After The Burial - The Great Repeat Lyrics

Was it worth anything?
So much time wasted cut the lights out and I felt alone
Choking on self-inflicted agony as I was stranded
Everything flickered so far away
An illusion built with my own hands
See past the waving colors and lights
Beyond the edge where I belong

One day at a time, the glowing great repeat
Alive inside the calm
I hear the whispering wind as the sirens call
Sing me back to sleep
The glowing great repeat

Guide me home
Incubated, I see that we only matter
Rush over and build me dreams in waking life
Open up my eyes
Stand still, searching for the sound
The glowing rhythm in my chest
Quiet and forever still
The warmth wraps its arms around me

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After The Burial The Great Repeat Comments
  1. SILentjudgmENT

    When's the last time these guys toured with Veil of Maya? Saw a concert years ago with them both and it was fuckin great.

  2. will kateley

    Just added to my playlist DeCunTiFy🤘😋

  3. Grant Hatch

    Anyone else hear Zelda's Forest Temple music in the melody riff?

  4. Daymon Murden

    sickest guitar solo of 2019

  5. mathprodigy

    Such a ball buster

  6. Steven Winn

    Do you guys think we are repeating time every year it happens same as something once before and thats what the great repeat means?!?! lol

  7. Death Metal Casey

    Album of the year

  8. Swmtothemoon

    0:18 sounds like the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time.

  9. AyeeKyro

    what tuning is this in?


    Yea drop a standard tuned 8 string a half step

  10. Jacob Olson

    wash, rinse, repeat. many-a-times. like, never enough

  11. Djenty Mcdjentstermandjentson

    Repeat after me. After the burial is great, repeat. Lol

  12. Aaron Weaver

    They was right. I greatly repeat this song.

  13. Larris The Black Swan

    I can't get enough of the tones used in this song. Fuck!


    This fuckin riff is lit

  15. Andrew Lein Guitar

    love that solo

  16. Bass I

    Damn This Intro Wrecks ! 👌🏻💪🏻💨

  17. David Stoker

    Does anyone feel as if this song has a complete meshuggah vibe too it?

    Jarod Gibson

    well yes Meshuggah birthed the entire universe of this sound / style


    @Jarod Gibson yep

  18. Jasper Bunny

    Sweet n heavy 🤝👍🙏🤘🤟💪🖕🖕

  19. Øli Macabre

    Definitely way better than the last album. The first sounds wayyyyy better tone wise.

  20. Allan Madhuram

    Glass Cloud is that you?

  21. James Murphy

    Finally got my first boner guys

  22. Zombl337

    BEST METAL ALBUM of 2019! Every song fucking rocks! Cant get enough of the sweet riffage.

  23. Ryan Bugden

    I think this song contains the best guitar solo on the whole album. So tasty 👌🏼

  24. Holly Hylia

    How could anyone dislike this? This is my favorite on the album 💚🤘🏻

  25. Kab

    Intro reminds me a of a faster version of The River from Wage War

  26. Larris The Black Swan

    I'm so fucking impressed with this album. Good work <3

  27. GnarGnar9000 ASMR

    In Flux, this track, and I think the one after this are all the best high energy jams with those classic quirky vibes I can't get enough of from ATB!

    Keir Robertson


  28. Calibur43

    The solo section sounds like a ridiculously hardcore Final Fantasy boss fight or some shit.

  29. AyeeKyro

    this is my fav song on the album hands down.
    when can we buy that stem pack though


    That main riff has a serious The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza sound to it. I like it.


    IAMTHEJUGGERNATE the tone kinda sounds like danza III a little

    Allan Madhuram

    More Glass cloud than TDTE but yeah has Josh's style written over it

    Djentile 777

    Check out Frontierer if you like Danza

  31. Jose Rafael Bermudez

    That thicc tone tho

    People who annoy you N _ G G E R S

    First time?

