After The Burial - Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You Lyrics

When I return
I dream of another life
Failure transparent in the palm of my hand
I am the contortionist
We are the contortionists
I can feel this distance is further and farther without you
Contorting to fit somewhere I do not belong
Brick by brick
Stone on top of stone
I create
From these towers
Built of nothingness
I will fall
And like these wordless feelings
There is an emptiness we long to feel inside
Father when will you come home?
I have been dying inside
Mother where have you gone?
Oh so how hard I've been trying
Hours upon hours
I am fucking sleepless
We are wretched, no sleep for the wicked
And at night we come undone
This is not who I ever was
We are anything
We are the contortionist
We are the wordless feelings
We are the great divide
We are the emptiness we long to feel inside
We are anything
We are the contortionist

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After The Burial Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You Comments
  1. Daniel Johnston

    Saw these guys 2018 and Justin Lowe will always be missed. But these guys still sound amazing live and the band hungout w/ the crowd and were so nice and they stole the show, he would be so happy... Rest in Peace.


    2:47 Is it me or everytime this hits before the breakdown, I could imagine that dog woof from the studio update video?

  3. Keith

    I think they got this song title from a fortune cookie

  4. Noah Seeburger

    *hits replay button*

  5. JAffacakeSON BLAHA

    Rip big justin

  6. Ramus Doyle

    That really just blew my mind away!!!!!!

  7. Pino

    Jesus Christ YouTube, fucking NO, I dont want your mickey mouse ass car wax, nor do wish to take part in your horseshit survey so you can find out how better to annoy me with ads. I just want muh musics.

    God, YouTube was great when it was just videos, and nothing more.

  8. I Stabz

    title of of life.

    Alexi Luffy

    the title of the song is kinda wholesome.. but not when with the name of album in the picture haha

  9. Sleep future

    I love this ⚔️🖤⚔️ and I love you sumerianrecords ,🖤

  10. Black Indica

    Goddamn this is good!!

  11. Steven Hall

    Small "Woo!" very quietly in the right speaker between 0:11-0:12 seconds <3

  12. Mary Mariotti

    This song is very Meshuggah

  13. minusmodest

    man, we never get good bands where I live in alaska. any time a big band comes up they either cancel, or are playing in massive arenas that
    take away from the experience...
    but we had the once in a life time opportunity to see ATB live in my home state, and in a tight venue at a bar.
    I had to drive 200 miles to get to anchorage, and since I work graveyards on the weekends I had to call in late, but it was so fucking worth it. they brought down the damn building, this was the song at about the 2:55 mark where in the middle of the chaos, I paused, sort of glanced around and teared up for a moment. I had an epiphany, I've just never seen a crowd, and a band with so much energy, not one solid body in the building, everyone synchronized to the breakdown. that moment, it was so fuckin majestic I couldnt hold myself back emotionally. Idk what it was. the comradery, the song, the fact that I was there watching the band that helped form my musical tastes coming up.. probably all of it! it was enough to drive me to cry like a fuckin baby.
    I did my first stage dive, surfed the crowd screaming the lyrics to lost in the static, i got a black eye from the an elbow of longest haired ginger kid with a slipknot shirt I've ever seen, I watched my girlfriend get hit on by thirsty bros, I battled and tore people for the front of the stage, they did the same. I knocked people down in the pit, I pulled people up, I got trampled, they pulled me up. my whole body was in pain for weeks and the drive back down to my hometown is well known for taking lives in night, and I was 3 hours late to work, with that said, everything I experienced there that night, the joy, the stress, the anger all come together in a memory I will cherish forever.
    I shook hands with trent, got a picture with him as they were packing up, told him he was my hero, and he said 'we'll be back next time'.
    I hope its true man, that night was worth dying for, if i had a chance to relive it.. i wouldnt trade it for all the hookers and black jack in vegas.

    Maximum Carnage

    minusmodest Thats awesome. I like reading and hearing stories.

  14. Owen Diamantopoulos

    just saw these guys live last week, it was fuckin’ awesome.

