After The Burial - Fingers Like Daggers Lyrics

Your feminine fingers are like daggers.
Tearing me apart, with each caressing stroke.
My scars unravel cruel history.
Our love was stab wounds and lusty kisses.
In your eyes I see wasted tears for wasted years, and heartache, heartfelt for granted.
You left me with nothing but the desire to overcome.
This gaping wound from where you stole my vital organ.
But keep it with you, a trophy for yourself.
Still you linger for another gaze.
Die away from me.
I won't stand by while you plague the air with your lies and deception.
My shirt stained crimson, from long nights of anguish.
These scars are forever, but this won't be eternity.
You wash away guilt in the oceans of my tears.
I will drown you.

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After The Burial Fingers Like Daggers Comments
  1. Ethan Gurevich

    I would sell my soul to have this whole album remastered

  2. Evan

    This is brand new to me. And now my favorite metal song. Ever. Holy shit thank you

  3. Rick Sanchez

    Weird how this puts me to sleep

  4. Jason 11162530

    Whoua at 2:40

  5. Eric DellaCorte

    Atb and veil of maya both suck now with new vocalist used to be two of my top fave bands now they are both trash

    Eric DellaCorte

    Oh and suicide silence should’ve died with Mitch lucker rip my daughter loves him and does the stomp she’s almost two it’s epic

  6. Alex Pilon

    The ending of this song reminds me of all shall perish

  7. Alex Pilon

    This is the best album

  8. Tovah Smith

    The original album was better.

  9. Robert Parham

    the tongue roll is what made this band. without it they're just another trendy hardcore band. forging a future self will go down in history. this won't.

  10. Kade The Stain

    i just drowned a small child in feces. and then proceeded to tear the raw flesh from his bones with my teeth.

  11. dannyzep92

    The new production breathes new life into these songs. I love it I even love how it retains the vibe of it being written by a younger version of them

  12. mcr phan

    pig squeels are making me want to have an orgasm

  13. Megumin Fire

    That bass line is sick

  14. Nathan Greene

    saw them live yesterday. it was sick.

  15. mcr phan

    My best bud Sean suggested this version 😂

  16. ChudCitySchmeg

    The intro riff is so Justin

    mcr phan

    ChudCitySchmeg I like it better with nick he does the tounge roll


    that tongue roll was corny as fuck and EVERYONE made fun of that shit when it released. why the fuck do people want to pretend now that it was awesome and the old version is better? lets be real. open your ears. this is better in EVERY way.

  17. mariah Norris

    How is this possibly mixed worse than the first one..

  18. IBreathe Xenon

    I meet trent anthony and justin back in 2008 i believe when they toured with trivium and sylosis and devildriver .. Justin such a humble dude

  19. Snuff Radu

    2:40 is pure THALL

    Ben Fruit

    +Orbital Ascension I think you mean th0ll d00d

  20. BlackTiger03

    this song looks like The Devil Wears Prada

    Ben Fruit

    +Davey Denis What does this even mean lol!

    Jason Mingalone

    +Davey Denis well the number twelve looks like you

    bard icus

    Rabbits visually resemble 94

    G Massi

    number 12 is the shit

  21. Saera Hur

    So sad.... Good memories.

  22. Paul Hebert

    ATB won't be the same without Justin Lowe, R.I.P

    Johnny Nonny

    They won't be the same, but the heart will always remain as long as Trent is there.

  23. depreciator_

    rip justin

  24. Tom Guerrero

    So sick and I would like it better. But that rolling "rrrr" in the original gets me everytime.


    because then you would have two of the exact same song. the black and white picture is if you want the rolling R listen to the old one, you don't want it listen to the new one.

    Tom Guerrero

    @Jerrylee Stewart-Gonzalez omg ur so smart


    I know ty

    Luc Laros


    Trey Dissolution

    Tom Guerrero for real haha just commented this on the real one haha

  25. pizzadaddy

    Those annoying deathcore vocals ruin it

  26. Aaron Davis

    The old vocalist's sound may have been really wild and uncontrolled, but to me, it just sits better with this song than the new vocalist.

  27. My Nama Jegg

    I like the new vocalist, but idk it doesn't sound good with this song to me.

  28. thegreatx

    This was the encore at their show at the Masq in ATL last week. My life is a bit more complete now.

  29. James Rakestraw

    2:39 is what you're looking for

    Todd Wilson

    It's true

  30. XenoChrist

    remember when after burial wasnt stupid one string death core?

    galen portella

    This song was originally released on F.A.F.S. in 2006.
    Learn some shit before you comment.


    oh. cuz that made sense

  31. Mike Ulanski

    I fucking love Anthony's lows. The original and this are both amazing in their own ways.

