After The Burial - Mire Lyrics

We feel so much better here below
Down here where the eyes are yellow and gold
We rot inside out, we crack and flake
Nothing is better than deep down below

My whole mouth brimming of leaves, submerged and gasping for air

Let the earth swallow me whole
Fertile graves bury me engulf my bones
Eyes full of stone as they close
Intertwine with the sediment as we sink into the mire
Oh I sense a confused declaration

We beat the horse with a sort of unknown conviction
And nothing ever matters, we sink into the mire

So I lay here tangled in vines and a mouth brimming with leaves
Theres nothing to eat but she fertilizes me

We feel so much better here below
Down here where the eyes are yellow and gold
We rot inside out, we crack and flake
Nothing is better than deep down below

Do you know what it's like to be inside separate from life
A shallow grave for benevolence
Submerged we grasp for light but none that truly exists
Better then, nothing now, You feel the earth surround you as you fall
Inside a new life animates itself

We feel so much better here below
Down here where the eyes are yellow and gold
We rot inside out, we crack and flake
Nothing is better than deep down below
We feel so much better here below
Down here where the eyes are blank and cold
We rot inside out, we fast decay
Nothing is better than deep down below

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After The Burial Mire Comments
  1. Stuka87

    The intro to this song (and other parts) are basically an exact copy of the Super Mario 2 Boss Battle them, which is cool, love the boss battle theme from Super Mario 2.

  2. Dominic Gutierrez

    3:14 punches hand Sparta kicks into the pit with a combo breaker

  3. Daymon Murden

    that intro makes me want to kick babies🍺

  4. gerald jett


  5. Byrd Smith

    I wanna make 1:18 to 1:27 my ringtone

  6. Jack Cheetham

    every time this comes on randomly through my playlist i get ridiculously pumped

  7. Joseph Bastidas

    This is some Fear Factory-level riffage. God fucking damn.

  8. David Cash

    This is 2016, is this still a band? if not, these fucks need to be. They are the reason I'm not in prison tonight. I got to come home and smash my own shit, not people.

  9. I Stabz

    wish I had peeps in my area that could and would wanna play this style of music!!!!!!!!!!...nothing but hippie bullshit here!!! eeeeyuuuutttt

  10. JRakANDY

    "nothing is better then deep down below"

  11. Blond Panda

    I keep getting hit in the face by how satisfying the riff writing on this album is.

  12. Achilles Feel

    When you’re looking at multiple songs from an album and the comments on every song say this is my fav song on the album

  13. Byrd Smith

    And this is why I have an ATB t-shirt

  14. Andres Olsson

    This funky, groovy ass breakdown has to be the first one that doesnt make me want to punch someone in the face

  15. August Lane

    Best transitions in metal period. Hints of seputura and shuggahh

  16. James Stone

    Melted my brain. Love it

  17. David Stoker

    Anyone else feel a Dimebag/Pantera feel to these riffs and solos on this album? Dimeshuggah

  18. C u n t e r Tv

    This song is god tier

  19. Matthew Ramroop

    Mirin' guys?

  20. Jessie K.

    Are those gr00ves even legal???

  21. Curious Fiend

    The drummer is bloody impressive!

  22. MarsNeedsMartyrs

    Fucking brutal man.

  23. DemolutioOn !!!

    0:54 brutal

  24. Afro Tank

    this music is legit

  25. PeripheralPurity

    That groove at 2:17 gives me life

  26. Nathan Pickering

    People are saying 2:15 makes them jizz for some reason. But for me 3:32 is what makes me stiff af.

  27. Nathan Pickering

    The thing I like about this band is grooves. Man I love those deep guitar tones or eight string guitar, what ever it is, the bassy sounding groove. It's just something I can put on repeat and head bang to constantly.

  28. SSGSS Vegeta

    What genre is this?

    Artem Peresada


  29. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    Thank you Andrew Baena! AFTER THE BURIAL! and SumerianRecords!

  30. Shelby

    OMG! The lyrics on this song man!

  31. tailtaptailtap

    God give me the instrumental of this

  32. teepussi

    I just -- wtf my actual name is Mire and I just found this

  33. Maina

    I start discharging at 2:15

  34. Kevin McGaughey

    a pair of perfectly good underwear ruined beyond repair

  35. Mike Hintz

    Please scrape whatever is left of me off the ground when this song is finished, kthanks.

