After The Burial - Sleeper Lyrics

I could never find a way to rest upon your shoulders
Misunderstood, please help but I meant so well
I keep pushing through these bitter memories
I try to to escape the nightmares but they are becoming of me
I am the sleeping dream inside the dream
My old me breaks my heart
I hope I never wake up
I need an answer
Please help me
This endeavor has swallowed me whole
North winds twisting inside me I can feel this emptiness
Slowly I am fading out
I can feel this emptiness
Slowly I am fading out
And this is becoming of me
My hands hold on tight, I'm not letting go
Words are never good enough
Everything I breathe is broken letters and bad timing
And they are becoming of me
I am the sleeping dream inside the dream
I hope I never wake up

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After The Burial Sleeper Comments
  1. Bryan Hughes

    Is this based off inception??

  2. wade chase

    these guys are badass live HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Logan Rittenberg


  4. paul valle

    One of my favorite atb songs.

  5. zeon951

    Trent and Justin are my new inspirations as a guitarist. 6 or 7 years now playing self taught. and they convinced me to buy an 8 string, got myself an "in dreams" album shirt and I love it. I am so glad I found this band. After the fucking Burial for life! \m/

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    zeon951 chur bro,must be getting pretty good these days?good on you

  6. aNZac Aidan

    haha classic

  7. Ryanplague

    you forgot conducting from the grave, all shall perish, veil of maya, born of Osiris, vehemence, as blood runs black. and a few others. For shame. fo shame.

  8. Ryanplague

    haha, 11 thumb uppers also wish to poke you to this song.. I am the 12th. lmao

  9. Jordan

    Oh you kids!

  10. Sub Gnosis

    So generic... What the happened after Rareform???

    Razioski _

    Sub Gnosis nothing wrong with experimenting

  11. Undisputed champion

    :) :( :O :S : / :D

  12. Gianluca Marchese

    Suicide Silence + After the Burial + Whitechapel + Chelsea Grin =

  13. Bunbun

    Hot damn now THIS IS METAL.

  14. William Soderberg

    i love this fucking song <3

  15. aNZac Aidan

    @NozamaRecords GET A HONDA!!!

  16. aNZac Aidan

    im a guy and a just grew a vagina so i could poke to this :P

  17. TheJpike

    @TheRunyon bro all of their songs are the best

  18. afmanjohnson3

    Was this song insprired by Inception? "I am the sleeping dream inside the dream"

  19. Austin Runyon

    Definitely one of their best songs