After The Burial - To Challenge Existence Lyrics

Bleed for a lifetime, but remain fixed
To challenge existence and
Push through the bleak to find the end
And in my head, the mystery of man
And in my head, we'll see the brighter days

Eyes blaze through lifetimes
A visionary's dream come to being
Chased to the end and held on for dear life
Find me inside the sound
Between the secrets that surround us
We rise above

To follow the same path until we get it right
With you, the good fight
What stories to tell, you and I
Perfect elements balance on what becomes us

And if a light goes out, the mind will show the way
Carry the flame for tomorrow, a sacred blaze
Radiant hands flaring full of gold as we smash into infinity
Challenge existence and stare into everything I've ever known

To follow the same path
Until we get it right
With you, the good fight
What stories to tell you and I
We gave into it all - submerged ourselves
Live by words of the same thought
Blink and it's over
Live by words of the same thought
Breathe when you can
When time keeps its promise
I'll look back and see my mark
I'll see my mark

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After The Burial To Challenge Existence Comments
  1. Joshua Wilson big bird

    Gash!!!!! I love this piece!!!!!!

  2. Serpenthyne


  3. Sterling Glover

    I hope Dan does a drum playthrough for this song 😊

  4. will kateley

    Exactly how I play bass! I'm a former guitar player who suffers from a crush injury to my left hand "fret hand". Hit me up if interested in creating something new, unheard-of!!!!

  5. Mark Franklin


  6. Bob Ballard

    Didn’t expect this to be my favourite album of 2019 so far...but it is.

  7. Marshall Korn

    That intro riff is fuckin filthy!!!

  8. Jared From Subway

    To Djent Existence.

  9. Sam Drake

    0.75x speed THALL

  10. Jared From Subway

    After the Djent.

  11. Sevi Metal

    But does this djent?
    Oh yeah It does

  12. Anthony buck

    Thank you After the Burial! I will forever headbang to these grooves, even in my casket after my burial.

  13. Keir Robertson

    They crush it every time

  14. Atticus TheDeathMetaller

    I pretty much vision an epic Dance off to this track.....

  15. Juan F Hernández

    That intro just made mi beard grow 15in

  16. Kyle A

    The GR00VE, though!!! 🤘

    Colin MacLean

    reading this just as the groove kicked..he's right though

  17. CharlesChonk

    1:00 best riff I've heard in a while.

  18. Victor Allain

    Uh pick-up a pancake
    I pick up a pancake uh

    Thanks Stevie T

    Steven Akerley

    Steves the man!

  19. Lucas Shaw

    TesseracT but it’s the PCP version

  20. Lumine Maverick

    Band went to dogshit since the bro died

    Naki Value

    Lumine Maverick explain then bud

  21. Undead 12335

    That intro is tasty as fuck

  22. Benjamin Gertz

    I love the new record

  23. Zombl337

    Im glad that theres still bands left from the "Core" era of music that still do it right!

  24. Spade JM

    that intro tickled by butthole

  25. I Like Concerts

    Groovy as fuck

  26. Keir Robertson

    This frickin' SLEPS my peeperinos.

  27. #DSACK Productions

    Okkkkkk repeat on!

  28. Joseph Bastidas


  29. Larris The Black Swan

    Atb and architects have to be the most consistent bands ever.

    Joseph Bastidas

    Gojira, August Burns Red, and Every Time I Die as well. Just imagine a tour with all of them except Gojira.

  30. palm tr33

    R.I.P Justin Lowe💕 GO ATB!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    palm tr33

    @Retard after the burial ex guitarist who died of mental illness. He took his own life :(

  31. gerald jett

    Super meshuggah

  32. Adam Fowler

    Oh my fucking God hell yeah...that intro is something else.

  33. Jonathan Cameron

    The intro reminds me a lot of Animals as Leaders

    danglin madongle

    Was looking in the comments for someone who thought the same thing lol. over all great song

    Corey Chatelain

    More like Monuments

    Joshua Wilson big bird

    No way the an touch animals vs leaders

    Joshua Wilson big bird

    But they good fo sho

  34. Brian Forrester

    This is my favorite off the new album

  35. R C

    In a controlled double blind study this song increased free testosterone 750% over placebo

    Tom Betty

    Who needs a pill?

  36. GnarGnar9000 ASMR

    If I could pay them huge sums of money to make an entire album of riffs like 0:42 and Pennyweight I'd.. well, I'd do it. that was anti climactic lol

    Tom Betty

  37. Calibur43

    Definitely a Wolves Within atmosphere type album. Welcome back.

