After The Burial - Quicksand Lyrics

Hopeful, a design we forget
Lost in translation of yesterday
Sunk in worrisome sand
Futures slip away, and we forget
We focus on the present we overlook the loved
Meaningless beautiful days banked away
Sifting through the rot of carrion memories
We let these granules sway our lives
Worthless burdens embellished
Buried alive, we implode

Piece yourself back together
Just a fractured face in ancient stone
Worn away by a desolate wind
We focused on the present
We overlooked the loved

Distancing myself from within, I feel it
We separate and spin
I can see myself unravel
We get lost in the flutter, my feet sink back in sand
Climb and climb exhausted it doesn't matter
Release my body into the expanse
Into the fray

I can feel it, it pulls at me
I can feel it, it’s gripping me
Not ready now I won't give in
This life won't end
Sunk in this meaningless sand

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After The Burial Quicksand Comments
  1. Justin Adams

    Anybody else get the vibe of Zelda: “Breath of The Wild”, when the ominous darkness starts to creep over? That the song is titled “quicksand” emphasizes it even more.

  2. kanatabass

    Reminds me of the horse sinking in the never ending story

  3. Alex

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you open a black hole

  4. Daymon Murden

    this makes up for 11/26

  5. Proud Saiyan Prince

    The tone and aethstetic of Evergreen is so god damn good.

  6. josan iracheta

    Favorite song of the record 😤 🤘

  7. Kalvin Kanabay

    Sounds like the previous vocalist around 2:50

  8. benny bensalah

    They need to go in Tour with Meshuggah.....

  9. Славян Чеп

    BRAVO -👏👏👏хорошечно! ! ! ! ! !

  10. Keir Robertson

    The Manhattan Project produced the Atomic bomb and the tones for this album.

  11. Kirby Cory

    *Listens to Vildhjarta once*

  12. DC R

    These riffs remind me of a young Metallica, but modern and incredibly heavy

  13. Ayy Lmao

    2:40 just made me love burial even more. Shouldn't have been possible but it do be like that sometimes.


    Didn't knew after the burial enjoied downtempo deathcore.

  15. Jacob Olson

    1.53 is where shit gets serious. autonomic headbanging instigation anomacon. fuck me. so much riffage.



  17. Aaron Weaver

    This album makes me want to go swimming in a pool full of ghost pepper juice.

  18. Andrew Wilson

    Definitely one of their creepier and nastier songs they've ever done. I absolutely love it, and definitely think it's one of the best songs on the album.

    Daymon Murden

    this is the norm, standard

  19. Justin Helmuth

    Why his lows sound like the lows on the fall of ideals? lol

  20. Anti Witch

    10's from Pantera.

  21. jrbaconcheez

    Fucking dear god that guitar tone makes me want to watch planets explode...well done Trent

  22. Steven Winn

    486 likes, 7 dislikes...

  23. x Moon

    This is the one I can't stop coming back to.


    This is the part that I love most about this song

    We get lost in the flutter, my feet sink back in sand
    Climb and climb exhausted it doesn't matter
    Release my body into the expanse

    I don't think he does that style of vocals on any other part of the album without his highs layered over it. it sounds so sick. plus the riff grooves in like that awesome meshuggah/gojira style


    @RAGE FUEL I agree with you 100 percent. I always think of that part as a variation pig squeal, it has such a distinct sound. My other favorite part vocal wise is in Exit, Exist, starting at 28 seconds in the lyrics are

    A glacial serenity - we find our way (we find our way repeats a 2nd time with a high, abrasive scream)
    Notes scrawled of crimson and blue
    Sought the light of a dimming existence
    Unwinding as the ghost of me was pulled away

    Edit: After closer inspection, it appears the unbelievable low growl is specifically and only underneath the line "Sought the light of a dimming existence"

    after the 2nd "we find our way!" he continues high screaming, but there is a dark, dark VERY low scream underneath the high screams that is hard to pick out unless you are looking for it and are listening at loud volumes, but the first time I noticed it (after maybe 10 listen throughs of the song), I got goosebumps. Check it out if you love his vocals here where you pointed out because in my opinion they are the 2 best spots on the album. And then 3rd I would say are the vocals in Behold the Crown, there are some absolutely filthy parts in there.

  24. SarahBeth Ellis

    Goddamn i love this band. Helped me thru some of my darkest moments... Wish i could go watch them live at Huntington WV V club. Yeah i live in WV and just found out they were coming on the 2nd of may like 3 days away. Fml. Im depressed af about it yo. Fr. But maybe a miracle will happen and the ATB Gods will shine some blessing my way. 😬😇😈💀💋

  25. Bob Ballard

    A quite amazing album.

  26. Kelly Kelso

    This should be ATB's future in my eyes GODDAMN! Leave the killswitch engage riffs for them.

  27. Peter Erdahl

    Anthony killing it with dem lows...

  28. Bass I

    3:17 Spine Snapper ! 👌🏻💪🏻⚓️

  29. gerald jett

    He who thumbs down these songs. Needs 2b shot with cat shit 🤘

  30. FREN - OGY

    1:54 "enters the immaterium with no gellar field"

  31. Alex Trainor

    well i found my favorite

  32. Tim Bules

    I feel these lyrics describe the lives of people who deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses everyday. This song is such a monster and it gives me the feels.

  33. 김김선우


  34. Jean-Philippe Lauzon

    Meshuggah vibe is strong with this one!


    To be fair, every djent band is the bastard offspring of Meshuggah. The question is whether or not these guys do it well, and they clearly do.

