Afterimage, The - Eve Lyrics

"Hello?" "I've been waiting so long to speak to you, it's been months since I heard your voice."

It's like my heart sang, for a life time
Overwhelming me. Every second I realised what I was searching for was beyond me

"I said that I've always been worried about you and after all this time, I just thought you might know that
This was the right thing to do."
"Replacing me with another man? That was the right thing to do?"

And I'm always wondering if I'm worth your time

"I didn't know how to tell you but I couldn't make you happy anymore
You were getting worse and I couldn't manage."
"You gave up on me, You gave up on us. You replaced me and I keep thinking over and over..."

Calmly, silently and paitently wondering if I'm worth your time

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Afterimage, The Eve Comments
  1. Andrew Grover

    Yoinks! Great work my d00ds

  2. Ragnarok

    The whole album is good! Stop sleeping on the afterimage and it's a REAL FULL LENGTH album.

  3. Salvatration

    MKKY at it again with the best interlude tracks for any band.


    Salvatration ooooohhhh yes boi

  4. keyblade zero

    is this a christian band?


    thesvc2006 I don’t think they have any intent on being a Christian band, but their lyrics can be interpreted by fans in any way they please!

    keyblade zero

    thanks for the reply! great vibes here.

  5. Trevor Fogel

    God damn

  6. Primeval Art

    Love it, thought you guys forgot about all those awesome electronics but I guess not!

  7. Mucho Dave

    always in love with ur interludes

  8. Koohey

    OMG CD欲しいけど日本だからな…

  9. Derk Ender

    This is going to be the best album of 2018

  10. Tact.

    1 more day boys!

  11. Josh Barnes

    Why isn't it on Spotify yet?

    Tragic Hero Records

    The album OFFICIALLY drops at midnight tonight! Check back then!

  12. raven core

    Tranqui... y chingona... yeeeeeah! :)

  13. JN Perez

    Pretty awesome!

  14. Francesco Demarchi

    Their lyrics are always such a poetry


    Francesco Demarchi Their*