After The Burial - Exit, Exist Lyrics

These old scars
Callous against the touch
Maps made of flesh and bone
A glacial serenity we find our way
Notes scrawled of crimson and blue
Sought the light of a dimming existence
Unwinding as the ghost of me was pulled away

Destroyer of worlds
We roam these realms forgotten
Forgive me for I am man

Cosmic labyrinthian
Unearth the soul as I reach in
All hands lost in the crimson
Do we feel what we cannot touch
Can we pull ourselves from the rust
All hands lost in the crimson

Keep the outside never in
Nothing matters
When focused on the past
Our futures shatter

Do we feel what we cannot touch
Can we pull ourselves from the rust

I'm only seen in the pictures
Most days are a bitter pain
Amongst the shipwrecked

Cosmic labyrinthian
Unearth the soul as I reach in
All hands lost in the crimson
Do we feel what we cannot touch
Can we pull ourselves from the rust
All hands lost in the crimson

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After The Burial Exit, Exist Comments
  1. Fr33Candy

    Sooo did now one else immediately think of relections album exi(s)t???

  2. Captain Chaos

    My top 5 favorite songs and you guys make 2of5 from that list 🤘🏻

  3. Marcos Antonio Belges

    Que banda nervosa!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  4. Algorithm Sports

    The metalhead with that burning book brought me here... lml.

  5. PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    this album is so overproduced :/

  6. Steven Winn

    Exit Exi(s)t S for Steven Winn.

  7. Brennan Long

    Just straight go no dlow down balls to the wall

  8. paolo morale

    when you are a metalhead and nothing scared of you

  9. siosin V

    This songs so nasty I had to lie and switch to porn when my mom came in

    Tim Siekman

    wow what a funny and original comment

    siosin V

    @Tim Siekman and the I need to reply and be a douchebag award goes to....

  10. Dirty Wolf

    A guy with a book in flames brought me here

  11. oefspcedwards

    I'm really glad a meme brought me here

  12. Zach Reeder

    If you like this, you like Meshuggah.

  13. zevex747

    This mix in this is sick. The part from 1:05 with the panned guitar to one side seems like a throwback to oldschool mixes where each instrument "sat" in a different place in the stereo field. But it's also hella clean

  14. Nope

    How many fade in´s ATB : Y E S

  15. Justin Wolf

    Easily on my top 5 atb songs.

  16. Shahrul Izwan

    Play speed x1.25 trust me

  17. Al-Moshey Tidal

    Tone deaf sent me here

  18. Stephen Gregory

    Flaming book metalheads brings me here

  19. winter_mind

    I can’t wait to snowboard to this song and album!

  20. Maximum Carnage

    I want to pick up pennies to this song and then hardcore frog dance to it

  21. Rob Kaufman

    The combo vocals at :37 is true harmony! Shit is fire!

  22. Lone Gunner

    there's something sinister about the riffs in this song

  23. Tommy Shelby

    Avenged Sevenfold fans here!! 🤘

  24. Hussain Murtaza

    After the burial> periphery

  25. Victória Torres

    É estranho eu achar relaxante?

  26. Brennan Long

    This just brutal

  27. Steven Winn


  28. Marcello Martinez

    this whole album is fucking amazing.

  29. benny bensalah

    Holy Fucking Shit!!! brutal as fuck.....i fucking Love it!!!!

  30. When i became the sun..

    I can handle the voice...these guys are intense

  31. Steven Winn

    Exit Exi(s)t(s)

  32. cd_rom

    *when you get a pop-up saying your computer has been infected with malware*

  33. Brendan Butkus

    these riffs just hit me right in that spot... you know...? the g spot

  34. Pedro Costa

    Saudações brasileiras 🇧🇷🤘

  35. Rob Alonge

    A lot of bands have success early on then fade away. This band had years under their belt before success and now are killing it.

  36. Collin Davis

    Existence exit bind mlowen

  37. Harry Barnes

    After listening to this, I need an adult.

  38. MD Guitar

    guitar sound weirdwierd but riffing great!!

  39. ImpactTheory

    Just loosing it at 3:00 amazing riff

  40. Devil Eye

    Who came here from that flaming book clip via facebook?

  41. Cody Weiss

    Phenomenal is an understatement. The musicianship in this is so flawless

  42. Nate Booth

    5 huge releases this year! imagine a tour with After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body, and Enterprise Earth opening up for Angelmaker and Thy Art is Murder!? Like this comment and spread the idea! it needs to happen before 2019 is over

  43. Elie4Elite

    will anyone do a drum cover of this? I'm so pumped

  44. flapjack468

    This song puts the biggest fucking smile on my face

  45. That Guy Over There

    Who wins a Speaker vs one djenty boi

  46. Kevin Hoogkamp

    that breakdown at the end

    Kevin Hoogkamp

    Justin is for sure head banging in heaven

  47. Jared From Subway

    These riffs are filthy enough to be a pornstars.

