After The Burial - Rareform Lyrics

A thousand times too many times I've fallen back out of place from a dream.
The bright sunlight a rude awakening like I'm seeing the colors leave the brush for the wall.
That's when, into: I reach into memories I long to re-live those times those younger days.
If only time would stop stand still maybe I could see myself.
What I've become it's sickening this isn't me.
No turning back now, no turning around.
I'm disappearing into my dreams I'm vanishing into the air.
Liberation I'm free from all of this.
Now I must go dissipate into the light.

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After The Burial Rareform Comments
  1. Nagy Norbert

    2:47 my favourite part

  2. TheOfficialWillaCath

    The original version is so much better

  3. dave moroz

    Can anyone PLEASE let me know if they know where to get the original rareform album!? Can’t find it anywhere

    Curious Fiend

    Trippy, it really is a rareform. Lol

  4. Dylan Potvin

    The outro is so fucking disgusting.

  5. Jake McGinty

    1:39 fucking loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  6. Eduardo Ramírez



    Is it me or does the second breakdown sound like no one knows by queens of the stone age.

  8. Jax Wyvern

    my heads moving on its own

  9. Steven Winn

    Berzerker/Berserker S for Steven martyr of ATB

  10. Hansol

    This song fucks

  11. Captain Chaos

    I could not love a human baby as much as I love the slaps of this band

  12. CharlieConwayFTW

    Seeing them for the first time next month but they decide to take this song off the setlist for the first time since inception W....T....FF!!!! That's the kind of behavior I expect from Fuckway Drive

  13. Captain Chaos

    Flicking the bean at 4:00 lol

  14. MotoX Champ

    Watching this in 2019 reminds me just how awesome the lineup used to be for Sumerian Records. ATB, BoO, Veil of Maya and Periphery.

  15. CameronHuddleston1337

    I hear an influence from the song “Pinball Map” by In flames.

  16. chris ohara


  17. Pablo Acevedo

    A deathcore masterpiece.

  18. Sattyam Mane

    1:21 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Jose Rafael Bermudez

    Almost broke my neck

  19. Misheard Lyrics

    Stevie t brought me here

  20. REIGNZ

    That's beautiful man

  21. Baratinha DJ

    The question is: Berzerker or Berserker?

  22. Yᴏsʜɪ_Dɪɴᴏ_Kɪᴅᴅᴏ

    3:35 we all know why we’re here...

  23. Cole Allen

    I fuck with Sumerian for putting the lyrics up

  24. Adry Albín

    Como extraño a Justin :'( era el unico con unas rítmicas fuera de este mundo y ideas para armonias y acordes q siempre me han dejado con la boca abierta (en todos los albumes) esta cancion tiene el breakdown mas dificil q he he escuchado y tocado hasta el momento..!! Ya no hay breakdowns de esta talla....💔 una perdida enorme ya que se veia q fuera de lo musical era una muy buena persona muy alegre y divertida pero asi es la vida :''( ESPERO QUE SE MANTENGA ESTA CALIDAD Y COMPLEJIDAD EN FUTUROS ALBUMES.... descanza en paz dude ❤

  25. Gabe's Gaming

    The first time I heard 2:18 I knew I was gonna and little harmonized runs like that to my songs.

  26. Yurix

    Banana banana banana ddjent djent ddjent

  27. Steven Winn

    i auditioned to be the singer after nick wellner, was selected, declined. red rareform berzerker, green rareform berserker with an s for steve.

  28. Xe N

    0:00 - 0:35 Arsis is that you? holy fk

  29. Zakair Sevenfold

    On your guard as you lurk along the sand
    A paper face won't mask your fear
    Unrelenting consequences for this inquisition
    Venture forth and give yourself away with the scent of unfamiliarity
    For razor teeth love their human silk
    They long to savor unexpecting flesh
    To drink a carcass dry is to taste the Sunderban
    Mighty one, never forget, never forget why your skin is thick
    Die defending that which your heart keeps closest
    The taste of vengeance is so much sweeter on the blackest of lips
    The wind whispers trespass, a call for an end
    Take up your arms, set your sights
    Never fear, there's always more blood
    At ease mighty one, this war is not one of your own
    The king returns to claim his throne
    A humble crown adorns his noble brow
    As the killing season comes to a close
    Take what's left and start again

  30. bezerker99

    Someone said they found a song for me. They were not wrong!

