After The Burial - Of Fearful Men Lyrics

There is no chance of breathing inside this vessel
Blue lipped and anemic
We are constantly questioning our safety

So much pressure. We struggle
I just want to give in
Please help me
To keep the waters from crashing over me
This ship is sinking. My heart is palpitating
Your God won't save you

We bend and twist. From distant ends
Waves crash together blind without warning
A great deluge. Envelop everything
And all that's lost was taken

Oh, I cannot believe this is happening
Please just give me one more chance

Pressed within your trembling hopeful hands
Intangible. You're wasting time
Steel rivets snap and moan
Your God won't save you

Now. The welds are breaking down
My hands are shaking now. The welds are breaking
Oh, what a shame...

You can't hide
Crush the mast- envelop all
Your palms together won't keep us from sinking

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After The Burial Of Fearful Men Comments
  1. Felipe Oliveros


  2. BarttledooTacoWithaComponLarry GatDamerSon

    That meshuggah vibe on the outro

  3. Park097


  4. Jorge Rodríguez

    1:40 Jason Becker - Air

  5. Justin Weisel

    Still one of Anthony's best vocal performances if not his best. The dynamics he expresses are nothing short of amazing!

  6. Tom Betty

    How the gods kill

  7. MikecoolArchuleta

    2:44 so hype!

  8. Jared Sawyer

    Progressive death grove

  9. woof meow meow woof festival

    I tried liking this band but it’s trash. Listened to every album and only found 1 decent song

  10. gerald jett

    Gd wicked ass it😜

  11. Asgard Ragnarok

    1:23 my pc exploded

  12. john larose

    this album slays

  13. james Naill

    Still bad fuckin ass in 2018

  14. Musicased

    If anyone gets the tabs I will buy them pls - [email protected]

  15. Convince us

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  16. Trevor S

    2:07 Jesus fucking Christ

  17. [face.melter]

    I still listen to this album at least once a week. Every time the end breakdown starts to this song, I turn the volume all the way up even if its at a social event.. I still blast that shit.

  18. Brian M

    The massive headache I gained from headbanging to this song was well worth it.

  19. Ohtmael Nkoftcuer

    Jesus CHRist

  20. Ohtmael Nkoftcuer

    Jesus CHRIST

  21. benjamin salazar

    What fine djentlemen this band has

  22. SaturnineXTS

    This fucking breakdown tho! I usually hate those but this is so well integrated into the song, and yet drops so hard, and is so interestingly phrased and structured <3

  23. malachi choate

    That solo was dope as fuck!!!

  24. 1997 BMW 3 Series

    Berserker and this one is my favorite song by them

  25. ig: lukecaro.drums

    I was gonna look up the tab but

    I had a spilled cheerios so I'm covered

  26. mdizzle_25

    Can't find any tabs for this 😫

  27. John

    this song is a masterpiece

  28. NJ AL

    breakdown at 3:00+ is heavy as shit and violent. the piano sounds great with the guys guitar. very dark

    Mason Andrew

    that's not piano it is guitar

    A Man From Nowhere

    Lol piano

  29. Jake Rhodes

    I love this song... but every time @03:23
    "You get hard!
    Crush my ass and fill it all!
    We'll pump together, we'll keep us from thinking!"

  30. TheSomeguy452

    This song is so fucking sick

  31. The Modern Metal Channel

    omg why does this sound like it was made under water and under a million pillows???

    metal catalyst

    +The Modern Metal Channel 8 strings dude that's why ^^

  32. Exequiel Loremaine

    0:30 MESHUGGAAAAAH lol

  33. Levi Smith

    interesting. tell me more.

  34. claudia r.jasso

    1:41 reminds me "air" jason becker

  35. X.jxmsx.mp4

    1:19 Dat squeal :o

  36. Topher

    am i the only one who hears a lot of Lamb Of God in this? and a little Slayer.