  36. ATI

    Stephen sent me here

  37. Leon S. Kennedy

    Ohh that's naaaaasty!!!

  38. AntDogg Skywalkin

    Spotify brought me here

  39. Nick H

    Dat guitar bounce and breakdown fade in doe...

  40. Colourlessness

    This background animation makes it feel like my phone is slowly slipping out of my hand

  41. Scavenger GP

    why not on spotify?

  42. mcdangles89

    Band makes you fill your pants

  43. Mathias Frias

    Now this is what I call Groove Core. I fucking jumped to this song the entire time.

  44. NaughtyZeus

    to bad this album cant be lisen to on spotify :/

  45. Osama Javiş

    when this song comes while riding the bus ... and the only thing u wanna do is fucking ripping ur head off headbanging but u just act normal so they won't call the police on u !!

  46. Dhiren Shah

    This is sick! Fucking sick!

  47. Grady Jarman

    please let the rest of this album be on Spotify I'm sad this is the first time I'm hearing these songs and I fucking love this band why isn't this on Spotify!!!!!!!

  48. hkser94

    Anyone else here from this point because Spotify's fucking useless?

  49. Alex O'Day

    All but two songs off this album is now unavailable on Spotify...

  50. Norbert Osztermajer

    Conversation at the band practice:
    "Guys any Ideas for the tuning?"
    "hm... Well, I am currently learning to code in C#"
    "Dude it is brilliant! Then let's use the lowest string on a nine string guitar!"

  51. psychok7

    Fuck... why isn't this masterpiece on Spotify??? I am 1 year late to the Party of "Best Album of the Year"

  52. Nirvwana


  53. John Mays

    fuck yes!! 🤘

  54. Duggi4

    The intro is so like Meshuggah

  55. Darkstar8473

    Melody? like what the actual fuck ...

  56. dr Stoned

    this one jams asff

  57. scaryboi


  58. Ivan Carrillo

    why the fuck the hole album isn't available in Spotify !!!!!

    Caroline Carlton

    Ivan Carrillo i know wtf i wonder the same thing!!!!!

  59. Charles Lawrence

    My favorite thing about atb is the guitar rifts. So unlike anything in the genre right now. 🤘

    Mike Scheu

    surprising since this is a different rhythm guitarist. Still good, but i miss the completely unpredictable time signatures of Justin Lowe

  60. You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen


  61. Chase Haggenmaker

    Groovy baby

  62. FitGranticus

    yes i'm 'mirin

  63. Marcus Madrid

    That buildup is finna make me bust a NUT FAM ON GOD SMH 😂😂😂👌👌👌💯💯💯💯

  64. Mike Lariviere

    going to see them next week I hope they play this.

  65. Marko Kovco

    Constantly almost crash my car to this breakdown.

  66. xThe_noJx

    I am about to get DEEP in this band's back catalog.

    Foolish Demon

    xThe_noJx Bezerker.


    Lol. I made this comment before I knew how to do italics or bold print. *_FAIL_*

    Jay DiNitto

    Don't you mean you're going to "dig deep" lo lo lololll

  67. Charlie Österlund // Drums

    2:15 th0ll/10 wud dj0nt agen aft00r the b00rial dank deep m9.

    Richard McDaniel

    i have sat here trying to figure out what fucking language you are speaking? IM confused!!


    @Richard McDaniel Translation: 2:15 thall/10 would djent again after the burial very deep mate

    Marksman 5147

    Richard McDaniel he's speaking djent

    Dead On The Inside


  68. gregorio232

    0:54 Sounds a lot like Meshuggah - I. I like it.

  69. Max Miller

    Their best shit yet. I work out to this CD all the time man. I didn't think it could get THIS metal.

  70. John Berg

    one of the best albums ever, just imo, every song is so fucking sick!

  71. biirdiy

    The lyrics are not so well done.... the rest is wicked though. Not sure what is going on with some of the bands... Periphery's latest single also boasted bad lyricism.

  72. Ever Meza

    Nobody notice that feels of Twelve foot ninja at the beginning? just love it.