  48. A Lyons

    This is so badass it could kill a someone. And the guitar is singing.

  49. Felix 1776

    That riff sequence from 3:21 on is so dope. Saw these guys with Killswitch and Parkway and it was awesome.

  50. Jacob Olson

    trent met satan at the crossroads and chose riffage. [email protected] me this album is hellishly hot. my hd598s just melted. puddle...

  51. Lucas Smallwood

    These guys really think outside the box with their lyrics and music. Makes me think outside the box. Like destroyer of worlds? That should be in a movie.

  52. Justin Thorne

    Heaviest mix on the planet right now

  53. Koolaidacidkilla

    Seen these guys last night in Milwaukee. THESE guys are DIAMOND fucking hard live! Love the keylime pie guitar! Keep The great stuff coming!

  54. Aaron Weaver

    How heavy do you want this album?
    ATB oh. I thought this was soft rock.

  55. James Booth

    This song makes me want to get cavities and get fillings so I can drink some cold water afterwards.

  56. John Willis

    I has the original Juice Guitar Pick !

  57. Jeffrey Walker

    What’s the tuning

  58. Worship & Tribute Nerd

    Thanks so much for the interview Anthony!

  59. Brian Lee

    Filth Face Engage

    Keir Robertson

    Was literally doing this, while aggressively nodding my head, when I read this comment xD

  60. Poss the Boss



    My mind: "How heavy can metalcore REALLY get?"

    ATB: "Yes"


    What Thanos was listening to just before he snappped his fingers

  63. Jslim Threenine

    Damn this song is so good I commented twice and didn't realize it lmao

  64. Jslim Threenine

    Holy shit I have never heard such an earth crushing breakdown in my life!

  65. Pughhead

    Well, I need to take a shower now...

  66. Jack Stanway

    can't just be me that thinks the tones on this whole album are flat sounding and way too over-produced

  67. Van Leibensperger

    3:20 makes me want to drink orange juice after brushing my teeth


    ora mi fà male il collo per il troppo headbanging violento da 0:43. KITEMMUORT!!!

  69. kRiXeL

    dat Refrain!!!

  70. Wherethe2riversmeet

    Saw these guys open for Killswitch the other night. I was impressed.

    William Sard

    Just saw them last night at the Fillmore in silver spring definitely badass!!🤟

  71. Wendy Wonka

    Well that was brutal!

  72. Krush

    Dope song..but why do a lot of the lyrics just not match up? lol The last "Can we pull ourselves from the rust?" has so many more godamn syllables and not even from stretching certain words or saying things in a morphed fashion which you tend to expect, just sounds like extra words in there. This being the record labels page I'd hope the lyrics were 100% spot on.
    Don't even hear "Forgive me, for i am man", goes straight into "Cosmic labyrinthian" lol

  73. roland cannon

    I found this song from a vine style video that used this songs breakdown... While not quite what i expected, im still enjoying.

  74. EL1AS

    flaming books


    Ending riff broke my neck

  76. Stylie Stylie

    That ending could have went on for 20 minutes id still be listening...

  77. Bob Ballard

    This is different class - well done guys.

  78. Juan F Hernández

    2:09 at 1.5 speed, smells like architects

  79. xSuicide Kawaiix

    me: i wanna kill myself
    me at 0:43 : i wanna kill everybody

  80. Stevo Lam

    You won’t miss a combo if you listen to this album and play Mortal Kombat 11 at the same time.

    Josh Gray

    And now Im trying it lol

  81. Jess HB

    This shit was finally on the jukebox at the bar. I was stoked. 🙌

  82. Mauricio Noyola de Quiroga

    those fucking riffs hit the goddamn spot

  83. gerald jett

    2:10..holy shit

  84. BlueFlameBird

    I came here after a random fb video. I never thought I'd say this, but thank you fb

  85. dimethylstuff

    1:04 is just nasty

  86. Joe K

    Tell me how 3:20 onwards doesn't bite your ears off. It sounds like an army of Orcs coming in to kill everything in sight.

  87. Kit Brown

    3:21 is one of the best Chaosphere impressions I’ve heard in years

    Sergio Schiappacassi

    Kit Brown what about humanity’s last breath?

  88. Ben Berkey

    Way better than that crap, behold the crown.

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  91. Ghost B

    00:00 Exist
    03:20 Exit

  92. Jesse

    Ok, i fw this

  93. Nunya

    Destroyer of worlds..dope🤘

  94. Jay DiNitto

    Waiting for those images to line up like the DVD logo exactly hitting the corner.

  95. Jslim Threenine

    I have no semen left after hearing that breakdown...

  96. Kristiana DeLucia

    Best song on evergreen I love this!

  97. 김김선우


  98. tenzar an