  37. Matthew Sanke

    Buy their music support them. This is fucking insane

  38. Amanda Walls

    uhg, they still havent gotten back to being as good as their old stuff

    Axel S


  39. Heavenscent

    Started listening to this band recently and i love them all tho i don't usually listen to bands with full screams. The sheer blow to christian's on this song is a bit annoying tho. Idk why bands constantly make anti-christian songs. I tried to give you guys the benefit of the doubt on "your god wont save you now" then when i realized you say "your hands together wont save us from sinking" or something like that it's kind of like, why?


    @Ben anonnimous yea exactly, i don't really bother people about what they do except if i just don't agree with it and i just state my opinion. It seems like christians are attacked by non christians more than vice versa these days. It's alright tho people don't really bother me i just found the whole thing a bit ehh. I usually feel awkward when the religious parts come on that's why i was kind of like yea it could do with out it lmao. Yea we set our own path, we're given free will to choose what happens not a lot of people understand that tho. If problems occur they don't involve our religion and they're not a effect of our religion. They're our own doing and people don't seem to get that they think they can just kill and maim and our religion should come and save the day. It's alright tho people will do and say what they will.

    sonic slaughter

    Because it's delusional and weak to put stock in an imaginary being that everything will be okay in the end

    Ben anonnimous

    Hey, we were not trying to start an argument, you should not either.

    pay fone

    It's fucking music. Leave the politics out of it!

    Ben anonnimous

    @Zol Ills
    Sometimes bands put politics in the music, my man.

  40. Gabriel Clymer

    Holy fuck, that outro. 

  41. Kaz W.

    But does it djent


    guy or girl?


    @leerey14 depends of it djents or not

  42. Andrés Sabatini

    I love how angry these are XD
    Always improving!

  43. Grilledcheese420

    Pure gold

  44. Vault101

    easily the best song on the album. the flamenco style cut in is incredible and the final breakdown always gives me chills. I wish they played this live more often.

  45. GamerEngage

    Alright for a moment u thought AtB lost their way then luckily it picked up. Smh crazy how alot of the bands from years ago sound so different..... and not in the good way. Kudos AtB dont let dubstep take over this side of youtube.

  46. Andrew Padilla

    I don't listen to After The Burial but I can see why people don't like the mix but honestly i like how it sounds because most progressive bands sound the same to me and honestly i think maybe it would sound better if you buy it and listen to it through good headphones and lets face it the musical aspect is fucking incredible 

    Quincy Kane Morris

    "most progressive bands sound the same", uh, are you sure you listen to progressive metal? Cause I think Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, The Faceless, The Contortionist and Extol (just to name a few) all sound different and distinctive; that's why I like progressive metal, because of the variety.


    @George W. Kush give me sum

  47. Greg M

    That solo is SICK

  48. Ray Montez

    Damn at 3;22 that Shit is raw and hearin it the first time it's moments like these that if someone can't understand when someone says they couldn't live without music Then they need to listen to this breakdown


    you rules motherfuckers !!!! this album is awesome !!! fuck !!!!!!!

  50. sonic slaughter


  51. Dalton Milbrandt

    this ship is sinking
    my heart is palpitating

  52. ftffighter

    Such a great song! 

  53. Mitch Barry

    Proud to be Minnesotan.

    Dalton Milbrandt


  54. Ian Luman

    You guys/gals are funny. This music is intelligent and inspiring. And it's brutal as all hell. The recording is exactly what this band wanted it to sound like. Yea yea periphery, btbam, Vail of Maya, etc. It's all good stuff. What the hell would you even WANT to listen to a band that doesn't try and be different? .....

  55. SlayerFan21

    My ears just had a 4:25 minute orgasm

  56. Les Sentinelles du Nord

    So intence!
    Fuck i'm invincible

  57. Jared Gaminde

    Oh god, that scream at 0:58. x.x <3

  58. Shawn Mills

    i feel if the guitar tone had a little more beef to it, it would be so nasty. but in a good way

  59. Jonno Thomas

    I do proclaim, this is good.

  60. pointyraccoon

    Oh my god... This mix is strange cause that baby from the Studio Update mixed it... :O It makes sense!!!

  61. SilentNight

    god the voice is horrible

    Francis Bacon

    do you even metal bro?

  62. Valeria Irysviel

    *o* dios ! orgasmos en musica

  63. Tom Walker

    Vocalist is a beast. 