    NaN XD

    I effing hate Todd why would you choose him for your profile picture lololol

  32. Kolby Kauffman

    God, what a big fucking step up from the original.  I love the original for its mid-2000's charm, and you ALL know what I mean by that - it was totally a product of that slim-era where Myspace got you noticed, shows were the be-all-end-all of Friday evenings, and Job For A Cowboy just broke through the mold.  That aesthetic made it beautiful.
    But you have to admit, outside of that really fun tongue-roll, it didn't age well at all in the last 7-8 years.  So, yeah, now that After the Burial found their niche, it's refreshing to hear this reimagined.  And it rules.  Anthony killed it, and the boys gave this shit some staying-power.  Now stop crying already.  

    Steven Bishop


    Robert Parham

    no its not. the original was way better.


    What a tragic story. I am pleased to have experienced such art.

  34. Charles Laurier

    Glad the tongue roll is gone. It was so annoying. Much better mix and vocals.

    Mad Max

    @DFVChrome u'r*

    Charles Laurier

    @Aaron Hooper I actually liked it too lol, I just wanted to piss off the hipsters complaining about this version haha

    mcr phan

    Charles Laurier yes That is so true

    Steven Winn

    nicks tongue roll was better than anthony anthony has nothing on nick wellner, i auditioned for rareform justin lowe picked me, i declined so berzerker on red, berserker on green [s for steve]

  35. Ben H

    PLEASE do this entire album.

  36. Nick

    Have they redone The Forfeit?

    Ben H

    Just 3 songs it looks like... I want nicks vocals on these tracks!


    They need to redo The Forfeit!! It would be interesting, that is one of my favs

  37. Toby K.

    I just love how purry and chuggy these guys still are without using that annoying "bow bow" and "bjoing" sound that's so prevalent nowadays. And I love this re-recording!


    "bjoing" LMAO I think you mean Djent. And I agree with you completely

    Toby K.

    @bmhyakiri Yep. Djent and whatever the standard open string chugging of an 8-string sounds like :))))

    Andrew Lilly

    This EP is a redo of some songs of their 2006 album "Forging a Future Self"
    That and Rareform are why everyone loves this band. Their latest is alright but the one before that was djent djent djent

  38. Andrew Larsen

    The mixing on this track is odd to me. There is no meat or beef to the song and the vocals are turned up a little to loud. 

  39. xMrWalkwayx

    Holy shit i barely listen to After The Burial at all and this is just pure perfection in my ears. The cleans meld so well, the use of 8 strings is perfect. Nice and djenty, just what i like.

  40. User 1901

    Fans of this really ought to look up Emerald Eyes - The Ep

  41. isaac andre

    2:42 dat breakdown.

  42. Scott Drury

    And probably cause you were used to the old version

  43. Dennis Swearingen

    My hometown homies


    Dennis Swearingen you from White Bear?

  44. Dennis Swearingen

    The bass in this is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  45. SRD183

    Old version was amazing, new version is amazing. Let's just agree that the new version, you can listen to much louder, and get less of a headache after about 30 minutes.

  46. CallsignWulf

    That's the thing, I'm listening to it with MY ears, not yours. I like the old version, the vocals and instruments just all fit together perfectly.
    Same thing with the old version of The Red Shore - Knives and Wolves, both versions are good but I like the old more.

  47. JustinSeizure

    I like both versions in their own way. I think the vocals fit better in the new version though. Most of the time at least. Miss some of the guitar from the original like in the intro and some of the riffs that seem to have just disappeared. The break between intro and verse is cooler of course the overall richer sound on the instrumentals.

  48. Levi

    Holy shit

  49. SH Studio Shorts

    Loveee the new Synth Addition to the beginning. Much better quality as well.

  50. theBOSpaladin101

    The tone is way better on this, but that's about it. It's still the same sound. Being that it's the same song, Anthony's voice doesn't fit, whereas Nick's did. And there's no tongue roll.

  51. pakiw2

    nice ))

  52. Gary Johnson

    This is the only band I know that remakes all their songs each time they get a new singer.

  53. le_calmar_joyeux

    I miss the old vocal :(

  54. lacunarikain2

    Saw these guys live last night, couldn't understand a word he was saying. However the actual song (aka this one) is pretty good.

  55. ChapelofSuicide

    m caught its fair share of flak. Honestly, I'm enjoying this remake. I didn't like the vocals the first time around. They were way too harsh.

