Afterimage, The - Cerulean Lyrics

His arms offer no comfort
No solace in his touch
A replacement, you don't mourn me much

Aftershock atrocities after you left
Apologies abundant with every regret
Torment controlling my every step
Frustration amplified until the end
Somewhere in dreams you'll feel my presence
You'll see me standing there
You'll feel me again on winter's mind, engaged by desperation

The drifts, the boughs and the frost
A song of misery carried throughout the lost

A season without light, the frigid air takes my breath away
(It takes me over)
The days of winter are coming to an end inside of me

You looked at me with a face I hadn't seen
So unfamiliar, I second guessed every move I made
Alluding to confrontation, your lying eyes recite"
"My fear, it dwells here, since you told me that you'd always be there"
Discretion dissection, words of misdirection

A season without light, the frigid air takes my breath away
(It takes me over)
The days of winter are coming to an end inside of me
I feel it the ocean, the current carries me
I need it emotion, inside of me

His arms offer no comfort
No solace in his touch
A replacement, you don't mourn me much

Manipulating my emotions all for your own gain
A suicidal contemplation with thoughts of you in his embrace
My heart and mind are lost, since you broke every fucking promise that you made

A season without light, the frigid air takes my breath away
(It takes me over)
The days of winter are coming to an end
I feel it the ocean, the current carries me
I need it the emotion, inside of me

Inside of me

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Afterimage, The Cerulean Comments
  1. GluggitySmitty

    Can you imagine these guys going from to a metalcore band to a nasty grimey brutal technical band. I had to re-watch Berserk because of you guys. Shit is lit man. Keep doing you.

  2. Donnie Knukelz

    Holy shit Luis J Gomez on vocals with a dread wig

  3. sunny boy

    These guys deserve more fans and subs they smack

  4. Shizaru al Kira

    Much as I love brand I miss the Afterimage

  5. Mik Anemic

    You gotta check out The Brand Of Sacrifice

  6. Sir Johnson Lebaws

    You guys really remind me of Bless The Fall, not sure if I'm happy about that or no. Good music though! Emo scene was pathetic though xD I still cringe when I see people with those stereotypical emo haircuts

  7. Ricky Smart

    I cant believe this is the same dude that screams um brand of sacrifice. So much talent !!!

  8. Scott Shepke

    Holy shit bros please come to Lancaster pennsylvania chameleon club you guys would annihilate

  9. joann smith

    Cerulean blues lol

  10. Now Nothing Will Be Wrong

    They look more like rappers than a metal band

  11. Velakor

    bloody hell Kyle can really pull off any vocal style. been listening to brand of sacrifice for a while now, was not expecting this. i like it though

  12. Roy Navi

    the djent turns to death metal quintet

  13. RyeBread777

    The Afterimage/Brand of Sacrifice \m/

  14. DRDGUTS818

    Kyle's vocal prowess is insane, being able to do this AND Brand of Sacrifice. Crazy!

    ThePlace IFeelSafest

    It's the same guy!? Tf I just heard Brand Of Sacrifice today and they're beyond heavy


    Dustin Swope

    Same guy? More like the same five guys lmao
    Crazy talented bunch of dudes. Shame they called quits on The Afterimage but at least it was amicable and they all still create stuff together. Very few artists can say that’s happened to them.

    ThePlace IFeelSafest

    Damn they have 2 different bands!? That's intense as fuck

  15. KC Gaming

    0:18-0:20 is just so nasty.

  16. Salvatore III

    Those cleans are amazing and the breakdown icing on the cake. 😍

  17. The Star Traveler

    I love those high pitched cleans

  18. Yafludelucz

    If Rush were CORE

  19. Bloody Oneiric

    As new albums and singles gets released the vocalist starting to sound more like a chipmunk.

  20. Aeiroq

    Those vocals and screams all from Kyle Anderson 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  21. Imran Athallah

    perfect, without the vocal

  22. bigdirtystefan

    So gutted you guys called it quits. Eve is a masterpiece. :'(

  23. The Antarctica Project

    R.I.P. :(

  24. BEING

    simply Amazing!

  25. Noel Alvarez

    Don't like the scream voice but the clean wow its like Saosin...

  26. StarZu

    pussycore :(

  27. Young Thug

    Бля, они достойны большего

  28. Evil Toad

    Holy hell I thought the vocals in the chorus were being done by a girl. Dude's got RANGE

  29. CSLVN FL

    Is Sam Jacobs still in this?

