After The Burial - Redeeming The Wretched Lyrics

When the bite of the steel catches your face, give it all your flesh to strip away.
Revealing all the scars you hide inside.
Your inner quarrels, your struggle to survive.
A crimson hand to choke your throat.
I..ll stop your breath as long as it takes.
To end this torture, clearing a forest of oppression.
Can you taste the soil as it fills your lungs?
To extinguish the fire, the fire burning in your eyes.
You cannot stop the scorching.
We'll lay you down on your eternal bed.
The soothing touch of a wrathful hand.
You leave the sky, encased in the earth.
Can you feel the roots as they seep inside your heart?
A crimson hand to do the will of god.
We'll wipe you out to clear the land for angels.
With the turning of the tide.

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After The Burial Redeeming The Wretched Comments
  1. Matias Vega Morales

    2:26 best part ever

  2. Matias Vega Morales

    Really cool

  3. K M

    the original was way more powerful. I felt more passion in the instruments themselves.

  4. Steven Bacakos

    this sounds better than wolves within

  5. I'm A Pioneer

    I will still never understand why they didn't remaster the entire album

    Evan Wiger

    ShookHot they totally should have

  6. Admin Master

    Holy mother fucking shit, this song is so fuckin' awesome lml

  7. Steven Bacakos

    they should of rerecorded engulfed and the forfeit also

  8. Sidney Smith

    You guys are like THE most solid metal band ever.

  9. XerDav

    how come in The Forfeit and this song there is a line of lyric that is never performed?  in this case it's "You cannot stop the scorching."

    Sidney Smith

    +xeronik69 Good question brah

  10. WonderGhost

    As far as brutal vocals, this song along with The Weak Willed by All That Remains, Walk With Me in Hell by Lamb of God, and Suffer by The Agony Scene are my favorites of all time.

  11. WonderGhost

    This song is fucking incredible! Everything is absolutely perfect. It's heartbreakingly brutal and genuinely brilliant at the same time. My hat goes off to these gentlemen.

    Christopher Padilla

    @WonderGhost I agree this song is just magnificently composed.

  12. fuzzy pickles


  13. Juan Deag

    this vocalist sounds like Mitch Lucker 

    Cassandra Britton

    He covered Smoke by SS for the Memorial Show.

  14. Veronica Song

    I present to you ATB's only good song!


    I present to you an axe to the face!

    Ian Jackson

    I present to you a fucking bitchslap for saying that. 

    Veronica Song

    Lel I was kidding

  15. Dustin Nelson

    Listened to A Steady Decline, transferred money, instantly went and bought the EP on Itunes. I'm brand new to this band too which is awesome cause they have 4 full albums I get to listen to!

  16. Eric Rebew

    When this plays in my car, shit always gets real at 2:23


    sameeeee fuck

  17. Ocean Harvest

    I like this as much as the original

  18. JKeller

    just saw this band with devil driver in my area they  sound awseome live

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    jkbear29 woah that would've been so good

  19. Jack Plays Games

    Damn this shit is good!!!

  20. Mike Hohl

    The riffs at the start remind me of deadly sinners by 3 inches of blood. Solid fuckin work again by ATB

  21. User 1901

    Fans of this really ought to look up Emerald Eyes - The Ep

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Candy Apple ok I will

  22. Glenn Hogan

    Got a boner to this and I'm not even joking.

  23. BuddyPhillangys

    yea it is! BITCH!

  24. XiphosGuy

    Sick song but not crazy about the vocals

  25. Enigma

    I was digging this, but those- what are those, pig squeals? Those are ASS.

  26. ShadeImpulseXI

    Good screams but the gutturals don't fit with the music where he uses them in some parts. Who ever recorded the screams compressed and EQ'd them wrong too. =/ mean song though \m/

  27. Ocean Harvest

    I first heard this song in 2008

  28. mentalparasite666

    all i know is the vocalist on the original Forging a Future Self beats the other two vocalists ATB has had. Wish they still had Nick Wellner, that guy had pipes like no other


    mentalparasite666 he featured in wolves within. His vocals sounded bad compared to FAFS.

  29. Levi

    This is going to be such a good album

  30. Oh So Painful

    your opinion doesn't count. you cant even use the correct form of the word "write".

  31. herp derp

    Awe... why do you have to pick on the kid who can't spell?

  32. 000sicair

    A pile of shit doesn't have a mouth to drink, so it couldn't be an alcoholic.

    Pile of Shit: 1
    Grant: 0

  33. Nikolai Grivko

    Well done

  34. kiki b

    this is fuckin awesome!

  35. paul valle

    OH FUCK YEA. SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! these guys are my fuckin dudes.

  36. Järvi

    I cringed at "there" and almost cried at "rights". Dear Sir, please learn the spelling of the English language. It isn't that difficult, I should know, English isn't my first language.

  37. Andrew Kristan

    You're saying that like Periphery's bad brah.

  38. Ramon Valenzuela

    Nick hands down the best vocalist of atb

  39. Nathan Congleton

    so was he a pile of shit or...?

  40. fozy011

    Choir vocals ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

  41. dasjugsboi

    My thoughts exactly.

