After The Burial - Lost In The Static Lyrics

And in the end I will show you that this life is only madness
Can we filter out the toxicity and find worth in the static?

We build and build
We forget the model
We design the madness and we paint it gold
Swarming and spiraling burning at both ends
A blur on the horizon
We fail to keep site over and over again
Open your palms up resist the current

I am not your fathers son
Lost in the static
I am not your fathers son
Lost in the static
And you'll find me at the end
Come dig me up, wipe the earth from my bones

With pressure, we creak and we bend
Crimson feet trample our joints
We splinter and break
We suffer again
We become a path others use to take
A distant undertaking to suffer the same
I'll stand right beside you
We slog side by side

Become a path others use to take
Lost in the static
Just to suffer the same

Come dig me up, wipe the earth from my bones
Hold me up and join me on the horizon
Kill whats left of the inner glow
Giving up the ghost
Growing cold

We never begin (We never begin)
Our own feet trample our joints
We burn both ends
A blur on the horizon
We become a path others use to take
A distant undertaking to suffer the same
I'll stand right beside you
We slog side by side

(Lost in the static, lost in the static)
We build and build we forget the model
We design madness and paint it gold

I am not your fathers son
Lost in the static
I am not your fathers son
Lost in the static
And you'll find me at the end
Come dig me up, wipe the earth from my bones

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After The Burial Lost In The Static Comments
  1. Jay buff

    I added a few inches to my penis after my first listen. 10/10 would recomend

  2. Michael Houchen

    i have got almost all my friends to love this music

  3. Alex A

    Saw them twice last week with As I Lay Dying. Not gonna lie, I was a little more excited to see them the second time than As I Lay Dying lol

  4. juggalo jimmy

    This should be Aleister blacks theme song

  5. Ethan Fiorelli

    i used to fuck with yall back in the myspace days. it warms my heart to hear that things have never changed and only gotten better! X:p

  6. Bandhan Biswas

    My hand hurts after playing this on my guitar.

  7. impirumcrypt

    Slaps in 2019

  8. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    They opened for As I Lay Dying on Friday Dec 6 2019 in Denver
    What a sick show! It was my first show I been to. Spectacular night!

  9. Joshua Morris Sikha

    2:34 😎

  10. Will

    Broke my neck☠

  11. M Martinz

    I saw them live on the Trick R Treat tour and omfg they're amazing

  12. Wes Gledhill

    Fucking amazing.. keep it up!!! Buying album now.

  13. Mr. E

    The lyrics in the description are out of order and some are missing.

  14. XblacksocksX

    ATB'ing ATB isn't funny.

  15. Daddy_K 1906

    Before the song: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    After the song: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

  16. HugeQuack

    Every time I play this on my system, I just want to open my window and poop out of it as hard as I can, all while still jumping and headbanging.

  17. Kratos Uchiha

    Tasty riff. Sounds like lorelei

  18. Derrick Hayden

    This sounds like music some cannibal tribe would make if they had electric guitars. Absolutely brutal and I love it.

  19. Michael Diaz

    Would this be considered deathcore

  20. Marcos Antonio

    this song helped me so much to progress at guitar, fire!

  21. ed rage

    I started a moshpit with my pit bulls

  22. extorter

    2:42 makes my ballz tingley

  23. Jeremy Galjour

    This song fucks

  24. Björn viðar Aðalsteinsson

    Holy shit this is fucking sick! \m/

  25. Bersof Gaming

    This is the first song that I listened to when I got into metal

  26. Tyler Grim

    Listening to this song while Lifting Automatically increases max Weight lol

  27. Diane Pinegar

    I saw them live and they be pretty gay.

  28. Sl33pyJ03 Bollmann00

    1:20....Potty Apple Tits???

  29. Tim Fox


  30. Elias

    Love this song, still one of my alltime favourites.

    If you'd like to support a young, upcoming band, check out our first single
    I'd be so gratefull. And always remember: You're a wonderfull person just the way you are. have a good one

  31. Dragon Rider

    That guitar riff is fukin sick 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻bad ass

  32. ghostos

    i could listen only one good song from this band , then i've been deaf !

  33. Brandon Wolfe

    I just came...... i feel so alive even AFTER THE BURIAL

  34. Trip C

    Someblackguy brought me here from his old intro

  35. MORTER!!!

    My dick grew 7 inches after listening to this

  36. Nick Esterly

    Sounds good on my alpine system in my car. Kudos.

  37. Tommy Wills

    It's pretty cool I'm from North Carolina, same state as these guys. Gotta support my home team 🤘

  38. Mehran Hassan

    This was all I needed for bench/deadlift PRs in college

  39. mike musolf

    ATB rocks I love it

  40. Jared Sawyer

    Put speed to 1.25x

  41. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view but I read about ww2 Himmler said he def was a powerful witch and cast magic to benefit the high command

  42. Hannibalwakes

    got some new speakers guess i need to buy another set

  43. stephen sherman


  44. Митко Петров

    I like this song

  45. Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.

    More like Lost in The Drums.

  46. dbdaylights games

    killer song love it any band recommendations I listen to metal core death metal and thrash thanks

  47. Got Wrong

    Wasp in the attic

  48. Daniel Shim

    My brother was a skinny guy, weighing 120 pounds, he listened to this song, now he's 246 pounds of solid muscle.