  30. Aeiroq

    Sounds like a twist on emmure 🤟🏻

  31. Ash Collins

    Love the intro to this album and eve.. hope i hear it more as i listen to the last bit of the album as an outro or something.. i love it when bands weave a certain phrase or tune in and out of an entire album for emphasis... makes me fall in love with the message, if it sounds good ofc..

  32. JLogan Wallace

    What's the name of the lead singer

  33. Dalton B

    I swear the cleans are a female

  34. Ash Collins

    Oh shit this album just dropped!!! So far so fucking awesome!! Cant wait for more videos of you all!

  35. Frank Ocean

    who is the bassist in this video? is he an old member or something?

    Liam Beeson

    fill-in for the video !!

  36. Emerald Bricker

    it slaps

  37. Sergio Serrano

    yes i was waitting for new stuff excelent album guys

  38. Dave Fernandez

    The best of my 2018

  39. Elton Toledo

    Love it 😍!!!!! The clean vocals!!!! 😍

  40. Papu Lopez

    toquen en vivooo

  41. Leon

    How is the vocalist able to produce screams AND cleans like that? I am shook

  42. SlashpLOder

    this band need to go on a big germany tour along with ghost iris, time, the valuator, veil of maya and fucking erra

    Ash Collins

    SlashpLOder umm... then bring that shit to the US afterwards too! This guy is name dropping the shit out of a tour over here!! Haha!!!


    of course, this would be my dream line up

  43. CAIRN

    Love this song! :)

  44. clint joseph antipas

    New bands from Tragic Hero are insane! Haven't check the bands for 6 years or so! Potentials are really dripping out!

  45. Bartholomew Logan

    This song is so fucking incredible


    YESSS!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE BACK!!!!!! MADE MY WHOLE YEAR!!!!!

  47. Praveen Madhavan

    Did they change their guitarist?

  48. B Vaught

    The instrumental side sounds like new Veil of Maya ALOT! Not a bad thing!

  49. John Wilson

    my wedding song

  50. Johan's Farm

    Cerulean → セルリアン



    あの先生男と女について歌う もともと「空色の」っていう同音の単語があるみたい

  51. Adam Troutman

    Thumbnail is fucking cringey lmao

  52. Fabio Bianchi

    great guitarworks

  53. Crash Karns

    I really enjoy this dudes cleans but they seemed.... out of place? In this song. The instrumentals are on point tho.

  54. いゆ

    I can't wait for your coming to Japan!

  55. Deadly Dane

    This song was Fire! Pre-ordered your album and can't wait to wear the Shirt around! Keep up this good shit.

  56. Colin Michel

    The clean vocals are always good asf

  57. Djentile 777

    Holy Shit boys

  58. allseeingowl 1220

    Preordered :D

  59. Ravey

    Yeee I can see my cousin :3

  60. Joey Thompson

    So is this their official debut vid?

  61. Brotimus Prime

    Followed these boys since Formless and I gotta say: The only time I feel lucky to be alive is when they release new music. The vocals sound fucking perfect, not too quiet like Formless and not too loud and rapid fire like Lumiere. The guitar work is exactly what I want from the Afterimage, maybe even a touch of Centuries Apart?
    Regardless, i'm pumped that the entire band got their own music video and not just Sam showing us how he plays guitar

  62. CarlosSS

    This band is so very good!!! Never loses its essence!!!

  63. Koohey


  64. inflames70two

    Tragic Hero is fucking retarded for not making these dude their premier artist. With more promotion they'll be massive. Just watch :)

  65. Sacredgeometry

    This one shits on the last song you put out like so hard. I love every second of this.

  66. xKingJamesx Osborn

    Seven String ibanez?


    Yes, one of them is Ibanez, the other one is most likely MusicMan.

  67. しらいしく【CleanClouds】

    Gotta love how everyone has a complain but can't make up their mind in what they don't like. Either vocals, or guitar are what you don't like then why are you complaining in the first place? Most of you haven't listened to the song with enough attention, i'm pretty sure of that. To be honest the only thing that has changed has been the production of the album, they still have the same sound no matter what, everything is still complex in their own way, i don't get why you guys are criticizing the whole album by just listening to one song. For some reason i expect most of you coming back crying because you actually liked the album as a whole.

  68. Ryan Bilby

    IMO they went downhill when they started adding cleans. Still a cool band and awesome music, but I've lost interest once they added cleans.

