After The Burial - Promises Kept Lyrics

This is my promise to write to you
So for you my every word
Is the sinking feeling here in my chest
I am so far from home but the further away we are the closer I am
The closer I feel, the further you get
My hands hold on tight to your every word
I won't let go, but I feel my eyes advert from who I used to be
We know the storms will come
The winds they will sweep us all away
Wrap me in your silver lining
Torn between the roots of earth and the sky
I left my heart behind, and I'm so far from home
The weight is pulling me down, in your circles I am spinning
In your circles I'll wait forever
Lost control, my hands grip the wheel
But I can't see where the road is leading
Please hold on dear I know you're worried
Counting down the days do you remember?
Torn between the earth and the sky, I left my heart behind

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After The Burial Promises Kept Comments
  1. Benny Presley

    Still in love with this whole album 8 years later. After the burial has gotten me through so many hard times💚💚💚 seen them live and chilled with them so many times, it’ll never get old lol.

  2. dabricorn


  3. Matt

    glad they quit the clean singing. Also... RIP Justin :(

  4. 13samfootball

    The fucking intro is so damn beautiful ...

  5. Yago

    Whos singing this clean vocals still the same singer? They should do this more often, they had so many amazing moments in their songs for this kind of stuff

    clark can't

    i believe that's trent, the lead guitar guy. I don't think they use cleans anymore but they were super good on this album for sure

    Wes Sones

    Yago Trent, the guitarist. I'm hoping they use cleans again on the next album but probably not. I like them a lot and I think they fit well

  6. Dylan T

    This song is too amazing. Beautifully written. I still can't believe Justin has left us, but we have his music to keep his memory alive. R.I.P. Justin.

  7. S D

    This is so beautifully done 💜

  8. Zakk 5150

    We love you justin! I know you and dimebag are getting along just great :) !!!

  9. NicoleLeigh

    Still can't believe it. My heart is definitely heavy today.

  10. Daniel Lutgerink

    RIP Justin.... you are a legend

  11. Ricky Paige

    Rest in Power Justin. No longer torn between the roots of earth and the sky \m/

  12. jsjaxx360

    RIP Justin Lowe

  13. Eric Hidalgo

    Rip justin

  14. David Triana

    RIP Justin Lowe, your art and spirit will endure in masterpieces like this

  15. deth_blunt

    ya that first chorus in this song is pretty sick, love how they took a big risk with this album, and this album was still great for me, got the job done cause i waited so long after rareform, enjoyed every track except Encased In Ice.  Saw them live with Animals as Leaders, Chon, and Navene K. They played a few tracks off this album made me appreciate it more.

  16. chad verhey

    anthony vocal range is fucking sick much better than the old singer i thought he was horrid on rareform music is sick just the singer killed it for me.

  17. Jack Heet

    3:04 that scream was perfect 


    every scream was perfect

    Brandon Melikian

    He gets a real Chino Moreno way about him sometimes I love it

  18. alex29bass

    really, the whole "replace part of the band's name with something funny" thing has gotten so fucking old, i mean we're not in elementary school anymore.

  19. theBOSpaladin101

    A year late, but they're progressive metalcore.

  20. SonyaBladeee

    this song is so fucking beautiful man :')

  21. 2Kakor

    I think he ment the incredible footwork of the drummer.

  22. FutureSequence

    You couldn't exaggerate any more than that

  23. mark anthony

    in freaking deed dude, they all have really stepped up IMO.

  24. iStarwinkle

    I cant really speak for Emmure, but Chelsea Grin have definitely pushed their music to the next level with their Evolve EP compared to Desolation of Eden and My Damnation, and SS and their work on The Black Crown is amazing regardless of whether or not it "sounds the same" as their old albums, which it really doesn't.

    Kostya Y.

    So true! They're still insanely "restricted" (musically) because of their taste and the genre they all play, though. Very few people are talented enough to erase their past experience and step boldly into something avant-garde when their heart tells them so.

  25. iStarwinkle

    wow... Amazing song..

  26. Joseph Washington

    One of the most beautiful intro's, one of the most bad ass,heavy, eye-bleeding endings. This band is one of the best out there.

