After The Burial - Nine Summers Lyrics

Misery- I wanted to forget you
But five years later I have grown
I have regret
You were better deserved. But we all learn

Hands to broken mirrors. We shattered our design
You were always so easy for me. To leave in ruins

Those nine summers we burned together
Were disparate and beautiful
Strange our thoughts can take us
And I can still feel the warmth
Coursing through lungs. Escaping in my thoughts

Our hands. To broken mirrors. We shattered

I hope that this letter finds you in drift
Provokes shared memories and you accept my apology
I was young and constantly desolate
A spinning picture of grey skies
I'm holding nothing back
My thoughts provoked this heart attack

And tonight I go on display to the world
But we silently know, this is between you and I
I hope this letter finds you in drift
I hope this finds you in drift

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After The Burial Nine Summers Comments
  1. gerald jett

    My favorite song by them

  2. Kyle Ziesmer

    2019???? I hope that this letter finds you in drift. Provokes shared memories and you accept my apology.

  3. Brennan Long

    Kinda sounds like savior the kill from darkest hour it reminds me of that but a good ass song fo sho

  4. Keir Robertson

    Legit in my top albums of all time, as is Dig Deep.

  5. Quentin Bohannon

    End of the song reminds me of disturbed stricken solo be honestly but I like it it's more technical solos.

  6. Ghosty Frost

    This fucking intro though... so damn gorgeous

  7. Jared Sawyer

    Those licks in the beginning are fucking tastey

  8. David Haag

    I've contributed 1000 of these views lol. Killer guitar solo!

    Curious Fiend

    Such a beautiful jam aye

  9. Brendan Dexter

    Holy fuck, that is a solo. Absolutely sublime. One of my favorite bands!

  10. Convince us

    Fkn chillz hardout. wtf

  11. The Tert

    So nice... Reminds me of the old days of the rolling stones... Damn the feels

  12. DraculaXHunter101

    Most beautiful sound I've ever heard.
    Reminds me of an old school Metallica harmony.

  13. Jerrodb5

    I want more of this. That solo is just amazing, as you can tell Justin put his feelings into this album deeply.

  14. Anthony Bush

    amazing song!!!! and amazing solo!!!!

  15. Edge-U-Cation

    listening to this album and then it plays misfortune... thought they had clean vocals for a sec

  16. k par

    Periphery- Luck as a constant, and After The Burial- Nine Summers = Similar intro solo.

  17. Brandon

    @3:20 there's so much happiness in that solo and those chugs. I fucking LOVE IT.

    DC 33879

    Brandon Fullem You can hear him digging into those strings when he palm mutes the rhythm section during the solo!

  18. Brenda Santo

    best part of song 3:20

  19. Steven Bacakos

    the guitar sounds very digital and not raw like a tube amp thats why i don't like axe fx

    Marksman 5147


    is playing an electric guitar

  20. Danne Soderh

    Solo gives me goosebumps every damn time.

    Brendan Dexter

    Learn it! I finished a tab of the interlude and solo:

    Ghosty Frost

    its beautiful

    Michelle Middlebrooks

    I said the very same thing, and it does.

  21. Eric Maytubby

    2:26 -4:12 There is a god.

    Not Normal

    Dee Cee nope

    Dee Cee

    @Josh Bruhh yes

    Not Normal

    Dee Cee never

    Dee Cee

    @Josh Bruhh Always

  22. Kirk Anthony



    Was my ringtone for a very long time lol

  23. Alvin R

    Guitars solo is beatiful af. I love this shit

  24. Zach McNeil

    Love this song. Not sure if there's a direct connection, but this album was released nine summers after the band's inception. They've been one of my favorite bands since I heard the song warm thoughts of warfare on their MySpace page in 2004. Let's continue to give these guys the support they deserve and make sure Justin's legacy lives on.

  25. boozefly

    rip justin lowe. it broke my heart to hear that you are gone. whatever troubles you were dealing with i hope you were able to leave them behind so that you could find peace in the after life my friend. respect.

