After The Burial - In Flux Lyrics

Evergreen becomes me
Resistant child grown of wood and branch
Despondent, lost in flux
Distort the images of who I am
Searching for fire I felt the fall pulling me back again
As seasons changed, I spun the earth
My hands felt full of stone and hardened

Time left, construct of all our fears
Time left, it becomes the catalyst for failure

I'll miss the winter ways
The frost plumes breathing loud within
Sound and shake that kept the glow
A passion beaming from our eyes
And at the end I gave all of me to you
Shed skin and felt alive
So send your waters tonight and
Wash THE memories away

Nothing looked the same when
The ice dripped down my eyes

Gaze against a reflection of myself
Now worn and winded vitals keep me trudging on
Made of wood branch breaking while I grow
Gaze against from roots to roads

Beside a shadow laid frayed and waiting
One day I'll look back, following along, retracing
Beside a shadow laid frayed and waiting
Outstretched arms to bring me home
Stare back from the Evergreen
Rest my bones

Bring me home, under the night rest my bones
Shadows balance on worlds
Under the night, into the abyss

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After The Burial In Flux Comments
  1. Eko Jar

    Man those bendys in the middle are almost as dope as the bendys before these in this album.

  2. Jacob Hurley

    Does this shit give anyone else superhuman sttength coupled with extreme aggression?

  3. MeetMyBackhand

    Not bad, but I miss Rareform.

  4. MasterUmmBees The Best

    This whole album hits so hard,you guys have evolved and developed into one of the best bands on the scene today.i just feel such a sick synergy to everything you guys make.i hope you keep making material for decades to come,as well as many more sick love shows much love 😘😘😍😍👌

  5. Matthew Wilson

    This album is just f****** amazing


    Badass song that gets hurt by this shrill af guitar tone.

  7. Samuel Mao

    lyrics gave me serious chills

  8. Memento Mori

    I'm really in love with the engineering for your sound, because the kick drum is so punchy but doesn't take away from everything else. The tone of the guitars are so clean, and the vocals are mixed just right.

  9. Matt Kiser

    Gets me crunk Every time!

  10. Mitch L.

    Who the fuck is this band and when the fuck are they coming to Canada?

  11. Andrew Benstead

    This song is dope 🤘🤘🤘

  12. Draxthos

    Metalcore rules :D

  13. Mule Juice

    someone make a drum cover of this

  14. William Huré

    Holy shit 1:29

  15. ScardyGinge

    This song helps me get through leg day at the gym. Thank you. Absolute hecking banger.

  16. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it but I read about Jesus once and the apostle was like Jesus wtf you are so holy that you can damn near kill someone with your holiness like dont you want to have like 10 concubines but you will kill them with your holy dick why dont you just remain an unholy sinner and fuck that shit

  17. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure metal is good

  18. zevex747

    This is the one.

  19. Bartimus Trashwalker

    Play at 1.25 speed 👌💀


    Bend, bend bend BENDDDDD. SO heavy

  21. BART LU


  22. Daymon Murden

    levelled a city block to this

  23. x x

    The right side of the art looks like a pulsating lady part.

  24. TheHumbleSquash

    This album smacks Slipknots new album right across the fucking face.

  25. Bob Ballard

    You know an album is good when you return to it time and time again. This track is immense.

  26. KuNa clan

    Holy shit this is so well written, lyrics to drums this is fucking art!!! 🤘🏻

  27. gerald jett

    Brutal song love the riffage.

  28. Dillon Chapo


  29. Josh Baker

    God damn... ive never wanted to punch a baby... but that break down at like 1:57 makes want to do just that lol ;) . . . .. jk.... but really tho

  30. Bariskit

    4:25 got me emotional as fuck, RIP Justin Lowe

  31. yoga ayom

    This is the first time I hear After The Burial's song, impressive. Gonna check their another stuff

  32. Skeleton Rowdie

    man that riff is so metal.. steel became organic

  33. Zaxy Shimshwa

    The first rareform was their best music. All the good metal albums came out pre 2010

  34. Kristian Feher

    Who downvoted this? Lol

  35. David Cash

    Hey guys, can you please come to Vegas, and can I please meet you guys. I love you guys.

  36. Matthew Jojola

    I bit my tongue jammin this while eating lunch.. That's how good this is 👅👊 ATB is kickass..

  37. Corey Chatelain

    This song is ridjentculously good

  38. djentlover

    Holy fuck!!

  39. But it do

    2:01 this really be like it is

  40. jeff comstock

    Quite possibly my favorite ATB song...well after Lost In The Static

  41. Jacob Olson

    That groove at 50 seconds - didn't even give me time to prep my jizz. Jezzuhuss. Like honest to shit this band exists and all their albums since 2004 rock this hard? I feel like they are my dreams come true. praz juzzhus for ATB.

  42. Bobby Dilworth

    EVERGREEN BECOMES MEEEEEEE. God this album is legendary

  43. Gabriel Antônio

    Congratulations on this badass music!

  44. John Dalton

    I’m 47 and this makes me feel 27 !! Thank you !!

  45. Noah Yates

    What you hear when you get beaned in the head by a 100+ mph pitch: @4:00

  46. Dave Horsfield

    Saw them the other day, my god flawless 🤘🏻 these guys are one of the few still doing it right

  47. Aaron Weaver

    This brought me back to life After the burial.

