After The Burial - The Endless March Lyrics

Eyes flare, this glow becomes our lanterns
We are searching for truth, but find dust and dirt
Though sight falls hard, trudge headfirst and forget what matters
Caught in the trample of the tow, bones scrape against the asphalt
Gaze into the depth and try to find the fire within

I try to pick up the pieces, try to pick up the pieces
Pick up mud and re invent these limbs
Caught in tow we are a sight of endless marching and swaying lights

We leave lumber for the need - Rebuild this broken body
Lumber for the need - rebuild this broken soul

Try to pick up the pieces, but timber becoming decay
Excavate bone and sculpt mud into limbs, following the sequence
Leave a little bit of ourselves behind with every step
Broken teeth fractured and spread out
Blending in the scene hands swell and branches break becoming lumber for the need

This glow becomes our lanterns, though sight falls hard
Trudge headfirst and forget what matters
Gaze the depth and try to find fire within pick up mud and re invent these broken limbs

Forcefully held down, friction burns our bones that scrape against the asphalt
Forcefully held down, fragments of our broken teeth spread out around us
Forcefully held down try to pick up all the pieces, become decay

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After The Burial The Endless March Comments
  1. Captain Chaos

    Blows lips (a lot)

  2. Captain Chaos

    Sounds like a great fuckin March

  3. 3 Bang3ls

    1:05 holy shit \m/ Me like

  4. Sir Gregor Clegane House Clegane

    This song makes me feel like im the night king goin ham in westeros 😝

  5. Devon Gonzalez

    Been listening to metal for a long time. For some reason this song spooks me

  6. Joe K

    My face is gone. 100% melted.

  7. Sattyam Mane

    Breakdown starts at 1:06 and ends at 2:01

  8. Slick Rickster

    The guitar almost sounds like Meshuggahs bleed. ..Even the Tone lol

  9. Maroš Mager

    This band save my life..

  10. Daniel Tonkin

    Best song on the album

  11. Roque

    0:39 Air guitar worthy riff

  12. Andrew Lilly

    This has all the things I want to hear in an ATB song

  13. Foever378

    you guys need to start playing this live and stop worrying about it not being a popular song. shit will get popular when you start playing it live

  14. Ty Saylor

    Nearly 2 years later and my face still melts every time I listen to this album.

  15. Trevor S

    Those pinch harmonics though

  16. mcdangles89

    Make sure you take a dump before you hear that breakdown

  17. Nate Clayton

    1:25 in blew my nuts off.

  18. Dtrax

    Heavy Djent

  19. Big Boot Bob

    Hell yeah good shit

  20. Toby K.

    I almost cant believe the intro and that monster riff make up just about 40 SECONDS OF THE SONG. That was the fucking most intense 40 seconds I've heard in a long time.

  21. CodyHGaming

    "After the Burial only uses one string..."

    Namni divad

    Have you ever played a guitar 😂😂

    You’ve Killed The Saint In Me

    Namni divad he’s mocking how people say after the burial only uses one string, despite this masterpiece

  22. DinkyDanProductions

    Best song off the damn album, the complexity and grooviness can't make me stand still!!!

  23. Eric


  24. Aaron

    yeah post 1:00 is fuckin wild holy shit 1001000111000010010100/10

  25. thall000

    I hate Spotify it's been forever still only collapse and lost in the static

    Ozan Sevik

    The full album is up now 😊

  26. Gavin McCabe

    Straight off the Rareform train, fuck this is some good shit. love everything about this album phenomenal

  27. Stefano Magaddino

    Yawn. One of the few "forgettable" tracks on the album

  28. Phil Roy

    2:40 can you say *technical*

  29. kotokid31

    Trent is now the one true God.

  30. FragSpots

    the fucking breakdown in this is nuts

  31. Michael Russell

    this makes my ears cum...

  32. Foever378

    it's too bad they don't play this live

  33. Bionic Elf

    Spotify please

  34. Dominick Guerra

    holy shit fuck this one is def my favorite on the album. i mean WOW

  35. blrsycth

    The ending riff is so savage

  36. Callous Official

    0:40 I got a major megadeth vibe there

  37. The Lukeas

    This albums pumps me the fuck up. I can't be happier!

  38. gladiisTV

    Lyrics. Guitar. Drums. Vocals. Breakdowns. Structure. The reason why, despite being categorized death metal, this band is far beyond that.


    +captainterrenc3 but... they're not death metal.


    +omgnuub They totally are. They have no clean vocals (an aspect of death metal). I would probably edit my previous statement and say they are extreme metal. With no clean vocals they are definitely under a much harder category of metal.

    Dig Deep

    Infinite Productions They're progressive metalcore. Nothing else.

    ‍ ‍

    @Dig Deep They are what?

  39. Godspeedfreak666

    So I see everybody talking about the part at 1:24, but has everyone managed to overlook the orgasmic melody at 2:40?

  40. Mike Bunero

    New Seth Rollins entrance??