  26. Aspirati0nz-

    RIP justin. This is easy my favorite song on the album, i hope it was your creativity that made it so fucking tight.,

  27. DSJSSmallZ

    RIP Justin

  28. Cody Butler

    rest easy brotha

  29. Door to Darkness

    zomg i onli lissen to reel metal this is pussi shit and tayks no talent death metal 4 lyfe \m/

    metal catalyst

    +Christian Longshore i'm not sure but i think he's a troll

    Christian Longshore

    Yeeeep it's Just a pointless comment

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    metal catalyst 👏sir you deserve a beer for that epic comment.

  30. korompakos

    2:29 and then... it's godlike 
    ATB :)

  31. Trap or Doom

    so much feel...

  32. DrumTech

    Amazing solo...also for some reason the surprise tone down at 3:56 made me feel things I never felt before. 

  33. nopityforacowerd

    Can't get enough of this new album keep it up ATB!!!

  34. Ashton Cervi

    tabs 1132541515134342525162634535326634545234354535365362626354543523452525234545452525453546377868797948756737484837


    @Ashton Cervi First time I enjoyed seeing a tabs joke

  35. Jason Bauch

    Hell yeah, pure energy coming from this song! Ideal for a workout!

  36. InMemoryOfJimmy

    This and Virga are the least viewed of this album, and I don't get it because A Wolf Amongst Ravens and Anti-Pattern are pretty bad, and these 2 songs are pure gold.

    Aleš Balon

    Nah, A Wolf Amongst Ravens is like 2 years old single. And Anti-Pattern is pretty bad ass. However I too don't get why this one isn't that popular because it's one of the most beautiful songs I've heard.


    IIRC, Virga would've actually been higher in view count than what it is now. That is, until Sumerian re-uploaded the video and it lost all of its original views.

    Alexander Simmons

    @Aleš Balon I think this and Pennyweight are my two favorites on this album. Overall, this album was my favorite djent record of 2012, I think its brilliant. A Wolf Among the Ravens is pretty simplistic, but its got good groove, I enjoyed it. The guitar solo is actually pretty sweet in that song. 


    @Eileen Left I don't get why they don't make another music video

    trent brookins

    Anti-pattern is pretty fucking on point.

  37. Chuck H

    This song on the vinyl of Wolves Within is pure, unadulterated sexsauce. Fucking love it.

  38. chris green

    The pinnacle of the new age of metal

  39. Ian Jackson

    Music Video for this song would be fucking dope.

  40. FlockOfChickens

    In Dreams was just okay, but this album pissed my doctor off. I got in a fight with 4 police officers while blaring it and had to get a shot in my dick to make my erection go away.

    I'm still trying to scrub the blood off my shoes.


    Stop trying so hard.


    @Jake Roper
     You must be fun at parties.

    Taylor Johnson

    @FlockOfChickens At least he doesn't have to make up pathetic stories and use over-used comebacks he gets off of the internet. 

  41. HussaR


  42. Joseph Nappo

    this whole album is awesome and i love atb but is it just me or are the vocals too loud? they seem almost over powering on the album.


    I haven't got the actual physical CD yet (It's on the way), are they louder on the CD? Because I don't find this to be too overpowering.

    Joseph Nappo

    @Wizarrdd in my opinion they seem too loud only on the cd not on here tho. let me know what u think

  43. EpicJoystik

    Boner achieved.


    As I shed a tear.

  44. Dominic Dunn

    See the thing is that I don't mind the mix and mastering of this album at all which is going to make me even happier when I get my hands on a physical copy :D Can anyone whos bought the album from ITunes say they can notice a difference from these YouTube videos?

  45. Gabriel Gomes

    0:59 fucking love this part

  46. geofery stilts

    Dear God!...

  47. BigNickel

    This is magnificent and that solo...fuck ya!

  48. Dustin Nelson

    Fuck, words can't describe how amazing that intro riff is. After hearing this and Pennyweight, I made my way to ITunes and bought the album. I've been impressed by the whole album.

    Brian Sabul

    Every Album by this band is fucking epic.  The Evolution of this band has been perfection!

  49. Ian Jackson

    I get a Parkway Drive-ish feel from the intro for some fucking reason.


