After The Burial - The Fractal Effect Lyrics

This is where you pick yourself up brush off the ashes.
Clear the smoke and soot from your eyes.
Their word brings desperation just look around you.
Renewed vision reveals the lies.
My truth will be my own.
You say it doesn't matter get used to fear.
I tell you that's the problem get used to the lies.
They mislead your pride.
You blind them with your light just strand this from the mind.
You say it doesn't matter get used to fear.
I tell you that's the problem.
What its done to you the way you live your life.
Pick yourself up.
What its done to you the way you live your life.
A state of empty bliss and empty state of mind.
A state of empty bliss pulled into the depths dragged out with the tide.
My truth will be my own and not the one they gave me.

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After The Burial The Fractal Effect Comments
  1. Mak Kirkham

    I don't know what everyone's saying but... Literally 20 seconds into the song i'm like O_O

  2. Curious Fiend

    Fuck, that "Seinfeld djent" bit cracks me up


    Ruinous Fiend lmao😂

    Curious Fiend

    blazer420 -👍😉👌cheers Rigby, lol, I mean blazer420.


    Ruinous Fiend wooo mordo Xd

  3. Martin Havelka

    1:59 holy shit , that riff blew me away

  4. Shaun Elliott UK

    the riff at 1.58 makes my dick hard !

  5. Brittany Powers

    my 5 month old gets so excited to listen to ATB and when hes upset it calms him and it helps when he fights going to bed he will fall straight to sleep

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Brittany Dow lolz😀my 3 month old neice, does that with Gojira.

  6. Phillip Posten

    Anthonys vocals are really good on this album, but I just can't get over how much better they are with Grant Luoma. The original can not be beaten in my opinion.

    Andrei Ionut Gherghe

    In my opinion, just my opinion, he was screaming too much over the instruments.Anthony is such an amazing vocalist.

    Tim Siekman

    Dunno what you're talking about man, original vocals were fucking trash. So trash, that they replaced him.

  7. MAKrampage

    2:51 Has to be the greatest breakdown known to man, if it isn't I don't know what is.


    XD! sounds like a "Icarus Lives" mockup sortathing..


    It builds up as a Pantera riff and then it kills you with Shuggah

  8. Der General

    1:58 ^^ :P :-) oo

  9. Chrys Robb

    I love it baby

  10. kixlepixel

    ATB are fast becoming one of my favourite bands...

  11. Joel George

    If prefer Grant Luoma's vocals in The fractal effect Cursing Akenaten and Rareform.

  12. Jakewasnthere4142

    That last breakdown sounds like Aerosmith going djent

  13. Mile Smith

    One of my favorite bands, and they deliver live as well. If they are coming around your town, don't miss it.I can't wait until they come back to Michigan

  14. Fitz Alvin

    2:51 ooo my ggod!!!

  15. Blade DIM

    I'm love... saludos desde Perú Iml

  16. Unkindled One

    These guys remind me of my favorite band, Volumes. Check em out.

    Francis Bacon

    @Landon Kays Who? Just kidding lol Volumes is the shit. Edge of the Earth is my jam. 

    I prefer ATB much more however.

    Unkindled One

    @Francis Bacon Edge of the Earth is amazing!

    Fitz Alvin

    Volumes is tha beast!!

    Jake Morris

    Hell yeah i love volumes. Across the bed, Vahle , amazing songs on the new album.

    Matt Suter

    Ye volumes is pretty tight I liked via a lot

  17. David Rabun

    2:51 \m/

  18. Karol Gacek

    I'm seeing them on Friday, I can't wait.

    Antonio Guzman

    They're worth every bit of money you paid to see them with!

  19. boomboxlegends

    This album blew my mind, when i first heard it. It still does, 1 of the bands that never disappoints. True metal heads can get into this. Fans of Slayer, Lamb of god, BTBAM and anything with balls would enjoy this. Musicians should respect these guys. 

  20. Tim Mayer

    this is the one song on this album that I feel is truly better on the old album release and I really don't know why.

    Tim Mayer

    @***** i do perfer the vocals on the original album. they are so raw

  21. boomboxlegends

    No what the problem is now a days with the whole Metal community? Know one respects the fact that people have different opinions. Most of these people won't even like metal in 5-10 yrs. They don't even know the bands that started this style. These guys are extremely talented and if you don't like it, fine. But don't jump down peoples throats, cause they do. I am 35 and will love metal till the day i die. All the hardcore kids from the 90's, where are they now? 


    Ahh, a veteran. I've been into the music for over 2 years. What bands, on this level, can you recommend? Don't throw me today's bands, because I probably know them already.

    ichigo kurosaki

    that doesn't just apply to metal. people hate people with different opinions on anything

    MacDouglas Jackson II

    @ichigo kurosaki look up a thing called "religion"

    Friends with Benedict's

    still here homie!


    I've liked metal since I was 11 or 12, I'm now 31. I don't think I'll stop liking it in 5 - 10 years lol

  22. tubaskuna

    No shit

  23. Eddie Gagner

    Such a fucking shame that this "new" version of the album isn't up on Spotify :/

  24. Nonso Kafor

    better than your blood on the dancefloor crap

  25. Zack Smith

    2:51 k guise its primus tiem.

  26. Joe Miller

    hahahahahahaha, dude Catch 33 is more beautiful and brilliant than you will ever know. whatever this is a great track though

  27. Barbellicious

    probably "google translated" word for word..

  28. mineral

    The Fractal Audio Effect.

  29. chevellereigns16

    a band too epic for you to understand my friend.



  31. Doomistic

    lmfao what? meshuggah is like the biggest influence in the majority of every single progressive core band there is. are you fucking high? and appreciating for all the wrong reasons? how can a reason as to why somebody likes something be wrong? mate just stop being a douche.

  32. Tomski McDougle

    And the funny thing is, Rareform is more interesting than all of me sugar's stuff combined.

  33. SaturnineXTS

    Lol, these corekids who appreciate the band for all the wrong reasons... it's the meshuggah influence that makes this band stand out from other crappy metalcore bands.

  34. backburner123

    id rather not and not a fan of Meshuggah

  35. backburner123

    @2:51. EVERYONE FUCKING MOSH!!!!!.....
    crowd: wait what? lol

    so groovy :D

  36. Alister Tate Anderson

    The fractal effect turns out to be the Axe-Fx....

    Fun little joke for you guitar players.

    Scipio Tarquez

    just blew my mind.. hah

  37. backburner123

    that at 1:28 - 1:52 gives me chills everytime, this is why i love After the Burial!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. DismantledDusk


  39. Macnificent95

    Lol sounds like Seinfeld