After The Burial - Respire Lyrics

I fold, I give into myself
Let these tendril branch out and wrap around me
No longer a motive inside this drift
Learning to let go of the great resist
Forever a mortal man, and nothing else
A mortal man, and nothing else

Reflecting as life hands you life
Peaceful tendril wrap your arms around me so I feel free
Married to ideals and nothing else, I've learned to let this go
My body unto the slow

Take in water, respire
Feel deep blue, expire
Attached to an ideal, I relinquish
I fell exempt
Take in water, respire
I fell exempt

Balance the world between the gales of madness
Rocked in sway, no anchors to hold
Never as I could be
Balance the world between the gales of madness
Tow the line, search for peace, detach from the worst of me
Into the deep, eternally

Reveal to me
Where do I wander when I let go?
Or do I drift inside this slow?
Images of everything can we conceive what we believe?
Outside a falseness and outside our fear
Peaceful tendril, wrap your arms around me so I feel free
I fell free inside this slow

I've learned to let this go

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After The Burial Respire Comments

    This sick ass tune goes well with my workout. "Take in water, respire!"

  2. Isaac Y.

    Drinking water! Perspire!

  3. Aggression Sessions

    One band from sumarian that have stayed true to their material never changed to expand their fan base by selling out, im looking at you Born Of Osiris.

  4. Vince Caruana

    Fucking awesome song 🤘

  5. LarsOfLegends

    What a banger, this might be my fav song on the album

  6. Orion.theMetalhead_ 16

    Awesome song 🤘🔥

  7. Hugh Jass

    These rifffs mannnnnnn

  8. eli joe

    1:41 Gets me pumped up everytime, fav song on evergreen

  9. Kill Switch Fury

    ATB ✊ This shit POUNDS 🔊🔊🔊

  10. Gabriella Tito

    I never knew a song about drinking water could be so hardcore

  11. Justin Wolf

    Respire? nah, the title is CHICKEN WATER.

  12. David Cash

    I need this band.

  13. Kevin Beecher

    1:40 YEAH

  14. Milos Buncic

    This is a great album, but man this song is by far my favorite on it.

  15. ΩAloneΩ

    Falei q era agressiva e boa kkk

  16. filippolo7

    This fuckin intro!!! Made my dick fall off and give me the finger as it walked away into the sunset.

  17. Biff Stronghold

    One of their best chorus melodies for sure.


    Absolutely up for album of the year

  19. ThePikeyPike

    Favorite song on the album for me. Each album always has a song that hits me; Engulfed in Forging, Rareform in Rareform, To carry you away in In dreams, Virga in Wolves, Deluge in dig deep, and now Respire in Evergreen.

  20. Xander Park

    Best track on the album 🤘☠️🤘

  21. Corentin CARRE

    Damn the intro remind me Perfect Insanity by Disturbed 😁

  22. Ellie H

    Gives me chills every time it’s just such a good track

    gerald jett

    Yes it is🤘🤘


    YOU gave me chills

  23. Gage Wright

    This is one my favorite tracks of the year

  24. Adry Albín


  25. Jefferson Araújo

    Doooooo caraleooOooooOooo

  26. Andrew Lein Guitar

    that solo

  27. Dariah Wilson

    666th comment.

  28. ElectroTerraVision

    listening to 'in flux'-'respire' back to back for the first time was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. This album is After the Burial!

  29. Steven Winn

    after i like the video it went to 669 likes 2 dislikes lol!

  30. 김김선우


    Joe K

    I have no idea what you said, and I approve this message.

  31. deth_blunt

    1:58 takes me back to forging and rareform days. This album is sick.

  32. Blah Blahs

    Chicken Water With Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jorgekg

    Best song i've heard in a while.... INSANE

  34. Jace Van Riper

    God damn this song slams, dude. Fucking love it.

  35. moodmusic4life

    Basic, yeah whatever, my favorite song on the album

  36. Dakota Hagood

    I now have the sudden urge to destroy the universe 🤘🏼

  37. Courtney Kreag


  38. dylan parrott

    Metalcore goodness dat breakdown got me WOKE

  39. FujitoraTheGreat

    I'd give the song a like, but 434 is too perfect a number.

