After The Burial - Ometh Lyrics

I'm falling away from myself away from who I used to be.
Arid skin cracked and torn.
I peel it away.
A change for the better to harness the strength and rise more powerful.
Now more powerful than ever.
A decrepit self once animate now abandoned and left to rot.
Nothing to be salvaged nothing to be saved.
Now follow the thrashing thought of your dream to exist.
Pursue what may never come.
Releasing demons and banishing them to the depths of bloody memories and regrets.
The outer shell is decomposing releasing a new upgraded self.
Bleeding ink reveals the price of expansion.
Push it down hold its hideous face below the water watch
what was become never again let nothing stop you for
when it lived it showed no mercy now show it no remorse.
Cut compassion from your mind forget what it means to cherish life.
Now follow the thrashing thought of your dream to exist pursue domination.

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After The Burial Ometh Comments
  1. Variety_Pack

    2019 and still one of my favorite songs ever.

  2. StanS745Krup

    Pozitive death!

  3. Andrew Wilson

    The lyrics the Astral plan I was in last how I’ll shit on them for showing no mercy and piss on their corpses

  4. Hansol

    This album is so fucking nuts. Why didn't i get into this sooner smh.

  5. VHDT10

    The best major metal ever made. I absolutely love these guys. Always will

  6. Osvaldo Marra


  7. Love Leaf

    Chills. Fucking Chills. R.I.P.

  8. Sharn Thornton

    8 string shred.

  9. Baratinha DJ

    Death Metal + Metalcore + Progressive Metal = Ometh

  10. Ryan McSherry

    This song was a main motivator in my decision to quit my corporate job and pursue domination/my passions more. Thank you ATB!

  11. TeamSesh97

    i cant believe they implemented those pop-punk sounding chords in the middle n end of the song like that. the chord progression is throughout but ive mever heard a band like this in their heavy prime actually take risks. usually that only happens when they have a shit ton of fans than they tend to go softer

  12. kotokid31

    Justin is the fucking GOAT for this. RIP

  13. Gabriel Ferreira

    Que musica lixo do caralho. -.-
    Verdadeiro barulho. Saudades talento e bom senso na composição da musica.

  14. angel 131

    mencanta el rok pesadosi da like sos un pro

  15. 4xi 5on

    fugg, thats nice O.O

  16. Roy Vega

    Está buena pero en GF exageraron demasiado sus metrallas en especial las del final u.u


    RogerxX /u\ JAJAJAJAJAJAJA metrallas

  17. Cole Allen

    Just maybe the best fucken song in the album. To me, Aspirations and Berzerker are up there, but this👌🏼

  18. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    This band is really rediculously talented

  19. begrinded

    pleeeeaseee tell me what doeas ometh means, im from russia блеаать

  20. Jay DiNitto

    Those dueling solos at the end tho.

  21. Father Scrimp the Wretched

    Favorite atb song. I love hkw they can write in major and still kickass. Tjat solo at the ebd is one to remember. Anybody have tabs?

  22. ryan mccarty

    This song always sounded like it had a Dragonforce vibe to it.

  23. LilBucketZ

    does anyone know any other metal songs that like this?

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Mark Uriostegui Have a listen to Gojira albums.

  24. Андрей Ярош

    Is it Justin or Trent on the ending solo?

    Joey Moses

    Андрей Ярош Justin

  25. Doddlen Doddel

    Between all these "RIP Justin comments" (Dont get me wrong, he is my GOD!!!) I have one question.
    What is the actual meaning of the word "Ometh"?

    Андрей Ярош

    Probably has to do something with Opeth and methamphetamine


    +Андрей Ярош Rofl. Thought the same thing.


    In my opinion, I feel like it's pronounced like 'cometh' without that 'c'.

    Arcaeon UK

    "Gift of God"

  26. Z33NY

    Still one of the best metal albums imo

  27. Metalhead_Angler

    I love this.

  28. Andrew Trofimovich

    I'm new to this band,(my friend saw them live and told me about them) I'm really liking them so far, but there are a lot of comments about a band member named Justin that died. Could someone fill me in on what happened?