    The amount of intellect in this series of comments is truly astonishing.  I feel like I'm watching a Rebecca Black video.

    Ian Jackson

    Um, I like Parkway Drive and in no way I am comparing them to the band. It reminds me of PD's song "Karma" a bit. I don't get why you think what I said was an accusation or something like that. It was just a thought. 

    Ian Jackson

    Btw I still think the same. 


    I was fine with your comment.  I would say that I don't get those same vibes from the intro but that's one of the great things about music.  It was more directed toward people shitting on PD and the djent stick comment.  Everyone who brings up that video to describe the technicality of that song doesn't understand rudimentary physics.


    +Ian Jackson It actually kind of really sounds like Luck As A Constant by Periphery

  50. Darian Rader

    that opening lick was fucking incredible. Makes things twice as good when you have a second fucking guitar harmonizing that shit! Heavy as fuck, I Love this song :D

  51. JoGtrackriff

    This band is among the best in the game.

  52. osm1718

    I think I'm in love with this fucking song !

  53. Satanic Filth

    Not to be taken as blasphemy, but this one might be even better than Rareform

  54. nobody

    The Album Of  The Year!!!

  55. Fedehk

    In my opinion best album of 2013 so far :D

  56. xXmon5termattXx

    This whole album sounds badass. Probably my fav song

  57. Nick Johnson

    This may be my favorite on the album.

    Spartan XCIV

    After 5 years of me discovering it it's still one of my favorites


    It's hard to decide with all the other amazing songs

  58. wjWJ8

    Best metal album I've heard in a very long time

    Edwin Portillo

    Top 5 for me

  59. Aidan Holmes

    My only qualm with this is the recording, but I'm guessing they don't want people downloading it off I will give them the benefit of the doubt!

  60. Tim Mayer

    that solo is fucking fantastic, BUT... It wouldn't hit as hard as it does without that fucking insane groove behind it! this is phenomenal 

    Chris Lehman

    Tim Mayer Absolutely. That backing groove + the solo is modern metal at it's pinnacle.

    Victor Erickson

    I just rediscovered this album since I bought it when it was new. Holy shit the groove, these guys kill.

  61. eternalRest 343

    Okay this song made me buy the whole album!

  62. Fernde09

    Dat Cursing Akenaten vibe

    metal catalyst

    +Fernde09 yup, this two song sounds like born of osiris to me and that's just so great two of my favorite bands in one song

    Manuel Sotelo

    listen to lost in the static then ;)

    metal catalyst

    @Manuel Sotelo
    already done ;)

    Acid Rain

    Manuel Sotelo are you related to Matt Sotelo? Lol that fucking guitar wizard

  63. binkus200

    This song is perfect, but the mixing is absolutely horrendous. The vocals are way too loud.

  64. Autumn Severed

    Lyrics? O:

  65. Lucas

    dat solo man

  66. WoeIsLee

    Now this. This gets my dick wet.

  67. Kit Brown

    Best guitar solo of 2013

    Julian Sampaio

    Best solo of the 21st century.

    Nero Alldrive

    NicklesandDimes •_ couldn't agree more

    Cellar Door

    and beautifully supported by the rhythmic guitar

    Brennan Long

    Best guitar solo of the decade

  68. butcher burbz

    yus yus yus

  69. ShirryERIC

    This song is titled after how long this album took


    You just made my day xD

    Ohtmael Nkoftcuer

    Lolololo RIGHT

    Paul Rangitutia

    Wasn't it 2 years after the album before lol ? Or not even that

  70. Jace Van Riper

    So intricate and groovy. Couldn't be more happier with this album. Excellent job.

  71. Thiago Pacheco

    Fucking awesome !

  72. Bryce King

    This song gave me a boner.

  73. evan258

    Wow this is an amazing song! They still have it, that is for sure!

  74. Andy Panda

    That was hot

  75. B-ee

    Why am I not stoned to the gills listening to this!?!?!

  76. Christoph Clemens

    This is one of those songs that literally made my spine tingle.

  77. Levi L

    Did not disappoint. 

  78. D'Aundre Pryce-Pierre

    the solo is absolutely amazing!