After The Burial - Encased In Ice Lyrics

I have been to the edge before, at the end of the world
But there is nothing for me so I guess I'll just turn around
I will follow my footsteps back home
Still the same as before, but there is nothing for me
So I Guess I'll just turn around
Can't you see that I'm suffocating?
In a world that means nothing to me
My only hope is disintegrating
Wishing someone could carry the weight for me
Can't you see that the ends beginning?
IN this life I've lost all I know
Because hope is a word, that I forgot was feeling
So please hold onto me and I won't let you go
We are nothing more than memories
I'll find the meaning inside this doubt
I will see this through
I'm frozen in time, encased in ice
Break me apart so I can breathe again

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After The Burial Encased In Ice Comments
  1. Willie Baggettjr


  2. quickslek

    Lets be real...this is just "Djenty Pantera"

  3. Todd Wilson

    I hear a lot of meshuggah in the solo. I like it.

  4. Jayden McKay

    Dat riff makes me moister than an oyster

  5. Brandon Melikian

    That last time he wails "BEEFOOOORE" @the songs end has a real Chino Moreno taste...I love it

  6. Ohtmael Nkoftcuer

    I feel like if you like ANY atb... if theres atb you dont like.... eventually.. you will like it... nd then youll love it, whether you like it or not. Nd then instead of one or two songs u got like all 5 albums nd then hav no room left on your phone for anything else.


    That happened to me with Pendulum. I didn't really like it at first but after awhile I started listening to it again and it just kinda grew on me. Now it's one of my favorite songs.

  7. Bill Warner

    DAMN, this song kicks so much ass.

  8. ShikariFTW!



    It's so awkward though. It doesn't flow with the song at all.

    DC 33879

    TheRandomSpectator I think it fits perfectly! Thats the beauty of perception and the eye of the beholder.

  9. Brandon

    These guys were amazing the whole time and I'm just now getting into them this year. I'm sorry.

    Juan Gonzalez

    Brandon Fullem better late than never

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Brandon Fullem lmfao wtf,me too

    Alexi Luffy

    It's October 2017, I'm just getting into After the Burial too.
    These past few months I fell in love with Periphery, Veil of Maya, Erra, and I'm glad to find another amazing band in this progressive category

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Hilman Overboard hey there.Incase ya havnt already,might also like Within the Ruins or FRKTRD.
    Meshuggah is mean af too, heavier though.
    ATBs first album-Forging of Future Self - is an incredible album .
    Apologies for this short novel,hope it helps. 😊🤘


    dont be bro glad to have ya with us

  10. Colby Carter

    Bout to see these guys in VA. 

  11. Matthew McCall

    that would be such an awesome concept for a show

  12. CevizliSucuk

    This guys are beasts. Love them

  13. theBOSpaladin101

    They're an influence.

  14. x Moon

    Seriously under-played song from ATB... This shit is fuckin acid. \m/

  15. Popabuddy1

    No I fucking enjoyed it trust me.

  16. PercyJackson10

    did you enjoy it, or did it freak you out? haha

  17. mrguitarguygates

    The "muthafucka c'mon" part is so '80's. Makes me think of a modern version of Dokken, Poison, or Motley Crue. Fuckin awesome

  18. Joe Torres

    That solo was so kickass!!

  19. Popabuddy1

    I listened to this song high as fuck. I thought of people fighting for their survival in a apocalyptic world were demons manipulate people into killing each other and it was REALLY trippy.

    The One Who Knocks

    dude you've some imagination, I thought the same thing after your comment and it fits so well too

    Anthony Fairbanks

    The thing is depending on how you look at it, it isn't your imagination. Your thoughts lean more towards reality than you think.

    Manitou Reltih

    sounds like real life

  20. SnizzFizz

    ^just stop while you're ahead... lol

  21. Shawn Joshevama

    sounds like Pantera

    David McDonald

    3 years and not one like. Probably because it's not true.

    Adrian Hinkley

    I’d say there are some definite Pantera and Meshuggah influences in this song. Not that it’s a bad thing.

  22. Eoin Palmer

    The lyrics missed out "MOTHUFUKUKUMAWN!" at the start.

    dr .n0


  23. Dean1234563

    The harmonic effect on the guitar makes me uncontrolably J in my pants.

  24. shREDhead44

    Wish these guys had their own tour bus though, we missed them on a stop because the band they share a bus with had some issues to take care of and couldn't make the show. :( Bummer

  25. Calibur43

    The harmonic series in the main riff is mind bending.

  26. Pyrosumtin

    i was there too and they were amazing. we should have met up and beat the shit out of some scene kids.

  27. cubturbo

    Saw these guys at warped Friday, they sound studio quality live, definitely the best performance of the night, worth the 105 heat!

  28. Shafi Alam

    Just discovered this band, the vocalist is really great and precise, very great pronunciation and accentuation. Great control also, dynamic and rhythm.

  29. Joshua Ripka

    some of that good minnesota shit!!

  30. jesterhead9386

    lucky fucker

  31. carnicerodeperros

    This song is like a hybrid pantera and meshuggah meshutera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

  32. StevenATE9

    featuring rusty cooley!

  33. Ty Pursell

    Finally some ATB!