  27. snapapples817

    seriously dude who the hell do you think you are

  28. Chaz Martin

    Poser scene ass and make sure my shirt says something cool? I guess band t shirts are poser scene shirts right?.. Logic

  29. Shredder Steve

    True music??? Sugarloaf, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Blue Oyster Cult, Neil Young, Beethoven, Bach, Eric Clapton, Tool, Pink Floyd, do I need to continue? I really think you need to understand something about music.... 1.Jazz will always be the Elite of all genre's everywhere. 2. Music preference is based off what one likes not JUST YOU. 3. Unless you have gone to music school, played with the world's greatest, and have complete knowledge of musical theory, you have no right to speak.

  30. Shredder Steve

    I 'm going to say this once, I believe I speak for everyone who is tired of pointless, petty, and annoying ass arguments over youtube: If you don't like it, listen to something else. Shut up. Dislike if you have to. But just shut up.

  31. Shredder Steve

    Damn, if I didn't know better I'd swore you believe your opinion is factual as fact gets... If you don't like it move on. Otherwise, shut the hell up. No one cares. It's whiners like you that cause bands to fall off. If you like all albums to sound the same there's always Emmanure, Suicide Sucky, and last and least, Chelsea Shit.

  32. Jazz dn

    love it

  33. basedbruhh

    Some of you need to shut the fuck up. To say in dreams is bad is speaking out of ignorance. Just because its not rareform doesn't mean its bad. These guys aren't fucking within the ruins. They don't wanna make every album sound the same. They took a risk, and it payed off. In dreams is great. Yes rareform is better but in dreams is good too.

  34. XxboxandmetalX

    They should have made a whole song out of the acoustic intro

  35. CahDe1

    I was just kidding with the "debate over comment". Cause ya know... Youtube arguments. But I still do think the newer dude has more range.I may not know super technical terms like "tough guy scream" but I know when vocalists have one go-to tone. Like I said, I still like the older guy more. Personally.
    And what do you mean by "namedrop"?

  36. CahDe1

    I like the vocals. Bam, debate over. Nah, I hear a lot of people hating on the vocals, and honestly I do think the new vocalist is a better technical dude. But sometimes raw emotions is better than technicality. So who's better? Just depends on who you ask. Both are badasses to me.
    The only truly whack thing about Rareform is the drum machine. I mean what the fuck were they thinking.

  37. Chaz Martin

    Rareform sucked kinda. The vocals were pretty bad.

  38. CahDe1

    I am new to ATB, so I have no subjective loyalty to any album/ vocalist. My personal feeling is that Rareform is a better album. But to say say it is better doesn't mean too much in the overall meaning of things. In Dreams is still better than 90% of the music out there. That "powerful" attribute you mention, I dig it. Even though I like Rareform more on the whole, this album has my favorite song because that song has sooooo much meaning/heart/soul. Power, in essence.
    A year late, I know. :/

  39. Alex Reese

    Haha everytime that part comes on its like automatic motion for me too lay down haha

  40. chris boelter

    best song on im dreams ill agree shit was bad ass to carry you away is good too but this is
    godlike i think i may have came in my pants a little

  41. Ryanplague

    omg that outro was fucking sick. very creative to I must say.

  42. trogdortheenchidna

    Words cannot describe how beautiful this chorus is.

  43. Felipe Dimaté Lugo

    firts seconds a heart beating

  44. Joe Washington

    A live version of this needs uploaded here. Before I go to Warped and see them and BoO. I WANNNA HEAR.

  45. Tristan Mock


  46. Kevin Tran

    does genre matter? you fail at life if you only lsiten to a band jsut by their genre... c'mon be open minded

  47. Duckman118

    Actually they are Deathcore. They're a blend of Deathcore and Progressive. Just like Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, and most of the bands signed to Sumerian Records.

  48. smellyownage

    The weight is pulling me down.

  49. coolfool182

    I need to find more bands that have the sound these guys have in this album. This Album hits my heart really hard, and it sounds soooo frekaon amazing.

  50. Kyle Paterson

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, it definitely had a different sound, but in my opinion it was a better sound. To each their own I guess.