  31. Justin Edwards

    Still here.

  32. Sacredgeometry

    RIP my man Justin. Sad that nobody is talking about your struggles today...your story is still important and your music is still kickass. ♡

  33. Nailsnailsen


  34. André Santos

    Saints Row The Third have the best radio.

  35. Entity

    Wtf. Saints Row had this song? That is honestly dope af.

  36. AMFKevin

    This entire song is a musical masterpiece

  37. Vlad Night

    Guitar work from another dimension! What a masterpiece!!

  38. Gaurav K

    new to deathmetal! this is awesome!

    Mr. Stevenson

    Gaurav K this is deathcore mixed with metalcore. If you want some more to check out id suggest allegaeon , ne obliviscaris, and fleshgod apocalypse

    Curious Fiend

    Gaurav K -if you're interested, check out Within the Ruins.
    I'd suggest the albums Creature, Invade, or Phenomenal.

    M. Swaiti666

    Check out Obscura

  39. KISAME

    cade os br?

    Maurício Neto

    KISAME atrasado como sempre mas tamo ai

  40. Trevor Reed

    Blast beat me off

  41. frank v

    this so poweeer

  42. Cole Allen

    Shoutout for the lyrics to read along to

  43. sShimpy

    Unrelenting consequences *for this inquisition*

  44. Matt Moran

    Good lord imagine if this was on rock band. Your fingers would catch fire


    Matt Moran it is on Rock Band lol. Or at least was; Rock Band Network shut down recently. But there are videos of it on YouTube.

    Jonor Nokturl

    @NunoVH I got this on Clone Hero and it's always fun to play


    @Jonor Nokturl yeah it's a blast. I play that one every now and then.

    Jennifer Ward

    NunoVH it’s back on Rock Band. One of my favorites to sing.

  45. carl marker

    in these days sumerian led the scene

    Carlos Cruz

    they still have a fat roster

    MTS Densetsu

    As soon as the new ATB and Born of Osiris albums drop this year/early next, then Sumerian will again reign :D

    Dylan Hitsman

    @MTS Densetsu that new BOO is alright imo. I miss the discovery and tomorrow we die alive. Stoked on the new ATB tho, that new single Behold The Crown slaps

    MotoX Champ

    ATB, BoO, Veil of Maya and Periphery... the legendary lineup.


    oh yeah boi

  46. Marcus Aschenbrenner

    This song is fucking Amazing . Tons of Practice. THANK YOU .

  47. Jonah Young

    2:48 "Out of the way, football head"

  48. dantheman 3801

    Banana, banana, banana prrrao prrrao, prrrrrao.
    - Steve Terreberry



  49. SmackMe

    Breakdown starts at 3:31

  50. Wawan

    2017 , i'm still love you guys

  51. Zhokhu

    So glad I found out about this band with this song. Probably wouldn't have digged more into it if it would've been one of the last album. ^^'

  52. Matteo Priotto

    Saw them live yesterday, this song is just perfect

  53. Jay Bluntz 420

    Fuhuhuhuhuhckkk, that blast beat at the end was brutally headbang orgasmic.

  54. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Fkn epic

  55. Shawn Marshall

    at 2:52 shit gets fucking real

  56. Fat Boy Genius

    When groove meets breakdown

  57. Father Scrimp the Wretched

    Why thees sheet makem meh so hornies?

  58. karim mohamed

    Tim brought me here

  59. Kyle Blockhead

    Saints Row brought me here.

  60. Luke R.

    This scratches the same hardcore classical itch that The Human Abstract does.

  61. Albert

    i think im just going to see ATB's set at warped just for this

  62. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    what's goin on here?,there's no way mere humans created this!!

    Rae Reyes

    Knocked Loose right!