  15. zeon951

    "contorting to fit somewhere I do not belong" damn that hit close to the heart

  16. anikka olivia williams

    Billy sewilo

  17. TeamSesh97

    the riffs are sick but i jus hate the china :/ the one on rareform was fucking dope, why do bands do that? when u have the sickest set as a drummer u shud keep thay shit, not get some trash new cymbals

  18. League Of Int

    RIP Justin <3

  19. Sovereign One

    This is literally everyday in school

  20. massiv pp man xddd

    2:48 absolute orgasm

  21. AnonAnarchy

    the title sounds like a fortune cookie

  22. voice from the shadows

    RIP Justin Lowe.I will never forgot seeing you perform. You're death and my friends death are another reason I left Berklee college of music to study neuroscience.

  23. K r e e

    What tuning do they play in? I was almost sure it was F, but a tab I was reading says A#
    Any help?

  24. Larris The Black Swan

    One of the best vocalists in the game. So much vocal range and control. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. Igor Matamoros

    This was a Premonition

  26. Kane Pedersen

    1.25 sounds amazing, any faster it sounds like poopoo

  27. Smexii Wade

    5 years later. Still bangs

  28. James Parks

    well martyr AD and disembodied were so sick back in the day . sure these guys jammed to that

  29. James Parks

    best heavy band out of Minnesota

  30. MT Major

    The singer's hair is always wet tho

    Not Normal

    SpaceJunk hairspray

    Not Normal

    SpaceJunk lol nvm

    Grizzly Poota

    Always on fire.... have to put out the flames

  31. Thomas Ivan Gallito

    Now this song plays in my head whenever I do Mathematics.

  32. Michael Maers

    Плып плып плоп плоп плып плоп

    Илья Жданов

    та тара тарара тар тарара _ та тара тарара тар тарара

    David McDonald

    Djent djdjdjdjdjent.

  33. elitist mercenary

    it's almost like the band already knew Justin was going to die it has to be some sort of mystery

  34. Derek the Paxman

    i used to not like metalcore/deathcore/djent so much until i heard this song. justin's one lead during the chorus just stuck in my head, now it haunts me

    Jay Vermilyea

    So much emotion in that simple lead 😥 R.I.P Justin

  35. Alex Menendez

    This drummer is absolutely inhuman.

    Adrien Barrette

    +Alex Menendez He's..... Superior (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  36. heeres_Johnnyy_217

    so djent

  37. Sidney Smith

    "We ARE the emptiness we long to feel inside" damn that gives me chills

  38. Sidney Smith

    AFTER THE BURIAL <3 \m/ >_< \m/ At least you FUCKIN ROCKED Justin.

  39. mig

    Remember when I first heard this one! Was so stoked the title was about a movie I loved. Check out Stay (2005)

  40. Mysterious Broadcast

    It's damn near impossible to sit still while listening to this song. That riff in the beginning forces you to bob your head.

  41. jacob pilmore

    The death of justin lowe brought me here

    Daniel Gregory

    @jacob pilmore same :(

  42. mummas shack

    Justin... I hope your troubles have ceased and happiness is smiling upon you. Shred in peace, brother.

    ryan johnson

    My thoughts exactly

  43. WildFanatic1022

    See you in the next life, Justin. 👊

  44. Lee Zen

    Wished Justin Lowe's troubles were ceased.
    RIP dude. =/

    kevin scheurer

    I mean I guess they are now, but without him dying would've been better

  45. skatefire55

    R.I.P Justin :(

  46. Warrior Tha Witt

    RIP Justin you were an amazing musician and I can't begin to comprehend the darkness that prompted you to commit suicide :( well, I hope you are doing better on the other side of you believed in one

    Marksman 5147

    People that buy into tons of conspiracy theories never seem to be very bright....

    If you read Justin's schizophrenia note, no normal human being would take that serious knowing he has a mental illness. The dude was legit crazy and that's why he killed himself/OR the people he saw killed him. Not a physical murder.

    There always will be people who do think this shit tho, and they'll keep calling us sheeple lol because they "know the truth" only they can see.

    Slime Bucket

    lol marksman 5147 when u start your comment with a general insult just for the sake of judging others as being lesser than you it shows everything you have to say is worthless.

    Thank you for saving me time from reading what ever it is you wrote

    Marksman 5147

    @Slime Bucket Yes let's deny science and general reasoning. Your a sheeple.