  73. Silentwolfx84

    This song is beautiful to listen to while playing Doom 😈

    Dylan Hitsman

    Silentwolfx84 ohhhh yeah


    Or you could listen to the OST, which is just as fucking brutal and awesome

    Marksman 5147

    Hunzaterapter There's a part of I think Rip & Tear from Doom OST that only plays for 4-5 seconds, but it 100% sounds like an ATB groove riff I love it

    Dominic Gutierrez

    3:13 Imagine doom guy being in a elevator then BOOM he runs out gun laws blazing

  74. Marcus


  75. Larris The Black Swan

    If i were able to hump a bass tone, this would be the one.

  76. Kevin Schmimble

    umm, my $hi! just got [email protected] inside-out

  77. Kevin Schmimble

    umm, my $hi! just got [email protected] inside-out

  78. Paul Caminada

    2:15 I came.

  79. manupomax

    the majority of bands like this are ruined by the vocals...all those fucking and non-sense scream are really annoying...what could be this music with james heatfield like vocals, really a piece of art

  80. Brandon

    i crai everytime :( poor dudes keeping strong <3

  81. Sd Ny

    The reason I like this album so much. Is because it takes a while to get into all of it. Certain songs are great the first time. Others grow on you. It is no BS just great musicianship & the riffs are sick. Justin will be missed. They are gaining recognition now.

  82. Nonna Galangy

    Oh my God, you can't imagine how much I love you, After the burial! Really! A little piece of Ukraine is love you by all her heart =) you make me feel better while i'm go somewhere or simply sit at home =) exactly your songs I was trying to play on a guitar when I bought an electric guitar at first)) I don't know how describe how much you're cool. I can't. It is impossible. You're gods of MDM. I'm dying only from one thought that I can't get to your consert, cause you make it only in America. For me to get this country - it is to work 5 years and keep ALL payment only for a tickets. I wish I can see all of you once upon a time =) I wish that by all my heart =) I'm in a proud of you. Best wishes! Keep it =) do it best as always =) I don't have any doubts about you.

    jesse yoon

    Hopefully you'll be able to see them someday soon.

    Nonna Galangy

    +JesseYoon142848 inchaAllah I could see them maybe somewhere in Europe, don't know about America..)) aahh)) horrible situation))

  83. VGO

    I want to fuck with this song fuckin insane

  84. Wofsin

    fuuuuck those insturments are GODLY I just wish I could get into the vocals, too monotone for me, sick track though, plus Mire is one of my favorite words to come out of the English language

  85. Jedi Manbat

    I heard this whole album live in LA like 2 weeks ago. was more amazing live

  86. mattkeeler66

    Still not on Spotify?

    Sick shit here...

  87. David Glaser


  88. fuckface hiptwatapotamus

    "We feel so much better here below, down here where there is so much cameltoe. . . nothing is better than deep cameltoe.."

  89. Dustin Gray

    Holy shit...... ;o

  90. Tammy Valanche

    this song is incredible.

  91. InsideAlive

    It's official they're gonna keep spearheading the new trends in metal, badass

  92. Kenneth McCullers

    i must know the tuning of this song lol

  93. bucko60

    The beginning sounds like a boss battle on Super Mario 2

  94. the beez neez

    saw them live and they didn't play this. I was sad.

  95. idk

    the venue erupted for ATB on the Sumerian 10 year tour more than VOM or BOO. the mixing and mic check were on point. the other bands were too loud. you could hear every note ATB played and they were damn great.

  96. Tanner Owens

    This album with ABR newest one are fucking epic. I would buy a ticket to see these two bands perform their whole album live.

  97. Chris White

    What manner of brown note are the guitars tuned to in this? Is it the same tuning as A Wolf Amongst Ravens?

    Kenneth McCullers

    sounds the same to me

    Kenneth McCullers

    except without those bassy tone

    David Hoyt

    +Chris White they may have used the 9's for a few tracks on this record.

  98. Alan Arca


  99. pundredth

    Anyone else get a bit of a Randy Blythe vibe when the vocals first come in?

    Sterling Glover

    pundredth both Randy and Anthony strive in the mid range department. I can see why you'd put two'n'two together. only thing is I find Anthony is a higher mid range in his vocal though.