    Avery Lopez

    their guitarist Justin Lowe died in WI about a year ago RIP

    massiv pp man xddd

    Justin Lowe had a serious mental breakdown, which caused him to kill himself last year. He'll be missed. Dearly.

  29. Zander Newman

    Never thought I'd shed a tear over music, but this solo is absolutely beautiful. RIP Justin Lowe. Definitely a true fucking legend and set the bar really fucking high for modern metal subgenres. There are talented musicians, and there are natural musicians. But very rarely do you find someone who is natural and talented. RIP man.

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Zander Newman 👏excellent comment man

  30. Apollo

    RIP Justin Lowe! As far as I'm concerned he was After the Burial! His death was a detramental blow to the band and they will never be the same without him! He was primarily the creative force behind the band! He will forever be missed! God rest his soul! ATB will Never be the same....


    Guitarguy14 I have faith in Trent. But I will always miss Justin's presence in the band.

  31. Curbside Whiskey

    This has one of the happiest solos I have ever heard. Justin had a very brilliant yet troubled mind. God bless you, Justin. RIP, you magnificent bastard.

  32. Zach Elliott

    It's wrong if you DON'T masturbate to this

  33. Bliss Creation

    @3:15 prepare for it @3:51 start crying R.I.P. Justin me and this song go way back and the ending gets me everytime it's so fucking beautiful

  34. DRec011

    the drum fill before the breakdown at 0:56 is so fucking sick

  35. Noah Stottlemyer

    15 people don't jizz in their pants after the most badass solo ever

  36. carshatter


  37. Hunter Forsberg

    I should definitely learn this song, in honor of Justin. You are not forgotten, brother. Rock on the clouds of Valhalla, lad! \m/

  38. Michael Judd

    Simply amazing. I always thought it would be so easy to write like they do by just recording a brutal riff on my computer and adding a melodic twist to it... but it's so much more than just that. There's so much soul and power in their music that's just simply unmatched. \m/

    RIP Justin. You will be missed.

  39. ftffighter

    WHY!!!!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO!!!?? :'''''(

  40. Relentless Ohio

    RIP Justin.

    I've got about 1/3 of this solo down. I'm going to learn this fucking solo in his memory if it's the last thing I do. For him and Trent.


    Relentless Ohio any luck with the solo mate? it's a bitch to develop that technical speed.

  41. AntrexBF3

    I kinda wished this song would've pulled Justin through..

    Rest in Peace, this whole band has done alot for me!

  42. Mason Graham

    My favourite guitar solo by them, they fucking rip. Such a tragesty hearing about the man. Long live.

  43. Wayne Huang

    Rest in peace Justin.

  44. Lorenzo

    i don't know if i can ever listen to the solo the same way without breaking out in tears

    Hunter Isaac

    I feel the same! This band is one of the pinnacle achievements of humanity

  45. mysteriousDSF

    Okay the ending solo made me break out crying. So optimistic. RIP. Justin

    Levi Boldock

    @mysteriousDSF Same! Every single time. :(

  46. HorusBlaze360

    R.I.P Justin Lowe

  47. ulysses unzueta

    The talent of the band and the meaning of the lyrics of this song is just too damn great.  

  48. Andrew Stuart

    A guitar solo that's worth a damn more then anything else on this planet.

  49. Brian Foster

    That ending solo always rips me a new asshole every single time I hear it 

    Rony Garcia

    @Brian Foster hahaha best comment ever

    Manuel Sotelo

    this comment is so true


    it's why i call them the allman brothers of metal

  50. Paul bonkosky

    That Ending <3

  51. mjc21212015

    This solo is the heavy metal version of Hotel California

    Fernando N

    yeah on pcp

  52. Jack Heet


  53. funturtle23

    That end solo is why I like this band so much.

  54. boomboxlegends

    Breakdowns are fucking nuts on this song. Like the guitar solo too.

  55. PanteraBls69

    2:21 - 2:57 Fuck yes. 