    +Blacktooth Grinn A little dude, but I aint mad, but tumbler would be.

    carl marker

    alot of people who buy into these theories start with something small and you get a sort of high from it. mental health(or lack there of) does play a role calling people idiots for questioning the narrative and poking holes seems pretty fucking retarded this is the information era but im sure fake news is also super legit and it was russian spies all along right? if it wasnt for crazy nutters you wouldnt have germs it would be gods will and thad be the end of it

    (not saying it was a murder because i just like the band but eat shit faggot)

  47. This is an automatic reply

    Justin, rest in piece brother


    @Sam Hardy you mean "peace"


    @Breszko he definitely means "peace"


    @Grumlyloursfoufou I know, just wanted to say that means something different. But it's absolutely not important this time. It's so sad, I'm still shocked.. Rest in peace Justin.

    This is an automatic reply

    Fuck, how did I miss that? Damn, well yeah I meant in peace. Still man, condolences to ATB and his family.

  48. Camilo Shak García Rodríguez

    RIP Justin Lowe.

  49. Taime Lamb

    This band seriously needs a bigger fan base.

    Travis White

    Taime Lamb for real! they gained another fan in me a couple months ago! \m/

    *JOOJESNEY* likikita

    Today they're a very massive band

  50. LeftHandShred2

    Whenever I see a music video with one central actor, I find myself wondering which member of the band that person is related to.


    +LeftHandShred2 The actor is the vocalist lol

  51. Michael Judd

    My dream band:

    Vocals: Philip Labonte
    Lead Guitar: Steve Vai
    Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Jake Bowen
    Rhythm Guitar: Justin Lowe
    Bass: Nolly
    Drums: Thomas Haake

    Cale King

    @Michael Judd Really? No misha mansoor or tosin abasi????


    you have not went wrong

    Ddelop Kwapn

    +Michael Judd Lucas mann ????????????????

    TFNA Peter Bays

    You are missing good musicians

    anikka olivia williams

    Michael Judd I heard Steve Vai is a Luciferin. Sacrifice is what I hear

  52. HxHeithe

    I don´t understand the video D:

    Quentin Backaert

    Same :c

    Lil Poetboy

    I wanna take a stab at it. I loved the video, I think it leaves you trying to fill in the blanks with your creativity. Has sorta a sci fi feel to the ending, like maybe the equations he was slaving away at for hours and days and weeks and months; finally finishing it somehow; activated his DNA genes and he somehow "evolved" to a higher state of being. Obviously committing murder against his former co workers and boss's who belittled him.

    This concept isn't too silly considering Jessie Quick and her father from D.C Comics used a written formula to gain their super speed and access to the Speed Force. ( P.S They gained their powers this way in the comics, the TV show version is not cannon.)

  53. Raul Zakar

    The main riff: digi digi digi dig digi digi digi digi digi digi digi digi digidi

  54. Raul Zakar

    This sound is so good!!

  55. Zyborggian

    You're After the Burial

    Sandrew Mith

    Very good, Waluigi

    Nick Webster

    +Zyborggian NO THIS IS PATRICK!!!!

    Marksman 5147

    Zyborggian Literally everytime I listen to this song I think that 😂😂

    Егор Цыба


  56. Ericpach3

    This song always kinda reminded me to 5 Minutes Alone by Pantera not sure why, also the camera angles on the guitar are kinda simliar to the video. AMAZING song by the way!

  57. enzio24

    does anyone else think that he is giving the band the contortionist a shoutout?

  58. Derick Turner

    being in the navy is very stressful, sometimes to the point that i want to curbstomp some of the people i have to be around everyday. luckily there's talented musicians out there that bust their asses everyday to write good music like this that keeps my stress at bay and helps me not to do that. thank you after the burial, you kept my shoes clean another day 

    Robert Lenn

    You got that right. Listen to this shit when they call sweepers. Semper Fortis

    Julian Coy

    Lol, oddly enough I bought this Album right after I got out of boot camp in the Navy.  My ex called it military music.  Guess she was spot on.


    This is where my agression goes to bub.



  60. Salad Dressing

    "Brick by brick, stone on top of stone, I create from these towers built of nothingness; I will fall, and like these worthless feelings, there is an emptiness we long to feel inside." 