    Razioski _

    I miss wolves within

    Keir Robertson

    @Razioski _ Why miss it? I listen to it about 400 times daily

  38. thycreator3296

    Quantize my fuckin nuts off why don’t ya

  39. Aqli-fa


  40. Joshua Webb

    I honestly never thought I’d hear this sound again without Justin. Boy was I gladly proved wrong!!! This album is god

  41. DEBRIS_X Sans trash


  42. GGTTHveteran86

    Vildhjarta meets meshuggah, love it 🤘

  43. Mateus Abade

    Fuck!!! Awesome!!

  44. Dániel Szoboszlai


  45. Nick Smith

    wolves amongst men feel

    Collin McMullin

    Uhhhhhhhh what?

  46. BL3ND3R


  47. Dr. Phil

    Jesus Fuck

  48. Supun Wickramage

    wowwww!!!!!! 8 string track????

  49. Dad Chris

    Architects, Whitechapel and now After The Burial!! The album drops right now are killer

    Wait What?

    Dad Chris and Angelmaker is dropping a song tomorrow I think 🙌

    joe gomulka

    Don’t forget about periphery!


    Dealer and Alphawolf also!

    stephen otoole

    Dude and secret band?? Jesus this week is killer for music

  50. 김김선우


  51. deth_blunt

    Trent and the boys carrying on the legacy <3

  52. MT Major

    Thats the most illegal intro i've ever heard

    I love it

    Daymon Murden

    law is dystopianly perverted by illegal usa existence thats why we so chilly on these antonyms. the law - frederick bastiat

  53. Sterling Glover

    By far my favorite track off this album!! That intro had my jaw dropping.. so fuckin dj0nt

  54. LumberJake


  55. wintertoburn gaming

    haven't heard a song off this yet that i haven't liked

    Daymon Murden

    wintertoburn gaming 11/26 is soft

  56. Kirby Cory

    oh mai gert that intro just twisted my brain

  57. Erik Kangas

    This album has me rock solid

    Jose Rafael Bermudez

    I miss the sound of eclipse

  58. blackburn932

    No palms left after all that muting.


    Palms? Never heard of them lol

    Laurel Ave

    tenaciousjoe24 kinda like slapping the bass

  59. zehlier ragnair

    like duuuuude, that intro is even legal?

    Jesse Hurst

    Split coil pickups.

    HerroPrease ThankYou

    @Micas099 LOL THIS BITCH

    Daymon Murden

    Dystopian doubletalk/doublespeak. Aldous Huxley brave new world revisited. NSA compromised USA.

    Daymon Murden

    Micas099 check it live dog

    Mikey Medina

    Micas099 they can play that shit dude, if you’re talented and got a good tone that’s not all muddy it can sound like that

  60. Dig Deep

    *oh my*

  61. Mirjeng [PhYx]

    Chu chu chu chu chu chuggg!CHUGCORE

  62. Jason LovesABR

    This album is going to be on my gym playlist forever.


    @Joseph Bastidas hell ya get it!

    Jason LovesABR

    You guys are making me feel lazy. It rained out here for a little while so I've been quite busy with deliveries finally. Been slow nearly all week. I should be able to go tomorrow. Probably will do a shoulder/arm workout. Yesterday was back. Didn't get to do much chest. I've lost a ton of muscle from having no access to a bench press for quite some time.

    Keir Robertson

    @Jason LovesABR You can do pushups literally anywhere! :D

    Jason LovesABR

    @Keir Robertson lol I just had my best arm/shoulder in a long time. Didn't do too much for shoulders, just shrugs, and press but I did other exercises that still targeted them. Mainly did tricep stuff but 8 exercises all together.

    Mark Franklin

    Yall just want a private room to fuck, or what? Pump this..

  63. Corby Dinsburger

    Not sure what they were trying do do with this song but it doesnt quite mesh as a cohesive unit.

    Jason LovesABR

    Yeah, if anything this is one of the more middle of the road songs, but everything else is golden on this album.

    Dr. Phil

    This is more of a “we’re still super djent” prove it song I feel like. I still think it’s a fantastic song and a fantastic changeup on a fantastic album.


    a "let's have fun and make shit we want" song

    Dan The Man

    @Høler not for elitists, they need things to be more complicated

    Keir Robertson

    It's just ATB doing what they do, fucking shit up with awesome skill

  64. Kam Cambyses

    Djentyyyy AF

  65. tenaciousjoe24

    0:26 ooh that riff tickled my fancy

    Matt Wheeler

    my fancy too has been tickled... dig the riffage.

  66. jOd

    MANNNNNN ATB don't fuck around with the riffs! Sweet jesus, mary and joseph this is nasty!

  67. Roo Castillo

    This is the heaviest song of this album. So djenty!

    Corby Dinsburger

    really? lame

    Sterling Glover

    I wouldn't say heaviest, I'd definitely say djentiest! :)


    Havent heard Quicksand then Im guessing....thats way heavier than this one. This one is just SUUUUPER Djenty

  68. skadi man

    my fucking cum

  69. Pentex Sucks

    Grooves are fatter than an American an McDonald's