  56. Shayne White

    I agree eddie gagner

  57. Eddie Gagner

    It's a shame that it's not on Spotify though :/

  58. Eddie Gagner

    The awesomeness starts at 0:01

  59. Emilio Sfeir

    the awesomey shredtastic solo starts at 3:15...

  60. lanky nutmeg

    Holy fucking music

  61. Young Hegelian

    I love the hipster metal kids, i.e "This is has its merits, but I was into ATB" blah-blah-blah cue ironic fan-dumping. Sorry bru (to no one in particular), your having liked ATB since before 2005 (keeping in mind that they only formed in 2004 and were signed to Sumerian in 2007, so you've really known of them as long as most of us have) doesn't invalidate any other fan's preferences for their newer stuff.

  62. Dukie

    The Solo in the end made me Cream my pants.

  63. Sladeey101

    Ok mate, whatever you say...

  64. Sindingbat

    Personally I find it not better just different. It definitely has it's merits but I prefer the old version better. It all comes down to preference really.

  65. thekylegassprojectx

    goddamn this is good

  66. MetalHead92373

    1:30. OMG.

  67. Brandon Jenkins

    thats cool different opinions man i like older better just like rose funerals older shit is way better than newer imo

  68. Collin Abbott

    new generation? This album is 10x better than the original and ive listened to the original many of times before this was released

  69. RationalHaze

    yes it is

  70. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    fuck, i fuckin love this fuckin song!!!!

  71. Brandon Jenkins

    nice your one of the new generation kids ATB old is way better just like a lot of the other bands older shit you prolly like dubsteb as well lol

  72. Alex CyaniDe

    It's clearly 10x better.

  73. charlie possenriede

    no it isnt

  74. Sladeey101

    "dopest solo ever" greatest call ever!

  75. Buena Patria

    Although of course the deathcore elements like his high screams and deep growls describe his uniqueness and self-quality

  76. Buena Patria

    his vocals remind me of Jake from August Burns Red

  77. сумиришноя искарка

    очинь харошоя музека

  78. RationalHaze

    that's asbergers

  79. metalbronie96

    autism...hes afraid of change. :P

  80. Alex Salazar

    Why do you disagree?

  81. Brandon Jenkins

    no it isnt

  82. Cade G

    While at warped tour 2012, I was trying to get to know people to try and get on the warped team. I ended up having a 15 minute conversation with this guy about how being on warped is awesome and all this. Then he said "Nice talking to you, I gotta go play my set." Little did I know, he was the screamer for this band. Amazing experience and crazy nice guy!

    Tyler Baars

    I know this is an old comment but I absolutely love this comment I seen them at my first warped experience last year 2017 I was a huge djent and metal fan and was super excited once I found out we could meet them i saved my phones remaining battery just in time for the pictures they were all super nice it is one of my favorite memories

  83. scott b

    Oh I'm sorry I meant to say you're stupid because you think headbanging hurts with short hair

  84. cane

    i own a stupid now?

  85. Chris McCabe


  86. dragonskater994

    *you're stupid

  87. scott b

    your stupid

  88. Fuzkeren

    hurts with short hair? I'd like to see how you're headbanging dude.

  89. cane

    it hurts with short hair + its 10x more awesome with long hair lel

  90. hatedeathdestructor

    0:36 Gotta headbang so hard my headphones fly off here!

  91. The Illuminati

    Sumerian Records as well as Nuclear Blast sign some of the best bands I have ever heard.

  92. Toby K.


  93. Fuzkeren

    Implying you can't HEADbang with short hair. It's not called hairbang :P


    Favorite guitar solo of all time.

  95. John Keever

    I have short hair, but as I listened to this song, my hair grew just so I could headbang to this awesomeness.

  96. BadMannerKorea

    awesome stuff cant get enough of it

  97. backburner123

    i didnt say that, this album is a fucking masterpiece, i just still love In Dreams as well

  98. Sladeey101

    ok, personally i think the old singer sounded like a old man coughing up flem but still its after the burial, so i just put up with the old singer. The band is alot better now...

  99. scott b

    it would be a huge accomplishment to make another album this fucking sick