  56. ChapelofSuicide

    Well, the reason why people are upset l, and why this is controversial, is because this song was off of their first album. Hell, I imagine the remake of Rarefor

  57. paul valle

    omg it's true. Look at the lame ass shit on your page your douche bag hipster.

  58. ram150023

    You guys make a stop in Rochester, NY???!!!!

  59. ram150023

    You guys make a stop in Rochester, NY???!!!!

  60. dontknowjack182

    I shit my self when I heard these remakes! I remember 5, almost 6 years back, when these guys came out with these songs and I loved them. Wasn't a fan of the vocalist back then so this is a huge improvement! ATB!!

  61. xor444

    weak and sterile. sorry.

  62. MrMarioYanez

    This video was totally made with an apple computer, haha.

  63. Andrew K


  64. Griever 91

    So fucking beautiful... nothing more, the lyrics are awesome!!!

  65. AaronMaul

    Can't wait to see them in October!!!!!

  66. Nick Luong

    I don't think this song could make me feel any worse

  67. xMAXIMO93x

    Best song of ATB 4 eva <3

  68. Digital Bath

    The fucking begging <3 Love it <3


    Who’s begging?

  69. Stone Hazlett

    Your the one with a shirtless mirror pic with a flat bill hat on. Easy there, faggot.

  70. hxcbastard1

    why do people have to argue over something so simple as this

  71. Dylan Mealey

    it makes me mad that people get upset over making mew music. people evolve music, if it was the same thing over n over people would get bored woth it. their doin great. i love music cause its music! people are way to critical. keep doin your thang ATB, its great. fuck haters

  72. Mike Flexx

    This is my shit

  73. Jacob Hart

    you say oh quite being hipster douchebags because some people actually prefer the original? hahahah, hows that make anyone a hipster? how about stop being a faggot who thinks he knows everything. let people have a opinion of there own. I mean don't you get one? yeah I thought so.

  74. Tim Mayer

    dat ring at 2:41

  75. v sima-juricek

    now i know why its called fingers like daggers

  76. Jester Bradford

    Maybe because the vocals are not raspy enough. The overall sound may be a little to clean. But for me, its the lack of tongue roll on "caressing". ;-)

  77. Calibur43

    Well you blew that way out of proportion.....I clearly said I understand for certain reasons.

  78. TheKemmist

    It perplexes you that people have opinions? That's rough man... you should rethink that.

  79. Gabriel Escalante

    sounds pretty clean but the original one is better

  80. Jonath Jup

    I miss the old After The Burial, thos melodies which made them unique.

  81. ArtifactUnknown

    the only reason i prefer the older version is because he rolls the R in "caressing" in the beginning.

  82. snapapples817

    so why the fuck are you here then

  83. snapapples817

    listen up buddy
    just because a band remade a song doesnt mean they have sold out. i was so fucking exited to see they remade it because it was my personal favorite off of FAFS. and hell, this is an EP. WITH THREE GOD DAMN SONGS ON IT. After three full albums of original content you complain about three remakes?
    since when did trying to make money be labeled as "selling out"?

  84. none of your business

    After the burial is the best metal band these days in my opinion

  85. Thomas Gaige should have known better. gotta dig a bit deeper down into youtube's plumbing these days...

  86. nopityforacowerd

    After the burial for life!

  87. SkyeB

    You're an idiot. They are both amazing.

  88. chrisbguitarvideos

    the old vocalist's high screams were laughable. such an improvement. anthony also nails everything live

  89. ryan mccarty

    @ezchezz What are you talking about "they should play this song live"? This is the first song they always play.

  90. BXR Maverick

    This song is the fuckin shit. Haters aren't even in bands. Lololol

  91. Emanuele Quaranta

    nice riffs ... horrible sounds

  92. Uncle Mundy

    Thought i'd go to SumerianRecords to find new music..
    Same old shitty bands/

  93. Sean Mittelhölzer

    The vocals need to be higher in volume

  94. ezcheezz

    2nd version bothered me.. This version def competes with the original tho! Dunno which one I prefer... But the next step for ATB could be to play this fucking song live especially when people (this kid) are yelling for it;p

  95. izzyshreds

    they have been saying that for the past 2 years.
    i hope its true this time

  96. Kirby Cory

    I'm with you on that one! This is just a big tease.

  97. Allan Madhuram

    They are back in the studio in June. They will drop the new album this fall.

  98. Heady Yeti

    no they should get there ass back in the studio and stop being lazy with the writting

  99. wicked23s

    Vocals r way better now.