  32. Prog Papi

    looks like we got a metallica fan in the dislikes

    Lumine Maverick

    >imagine still being stuck in the emo phase in 2019

    Prog Papi

    @Lumine Maverick the fact that you think im emo because i can wear all black one day and take a picture is hilarious. Do you know how many monster chugging losers like yourself use that same "insult" on me? Go back to the a7x comments section

    Prog Papi

    @Lumine Maverick its also funny that you just assume i dont know anything about music or what good music is (even though taste in music is subjective) and then you go and delete your comment lol


    Im a metallica fan fight me

    gerald jett

    Hahaha that's fucking funny

  33. Thomas Reuter

    best on album imo

  34. The Shaman of Many Chins

    Between this and p4 I can't produce enough semen to safely listen to them.

    Keir Robertson

    This is my favourite comment of all time.

  35. Gabriel Camargo



    Hahahhah LoL shuddup man you killed me. Chicken water in that other song too. Vocalist is gonna want that part re-recorded by the time everyones done commenting.

  36. You’ve Killed The Saint In Me

    Title reminds me of Kronika’s fatality lmao

  37. Shape.666

    Well that title wasn't clickbait at all. Goddamn

  38. 김김선우


  39. Pentex Sucks

    This sounds like something that'd be on Wolves Within. Sick!

    Keir Robertson

    Definite Wolves Within feel. I listen to that album several times every darn day!

  40. Eric Green

    The guys in 5FDP (& others) could seriously use a lesson from Trent on writing fresh riffs


    And not keep writing their second album over and over again? I'd pay money to see that lol.

    Captain Chaos

    JoshuaKhaos I wouldn’t even say they wrote their second album over and over again. I’d say it worse and worse each time. 5fdp are sell outs

  41. Cryptonics

    Thank you so much for making my day awesome with this new album!

  42. Tonaldo

    Perfect song to describe feelings about album 😏

  43. Andre M.

    Trent is a fucking beast!

  44. Alief.S

    The greatest repeat

  45. blackburn932

    The Great Repeat refers to that repeat button getting wrecked.

    David Stoker

    *H E A D B A N G*

    Daymon Murden

    ask ur girlfriend about what else

  46. dimethylstuff

    Getting huge Drifts vibes from that solo section.

  47. Jason LovesABR

    What do I need to do to see these guys tour with August Burns Red, Architects, and Phinehas?

    Daymon Murden

    literal whos. meshuggah - gojira - aftertheburial

  48. tenaciousjoe24

    The title didn't lie, songs been on repeat

    Holly Hylia

    Alllllllllll daaaaaay 🤘🏻

  49. Kam Cambyses

    Opens the god damn mosh pit right at the intro. It’s powerful lyrically.

  50. Jordan Bradfield

    The melody in this song is amazing. Sounds old school and new at the same time.

  51. rtd1032

    Brutal and beautiful, gave me an eargasm!!!

  52. Jeffrey Ferreira

    So freaking sick..

  53. Roo Castillo

    I love this song; is a mix of all of their past albums styles.

    Steven Akerley

    i totally thought that too!

    Captain Chaos

    The great repeat

  54. Will Harper

    The production on this album is amazing

    Ryan Bugden

    Will Harper I agree. Such a fat, yet crispy mix going on here;
    How do you think it measures up against Dig Deep?
    I think both mixes are delicious, but this one might just edge it for me.

    Will Harper

    @Ryan Bugden Both are fantastic. Definitely better than Wolves Within's production lol. I honestly think Dig Deep and Evergreen are pretty similar, so I don't have any complaints here.

    Ryan Bugden

    Will Harper Hahaha.. yeah. Wolves was a great album, but had a terrible mix.
    I couldn’t agree more, very similar, and too hard to pick a winner.

    John Doe

    We have Will Putney to thank for that. Wolves Within was self produced except for A Wolf Among Ravens which was produced and mixed by Terry Date. Shame he didn't do the entire album.


    Putney slays everything he touches

  55. CodyHGaming

    That intro so groovy