After The Burial - Deluge Lyrics

And I was over taken, over whelmed and out of control
Visitors on parallel trails, unknowingly bound
Blue solitaries deluge, though I felt that I could swim
Sight kept on the skyline so we become builders of ships
Aiming to be forgotten, waiting for the rain to regress
I’ll never look back, nothing really mattered ‘til now
Decades waiting to be caught in your wind
And when your voice gave notes it pushed my sails

We found safety glowing within ourselves
Just two children waiting at the window for the rain to stop
We found safety glowing within ourselves
Just two children waiting at the window for the rain to stop

Decades became wading but we were never meant for a watery grave
Trapped in trivial downpour, decades became wading
But we were never meant for a watery grave

In solace, finding our footing, stepping out onto dry land
Dawning a life of worth discovering a glow within
Blue solitaires deluge broke down walls and I gave in

Everything and anything I ever wanted really never meant
There’s so much greater gifts two give, we finally found a way
Everything and anything I ever wanted really never meant
There’s so much greater gifts to give
Never meant for a watery grave

We found safety glowing within ourselves
Just two children waiting at the window for the rain to stop
We found safety glowing within ourselves
Just two children waiting at the window for the rain to stop
We were never meant for a watery grave

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After The Burial Deluge Comments
  1. Brian Bureau

    Sick song but Drums are def midi

  2. Johnny Martinez


  3. Captain Chaos

    Baaanow now na na nanaaanow now now

  4. gerald jett

    That solo at 2:42 🤘🤘🍺

  5. gerald jett

    Damn good mire.the break down🤘.deluge also🤘🍻🤸

  6. Boris Gardner

    ATB is the GOAT. #2019

  7. Ermeson David

    A melhor musica do álbum

  8. Mason Coates

    What’s their 8 string tuning?

  9. Trevor Phillips

    Heavier than the load I dropped in Mr Raspberry Jam

  10. Matthew Self

    The only deluge here is my tears, Rest In Peace Justin you were too good for this world 🖤

  11. Rayne

    This song to me is like the heavy rendition of “Bastard” by Devin Townsend. Idk why lol anyone else?

  12. Brian Vulcan

    My replay button hurts.... Again....

  13. Kevin McGaughey

    I particularly like riff 2:15

  14. Curious Fiend

    I really appreciate ALL of AtBs albums.
    Must've been such a difficult/testing task to continue on.
    Massive credit to them.
    I hope they bust out some more beast jams.

  15. Large Man

    The most underrated song on this album

  16. Amber Marie

    That riff at 1:40 melts my fucking face off.

  17. Sevenfold music

    Incredible album.

  18. RideWideMx

    1:40-2:14 tho

  19. Others Official

    Still rocking this band when I’m a wrinkly old metal head and the youth is like “after the who?”

  20. Metalhead Jay

    This is my favorite song by After The Burial. Great work 👌

  21. Dan Parente

    great album great band

  22. mcdangles89

    Unreal vocals, djenty as fuck, all around perfect band.

  23. Horacio Arambula

    puta madre cómo amo after the burial

  24. Sarah Pace


  25. Lidzilla __

    This album is that heavenly heat stg 🔥😤

  26. Dick Cheney

    Some of the best guitar work fucking ever!!!!!!

  27. Zedujo

    That intro is way too good for human ears.

  28. Chez

    pisses me off that this album isnt avaliable on spotify, only collapse and lost in the static for now :(


    Chez Classic Sumerian. They make everything available after years of only getting two songs per album a while back. But this is still limited. :(

  29. allan bloodworth

    Amazing record

  30. 2AM, BABY!!

    Bunch if you're watching this, this song is trash and you should feel bad

  31. Justin Fusch

    The guitars here constantly gives me endless orgasms

  32. Cipi SixZeroFour

    I never listen to metal... except this band....

  33. Noah Yates

    One of the most creative and stunning build ups at 2:28 going into the solo, blew my mind

  34. Nora Hope

    1:38 Hold my drink-

  35. MrMetal575

    The main riff is one of the best riffs of the year

    It gives me chills everytime I listen that riff

  36. lucian morse

    after coming up with a masterpiece like this album itll be hard to do better, but seeing how good they are I can't wait to hear their next album.

