After The Burial - Sway Of The Break Lyrics

I’ve watched the lamplights fade,
a flare trembles and quivers that kept me safe
warm concrete streets, I used to call home
laid in brick and broken stone so a merchant I'll stay
staying caught in the sway of the break
set aflame, set aflame, set aflame

Oh the sand covers me, grains the colors of ash
they follow me here, I'll never leave, anchors of memories
melting iron made of hours forged through eras
hanging fire trapped in glass bulbs
bludgeon toxic burdens and unearth my roots
flip me over and set me free

I’ve watched the lamplights fade, a flare trembles and quivers that kept me safe
warm concrete streets, I used to call home
laid in brick and broken stone so a merchant I'll stay
staying caught in the sway of the break
set aflame, set aflame, set aflame

the sunlight fades and we still feel safe
settled like worn beacons fought in the flow
Lift the tide, and let the stoic moon still guide me

charmed by glow we follow and forget to even ask why we're here
become the practice by accident, we become the practice by accident
as time flows by it phases our lights, castaway, castaway
swept away not forgotten, so we will set aflame caught in the break

All will be set aflame, all set aflame

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After The Burial Sway Of The Break Comments
  1. wubba lubba lub lub


  2. Kenneth Thompson

    sounds like a Chon riff

  3. Zain Akuma


  4. Curious Fiend

    Powerful stuff

  5. GoodMagicite :/

    This is some final fantasy shit right here, call me old, whatever but this is the bomb.

  6. Axel S

    This reminds me of forging a future self so much. So awesome. One of the few bands from my childhood that didnt go bad.

  7. Jon the Kon

    tuning or tab?

  8. Laura Lucas

    0:40 sounds like The Walking Dead intro

  9. Deepkold

    I almost broke my hand against the wall on the breakdown at the end what the fuck

  10. Big Boot Bob

    This album is awesome... is it on Vinyl? Would love to add that to my collection

  11. big _ oof

    Omg! The riff at 0:40 sounds like the walking dead theme tune

  12. Alex Gonzalez

    The screams are so good wow

  13. Camilla Candelas

    All the fucken riffs are nasty as fuckkkk 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼💣

  14. xThe_noJx

    I'm a bit late to the ATB party, but It would appear there's still plenty of throw down left in this hoedown.


    @kumquatmagoo Everything I've heard so far has been kick ass. This will definitely hold me over until I find that next band. That's an awesome name, btw.


    i found them 3 days ago i win cocksuckers.


    I just found them so I am the real winner

    Diego de Andrade

    I started to listen to them today. I listened to all their stuff already.

    Joaquín Araya

    just found this band :/

  15. Mitchell

    Did Justin actually wrote some of these riffs from this album before he died?

    Darren Kristianson

    no. wolves within.


    Darren Kristianson You're wrong, Justin was involved in a lot of the writing for this album. Not every song, but a lot of it was still his creation.

  16. Stillcell306

    The breakdown at 2:45 sounds like Emmure! 😂

  17. FEBRIZIOtv

    Can someone tab this already?

  18. Hollidux

    Also ATB mastered this album perfectly. Dare I say it rivals the rareform reissue?

  19. Hollidux

    the beginning of this song really reminded me of old All That Remains.
    This entire album is beautiful.

  20. Michael Vail

    not one comment on how fucking crazy the end of this song is.

    Jacob Agee

    Technically didn't you just comment about it? I'm listening to it for the first time so now I'm stoked!

  21. gladiisTV

    Definitely on my radar for albums this year. This is the first full album I've heard by them, and I don't think I can listen to another one after this breakdown of emotion.

  22. Pester Sebester


  23. Pablo Leon-Luna

    outro break down is trippy af

  24. pundredth

    This album was amazing! Their best release since Rareform imo

  25. ftffighter

    Fucking lovin' i t!!!

  26. Claude Sorot

    Breakdown gave me an insta boner

  27. titekeu

    This song gave me chill as soon as i pressed play...

  28. Johani Thomas

    Is it just me or does the intro remind you of the intro to the fractal effect ?

  29. Michael Van doran

    why is this not only spotify yet anyone know

    Gonk Nodge

    so you'll buy it

  30. IbanezPlayer124

    Got my pre-order. The production quality on this album compared to their other material is perfect. Vocals sound much better.

  31. Agilancer

    Meh... That end riff sounds like they're trying to be Vildjharta once again...


    +TheExisting 1 Slide? It's a pitch bend caused by pick attack and a bit of string bend. Have you listened to Vildjharta at all?

    TheExisting 1

    I have, and i've listened to this specific part too many times. Its in the other songs also. open your ears or gtfo. I thought you might be trying to talk about the small slide since I dont know how youre missing the relation of dissonant notes in the other songs. but thats your problem.

    Jamie Herrington

    Dude, it's not JUST the dissonance. It's the way it's being played, held, and slightly bent. Sounds just like Vildhjarta. I can give an example if you'd like.

    TheExisting 1

    you can give an example for it if you want. i really dont give a fuck anymore. the break down of sway of the break is NOTHING NEW FOR ATB. 

    Mario King

    +Agilancer IDK bout you guys but that ending riff sounds like an emmure breakdown tbh.

  32. abhishek mujumdar

    Benea Reach- pandemonium, towards the end, anyone?

  33. DarkSolaceOfficial


  34. mymusictrash

    only 9 songs? 9 songs of pure fucking fire

  35. Emmanuel Disla

    This new album is so bad-ass! Good job, After The Burial.