  49. pizzahelper100

    Was going to study, but now I must go to the gym

  50. Tim Tim

    This song is so heavy it irons the wrinkles outta my nut sack

  51. Gavin Taylor

    Sounds arabian

  52. ryantaylor62

    I saw this band in Destin Florida a couple nights ago they kicked ass

  53. Bradley Smith

    1:20 butt at applebees?

  54. Preqell

    ¿me estoy comiendo un gato a las 10 de la mañana? me estoy comiendo un gato a las 10 de la mañana.

  55. Kolton Bradford

    These guys played this song last night. I lost my shit

  56. David Barber

    I heal noobs to this

  57. Joe denton

    Met these guys in Belgium. Hella awesome guys! I just found their music on youtube and loved it, told them that i would make an effort to go to their show when I got back to the states. over a year later, I finally made that happen in OKC! And when I called out to Dan the drummer after their set, he looked up at me and said "Hey whats up man?! Finally made it back to the states?". He remembered me. We talked and he gave me his drum sticks. Fucking badass band!! I became a HUGE fan! Their sound live sounds just like this! EPIC!! FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!

  58. Jorgekg

    Ηοly fucking shiet

  59. K 55

    Thanks Eric.

  60. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it but I read a book about ww2 and the ss said that they had attqcks from enemies but they had lost a significant ammount of power not that everything was a total cake walk but the enemei3s of the ss had been completely raped by the ss in the grand scale of things

  61. roni saarinen


  62. scott wentworth

    Best song to eat the booty to 😂

  63. Alex Loomis

    cats brught me here

  64. Flourishing Illusions

    Love this song. Great song with an unfortunate origin. RIP Justin! \m/

  65. ME VS YOU

    🔥 🙌TRU$T⭕️R¥🙌 🔥

  66. gloritta

    I’m not always into metal lyrics. This riff woulda done me solid but these guys mean it and it’s lyrically genius imo

  67. Kostya M.

    Saw them last weekend. Believe me, live mix is even better!!

  68. 44fruitella44

    that solo is sick af

  69. rosy thongcham

    Best lyrics ever.

  70. Andrew West

    One of the catchiest metalcore songs i know man such a BEAST!!!!

  71. Alireza Alavi

    Just hearing the riff makes me cum

  72. truth hurts

    Lost in aesthetic

  73. XPNDBLhero

    Life was dismal... No happiness..... No joy...... (finds ATB)...... Life has new meaning...... To introduce other people to this band....

    Puddin Tayn

    Welcome back to the party. Snacks round back, beer in the fridge


    @Puddin Tayn - O cool, thanks... BTW have you heard of this band ATB¿? They are really, Really good... You should check em out sometime. Ima go grab a beer and some chips... You want anything while I'm up¿?

    Puddin Tayn

    @XPNDBLhero open the second shelf from the pantry and grab my Crown Royal if you would. It's time for some Blacktooth Grins


    @Puddin Tayn - O Shit..... There's a bong in there¡! Should I grab that too¿! 🤫😄

  74. Sue me.

    That breakdown at 2:40 sounds like a slowed down, Bleed, by, Meshuggah.

  75. Ethan Haddad

    2:43 when mommy tells me to eat my vegetables

    satwik burman

    Nice one 😂

  76. burning pheonix

    I love getting the ads where it says that you can get addicted to smoking cigarettes if you vape when the only thing that vaping does is get you addicted to nicotine and In a higher dose, cigarettes have a very low nicotine concentration


    burning pheonix ciagrettes are worse compared to vaping in the sense that the particulates and residue that makes up the ciagrette causes way more harm to the respiratory tract. Compared to vaping which is primarily steam. Neither of them are ideal

    burning pheonix

    @AstroFPV the difference being me quiting though using vaping, if people smoke cigarettes or vape it's their choice, yes smoking is very bad but vaping has less harmful stuff, not saying it's harmless but, vaping isn't gunna kill me as much as smoking was

  77. NinjaGamer9

    They played this song before a Hatebreed concert I went to. Glad I finally found it

  78. MultiDeathThreat

    You'd think that the record label would get the lyrics correct. Seriously wtf.

  79. Semper Fi

    Oh please, what some weak ass shit.

  80. Johnathan Turner

    That first drop is fucking NASTY

  81. IsleofMAN

    Sounds like some Arabic song /kappa

  82. Vadrif Draco

    Numberphile brought me here

  83. Mr DenCem

    Played this to my cat

    He buried himself

  84. Khan McClutchie

    some dude on facebook punching a mad cone brought me here.

  85. QnceDreamOfYou

    Who ELSE came here because of ERIC BUGENHAGEN

  86. Bradley Ledford

    And i used to listen to hip hop lol


    Just listen to whatever the fuck sounds good to you.

  87. Yvette Longshore

    My brother likes this song witch it’s one of his favorites

  88. Yuri Perez

    Can someone please make this a lyric video?!?!

  89. pepabrown209

    I don't care what anybody says all the genre bullshit, this is just HEAVYMETAL


    Just buy a new TV then

  91. The Real Raikage

    This song always slaps hard as fuck!

  92. O ranos


  93. Cristian Yadiel Diaz

    2019 anybody

  94. AlexeY Y


  95. Rajballabh Thakuria

    Recommend me some this kinda metal songs..

  96. TheD’minator

    Don’t play this in the hood, you’ll get daggers 🗡