After The Burial - Parise Lyrics

Consign myself away
I've built myself with molten steel
My skeletal hands are wired and worn
I'm becoming a compound so I push and pull

Electric currents replace blood cells
Eccentric circuits my soul connects
Spheric and strong
I no longer break down
I cannot rest

My eyes illuminate against the glass
Abstaining focal shifts to palindrome lines
Mimic expression. Translucent model of progression
I look out, escape is granted. Free myself
Unresponsive- a mechanic I work inline
Scanning faces I learn the nothingness inside
A binary heart beat. A digital visionary

Escape is granted, and in this moment, I free myself
As each memory fades, in this emptiness. I free myself

Your hand reaches out. I am reaching back

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After The Burial Parise Comments
  1. Jay The Djentleman

    0:43 “MY SKELETAL ASS”

  2. Михаил Лист

    Если это не шедевр то шедевра не существует

  3. Chris Lehman

    The groove at 1:07 is just insane

  4. butters226

    That bass be making me feel things

  5. Bradley Lightfoot


  6. Mike Hintz

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  7. Intrinsic_BME

    3:27 I shat

  8. bocah begundal


  9. justin lfo

    so under rated im fuckn pissed

  10. mcdangles89

    Is this song actually for Zach Parise?

    Ricardo Fradique

    mcdangles89 by some comments, yes it is

  11. malachi choate

    This song is so badass!!! It's different but still ATB like a mother fucker!

  12. ragekage209

    this song is so fucking good for some reason

  13. Clarkzor

    this ones the hidden gem on the album. the groove in the buildup part is perfect too

  14. utubesgreat7777

    One of the greatest unanswered questions in today's society: why isn't this song on Spotify?

  15. Francois Gaudreault


  16. Don Holio

    I bet 10000000 dollars that the bassist DID NOT play along with the guitars in this song. Sorry but he is not that good. love the song tho

    Liam Yates

    seen them live? ive seen them twice and he plays live just as you hear it on the albums.

    Joe Mathur

    Not only does he play along because he's sick, he does it drop F which on a bass involves having 130 gauge strings which are like pencil thickness so credit to him.
    But the guitarists completely owned it by playing Berserker with the guitars behind their heads when I saw them haha

    Liam Yates

    They did that for us too! Only at the second gig though haha

  17. Rezwan Rahman

    that bass-line though.

  18. Jack Heet

    Love that shit

  19. nopityforacowerd


  20. Brandyn Mitchell

    Can some one tab that intro out plz

  21. Darrell Hardy

    Totally underrated song


    the whole cd is under rated. i cant turn it off.

  22. mathprodigy

    I own this album. I wouldn't have it any other way. You get two bad ass stickers, bad ass lyric book that turns into awesome artistic poster for your wall, you get to support an immensely talented, awesome, djenty mathy Meshuggah-y deathy band, and you get all these unique quality tracks and music at perfect, direct ripped straight-from-studio audio clarity. Hmm, no-brainer for me.

    Jay The Djentleman

    Well now I know what I’m getting

  23. Steven Hudson


  24. Wesley Bond

    I HAVE AN ERECTION I cannot rid.

  25. Tango Kilo

    Dudes can you please tab out this fucking song holy fucking shit!!!

  26. Doc .Sheeny

    that swag 90's sitcom riff

  27. Patrick Fisher

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. come on!!!! used to be mad pimpin what happened?

  28. MrTheZatoichi

    im a atb fan but i hate to say this; this song seems to be ripped off of anup sastry's song "limitless". here give it a listen watch?v=BO3Wau6OsrA


    @MrTheZatoichi no. and anups guitars are programmed. but no theyre not even close

  29. Steven Brooks

    the grooviest track on the album hands down

    gerald jett

    Fo fave 🤘

  30. Sidney Smith

    Oh lordy this is sick, and yeah it does remind me of old bulb

  31. Christopher Har V

    This is the ultimate groove.

  32. Jorge Toro

    sick intro!

  33. intactGB

    this so reminds me of something Periphery would put out


    Take my like, mister.

  34. Kpex908

    Dude that is so fucking badass if this song is named after Zach Parise.

    Dustin Sweeney

    Now that you say it...
    Anthony wrote the lyrics to the song.  And he is a huge hockey fan, although his team is the Sharks.  This idea just became superbly possible.


    Zach Parise is from Minneapolis also, just like the band.  It has to be about him.