  41. Josh Baker

    i really love this but i feel like something is missing... idk its like i ate really good food but im not full. god i miss justin

  42. King of kings. Lord of lords.

    All these comments remind me of when I was 13, listening to the Vulgar Display of Power album lol.

  43. Kalupz

    1:26 Would be sweeter without vocals :>>> Like the pre prod video.

  44. Thy Harvesting

    This track is probably the heaviest song in the album, dat breakdown hits fucking hard it got me headbanging till I got a headache haha

  45. Anthony Salvato

    That riff is just madness

  46. Conrad McMillan

    Anybody think this song is super underrated... Like all the other songs have 50k+ views and this one is at 35k???

  47. Arułselvan Sivanèsan

    at 1:05 i knew it was going to be atb trademark breakdown! sick song sick album!

  48. ftffighter

    After listening to this whole albums, my dick will not be satisfied till I listen to it 5 million more times.

  49. Tr3vor1

    at no point do I think they copied, nor do I think they sound that much the same, but for some reason the build up before the first breakdown totally reminds me of the build up to the end breakdown of district of misery by oceano. anyone agree. BTW this album is fucking brutal. unfuckenreal

  50. inbecxmingaghxst

    Veil of Burial

    Razioski _

    After the Maya

  51. dave moroz

    Had to listen to this 5 times in a row to fully appreciate each switchup

    Tristan Traill

    That's pretty impressive, honestly. I've been listening to this constantly and still can't appreciate this song quite enough. Though, I've always thought the same way about Berzerker.

  52. Patrick Charles


  53. tony hill

    now I have to go see a chiropractor for my neck. geez!

  54. HopeInTheHorizon

    Am i the only person who loves this song, but is pissed at after the burial for teasing a fuqn song that would never appear on the album, only to release it on a album after justin died and now NO ONE , AT ALL will ever get to see him play this song and go in on it like he did on the teaser. What kind of low blow disrespect is that. You leave the best part of the album out and give us that djenty ass album called "wolves within"?


    I don't think they were planning on Justin passing away between the albums. I'm sure they felt that this song fit better on this record than wolves within.

  55. Judson Wall

    ATB might not have the most fans out there but damn I think they do have some of the most passionate. Who agrees?

  56. Winston Lyons

    im so happy they finally made this song

  57. Michael Van doran

    why is this not on spotify anyone know

  58. Ronald Ernst

    This song was in the teaser for Wolves Within....which makes curious what other songs on this album had the influence of Justin??

    Mirko Fustinoni

    Lots of them actually. The acoustic intro in Laurentian Ghost was written by Justin and you can hear it in the demo reel he posted some time before his passing. Also, generally speaking, the whole album is obviously a tribute to him.

  59. Proggy Froggy

    One of the two songs off this album that I actually like. But then again the main breakdowns are boring.

  60. Mykolas Tamulevičius

    Finally an ATB album with great production, which is a refreshment after the listening to so many albums with identical Superior Drummer or Ez-drummer presets from bands all over progressive metal/djent scene. The content, although it involves lots of 0's played (I guess for this genre it's not even a bad thing), is heavier than ever. Grooves, riffs, breakdowns, phrygian/harmonic minor/whatever scale solos and aggressive vocals (still can't pick out the lyrics though :/) is what makes this album set the bar really high for 2016. This shit is why I can't get any studying done.

  61. TheAntimetal

    That riff reminds me of broken, beat, and scarred by metallica

  62. Steven Cole

    This is the one song I waited for most.. I remember hearing that riff on the wolves within studio update for the first time. And it's finally here as The Endless March. Justin would be so proud. ATB for fucking life.

  63. Allan Madhuram

    Only After the Burial can make a standard 6 string E tuning sound brutal!

    Trevor S

    Allan Madhuram this is standard tuning???

  64. Joe Santangelo

    Holy shit! I remember this track from a studio update video from years ago! sick!

  65. Joe Torres

    This is from that pre-production video a few years back!!!!!

  66. DaddyFatherDad


  67. Granny Soup Ladle

    Don't listen to this song while pooping you won't be able to stop


    Best comment.

    Matt M

    The Endless Dump(?)

    Granny Soup Ladle

    It sure feels that way


    im pooping right now

  68. Lea Sve

    I think I am the only one who doesn't like this song

    Ghosty Frost

    yeah you're alone on that one

    Lea Sve

    +Laucha Sve I actually love this song I was just kidding

    Torque Bow

    +Laucha Sve still talking to yourself bud? Lmao

    Lea Sve

    +Laucha Sve yes

    Torque Bow

    +Laucha Sve how's that conversation going, Bud?

  69. DarkSolaceOfficial


  70. mattyjyo


  71. Will Lanham

    This is the fucking song I've been waiting for years!!!! YEARS, I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11100100100011

  72. Ghosty Frost

    The drums come in SO CLEAN on this album I fuckin love it


    The snare tho

    Alex Amani

    +Charlie Simek they should fuck around and rerecord everything with this production. So damn clean without losing any heavyness


    Dan's china is so crisp on this one.