  35. ElectroTerraVision

    like a python slowly constricting.

  36. dylan parrott

    hot shit boi

  37. One of those Gun Nuts

    Quicksand? More like Quickhard!

  38. killer1one1

    This is so fucking filthy... Goddamn

  39. Larris The Black Swan

    I listened to this off my portable Bose speaker in a morgue last night.

  40. KF7MGT

    This song is fucking great

  41. begundall 07

    Tah geuningan euy

  42. replicated


    Keir Robertson


  43. owningall

    This song better be added to their live show holy fuck what a banger (Anthony do more of those low screams!!!!)

  44. TsIntent

    What an awesome album!!

  45. James Booth

    This makes me want to eat a Jalepeño.


    C'mon now. You can do better than that


    Jam a Carolina reaper pepper down your peehole. We're all adults here.

  46. Mode7

    Oh my god. The riff is pure evil. I love it.

  47. Mercyy Mercy

    Love this tempo change for them

  48. Dr. Phil

    The Acacia Strain, is that u?

  49. Brutalious

    God damn this song is disgustingly heavy.

    Keir Robertson

    Who wrote these filthy grooves?



  50. zer0sword

    Just added this to my list of songs id break my house up with a baseball bat to

  51. Aqli-fa


  52. Joseph Bastidas

    That 'Shuggah outro is GODLY

  53. Nycole Bledsoe

    Had me Hooked just from the first few notes.

    gerald jett

    Sho did🤘🤘

  54. Corby Dinsburger

    the production is unreal heavy.

  55. Eric Green

    Man, and here I thought Dig Deep would be tough to follow up ... Ive been blown away by Evergreen with each new song I hear

    Mercyy Mercy

    Eric Green nothin touches wolves..still their greatest album original...dig deep was missing things

    G RAG3R

    It would be hard to do an album after what happened with Justin. I imagine they would be extremely depressed.

    Eric Heddy

    @Mercyy Mercy I think you mean nothing touches Forging ;)

  56. Russ Vierzen

    This album hits hard as hell is hot

  57. Dig Deep

    *those lows tho*

  58. Syn Thacal

    Tuff breakdown but still not better then drifts

    Cody Nelson

    It's cause that's impossible


    Cody Nelson closest is Virga

  59. Mike Hintz

    In all honesty, I came online to spank it to some porn.. then saw the new ATB album finally dropped. Like a ten year old who just found his dick, I can't get enough. Needless to say, porn has lost its appeal as this brutality satisfies my every fucking need. This album is pure gold.

    Bravo 🤘🤘

  60. Kirby Cory

    My God. Such beauty. Justin would be so proud of you guys.


    Scazlz ss that tinfoil hat is on tight

    Pedro Oliveira

    @theBOSpaladin101 "after the burial", the band continued after his death, everything is conected bro

    Tricksterr 56

    @Pedro Oliveira they aren't the only Band to continue doing music after the death of a Band member

    Pedro Oliveira

    @Tricksterr 56 i'm just being ironic at this point lol

    Raining Checks

    @Pedro Oliveira think you are just trying to justify a man's death by saying his band made him or did it.

  61. Joshua Smith

    Fucking dig it 🎸🎵🎶

  62. blackburn932

    I can see how loose that low string is.

    Mercyy Mercy

    blackburn932 u mean u can hear it?..yea sounds good

    Carlos Cruz

    @Mercyy Mercy No, it's so loose that you can literally see it on the records.


    Oh yeah you can.. I can actually feel the vibrations from it and especially the parts in the chorus where he stretches the string oh my goodness. This might be the heaviest song I have ever listened to. It reminds me ALOT of an Impending Doom song called "Children of Wrath" if you dig this song, you should check out children of wrath it has a very similar feel to it. Children of Wrath is probably close to 10 years old at this point but one of my favorite songs of all time and immediately upon hearing this song I thought of Children of Wrath

  63. Corby Dinsburger

    weeeeellll geeeeeeezzzz!!!!!!

  64. Jason LovesABR

    Not a single weak song on this album.


    @Lumine Maverick Stop using > on YT you cringe lord..

    Oh god just read the rest of them.. Are you screenshotting this thread to reddit pal?

    Keir Robertson

    Agreed, could literally just listen to Wolves Within, Dig Deep and this on a playlist on repeat

    Eric Heddy

    Behold the Crown. one of the most irritating things I've ever heard

    Brian Stine

    Eric Heddy Nonsense. You must not have heard the part where they do the pinch harmonics

    Daymon Murden

    11/26 is shit

  65. DerrykWithaY

    The album

  66. tenaciousjoe24

    This quicksand it pulls me under it- oh shit wrong song. Also 2:41 get those lows man!


    @Exuri welcomed with open arms

    verr oux

    I-i-im cumming daddy!

    Brian Lee

    dream theater reference?


    Brian Lee story so far reference

  67. Roo Castillo

    This song is a completely brand new style that ATB is experiencing. And I love it.

    Jordan Bradfield

    You weren't kidding this is quite a bit darker than their usual stuff.

    Roo Castillo

    @Jordan Bradfield absolutely, bro!

    Kelly Kelso


  68. David Lyon

    Heavy as balls lol this album is gonna be sick


    Your profile pic was my reaction when I first heard this song lol

    xXsail hatinXx

    David Lyon lol your picture is of dr.steve brule. I love him. Wish they still made new videos of him

  69. ][-][ ][

    Holy shit, I'm 17 minutes late.


    Genial saludos

  71. CodyHGaming

    I'm hard