  48. Larris The Black Swan

    Unbelievable track.

  49. John Dough

    Why does everyone want to sound like Meshugga now ? Lol 👁

  50. Kyber762

    That outro tho🔥🔥🔥

  51. Eric Gabriel Herlein

    Killing it😮😮😮😁

  52. Djenty Mcdjentstermandjentson

    Meshuggah would be proud of these riffs

  53. Christian

    Veil of maya

    Dominic Gutierrez

    Christian if the set happened in Philly ik it’s would be a warzome neckbeard vikings vs Nike core Xvx kids

    Salvatore Ariganello

    This lineup would blow my balls off in a heap.


    Yes. PLEASE.

  54. Vaughn Blaylock

    Saw these guys in Nashville this week. They were phenomenal live. The stole the show from the mediocrity of Killswitch Engage. Fantastic.

  55. iDrinkJ4ck

    Lifelong fan moving on.. Jun jun scream repeat solo breakdown

  56. Dhan Dhana Dhan BOAL?

    Ah ATB never gets it wrong. Saw the live in Minneapolis last year, was a dream come true. Please tour in India ATB if u can!!

  57. lar ge

    Ok I really love their songs but why do they always stick to these kind of shitty sounding production

  58. Teagen Conway

    Just saw them live in Greensboro last night. No ones touching this band!!!!

  59. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    It lacks the momentum to fully carry it past the 3 minute mark through the 4th minute where it was 'in transition'. It would've worked as an ambient solo track in itself, but that's another supporting statement to my opinion. As per Andrew Baena's recommendation I tried to like the track...sorry, BUT NO.

  60. daniel raleigh

    this is like meshuggah

  61. John Love

    God damn that 2:00 transition and groove is THICCCCCC

  62. JRakANDY

    best song man this one kills

  63. Sean Maconaughey

    Just saw them open for killswitch and parkway drive. The greatest "fluffers" of all time

    Teagen Conway

    Sean Maconaughey you mean Killswitch and Parkway finished for them.

  64. The Broken Puppet

    Fuckin amazing

  65. Joseph Bastidas

    4:00 *BUST*

  66. Calebm90

    Calm down there, REFLECTIONS

  67. Cody Monnat

    Those fucking tones though. Those grooves. Those vocals. The drum work. This band never stops killing it

  68. Trippy Bruh

    That breakdown is going to cause WW3

  69. Sue me.


  70. Mim4k1

    Djent overload

  71. Bob Ballard

    Quite, quite brilliant.

  72. Matthew Rojas

    feels like I wanna punch someone in the face.

  73. P. Rivas

    Tough as fuck.

  74. knqo

    this is fucking insane

  75. JoeyBurger121

    Fucking brutal.

  76. 7eventhirty3

    This makes me want to leave my door wide open during the night.

  77. Derka N

    fuck yes!!!! the boys!!!!!

  78. Jason Michael

    Goddammit just goddammit 🤘

  79. Katharine Hassett

    I swear, this a homage to their entire fucking history, and i am here for it 😍

  80. Buck Futts

    0:22 is heavy
    1:30 is heavier
    but 2:02?... 2:02 took my soul

  81. Christopher Har V

    Love the material, just wish the rhythm guitars didn't sound so far away and filtered.

    Rich Young

    isnt that the worst when the mixing throws off an amazing song? i wish most metal bands i listened to also had a more punchy bassy kickdrum cuz i have 2 12s in my car and theres onlt certaint songs by all bands that have a heavy kickdrum mix and most of the other songs are barely there

  82. Tyler Hall

    Those bends though

  83. Josh Pickle

    Holy Fuck! Those riffs!

  84. Justin Linches

    3:26 oh my god bro

  85. Justin Linches

    Best on the album

  86. Jarrod Roewer

    Gonna be going HAM at mowing the lawn now.

  87. bradpittsego

    This song slaps harder than a car salesmen

    Captain Chaos

    Slaps harder than Paul Rudd

  88. Roger Schäpper

    THIS. IS. PURE. GOLD. Love this Band!

  89. Lumine Maverick

    Who knew this shot style could get even more boring and dogshit?

  90. Lyoko Maverick

    Ouu! Seen these fuckers at warped in 17’ i think?? but lost in the static created a fucking brawl. Craziest breakdown mosh pit i’ve seen. They still got it, is what i’m getting at.

  91. 김김선우


  92. mineofilms

    To the 43 people who thumbed this down... You have NO TASTE in Metal... Do not Call yourselves metalheads... Disgusted with that part... The Song is awesome...

  93. marc wielhouwer

    as always they never dissapoint. might be their best work so far

  94. MetalGuitarManiac

    i remember them more melodic, this is pretty boring

  95. Allan Bloodworth

    This band never disappoints me. So true to the sound. #idigmusic. I will give it a solid 20 on the ten scale. True fan shit.

  96. Seth Rimmer

    Could it be? An album with no bad song??? I’m in love

  97. Andrew Baena

    I think this is my favorite song on the album, absolute banger

    Holly Hylia

    Hell yeah! This and the great repeat are my favorites. 🤘🏻👊🏻

    Captain Chaos

    This and exit,exist are mine