  35. nobody

    Your Troubles Will Cease... + Encased in Ise = Parise ^w^


    ...And Fortune Will Smile Upon You... <3

  36. Daniel Rascao

    Dope af.

  37. AlexXxtestify

    The grooves in this song are too good.

  38. eternalRest 343

    seinfeld theme 2:53


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard it.

    Odawg Kizzack

    fell outta my chair from laughing so hard at this comment!!! spot on!!!

    cole helton

    Lmao definitely heard it

  39. Adam Bryant

    If this song is for Zach Parise, FUCKING AWESOME. Even though I'm not a Minnesota fan at all. He's a great player, and this is a great band

    Joshua Wagner

    They're from Minneapolis, so it's possible...

    DC 33879

    You are indeed correct. This song is dedicated to Zach Parise of the Minnesota Wild!

    gerald jett

    Go devil'

  40. Mark J.

    Nice work ATF. The song writing alone is superb let alone the tone.

  41. MCAdrien9606

    3:10 reminds me the intro of No Quarter by Led Zeppelin.. am I crazy or..?


    (The little sounds in the background)

  42. imagineEMMA

    I wish everyone commenting would have been there at the beginning of this band. 

  43. Gohma official

    From 2:45 on. Is fucking awesome. It has a 90s vibe all around. Love this shit

  44. Gohma official

    Crazy. The most weird song ever written that I've heard from a Sumerian Records Release. Can't wait to share the stage with you dudes in 2014 \m/


    @Gohma official The word you use to describe this song is weird, and you call yourselves musicians. That intro along with the climax bit at the end are fucking masterclass

  45. Zach McDonald

    Zach Parise

  46. Kim Lohse

    They should start doing more pinch harmonics. Like how sexy would that be? :D



    Conor Curran

    agreed. pinched and natural would be superb.

    Joel Farelli

    lol check out their new song

    ???? ¿¿¿¿

    I got some good news for you

  47. Nick Johnson

    Zach Parise, MA BOI. 

    gerald jett

    Go New Jersey devil'

  48. butcherer100

    Totla Parise :p

  49. AlexXxtestify

    It's sad that these guys worked so hard and put their heart and souls into this music and you ppl are doing is arguing over who this sounds like the most. Great work guys!! Please keep it up for the years to come!

  50. Jim Benson

    Is this seriously named after Zach Parise?


    No way really? If so that's awesome.


    Zach Parise is from and plays for Minnesotta which is where ATB is from so sick

    Dustin Sweeney

    @karl00l The lead singer is from San Jose and a huge hockey fan btw, not to say he is the only one who names the songs.  But you get my point.

  51. Blake Yeo

    I hope this song is about Zach Parise


    My first thought as well.


    Blake Yeo I always listen to this before a Wild game. Hopefully he does too. Haha

    Jay The Djentleman

    It is actually

  52. Benzedrine Shapiro

    Songs like this made the 3 year wait worth it for me!

  53. Bug

    That breakdown Intro is simply amazing


    Except that is not a breakdown...

    Michael Devlin

    +DeadlyNinjaDrummer except it is


    You clearly don't know what a breakdown is.

    Michael Devlin

    +DeadlyNinjaDrummer it's after the burial, you don't have to take the term breakdown too literally. it doesn't have to be chopped or slowed down. youve got the build up, and the drawn out repeated vocals. you're probably going to also tell me the swing breakdown in the fractal effect isn't a breakdown, too.

  54. Jace Van Riper

    Fuck this album is so thick and beautiful! I just want it embedded in my brain permanently. Love it.

  55. Thiago Pacheco

    The guitars sound like Periphery :0


    @Fuzkeren1 Holy fuck how butthurt are you? I think that this sounds like Periphery, is that a forbidden opinion around here?

    Benzedrine Shapiro

    They objectively sound like 2 completely different bands though.


    @YoLpIsBest Not forbidden at all. Just so retarded that I had to comment. Sorry.


    @Moxxiekanato But this particular song has very Periphery-ish vibe to me. Especially if you listen to Misha's compositions. I know that this is the only song that has that vibe.


    @Fuzkeren1 No need to apologize. 

  56. Fernde09

    Sounds like old bulb material at first haha

    Wilson Jimenez

    agreed! I can hear the similarity as well. 

  57. Blood Mutt

    Lol 2:52 sounds like a micheal jackson song

    Winter Gibbs

    shake your body down to the ground!

  58. julian monico

    2:50 that's my jam