  37. DieSchneider

    Raping the repeat button again and again :o
    Awesome song - 3:04 reminds me of a Meddler's ABR riff :)

  38. Chase Schwinn

    it took me 2 minutes to realize the back ground was moving. guess the heaviness left me unattentive

  39. Toby Hampton

    I will make love to this song.

  40. The Hound

    Pretty groovy song, but I don't like the metalcore-like vocals. I would prefer for it to have standard prog death metal vocals or just instrumental.

    Andrei Ionut Gherghe

    The Hound Nah, Anthony's vocals are top class.

    The Hound

    @Andrei Ionut Gherghe They're not terrible, I just don't like yelling type vocals. Gutturals are fine, but that sort of shrieking that metalcore singers do is a bit annoying in my opinion.

  41. Maximus Prime

    Saw these guys last weekend and it was the best show

  42. Nathan

    This makes me want to suck my own dick.


    +Nathan I have good ideas

    Satan Claus

    ey mate, no reason to be a cack, eh?


    Nathan so I'm not alone then!;)

  43. N1CKN4M3zz

    Reminds me of ''To Carry You Away'' from in dreams

  44. Mr. Tron Cat

    Fuck, this is the album metal has been waiting for . This is the fourth song I've listened to off of this album just now and it is already the best material I've heard in a long while. Correct me if Im wrong. This just makes me so happy inside


    Mr. Tron Cat your right. this album takes metal back to its roots

    Sergio Ceniceros

    2 years later and this is still true. Metal is losing its touch, but this is gold

  45. hussain shaikh

    0:25 FUCK SHIT UP!!!

  46. xxGOKUxx

    I have to say,the whole album is good,very few bands make full albums worth having

  47. gerardo ayuso

    This entire album has riffs for days. My god....

  48. Chrisza Firmansyah

    Come to Jakarta please.

  49. Erick Robert

    Other Good Song From SumerianRecords

    Keep It Up

  50. Bionic Elf

    Spotify?? When??

  51. Andrew Danford

    holy shit! best song on the album for sure!


    Is it coming to Apple Music one day?

  53. Thierry Blondin-Rivest

    IM enjoying this album overall, but after the initial listens (with admitedly did rock), I find Im enjoying Dig Deep less and less. That being said, I feel Deluge is one of the best songs theyve ever written, and most definitly the best moment on this album for me.

  54. golions13579

    The phrasing in this song is so sick. Everything ties into the first riff in some way. Explains why it's so consistently catchy yet so varied. This and catacombs have such chill inducing phrasing in the guitar riffs. Hell this whole album is well written. This band is getting so good at writing songs. Album of the year for me. Won't be topped.

  55. Aj Rockel

    I hate it! Why don't people recognize good, real music anymore? nowadays its just the Dubshit, shitty "rappers" and all the songs are like "Hey girl". why isn't real, GOOD music like these guys, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed on the radio?

    Anthony Salvato

    Real shit brotha. Nobody can recognize good sound.

  56. Dominick Guerra



    +Dominick Guerra RIGHT? It's killing me

    Dominick Guerra

    @Redtuxedough i cant take this playing off my phone over youtube shit no more lol

  57. Alvin R

    This is some good stuff! Keep it coming. Come to South Florida

  58. ajkorras

    Rock n' roll!!

  59. godofwar0678

    2:40 - 3:09 made me want to break out some windows

  60. Jacob Wilson

    12 people are boo boo ass bitches

  61. 20GRIZZ20

    The guitar work in the song is unreal

  62. Kylohazard

    Only recently got in to these guys- best life choice ever.

  63. Noti Fawkes

    From the day I pirated this album, to the day I bought it on the Sumerian Records tour, it has not left my CD player in the car

  64. Noti Fawkes

    From the day I pirated this album, to the day I bought it on the Sumerian Records tour, it has not left my CD player in the car

  65. Noti Fawkes

    From the day I pirated this album, to the day I bought it on the Sumerian Records tour, it has not left my CD player in the car

  66. Noti Fawkes

    From the day I pirated this album, to the day I bought it on the Sumerian Records tour, it has not left my CD player in the car

  67. FEBRIZIOtv

    Goddamn Justin would be so proud of you guys. Specifically you Trent. Great fucking job stepping up and honoring your highschool and lifelong buddy like this. He is smiling down on you guys giving you all inspiration! Good stuff!! Best I've heard since I was at the Triple Rock shows with Nick roaring away to Forging A Future songs. Amazing work guys, you literally poured your hearts into this for Justin and it shows.