  42. Matt Majcan

    all true, but his brutal lows completed the band's sound and now that's gone. i didn't care for the highs anyway for that reason. anthony is talented for sure but he lacks the same brutality and he just doesn't fit, but i guess he makes sense for the direction they're taking the band in, unfortunately for me.

  43. Andrew K


  44. Popabuddy1

    Well thats like saying they're bad since the jonas brother are bad. How is periphery bad?

  45. 555LongLiveMetal666

    Really excited to see them with trivium, devildriver, and sylosis this fall

  46. Tamam Almuhajer

    First time hearing this band. EARGASM

  47. Ian Jackson

    Veil of Maya is the shit. Also, this is a THREE TRACK EP you fucking dolt.

  48. MrStarforge

    Thumbs up if you're waiting for A Wolf Amongst Ravens (which is actually epic and heavy as fuck)

  49. bucko60

    Heavy as fuck

  50. Rusty

    I like the new vocalist alot but just not when he does those inhales or whatever the fuck. The songs would be fine without those.

  51. Mike Flexx

    Is this a remastered album ??

  52. The Wandering Man

    I do agree somewhat, but I just can't listen to the re-release of Rareform, doesn't sound right listening to the original first...

  53. minusmodest

    2:25 totally reminds me of lamb of god.

  54. NathanJ Rodey

    Old sound.

  55. minusmodest

    a wolf among ravens plz

  56. ozshred

    this is better than veil of maya guy

  57. minusmodest

    they reeeeeeally need to stop trying to impress kids.
    are you guys even trying anymore?

  58. TheKemmist

    I was trying to figure out then entire song what it sounded like to me and then read your comment and it clicked haha

  59. Kiryu Kyosuke


  60. Rusty Shackleford

    Please I need to know what mic Anthony uses live!

  61. nopityforacowerd

    Beast as always!!!

  62. adam landau

    New stuff plz :(

  63. chrisbguitarvideos

    2:23 YES

  64. Adrian Ocaña

    this is a re-release of an old album. it isn't new

  65. Gary Johnson

    Oh shit they redid this song? Hell yeah!

  66. krisowOw

    lol no. just no

  67. DocdADeaD

    Is this Children of Bodom? lol Just kidding...

  68. Matt Royals

    No their first vocalist honestly to me sounded like dick cheese Anthony is a god

  69. xGameGuideGuyx

    So this is just a remix/remaster right? Not a new recording?

  70. Randy Bowlin

    2:24 You're welcome

  71. Kevin Oper

    /watch?v=FA3S-G4QcfQ check this out

  72. BTFrulezall .derrikv

    there's a new album coming. Look up A Wolf Amongst Ravens. That is a new song by them but so far they've only done it live

  73. Peter R

    This isn't a new sound, this is a remake of their first album.

  74. GeetarKid101

    its because of his vocals, i love Kalmah.. have for a long time, but i wouldnt compare the 2

  75. Angry Goose

    Is this album out yet!?

  76. Calibur43

    You do realize this is what made After The Burial, After The Burial right?

  77. jasonxjasonx

    I've been listening to this band since 2008 which is when I was first introduced to them. I would have expected this band to be so fucking popular yet they really aren't all that popular since Berzerker on the rock band or whatever that shit was. Please tell your friends about this band. Together we can conquer the world. - Fatguywiththeredshirton


    why in the hell would they do that? the production quality is fine on their original release, and they didn't change vocalists.

  79. D-Rock Hill

    I prefer Grant too. Lyrically as well as the sound. The original Rareform was just sicker than AIDS.

  80. Calibur43

    That blast at 2:10 is diabolical. Dan is fucking nuts, I've honestly never heard snare power of that caliber before.

  81. Mike Sharp

    lol holy fuck!! Bad ass!!

  82. Fernde09

    Unfortunately they can't if i remember right, something about rights-holders and legal bullshit

  83. Aaron Shaw

    1.40 is the best bit i mean come on i cant help but get a eargasm!

  84. Michael Anderson


  85. Nothing No-one

    Your opinion isnt worth shit. This new vocalist is even more dynamic than the old one. I have no idea why so many people hate him.

  86. Rusty Shackleford

    All you butt hurts need to shut the fuck up. Anthony is an awesome frontman

  87. OtherGandhi

    i hope you're talking about All Things Set Aside and not A Common Man's Collapse.

  88. DJ FLuX WiDiT

    Beginning sounds very Mike Tyson's Punch Out-ish.

  89. spastikxchild13

    No you're right. The combination of the melodic guitars and the high growls.

  90. Brian Keohane

    Once again I will say this band will never be as good as they once were because of Anthony's shitty vocals.....the musicians are amazing i just wish they'd kick Anthony out. The first vocalist was the best by FAR

  91. Alexander Simmons

    but yeah, Prog needs a really clear production so you catch all the details, you were right about that.

  92. Alexander Simmons

    I sort of agree with you, but you're neglecting the fact that a lot of metal genres use a rougher production on purpose to create atmosphere. A lot of doom bands use vintage 70's equipment. Old school death metal and thrash need to clear sounding but still a little rough. Black metal is supposed to have what would generally be considered downright bad production but it works in context. Its more about achieving a specific sound/effect than there being a "one true production"