  73. Thomas Pflanzer

    that break down in this song sounds like an endless march

  74. Shannabis J

    This is if meshuggah and Pantera fucked and produced offspring.

    Tristan Traill

    Listen to catacombs, it feels even more influenced by the two.

    Shannabis J

    +Tristan Traill oh I know man. I LOVE this album.

    Danny Mayer

    +Shanon Jones thought i was the only one gettting Pantera vibes!

    Shannabis J

    +Danny Mayer no way man. Trent is hella influenced by Dimebag

    Kevin McGaughey

    At first I read this I thought you were saying that this band reminded you of the offspring......thanks public education

  75. Shannabis J

    So much Dimebag influence! Trent you kick so much ass brother!!!!

    Craig Jones

    Hey don't forget about Justin. He's shredding in Valhalla.

  76. Ryan Y

    Tabs? lolz

  77. Adam Brown

    this 100% shits on everything that's ever been released before

  78. Richard Johnson

    ugh my favorite on the album I think. everything good about the band right here all except a man truly missed

  79. Cameron

    Wonder if they'll release the AxeFx patch for this tone. That'd be the tits. Also, anybody know what kind of pickups they're running? Thanks!

  80. Zach Belcher




  82. Jesus Maldonado

    this album is too much for me😂😂 every song had me hyped af😭😭😂😂


    This is too real

  83. Cody J.K

    Of course the song sounds like other songs of theirs. For a reason, they want to keep the ATB sound. I think this whole album is jiz worthy.

  84. Aaron

    Man I remember watching their studio update years ago when they had the baby as a producer, and I would rewind over and over to hear Justin play that breakdown at 1:24, I've pined to hear it for years and its FINALLY here. Thank you Justin, Thank you ATB, this shit is off the fucking hook. \m/

    Evan Rizzi

    +Aaron Moreno It's funny, as I was reading your comment I almost thought I wrote it! :p

    Alex Arellano

    +Aaron Moreno You guys aint alone, I still watch it to this day and finally after years, It was all worth it

    Eko Jar

    Came here to comment the same thing. I remember wondering where this song was Haha. So satisfying finally hearing the rest of it

  85. KingChevy7

    Can anybody say "berzerker" or "of fearful men"??

    Alex Amani

    +Winston Jose yup it reminded me of berzerker too. which is personally my favorite. So hell fucking yeah

    Connor Matheson

    +KingChevy7 I litterally scrolled through the comments just to see if someone else caught the Berzerker vibe hahah

    Numatic Hades01

    So what i think its cool when bands bring a riff back


    Of course it is. This song kicks massive ass.

    C J

    Reminds me more of Fractal Effect

  86. Scott Baum


  87. EpicJoystik

    endless march?
    more like endless jizz


    @***** Haha it's on.


    +Damexoxo obviously?


    @p2psux5 Apologies 

    Larris The Black Swan

    i loled irl.

    Tommie Thrash

    Damexoxo LMFAO

  88. Larris The Black Swan

    I love how the majority of this world cannot see how beautiful and how much effort is put in to produce the level of complexity this music has. Good fucking job guys <3

    The Shaman of Many Chins

    +Carnage Covers yeaaaahhh no

    Numatic Hades01

    +Carnage Covers no this band has their own wierd cool ass vibe to them compared to all those cookie cutter bands in my opinion

    Jerimiah Bolen

    Been only listening a few years and these guys are brutal!!! GHOST is garbage!!

    gerald jett

    Well said broham.well fucking said man.morherfuckers do not have a clue nowadays🤘

  89. Justin Ward



    +Justin Ward I thought i was the only one who noticed this. The studio teaser had me stoked when they played this intro riff, and I was looking for it all over Wolves Within.

    elitist mercenary


    Paxson Rott


    Aaron Guthridge

    +Justin Ward hahaha man when Wolves Within came out and I bought it and listened to it and noticed this song wasn't there the first thing I did was message ATB directly all like "yo where the shit is that other song!?"

  90. Hugo Capelo

    this is sublime!


    No this is Patrick.

    WhoreToA Chainsaw

    +skimdog456 No... it's Spongebob Square Pants.

    Lugal Ki En

    +skimdog456 I'm not a krusty krab...

  91. vladimonster

    This song is fucking wild.

    but that groove at 1:24 sounds like they plucked it straight from "A Steady Decline"


    +vladimonster it's definitely similar, but not exactly the same.

  92. D'You know what pisses me off?!?!

    1:27 now thats after the burial

  93. Lorenzo

    1:24 get ready to fucking groove.

    _Eternal Refuge

    +Lorenzo Furlanis I need new shoes, man.


    the intro is a monster.👍

    elitist mercenary

    I head bang 24/7 on this shit

  95. Matthew vetter

    only atb fixes my need for metal

  96. Josip Andy Ešegović

    very nice