioner 0

    @Hello!Nurd Not trying to hate on you either. That was the point I was trying to get across originally. Afterimage gives me the same vibes as DGD, just more technical and complex obviously. That's why you'll notice people call them Djent Gavin Djent once in awhile. 


    @xeqtioner 0 Oh, okay. I hope I didn't offend you or anyone else who responded to my post. & Djent Gavin Djent, That sounds funny!!!

  88. Nizzi Woods

    dream band

  89. Nizzi Woods

    dream band

  90. Nizzi Woods

    Dream band.

  91. Nizzi Woods

    Dream band.

  92. しらいしく【CleanClouds】



    So proud of them! The new music sounds great

  94. Canadian Metalhead

    Love it!! ♡♡

  95. David Soong

    Kyle Anderson, who's voice goes up like an angel and down like a wounded ox.


    +David Soong Wounded ox describes both ends of the spectrum perfectly.


    the arse of a skunk though


    Wrong vocalist dude. Kyle doesn't do the screams too.

    The Afterimage

    Kyle does all of the vocals.

    Dominik Holdas

    Isn't that Spencer Sotelo? xd

  96. Nabil Adam

    1.32 Kyle Anderson transcend to 4th dimension just for that take.

  97. Stu Dunn

    Between ERRA, Afterimage, He Is Legend, and Invent Animate, TH is killing it.

    Mark Speza

    good luck with that one lol


    ERRA is on Sumerian now but all good bands

    Matthew McRae

    Strawberry Girls?

    Elisha Long

    + Surroundings. You are now aware

    Lee Phelps

    I'm aware of that nofap Elisha

  98. Stu Dunn

    This is the first time I've felt it necessary to say, my body is ready.

    Dillon Wheaton

    Rule #1) Always let people know when your body is ready.

  99. footballskill19

    This band has so much groove. Pumped to see them with Erra, Polyphia, and Invent, Animate on tour. What a line-up!