  63. Sen484

    Back after 6 years - RIP Justin Lowe your music is timeless

  64. Matthew Bagar

    SteveT brought me here O.o

  65. Joshua Tavarez

    i first started listening to after the burial when my friend put this song while playing Doom ever since then i cant stop listening to them i need to get another drum set i would love to learn to play these songs

  66. Danger Aaron

    DAMN 1:49 tho!

  67. Blacktooth Grinn

    people arguing over a band they all like is stupid. I love all of After the Burial. Their old material, their new, doesn't matter. Except for that one like, emo-ish punk-ish feel song they did at a highschool with cheerleaders? Or something. it was trash. That one song. Everything else they do they shit gold relentlessly and if you don't break yo' neck nigga to some ATB then fuck you

    Matt Tanner

    Blacktooth Grinn lost in static got me hooked. This band is SICK!!!!


    This is one of those songs I hear years later as a musician, and I still don't understand how this was composed.. imma say magic, 🙄 R.I.P. Justin Lowe..

  69. vermillion

    a pure definition for metalcore!

    Mr. Stevenson

    vermillion metal/deathcore

  70. Johnny V

    Listen, I love ATB but I just wish their new songs had this type of song structure. Love the riffs on riffs on riffs.

  71. DraculaXHunter101

    Still shocked that this song was in Saints Row 3,
    Man that game had some badass fucking music.
    Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Amon Amarth, BTBAM, Miss May I, Job for a Cowboy, Dillinger Escape Plan, Black Dahlia Murder & The Dear Hunter.
    Gotta thank that game so much.

    Kolt Kovers99

    saints row got me into tyler from yonkers

    A Steel Cup

    Compare saints row 3 soundtrack to saints row 4's and you'll be dissapointed,SR4 is shit.

    Mr. Hitler

    @A Steel Cup SR 4 had a better soundtrack, in my opinion.

    Mr. Hitler

    @A Steel Cup Eh, i don't really just listen to Metal only. SR 4 had good old pop songs from 80'-90' and good rap songs.

    Mr. Hitler

    @A Steel Cup Have a good day.

  72. Cover Brothers

    Banana, banana, banana, d-djent d-djent d-djent

    Kasy Petty

    This is fantastic.

  73. mexitalican99

    I can hardly stay on the road when I'm bumping these guys

  74. BIOHAZARD - R - US

    Tbh I like the original version better

    Ubiquity Official

    BIOHAZARD - R - US link

    Tim Siekman

    Garbage vocals and shitty sounding drums is better? Weird

  75. Dawson Wade

    Thank you saints row 3

    Callum Nicholson

    I know what you mean

  76. J Jo

    The replay value is so high, holy shit. This is like my 8th listen rn.


    J Jo just heard this song live haha. it was pretty good

    Kolt Kovers99

    "it was pretty good".... BOI

    Rebellious ivoronix

    J Jo RIP Justin Lowe

    Normal Font

    This is like my 800th for the album

  77. Steven Hancock

    this had to be one of the best songs ever written.

    Mr. Stevenson

    Steven Hancock no it's not, i mean I thought it was the best song ever when I first started listening to metal;so i can't blame you.

  78. Derek Burns

    Hey, what other bands sound like the part at 2:46? That shit gets me fucking JUMPING bro!


    I don't know any bands that necessarily have THAT specific sound but pantera do use a lot of that swinging, bass heavy groove metal sound.


    Try Meshuggah.

    luke bailey

    sounds like sonic the third area cant remember what its called

    Mata the One-X

    Derek Burns Try Born of Osiris.

    weirdism xyz

    Definitely Meshuggah, maybe other 'djent' artists... also The Acacia Strain's 'The Dead Walk'

  79. Sleepwalkerblast

    3:58 Seth rollins theme

    Dani Khaos

    close but thats not the song seths song is The Second Coming by CFO$

  80. João Paulino

    banana banana banana banana banana

    Amy A.

    my girlfriend's name is kathy


    best part of the while song lol


    Bilbo Swaggins my girlfriend's name is imagination.


    terracotta terracotta pie

    gamewey 0


  81. Apollo

    The Heaviest breakdown of all Time!!! No negotiations!!