  51. Tristan Mock

    omfg we need more accoustic intros like dis

  52. falige

    @x666kyle666x so you admit it doesn't sound like Born of Osiris? I'm not saying it was a bad album, but it simply wasn't a BoO album to me which was fairly disappointing.

  53. Kyle Paterson

    @falige Honestly, there's not even that much sweeping in The Discovery. There's about as much sweeping in it as there is in In Dreams (My Frailty and To Carry You Away solos for example), and the reason it doesn't sound like a Born of Osiris album is because they lifted their game on it, with or without Jason. You should give the album a better listen, its also a beautiful album. Besides, they're from the same record label and support each other, shouldn't hate on it so hard.

  54. Tristan Mock


  55. Tristan Mock

    Fuckin beautiful.

  56. MrocznyKolejarz


  57. Andorf92

    The three dislikes must be missclickes..

  58. Jinxofhell434

    @Tacazime There's an app for that.

  59. falige

    @Zyborggian The Discovery? Oh you mean Jason Richardson's Sweep Excercises Volume One! Honestly, the discovery was nothing special. It doesn't even sound like a Born of Osiris album ahh thank god Jason got kicked out. Now he's in Chelsea Grin lol woops.

    Sorry for ranting. I'm just very emotional about my bands. In Dreams is a beautiful album albeit it took me longer to enjoy than Rareform and Futureself

  60. Zyborggian

    Seeing "The Discovery" on the same video screen as "In dreams" is like seeing a god next to a mortal, respectively.

  61. RaspberrySonicoo

    3 people don't have souls... *looks at dislikes*

  62. Jordan Adair

    My god..
    My penis just exploded.

  63. Seth Black

    Anyone else think that he's talking to God in these lyrics?

  64. calum venables

    @DeathcoreSoftie what

  65. DeathcoreSoftie

    @ozzyblue14 Fail.

  66. Nothing No-one

    @Maht25 haha thats great

  67. PokemonMaster556

    worst part of this song is when the beautiful melody line and clean vocals end!! i could listen to that part all day!! its an amazing song!!

  68. calum venables

    like if u r 6016 !!

  69. Boris Bonilla

    great lyrics

  70. im7onthe7th


  71. Dana Lefebvre


  72. Joey Harrison

    favorite song off the album

  73. Lucrezia Tartaglione

    Ahahahha I LOOOOOOVE

  74. Devan

    bladunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bladunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bladunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bladnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  75. Zachary Wackett

    @lankeysob both justin and trent

  76. lankeysob

    @MRchapterfour08 Who does the cleans live? Trent?

  77. lankeysob

    @MRchapterfour08 =/

  78. Marc Wiedman

    @lankeysob i saw them like 4 days ago and unfortunately they didnt play it live

  79. lankeysob

    Have they ever played this one live?

  80. kevin santee

    @wasewa1 its deathcore but theres a lot of melodic parts as far as guitar goes but definately technical... obviously

  81. Strongerthananyfaith

    Dude when this album so many people were bitching about how it isn't as heavy. It doesn't need to be heavy if it's fucking powerful .

  82. anthony burum

    epic band

  83. LOGAN5369

    @kuki2girl dike.

  84. Nothing No-one

    @kuki2girl it come with the genre. if you dont like it dont listen to the genre. dont put it down or assume its bad because you dont like it.

  85. Nothing No-one

    @StephGarc wow, i looked it up and there literally is no tab or anything for this song. i guess you were right bro.

  86. StephGarc

    @480borat I did.. and didn't find shit.

  87. Nothing No-one

    @StephGarc look it up. thats what the internet is for.

  88. StephGarc

    anyone know the chords to the intro???

  89. S1CKism

    @wasewa1 they are a deathcore band. But what the heck does genre have to do with it? if you like the song then listen to it, dom't let the genre of the song weight you down bro.

  90. Max R

    my man dan carle, fuck yeah! he's too underated though!

  91. Lewis Hay

    love this album

  92. Mitchell Humbhries

    ill only listen to this band if there melodic
    ARE THEY?...

  93. petrucciguitargod

    awesome song