    Ryan Bilby

    Lancer no shit. They added cleans in their second album. Hence why I made the comment hahaha. I don’t even know why you bothered commenting if it held no value.

  69. Andrew Grover

    "The guitar's just aren't that interesting.." FOOK OFF MATES 2:03!!

    Brotimus Prime

    For real man

  70. Clorox Bleach

    Just jizzed...well, time to clean up.

  71. Andrew

    been a fan since they released ONYX and honestly i'm just as satisfied with this material as i ever was with anything they've released before. not every afterimage song is gonna have tapping and slides lol this sound is very natural and they kept the screaming and heavy isnt that good enough? jeeze

  72. Riaz Kureshi

    This is good. Not as good as their old stuff, but I have high hopes. I know they're new stuff will have some insane lows, check out the vocalists side project, brand of sacrifice


    This song is freaking lit ! Respect from Russia \mm/

    TheColorlessKing 666

    Choco Slayc holy shit choco slayc! Your a fucking badass man

    Samuel Palmquist

    TheColorlesKing 666 YOU'RE*... Have some fucking dignity you idiot.

    Xehanort AQ3D

    Your music is lifechanging! I've pondered many decisions listening to a perfect dream part 1, 2, & 3. Much love to you and your amazing talent!

    jay hundley

    If choco likes your music you’re doing something right, also what’s going on with shrezzers

  74. lindygrrl

    This is delicious!

  75. Zak Ream

    Are these new guitarist(s)? New singer? Where can I find this info hahah

    Stay Goulden

    Same vocalist, bassist and drummer, new guitarist!

  76. Dylan Ross

    My favorite song of yours to date. The technical riffs are still there throughout the majority of the song despite the chorus where the chords supplement the clean vocals. It also sounds like production value got better, at least in my opinion. Really excited for the rest of this album and will preorder!

  77. Gildas Gros

    the clean vocal ruin everything, too bad !

    Brotimus Prime

    Eat shit

    Gildas Gros



    why does the lead singer look like a homeless woman/caveman

  79. Julius Caesar

    Y'all are tripping this makes way more sense than some of their older stuff. Not a huge fan of the chorus I was digging the grooves of the verses and bridge. Sounds great in any case

  80. Joshua Epperson

    I hear a difference in the sound. It still sounds like The Afterimage though, did someone leave?


    Joshua Epperson the guitarist who wrote luminere Sam Jacobs

  81. Tanner DeVage

    People are always trying to judge a whole album based off one song. I'm sure the album will be just as versatile as the last.

  82. hnjgman

    I really don't understand why some people are complaining about this song, it sounds just like what you'd expect from The Afterimage and absolutely slams. It was absolutely worth the wait, and as a fan of all of their previous work I am super excited for this album.

  83. Aguzz Voivodian

    Awesome Another Great Song!

  84. Taylaģio

    I don't know about the a skylit drive cleans

  85. Lion Rawrson

    damn the drummer is fresh

  86. A B

    This stuff is great! Becoming my favourite genre

  87. Daniel Spitalnik

    Hooray for a new album!

  88. Ash Collins

    Fucking awesome sounds! Cant wait to hear more!

  89. Mrshamoozoo Films

    This is lit. Looking forward to your arrival soon fam!

  90. Erik Cull

    Yikes. Their old guitarist made the band.. I was super stoked when I found Lumiere, it's extremely hard to find a sound like that that isn't too generic metal/posthardcore or too much like polyphia. It had heart and amazing riffs. This is just generic-core 2.0.

    Dallas Bricker

    Erik Cull our previous guitarist is back in the band. Don’t judge the entire album off 1 song.

    Erik Cull

    Great to hear and apologies for overly judgemental comment but I've just seen this happen so many times to a lot of great bands. Hoping the rest of the album will suprise me ;)

    lee e

    album is amazing

  91. lfaldrummer12

    unreal how cool you can make a breakdown if you actually try. this band ruins so many other bands for me, damn your talent!

  92. George Mills

    That chorus makes me feel some kinda way. Fucking incredible song

  93. Electric Wolf

    Kyle Anderson is a god

  94. Joey Thompson


    Bring your asses to HOUSTON

  95. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    That almost feminine second voice to break that chuggy THALL first voice monotony is ASMR glorious!

  96. DJMythic

    First time hearing them and i love it


    Loving this song!