  64. cane

    1:20 FUCK

  65. Squonk

    why does every Sumerian band sound the fucking same

    Harrison White

    @Josh Brenner I responded 3 times now.
    You're not addressing my points.
    Trying to get Ad Hominem up in here.


    @Smokey White
    how did I not address your points?

    Harrison White

    You know what, I've realised you're either a troll or immensely unaware of how to conduct a debate.


    @Smokey White
    coming from the moron who cant answer a simple question. 

    Manuel Sotelo

    you are full of shit

  66. Joel Lara

    LOL @ all of the people crying like little bitches about production.  Back then NO ONE GAVE FUCKING DAMN about quality.  They listened for the pure enjoyment, not some over produced EQ mix with a $2000 system.

  67. MrTokidoki420

    Song reminds me of their first album

  68. Gabriel Cruz

    Amazing.!! Great album.

  69. Frankie Paredes

    Sorry for the typo. I did not mean dick at all.

  70. Frankie Paredes

    Sick intro

  71. Frankie Paredes

    That intro is dick, reminds me of a pokemon gym leader battle

  72. bobby eddy

    they really could have done the eq so much better i dont get it

  73. Joe Cooney

    After the Burial is back... thank god. Don't think I could handle another In Dreams. 

  74. Quiriat T.

    2:08 I cant get the fucking rhythm !

  75. Seth Williams

    i love every album from these guys. every fucking one. that never happens anymore.

  76. Jack Plays Games

    Damn i love after the burial so much....

  77. Marshall IAWF

    Mix's so dumb ... disappointed ..

  78. Lamar Hall


  79. Milk0matic

    kind of reminded me a little of Meshuggah :p


    well, they're both djent


    @phadedlife Djent? This is metalcore lol.

    Greg M

    @FrozenTerror666 It's basically "progressive metalcore" and also more specifically "djent" if you consider it a genre. So you're all right.


    Pervy sage -_-

  80. XymXir

    wow. so amaze. much doge. such metal.

  81. XymXir

    wow. so amaze. much doge. such metal.

  82. Jonis MixLebandski

    okay, After The Burial is back... Thank glob !

  83. XerDav

    this song is like a mix between Berzerker, Drifts, and a tiny tiny bit of Cursing Akhenaten, it's almost like an homage to Rareform, and yet it brings a newer feeling at the same time that transcends that album :3

    Kenneth Velazquez

    Couldn't have put it any better, myself. 


    dude...very deep

  84. Christopher Darlington

    Cannot judge production quality on a YouTube rip.

  85. AlexXxtestify

    Personally I like this album better than rareform and in dreams.

  86. Troy Herriman

    For all of you who are wondering how they are live, in my opinion, I've seen tons of bands live, but these guys are by far the best. And I didn't even know who they were when I saw them. Fucking sick.

    Dennis Swearingen

    I agree. I have known Trent and Justin for a real long time. When their first album came out with Nick Wellner as their vocalist I hated it but when I saw them play the album live with Nick still on vocals I loved it. Very good live.

  87. Kyle Houtby

    So if the mail screws up again with another pre-order, I'll only be pissed about the sweater not being hear. This album is dece but not as good as Rareform.

  88. Ata Çetin


  89. Rene Meijer

    this is so sick!

  90. Samy Guenette

    that breakdown 3:20 made me wanna jump everywhere and smash things 

    NJ AL


  91. Theoklez

    So good

  92. Max B.

    "Your god won't save you now." Keep it real y'all!


    What do you mean by this?

  93. Alan Lozano

    That Power Rangers guitar solo! 2:39

  94. Ramell Rolon

    Sorry but that oreo ad made me lose concentration lol back to listening now

  95. Chickenwomp

    anyone else find this impossible to listen to because of how fucking loud the vocals are?? letdown of the century...

  96. MetalheadOfMordor

    I got a slight stiffie. zomg... must get the whole thing!

  97. nihlsm

    this is gonna rip layers from the earth's surface live

  98. Paco's TCG Vlog

    Wow holy shit good job guys this one's a good one