After The Burial - Heavy Lies The Ground Lyrics

Bound with iron chain, solitary feed me to the grey
We dig fields of apathy, excavating endless burial mounds
Heavy lies the ground

I get what I give, so I die where I dig

Never go home, just tunnel a hole inside this field of apathy
Never giving what I could, I get what I give
Never wanting more so I die where I dig
Never wanting more so I die where I dig

Illusionist grant us safety nets made of your decaying sutures and of
Fraying string, wave your white gloves, enrapture me and send us ease
Leave us all to rot inside the facade
A solitary man ragged and worn
I cross out days on the wall and I beg for mercy
Were begging for mercy, ragged and worn
Beg for mercy, beg

I get what I give, so I'll die where I dig
I get what I give, so I'll die where I dig

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After The Burial Heavy Lies The Ground Comments
  1. gerald jett

    This song beats u in the head💪🤘

  2. Elijah IV

    That solo still runs my life

  3. Dirtyturtle10 DT10

    Trent is the most underrated guitarist.


    Instead of transitioning to the slower outro, I kinda wish we would have gotten a pause and then one more "Heavy lies the ground!" drop after the final "So I'll die where I dig". If they would have trailed off the song with a fade out of the heavy gallops from 0:55, I think this song would be even better than it is.

  5. Ic3nova

    Holey Moley this is filthy..

  6. Matthew Lord

    0:00 - 0:40 the intro is so spooky i love it

  7. A Dizzle

    Bleed 2.0

  8. Corby Dinsburger

    There's really no heavier song ever recorded

  9. Zombl337

    Parkway Drive.....Killswitch Engage.......After the god i dont know if ill survive this show!

  10. Kyle Norwell

    just tune low r.i.p.

  11. Aderbal Jr. [Dhebas]

    Messhugah total!!

  12. Roderick Starns

    Justincase you didn't know. I got a new shovel.

  13. Simlaf420

    2:16 AMAZING

  14. Patrick Ryan

    2:35 the drummer needed a break

  15. Keith Williams

    0:00 hard as a rock

    1:45 - 1:50 busting all kinda nuts

  16. Diastrus

    Can anyone recommend any more songs very similar to this?

    Blake Matthew

    Lost in the static by them. They got alot of good shit but if you're looking for something like this then listen to lost in the static

  17. Diastrus

    meshuggah continues to inspire!!

  18. MarsNeedsMartyrs


  19. Frank Grimes

    Best track on the album

  20. Ron Finnlr

    3:44 way to much bass

    Nathan Pickering

    Ron Finnlr is that even a thing?

  21. xWagnerPlaguesx

    2:13-2:35 so sexy.

  22. Jennah Shaw

    When tf will this be on Spotify

  23. Kosmic0WL

    Got DAYUM

  24. Ownuts

    2:14 god damn

  25. pounds85

    Such a sick fucking track

  26. ManuxMusic

    This song needs more zeros , more zeros = more groove

  27. Stoned Goat

    This song makes me want to throw frogs at giraffes 🤘

    David Stoker

    *squishy thud smack*

  28. Brian Bayer

    47 people are completely deaf

  29. Cole Matthews

    existential grief strong with this one

  30. Afro Tank

    Is this metal core???

  31. Kyle Powell

    My penis can only get so erect.

  32. josan iracheta

    my fave song of this album😍

  33. Zippo SDK

    2:30 wow fucking killer live BTW amazing song

  34. Maxwell Aston

    After the Burial's interpretation of Bleed <3

  35. Zedujo

    Wow, this is a sleeper hit. That lead up to the solo and after... No pun intended on "Sleeper."

  36. EntravE

    That solo !!!

  37. 15,345,234 views

    Well I'm off to fight a lion with my bare hands and with this song victory is promised

    Dark Incision

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

  38. Joe Palladino

    I would go beserk if I heard this song live in concert

  39. Dylan Hitsman

    This album sounds WAY better on vinyl.. just sayin.. go out and buy their stuff. money means way more to them then it does to any regular person..

  40. Shane Lovell

    as far as im concerned after the burial and meshuggah are the only ones allowed to throw cheerios onto a tab page and call it a song

    Curious Fiend

    Shane Lovell -✌😂🤘

    Karynna Hill

    Curious Fiend are “0’s” all the “stops” or “breaks”?

    Tom Betty

    @Karynna Hill any point where the guitarist is only strumming. The rythm guitar during that solo or the outro.

  41. Briana Jael

    ugh fuck. I wish I could relive that entire show. it was amazing!

    Justin Erickson

    Briana Jael for fucking real that show was fuckin incredible.

  42. maximalist

    That solo is so beautiful...

  43. Steve Griswald

    Still to this day album of the year for me and I highly doubt it will be topped.

  44. Brandon

    this song is literally a djream come true 😋

  45. chris wilkinson

    I can tell when is shit is complex, I'm not musically trained, but I know hard, beautifully arranged shit. \,,/ °_° \,,/

  46. captain spaulding

    this could use a bit of febreeze.....

    David Stoker

    Captain Spaulding: What's the matter, kid? Don't ya like After the Burail?

    Jamie: [shakes his head, crying] No...

    Captain Spaulding: Why? Don't they make ya laugh? Aren't they fuckin' groovey? You best come up with an answer, cos I'm gonna come back here and check on you and your momma and if you ain't got a reason why you hate After the Burial, I'm gonna kill your whole fucking family

  47. Adam Bartlett

    Owen didn't break Stone Cold's neck, he had a future vision of this album, and his neck could not withstand the sheer brutality of such a vision


    Adam Bartlett Man. Attitude Era WWF For the Win. Why? Because A Bart says so. (That's your wrestling name, btw)

  48. Mason Andrew

    trent should do some playthroughs of these songs. i'm sure us guitar players would appreciate it <3

  49. JJ Hooper

    great album

  50. Chris Gunn

    The after the burial lies the ground! Makes my world more tolerable.