  61. Sleesball1

    I like these old tones over the new recordings. The new ones may be clean but this has the grit that you want to hear from this style.

  62. Павел Обухович

    too much math in this song

  63. Barbiturate M

    love it

  64. Jeff Osborne

    Love the energy and feeling I get from this song. These guys make great music.

  65. Sko Nietzsche

    Holy shit where have these guys been

    Pierre Harlin

    Avoiding you lol JK!!!!

  66. Isaac Gowan

    So good live! Heard this live with Trivium and Devildriver, one hell of a show!

    Captain Chaos

    Sounds like a good fuckin show man

  67. G L

    I hear a ever so soft "woo" at the offbeat of 0:11

    Raul Zakar

    @***** i also heard a little furt sound at 1:05

    SwAgLoRd420 YOLO

    @Raul Z Fingers sliding up/down the strings in between notes.

    Raul Zakar

    thanx for your explanation dude

    Justin Hicks

    @SwAgLoRd420 YOLO Nah, definitely a "woo."

    Pentex Sucks

    To clarify, I bought the stems for this album, it's 100% someone yelling out during the riff. Definitely not a sound the strings made

  68. Thomas Pflanzer

    woooow woooow wow wooow wooow wow 

  69. The Headbanger

    this sht is adictive

    Raul Zakar

    for fuckin real,right next to Meshuggah

  70. Stefano De Santi

    best song ever

  71. diego beuske

    love it love it love it

  72. Screwdriver4o

    Just Great Song!!!

  73. Lord Siferian

    love that fucking alien sounding dissonant melody

  74. Joseph Hebert

    These guys were amazing live, saw them at the Marquee in Tempe, AZ.  Both guitarist using 8 strings and talented! 

  75. Leroy Jenkins

    R.I.P Guitar Slide

  76. Cire Pohsibly

    bass drum cam is needed

  77. Sahil Vaidya

    The starting riff was meant to be stuck in my head

  78. Chuck Morin

    I am the contortionist!!!!

  79. james 030

    no , youre after the burial 

  80. Angelo Ramirez

    This is such a dope song very Meshuggah like :)

    Cody Westcott

    @Shane Marez Playing Djent does not automatically mean that they sound anything like Meshuggah.  Animals as Leaders, Volumes, Veil of Maya, and Periphery are all also considered Djent bands and none of them sound similar to one another and certainly not similar to Meshuggah.  They have some similarities that allow them to be grouped into the genre of Djent, sure, but their styles are still very different and varied. 

    Shane Marez

    listen to the bass guitar specifically then honestly says that again

    Cody Westcott

    I'm a musician. Again that's similar, but not exactly in the same style as Meshugah. Also, pointing to one specific section of the song doesn't make the entirety of it in the same style

    Dylan Tarlton

    Angelo Ramirez thought the same thing

    Darryl Morse II

    They sound closer to ABR than Meshuggah.

  81. Kim Lohse

    Ugh, this man's lyrics. <3

  82. Sam

    I had no idea that 'djentier' is a word, so I had to search it up and, much to my surprise, it IS a word.

  83. Alan Gonzalez

    My body is gonna be sore AF tomorrow mornin because of this song .-.

  84. Misterbreakdown

    Forgot how tight this song is

  85. theBOSpaladin101

    What about them?

  86. Dante

    what about drums?...

  87. Scyllaz33

    18 dislikes?! I dislike that...

  88. Pete Napper

    BlastinDookies yes I hear it to. You are not crazy don't worry.

  89. Boppsta712

    It's a mercy that they don't make us sit through Trivum to get to any of the other bands. I agree that dead-first is the best spot for them. They don't even suck.

  90. Fukengruven23

    Just saw them last night! It was ridiculously sick lthough the order should have been Trivium,Sylosis, After the Burial, Devildriver

  91. MrSmr2010

    His highs are amazing!!!

  92. primus30

    sean these guys open up for trivium...but i think trivium should of opened up for after the there awesome

  93. L.R. Perez

    This sounds kinda like Meshugga. Just not as technical.

  94. Shattered Horizons

    Please check us out, we come all the way from falkirk in Scotland ! It would mean the world.