After The Burial - Drifts Lyrics

Oh so fucking cold.
The winds the drifts of winter bone chilling nightfall.
Early evening sundowns make nights seem more like Borealis dreams.
My roots run deep through my veins my ancestry.
Everything I know in body and soul lakeland this is all I know look to
the river rushing unparalleled in its power.
It carves away at the land eroding the banks consuming the sands and
washes away to her majesty.
They say there's no place like home and they said it best Ive realized
what this place means to me.
Lakeland I can see my reflection in the land.
I see my form and I know the land reflects my Self.
It reflects in my Self.

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After The Burial Drifts Comments

    That ending is the best

  2. Steven Winn


  3. Serpenthyne

    0:34 that is the most clean riff I've ever heard.

  4. Jay Tuck

    I am here for the breakdowns :3

  5. fukcing weeabos

    Best love song for a lake I've ever heard

  6. FamousLastWords

    Who's ready to hear this on the Rareform anniversary tour this Fall?

    Kris Upton

    bet you wish you were in london rn lol

    Jonny Lollis

    Saw them in Santa Cruz on 10/28. They fckn crushed it


    This album is just so great. I wish there was just 2 or 3 more songs so it would last longer.

  7. dl 7

    1:37 sounds like an angry bear

  8. wade chase

    My friend and I blew out the speakers because of after the burial, it was totally worth it, if it dont destroy your speakers its not metal enough

  9. Liquidblack

    so damn beautiful!

  10. Bombayshow

    Let me use the dragon balls to rez and make Justin immortal

    Convince us

    Bombayshow lol
    You know,he's pretty much an immortal music god as it is.
    Like Hendrix kinda.

  11. Tyler Birman

    Rareform is such a sexy album. Top 10 easily.

  12. Dale Doback

    This is MINNESOTA boys and girls

  13. Jimmy Durmody

    That ending makes me cum everytime.

  14. Manuel Sotelo

    this song was my first favorite "heavier" metal song. and to this day still one of the top 10

  15. Brandon Calhoun

    this is by farrrrr my favorite album.

  16. Gus Machine

    3:37 i come

  17. ZigZag

    That transition at 1:23 is so hhhnnggg. Their minds were connected to some godly dimension when they wrote this album.

    With Fire

    ZigZag you aint lieing brotha

  18. Blacktooth Grinn

    at 1:00 in I just dont even know how to cope with that much sonic perfection

  19. geomalmos

    even MY 1/2 COYOTE DOG PROCYON is LOVING this!!!

  20. madasianman17

    I always thought this song was referencing "phendrena drifts" from metroid prime, since the lyrics are about winter.

    Syn Thacal

    madasianman17 u just took me back vro

    Tom Betty

    I hated the dinosaur type boss there.

  21. IIllytch321

    3:44 - [end] The changing to the intermittent staccato is so fucking sexy. I don't know why, but it does it for me.
    I kum evryteim.

    Blacktooth Grinn

    crushing and merciless. I stopped what I was doing when I first heard it and just sat there in awe of the sheer ferocity.

    Manuel Sotelo

    I kum evrytim too. this part made me a breakdown lover

  22. Granny Soup Ladle

    3:42 epic cream pie. I wish they played this one live more often.

    Manuel Sotelo

    me too. hope for the torchtheearth tour


    Holy, I was sitting like "yeah nice track, pretty heavy at groovy moments" then this shit drops like concrete slab and physically nails me down to my chair.

  23. Neville Allen II

    That opening riff gives me a Decrepit Birth feeling. Never bothered listening to this album even though I've been a fan since In Dreams. Digging this shit right here.

    Ghosty Frost

    Neville Allen II bro this is arguably their best work

  24. Marcos Souza

    RIP Justin

  25. ajkorras

    this is pretty good shit

  26. Angel S

    Third song i listen from ATB.... Fucking awesome :)

  27. Sun Ra

    i love the fast paced breakdowns. so good. anybody know any other bands that do fast breakdowns like August Burns Red

    metal catalyst

    +Sun Ra born of osiris, master of it, in deathcore there's thy art is murder which as slow and fast breakdowns, of course breakdown of sanity, veil of maya has some good shit too, can't remember more for the moment

    Manuel Sotelo

    I double these recomandations

  28. Brandon

    why have I never listened to this
    that breakdown at the end blew my balls off

  29. geertwilders911

    Sometimes i like to skydive with firecrackers up my ass while jets dogfight me, may the flees of a thousand camels infest your armpits,

  30. Bill Miller

    Wow this song is intense

  31. Blade DIM

    PTMR LOS AMO!!!!!!!  saludos desde Perú 
    Tienen q venir!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. GimmeDatMouse

    Forever, for the rest of my life.

  33. Pcl

    3:00 oh man... this is so fucking EPIC! this album is flawless.

  34. Toilett Ninjja


  35. roostern33b

    I would honestly headbang harder if my fucking headset wouldn't fall off.

    Convince us

    Use heaps of tape😂

  36. Dustin Nelson

    It seems like almost every song from ATB has a breakdown, but it works well anyway because they seem to switch it up. Their breakdowns aren't generic. Also, I like how they blend the metalcore and djent sound together

    Edward Bottle

    @Dustin Nelson First album has a lot of awful boring breakdowns.

    Jonny Lawless

    Edward Bottle A Steady Decline was fucking amazing. Everything else was meh though.

  37. shelly ranae

    My fave ...blew out my speakers in my car on this one :-) so worth it


    sick man

  38. Joe Torres


  39. Liam Yates

    Personally my favorite bits are the intro to breakdown just after the part you mentioned and then the riff after the solo coz it reminds me of the metal gear theme :P

  40. Lorenzo

    Am I the only person that has a favorite part of the song that isn't the breakdown? 1:01 - 1:23 wins it for me. The blast beats and riffage makes me feel so fucking happy for some reason. I mean, the breakdowns are nice, especially the last one, but holy shit 1:01 - 1:23 makes me want to be a decent citizen and live happy.

  41. Liam Yates

    does anyone know what hardware these guys use to get those guitar sounds?

  42. Lee Element

    no, the first one is good but it just doesn't compare.

  43. onyx3003

    One of the best or maybe the best song they made. Love this one

  44. theBOSpaladin101

    Sorry, you can't simply forget the last breakdown...

  45. rarrcamrun

    Okay I'm loving republicans?

  46. Eddie Gagner

    Ok I'm loving your first name

  47. Eddie da loser

    Ok I'm loving after the burial

  48. Zavier Verbick

    Forget the last breakdown! The first one is clutch
    "Look to the river rushing
    Unparalleled in its power
    It carves away at the land
    Eroding the banks consuming the sands
    And washes away
    To her majesty"

  49. Karol Gacek

    This band is...god on a fucking slice of bread. Holy shit.

  50. Delir

    3:10 <333

  51. Dylan Smarr

    I thought the same thing man!

  52. David Ward

    3:55 makes me void my bowels every. Single. Time.

  53. Zach Linhares

    Man such a kick ass song

  54. ViCiouS HeRoicS

    0:35 Reminds me of old Born Of Osiris .

  55. Luke Endless

    1:43 "You Rode on your bikes"


    honestly still one of the best albums to date.

  57. Mattera1

    he must me singin about lakeland mn huh, Im from about 10 min away from there, BADASS

  58. Sircambert Hotjam

    This is some dank shit, I must say. After the Burial does proggy deathcore the best. Never a dull moment in any of their songs. Just keeps on getting better.

  59. evan258


    sadly only 8 :(

  60. Alex Tallberg

    oh the madness in the pit at 3:42