    Manuel Sotelo

    there are even better one and even on that album they have at least one better. still one of the best in history. 27.1.16 I finally see them live again. my prayers were heard

    Brandon Kinzer

    Idk bout that m8

  82. Hacm

    how come with every rock/metal and etc songs there are always people in the comments debating what genre of music the song is


    I can hear drums and bass and vocals so basically this is like a Drum n' Bass rave with a guy MC'ing over the top


    As good as metal is there's tons of cunts unable to sick back and enjoy it.

    Convince us

    Ignorance + arrogance


    I know right? I mean it's obviously Beijing Opera Core

    Mario Garcia

    Right like this is definitely progressive ambient melodic thrashing death djentcore bro

  83. TheGreatnessHD

    Wonder how hard this song would be on guitar hero...


    it's on rock band.

    Bobby Putman

    +TheXxTanmanxX yep I had it hard as hell on expert lol

    Zakair Sevenfold

    Have played it. Not easy, not terribly hard.

    Harder with open notes.

  84. kixlepixel

    What I love about this song is that the majority of it is played on 6 strings, just in Eb Standard, and even those sections are fucking brutal. After The Burial prove you don't need downtunings to be heavy, just use them as emphasis.


    Then fast forward 5 years and he is using a 9 string in low C# hahaha

    Marksman 5147

    +DrumsToTheMax lmaoo so true

  85. Tommaso Grillo

    This sound really better than the original

  86. Zach Elliott

    Who the fuck dislikes this shit?

    SamFragz ™

    people who don't know talent when they hear it

    Bobby Weiss

    people that don't respect themselves.....

  87. Warrior Tha Witt

    1:02     \m/

  88. Brady Pierce

    so wtf really happened to Justin?

    Marksman 5147

    @Zach Elliott Justin was schizophrenic, all Schizo's believe some form of secret organization is after them, whether it be Russians, aliens, FBI etc.

    Maleficium Mike her thinks Justin's note is true and some secret Section 8 psycho black ops CIA typr shit-group killed him.

    He also states he has had the same organization after his family but won't discuss it, so he'll mention this uber secret conspiracy online, but won't discuss.


    Michael Psyche

    @Marksman 5147 I never said that an underground agency killed him, he killed himself.

    I'm done talking to you, but you already took the L of the argument, and there's no reason for me to discuss anything, just as long as you know it is real. 

    You'll see something in the future that will make you believe.

    Marksman 5147

    @Malcefium Mike k.
    Aliens are everywhere man

    Michael Psyche

    @Marksman 5147 Indeed.

    Marksman 5147

    @Malcefium Mike Ohh BTW if an organization drove him to suicide that's still murder. 2nd degree I think? Can't remember, like directly bullying and harassing someone into suicide.

  89. Liam Proudfoot

    juice man :(

  90. Matt Smith

    they shred like crazy but still use logical phrasing, I've played with tons of guitarists that don't comprehend consistent phrasing.

    Mason Andrew

    +Mason Andrew all of them


    pedor h Minimal fretboard wankery.

    Marcus Aschenbrenner

    3.30 titties and ass shaking riff

    anthony psilocybin

    @pedor h it means that it still sounds like the same song even with odd time signatures. Consistent and it doesn't sound random.


    HxC 2-step musak

  91. Angel Prog Metal

    Best part: 00:00 to 5:40

    Angel Prog Metal

    00:00 - 5:41* ^^"


    +ChiliLP Fuck the last second

    Mr. Stevenson

    +KingChevy7 thats my favorite part 😠

    Adrn Amrfs

    what an original comment

  92. ossie

    i didnt know he died until right now.... its the first time i feel upset about someones death in the music industry.

  93. CJ Errickson

    4:08 to 4:37 tho O_O


    lol i kno right holy shit

  94. Rik

    First metalcore song my buddy showed me. Rest in peace.

  95. Mark Pacheco

    RIP Justin Lowe

  96. Clownfobie Banda

    R.I.P  Justin Lowe :C