  68. 5280Superman

    One of few bands who has been keeping it real over the years. haven't disappointed yet.

  69. Skellyton 465

    The song is good. The guitar sound isn't amazing though.

  70. Vojtěch Krása

    Is Dig Deep going to appear on Spotify?

  71. Powderkeg

    The first physical CD I'm buying in 4 years

    Willem Stander

    +Powderkeg You and me both dude. Physical all the way. Vinyl if I can get hold of one.




    Same <3

  72. Balazs Bense

    Actually this is my favorite song,now :)

  73. Brandon Tyler

    Breakdown of sanity may tie ATB for AOTY

  74. Christian Shroyer

    One of my favorite bands because of how consistent they've been in making music. Every album has been nothing short of brilliant

  75. A life less Cynical

    Is it just me or youtube (?), but the vocals sound too high in the mix.

  76. Britney Woodman

    If you're on mobile YouTube, put this on full screen and tilt your phone up and down 0.0 trippy

  77. ftffighter

    Deluge will never see this album, only my money

  78. mrfool21

    There's so much greater gifts to this album!

  79. JolloTheClown

    Their best since the Rareform re-release. That's saying a lot. Fantastic send off for Justin, may he rest easy.

  80. dave moroz

    So melodic :')

  81. Noti Fawkes

    thank god I changed the jesus bearing 777 thumbs up to the 778th thumbs up


    XD Fuck yes!

  82. dylanorse1550

    Just saw ATB for the second time with Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris

  83. cole schram

    LMAO anybody else have the Mack Weldon "time to change your underwear" advertisement during this video?

  84. InMemoryOfJimmy

    How is this not the most viewed track... Fucking christ this song is perfection.

  85. Hubert Rapinat


  86. Ocean Harvest

    Good to hear some killer fucking solos the guitars in this album are well done beautifully written album of the year

  87. Khairul Wan

    p/s: i smell god forbid.


  88. Øli Macabre

    This and Catacombs have a similar intro.

  89. Proggy Froggy

    Really want to like this album but damn its so generic. Their worst work so far. Melodies are extremely cliche and there is so much generic chugging. It makes me sad. I don't want ATB to be catchy, I want them to be technical like on Rareform.

  90. Ry Guy

    I havent gotten this type of a "good" "raw" "excited" feeling since the All Shall Perish "awaken the dreamers" album(TONS of excellent guitar licks on that album!) Got that raw emotion behind the riffs and shit cant explain it. Loving it, these guys and TDWP,ABR been keeping shit alive!


    +Ry Guy Been a while since I saw someone mentioning those guys. Thanks, that made me listen to some of their albums again!

  91. Earthshallperish

    Yall mofos need to get drunk and hear this song' its very good... Stop overthinking if its good or not.. just feel this shit.. the groove...

  92. Aspire 93

    Can't stop listening to this song.

  93. Dale Doback

    Rareform level of good. Album of the year for me.

  94. Barne Dose

    man so nice!! best album for me so far 2016. will be hard to top

  95. Ivan Axel

    I ordered the CD with a crewneck and poster from Merch Connection a week ago... hasn't shipped yet! :3 lol

  96. Benz Pantera P.Drive

    2.20-4.26 is gold

  97. M Benway

    god damn. dat solo

  98. Shraamogi Zero

    Love this song so much

  99. Richard Russell

    Some Dynasty Warriors shit at 2:50. Excellent.

    Aaron Gerwing

    +Richard Russell Dynasty Warriors was the shit!!


    +Aaron Gerwing Dynasty Warriors IS the shit!

    Mr Hamburgler

    Dude this comment. Fucking right lolol

  100. LLave Oceans

    es ultra genial xd