  40. Larris The Black Swan

    Chicken water!!!!!

  41. GoshDarnBarnOwls

    Getting a Shadow's Fall vibe from this

  42. Kabalit

    20.04.19; 16:53/Moscow; likes/dislikes - 365/0, great stats, great track!

  43. I'm Bro

    2:08 that breakdown hits harder than my father's belt and my mother's slipper

    Ryan Bugden

    I'm Bro Haha holy fuck!
    Shit dude, that’s like a thousand Suns. You’re lucky to be alive...

    gerald jett

    I can agree on that one bro🤘🤘

  44. Nick Ochoa

    What a monster!!!

  45. Høler

    2:37 Sithu that u?

  46. 儲辰郡

    R I P Justin Lowe

  47. Aderbal Jr. [Dhebas]


  48. Riley Nowicki

    Sounds somewhat similar to Lamb of God in a sense \m/

    jck 1794

    I hear it a little

  49. Joshua Montano

    1:09 "chicken water, is fire"

  50. Mateus Abade


  51. Ghosty Frost

    To me this is one of the weakest songs on the album.  Just seems generic and boring to me.  Just my opinion though.

  52. Joe K

    This is fucking incredible!!

  53. Gabriel Camargo


  54. Cory Fletcher

    God Bless I love this mother fucking band!!!! I was head banging so fucking hard to this song I bounced my fucking head off my steering wheel and didn’t miss a beat! FUCK YES!!!!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY IN DALLAS,TX!!!!

  55. 유의태

    ATB get better than before!

  56. william wilkinson

    Think I may have just got watery eyes to this brutal ripper of a track.

  57. XxAlmsivixX

    Jesus Christ, there's just great albums being released left and right this year 🤘

    Yannik Steindl

    @Jorgekg Born Of Osiris, Ghost Iris, Fallujah, Periphery, Whitechapel

    Tyler Ballard

    Duh whitechapel


    @Sacredgeometry #fact

    James Kipferl

    Upon a burning body's new one is fucking sick

  58. Dat Boi JRock

    Chicken water


    Dude I was about to ask you what the hell you were talking about and then he _fucking said it_

  59. Tobias Eliasson

    Heavy and awesome AF <3

  60. Serpenthyne

    1:09 Chicken Water!!!!



    Dillon Cooper


    Jervy Terte

    chicken, water with fire!!!

  61. Jason LovesABR

    Man, Trent is really killing the solos on this album.


    Hey man, good to see you here as ever. Enjoying the new album? Currently giving it a whirl of its own

    Jason LovesABR

    @Sacredgeometry haha hell yeah man. It's been awhile. Hope all is well.


    @Jason LovesABR some things great, while some things deserve improvement....all shall align, brother. In due time.


    I can say with certainty music always helps.

    Jason LovesABR

    @Sacredgeometry Absolutely. That's my main outlet. I'll be hitting the gym soon too. I know for sure that also helps.

  62. blackburn932

    Evergreen because it'll never get old.

  63. Kam Cambyses

    ATB will always remain as one of my favourite bands. The duo Trent and Justin got me closer to this. I wish Justin was still around tho.’ Will someone ask Dan Carle if he can still feel his legs after this.


    Legs? Never heard of them lol

    Kam Cambyses

    tenaciousjoe24 lmao! Good one.


    Yes Kam Cambyses, about Justin Lowe, I was really disturbed to hear of that happening and I learned like a year late.

  64. tenaciousjoe24

    1:56 uh oh it's about to go down

  65. Pentex Sucks

    Ohhhh yesss Trent, give me those big grooves ❤️❤️❤️

  66. mattshibby

    A few really sick ones on this album. This is definitely one of the best. Fuck yeah, new ATB!!!

  67. Aleks Monoxide

    Yesssss after the burial is my favorite band!! I love this album

  68. Roo Castillo

    This reminds me a lot of Dig Deep style.

  69. CodyHGaming