  51. Amber Marie

    HEAVY LIES THE GROUND!!! Love me some ATB.

  52. xxGOKUxx

    idc,it sounds good,they can have as many zeros as they want

  53. Drew Drew

    That breakdown outro is the definition of eargasm.

    Nick True

    As I read your comment, it began. Hell... yes...

  54. bard icus


  55. Marshall Korn

    excellent song name, hope it's good!

    Marshall Korn

    yaaay, it is!

    Toby Hampton

    +Marshall Korn it's after the burial of course it's good.

  56. mathprodigy

    this song goes hard


    You, sir, are correct, sir.

  57. Kyle Firebaugh

    When the FUCK will this be on FUCKING SPOTIFY.

  58. Samson S David

    nice one

  59. A H

    Shut up and listen

  60. Jaimie Roberts

    You know this song is awesome when a 1 year old decides she wants to head bang to this. Parenting at it's finest!

    Black Indica

    Jaimie Roberts 😂😂😂😂
    Your little girl has great taste in music.

    Darkened Psynoid

    That must of been a thing of art to see...

    ‍ ‍

    She'll get fat. This is too heavy.

  61. Allan Bloodworth

    Been a fan since day One.

  62. Adam Smith

    Mother of god, the solo is sickening.

  63. lil kim

    can you fucks get this album on spotify already ?! holy shit

  64. Aconn1997

    Soooooo fracking heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ashley Cook

    Cannot get over that solo

  66. Sd Ny

    Wolves within I meant, this album is so good. This song is so chunky - brutal. Long live ATB.

  67. kixlepixel

    whole song is zer0 as fuck


    Apparently you skipped half of it

  68. Cody

    This album was fucking gnarly!

  69. lil kim



    so sad..

    arm wrestling

    It's there but you can't play the songs!

    Ryan Werle

    It says 9 songs but there's only actually two on there.


    Still waiting....

    Ozan Sevik

    It’s still not there this is bullshit

  70. Jake Fulton

    he sure says "dig" a lot. I wonder why...

  71. Alex Padilla

    2:51 I've been waiting for a guitar solo like this for a long long time. I feel the pain on this one. R.I.P Justin. Worth my money to buy the album, merch, and concert.

    Michael James

    did all three when i saw them live. they blew my mind

  72. Josh Wilson

    Tasteful use of zeroes right here.

  73. Ian

    Damn. This song is brutal. 😈

  74. Jussi N.

    Dat riff @ 2:14 <3

  75. Daniel Lozada

    Wondering why they still haven't added this album on Spotify

  76. Alex Amani

    10/10 record. I've always loved them but this production just makes it so much better. This might just be my favorite release from them.

  77. Juan Gonzalez

    highly impressed with thier latest body of work

  78. Sd Ny

    Thought Among the ravens was one of the best albums ever. Liked Rareform a ton & thier older shit. This one is right up there for me. It's heavy as fuck, NP gimmicks or BS just murderous brutality. With great riffs & insane solos. Best album from Sumerian this hear. Veil of Maya is good too but this is the best.

  79. Mr.Clean

    This song reminds me so much of Aurora by Texas in July

  80. TheMeatballMen

    I have an unhealthy obsession with Meshuggah and ATB is the only band that really comes close to making me feel the same way as Meshuggah does. Especially this song

    Jesse Mendoza

    Same here! This is as American close as we can get! Love this especially!

    Darkened Psynoid

    @pounds85 fuckin a dude.......

    Curt Fuego

    Same with me and volumes

    Corby Dinsburger

    smart man.

  81. Ar0474

    Seriously though, this is on top of my favorite albums the past few years. So catchy all the way through, and those lyrics! <3

  82. AkhonMauhn

    Man, the solo in this song just screams sorrow to me. I feel like Trent wrote this after Justin's passing. That's just the vibes I get from it anyway. I may be wrong.

  83. ForcedIntoFire

    IS THIS REAL? WOW. New favorite band.


    ForcedIntoFire 2 years later is it still your favorite band?

  84. Legatomusic

    This album is really amazing and these guys absolutely fucking slay live!

    Black Indica

    Legatomusic 3 years late, BUT I agree. Going in November to see them and Emmure. My old ass is pumped.

  85. Butthole Stank

    This song reminds me of Holy War by TAIM

  86. Michelle Aguilar

    This is lit af!!!!!

    Dan Brockbank

    please don't call this band 'lit af'.

    Large Man

    Dan go back to your room you emo killjoy

    Trap or Doom


    ‍ ‍

    Ishigami-kun? Is that you?

  87. Sam Grillett

    Finally a heavy song. I must've hit the 3 lightest tracks on the album in a row. I was looking for this

  88. TheLambIsGood

    This is the song boiiizzzzzz

  89. ftffighter

    Great production fucking finally, Great album!

  90. THC gAMER

    2:52 solo intro touched lives.

    Jesse Mendoza

    Still does!

    Dylan Hitsman

    That along with with the rythme section is fucking ecstasy

  91. Tyler Gibson

    Never listened to these guys before but I'm digging this album.

    Benz Pantera P.Drive

    listen rareform album thanks me later

  92. GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    i love how they went for a theme that fit their band name too, like this album perfectly defines them!

  93. Jacob Barnett


  94. Dan Marriage

    that solo tho 👌

  95. Tom Say

    Holy shit I think the little metal fangirl in my head just came, a lot.

  96. Eric Hobbs

    are they still using 9 strings on this one?

  97. Anthony Baruch

    LOVE THIS FUCKING ALBUM! its the bees knees.