  36. JN Perez

    R.I.P Justin Lowe, you will be missed.

  37. mattyjyo

    this album was truly > pizza

  38. Will Lanham

    fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss

  39. evan258

    After listening to the whole album, I immediately preordered. This album might even be better then Rareform! Yes, I said it....I THINK IT MIGHT BE BETTER THEN RAREFORM!

    Such a masterpiece! So much groove and the the solos are still as dank as ever even without Justin!


    Tristan Traill

    This album was recorded with Justin.

    ASAP Bobby

    its not... its really not.. i mean, you might like it more than rareform, but no


    @Tristan Traill

    I found that out after commenting but I was told he only helped with half the album, still impressive they made such an amazing album after such a tragic event. Shows how much passion they put in this new release! 

    Torque Bow

    +evan258 they dug deep to make it. ;)


    Dammit Bobby. Nothing is better than Rareform

  40. coleFACTOR

    damn, i forgot to hit the repeat button.

  41. Shannabis J

    Justin would be so proud. Amazing album. You have my money my support and am a lifetime fan. You are all amazing musicians and amazing at your crafts. Thank you so much for sharing with us. RIP JUSTIN

  42. bowmaa

    This whole album is fire, what a time to be alive djents.

  43. your sister has good ginekomastia

    it's a little too late my hip is already gone

  44. Alex Arellano

    I can feel Justin's riffs raping my ears

    Darren Kristianson

    uh Justin is dead and he was not on this album.

    Trey Cochran

    Darren Kristianson Trent himself said there are archived riffs that Justin wrote that are part of this album and will be on future albums.

  45. valcard

    Tears of joy, loss of pants and already now the best album in ages is all I can say. I´m speechless...

  46. EvenTheTrees

    1:31 <3

  47. Cameron

    One thing that I want more of from this album... A LONGER DURATION. Fuck. Only 9 songs?! Ugh, the whole album is absolute diamond encrusted gold and I just wish there was more of it lol.


    +Anthony Armstrong I guess in context that there is enough musicianship packed into 8 or 9 songs that most other bands have to put into 11+.

    Anthony Armstrong

    +Cameron Walega agreed

    Torque Bow

    +Cameron Walega you nailed it

    Olek ACF

    Quality over quantity ;) Why do you think Asking Alexandria release 14 song albums?


    +Ola Ke ACF you say that as the album stream appears in my like 12 fuckin songs lol

  48. Joseph Epperson

    dont rest your hand on the gear shift

  49. Johan Sierra

    Would be nice if they made a playthrough of this song..just saying

  50. Joseph Epperson

    i wonder if the members of the band read the coments on here and be like "awww" or "damn right its heavy" or anything like that i know i would


    Bang your fucking head!!!

  52. Larris The Black Swan

    This album is like when you just get come from work and you just moosh right into your ultra comfy recliner. So fucking satisfying.

  53. kixlepixel

    I think this is the best mixing of any ATB album to date.

    Torque Bow

    You are not lying bud

    alex nordlund

    +KixlePixel are you forgetting about the re-release of rareform?

  54. Popabuddy1

    My only complaint is that it stops... :(


    +Popabuddy1 Nothing good lasts forever...

    Big Bad Buzz

    Put it on a loop, the ride never ends.

  55. Gonk Nodge

    Allbum of the year only in February

    Chicken and Crack In Funeralopolis

    Your profile pic is the tits, my brother! You got really good taste if that's the cover of "" by "This town needs guns"!

    Gonk Nodge

    @Chicken and Crack In Funeralopolis haha thanks man, it is, its my favourite album of all time. You must have some great taste yourself dude

    Chicken and Crack In Funeralopolis

    Good to meet a normal, polite person with good taste in music on youtube, brother!

  56. Screwdriver4o

    I love this song...Love the album! So EPIC! :)

  57. Prince Moon

    Just heard the whole album and ATB really outdid themselves on this one. One of my albums of the the year already.

    Scott Baum

    +Anthony Morado Truuuue!

    Ocean Harvest

    Honestly these guys should be headlining that Sumerian tour this album is gold


    +Winston Jose damn lol this is wade wilson from fbm how tf we keep meeting on here.

    Ocean Harvest

    +Azure Drift ahaha it was meant to be 😂😂

    Dominick Guerra

    +Anthony Morado I was afraid there would never be another ATB album as good as Rareform, this album revolutionizes what they really are!

  58. Woe Woe

    Screaming Dragonforce.

  59. Hugo Capelo

    heavy and melodic, great mix. Thank you for this amazing album!

  60. LiSpp

    ATB coming out swinging.

  61. Chris

    The riff on 0:40 kinda reminds me of The Walking Dead intro song :p

    Gabriel O'neall

    @earlywormgetsbird Exactly :)

    Richard Johnson

    I was gonna say that until I saw this comment lol

    Liam Guldentops

    my favorite show

    Anthony Armstrong

    +Chris Homicidal oh shit......

    Connor Chamberlain

    +Chris Homicidal Agreed! :D Also, FFO The Walking Dead:

  62. slade842

    Hell yeah the album dropped 2 days early

    Kyle Anthony

    Hell yeah, they gotta get us ready for the 10 year tour


    +Kyle Anthony Right? I really cant afford to go, but i might cause this is fucking sick

  63. cyanidejunkie

    Nice mix, everything sits just right.