After The Burial - Cursing Akhenaten Lyrics

Awaken ruinous fiend of early generations.
Your rotting corpse is restored.
Straighten your limbs brush off the dust withered bandages restrain you no more.
Severed heads accent the gates bones emerge from the sands proof of your reign remains.
I your liege now command your rule again.
The sun burns through the skin boiling your vital organs within.
But the gods can't destroy my cursed blackened heart.
Appeasing the thirst of the damned mocking the praised ones.
The sand soaks the blood the blood flows like wine send death from above.
Locusts and famine engulfing your race my savagery knows no end.
At the price of all your lives I destroy your kind death by my hand.
Sands blowing across cursed lands will consume the evidence of your ancient existence.
The Earth is now black from the torment I have set upon it.
All shall bow serve and praise thy name.

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After The Burial Cursing Akhenaten Comments
  1. J Martin

    oh shit, been a sleep on this but a good gentlemen tipped me off. good stuff

  2. braxton kelsch

    2:10 to 2:35 takes me from six to midnight I can barely contain it

  3. Insanniee

    One of my favorite songs! 🤘

  4. dave moroz

    Can anyone PLEASE let me know if they know where to get the original rareform album!? Can’t find it anywhere...
    Btw I do have the original version of this song saved (sadly only this song)

  5. Donnies Donnies

    Sounds like desert mario levels


    0:25 That’s when the angry sun begins to chase you.

  6. MANS4ON

    I cannot find the original version on YT anymore.. Please help me, I cannot listed to this.


    Actually I can listen to it.

    dave moroz

    I have it message me


    @dave moroz Not sure how to do that from YouTube.. being trying to..

  7. Juan Deag

    This doesn't even come close to the OG version

  8. Metal Mulisha

    This album changed my view and love of metal it is a true masterpiece

  9. Sue me.

    8 years later still the shit.

  10. Willie Baggettjr


  11. Prix Bikes Two Brothers BMX

    I am actually an atenist. Fucking love this song. Praise thee one Devine god!

  12. Abe Cedeefgee

    Vicious bass at 2:10

  13. adam landau

    i just came here after Evergreen came out, to remind myself of what they used to be. now they are just boring

  14. Jessie Walker

    What a monstrous song

  15. John Doe

    Looking back, Cursing Uzbekistan is probably the best song on album

    John Doe

    Goddammit, can't find the edit button, youtube keeps viciously reforming their features

  16. DarkCarbunkle


  17. Koragh

    one the finest djent bands way before kids were copying on every subgenre

  18. November Guitars

    green burrito

  19. Chris Mowry

    Pretty much every ATB song I've come across I don't want it to end, keep those rifts going...ahh fuck it repeat!

  20. Eduardo Esquivel

    Aaaaaa está chingon <3

  21. DhanKOTB


  22. Wibisono Danu

    Low F tuning

  23. Daniel Lovrich

    wait..china is panned to right?

  24. TheUtgardian Channel

    probably a lot of people will hate me for this but... I think the bass is too loud

    Devin Taylor

    I don't like the tone of the bass sticking out so much. Would rather hear the guitar more. I agree with you. The low end of the bass isn't too loud though.

  25. TeamSesh97

    So it seems to me that everybody agrees the instrumentals nd the production is amazing on this but people are making me confused cause some say the original record is a million times better with more raw sounding nd way better vocals n even some riffs i heard have changed. what do u guys think? cause imma get the physical copy of this record but idk which one i shud cop

    Aaron Nielsen

    get the reissue. Anthony is a MUCH better frontman than the previous couple. But sure, if you want a muckier and more bland sound, go with the original, but i think they did a fantastic job keeping the feel of the original while improving on it. but if youre a real fan....ud buy both like i did. lol

  26. Jøsh Bataneant

    Change the speed of the video at 3:10, just do it.

    Sterling Glover

    Changed it to .75x speed. Fuck.

  27. Ghosty Frost


  28. Ghosty Frost

    I fucking lose my shit to that outro EVERY TIME. Especially live

  29. Evan Thompson

    pi day 2018 - rip justin

  30. Fear Digs Deep

    2018 still melting my face to this shit

    Curious Fiend

    Fear Digs Deep -👍🙃🤘
    same here.

  31. Jerrodb5

    The worst part of the song is at 4:03

  32. Johnny Nonny

    3:36 when it hits, it hits hard. Goosebumps every time.

  33. DeathstalkeR

    heavy shit man! \m/

  34. Dylan Hitsman

    This shit still slaps

  35. MeloDeath \m/ FTW \m/

    ♠*Ponders the idea of typing a comment*♠ ♠*can't do so due to my body wanting to headbang and throw the devil horns in the air*♠\m/

  36. Farhat Hussain

    3:36 bounce bitches

  37. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    This song is phenomenal

  38. Adam Artz

    The Earth is now black from the torment I have set upon it.
    All shall bow serve and praise thy name.

  39. Kirby Cory


  40. Detrahere

    Harmonic minor scales make me horny

  41. Skeets

    habe you seen mummy b0ss

  42. ytsersius

    probably the most br00tal track by ATB

  43. David Voda

    in my country we call this kind of music „manele”

  44. Scout King

    These guys get recognition but not enough. This whole album is amazing. Sucks Justin died cause he really out did himself. R.I.P. He had a gift few musicians have . He was elite guitarist but an even better composer. Sick of heavy music getting a bum rap. That's what these great bands are composers. Works of art, not just a simple catchy verse chorus shit. Was reading an article was on Metal Injection. About how Metal is dying. That makes me sick. As a musician I know if I put out an album as good as this and couldn't pay my bills. I would be depressed. No musicians this talented should ever not be able to make a living. Fucking world is blind if they can't appreciate the talent of bands like ATB, BTBAM, Textures, Animals as leaders or Algeon . Sorry if I spelt the last 1 wrong. I just got into them but all those bands and many more that people think of as noise. Plenty of music I can't stand but still can see talent. Not into bluegrass but holy shit those guitarists are insane. Japan, Russia, China, Poland Ukraine. Not even Germany or Belgium anymore. Sweden most likely and South America. All you have to do is see them live. Mexico is great for Heavy shit. Americans are all brainwashed by society telling. then what too listen too. I can't consider a person an educated music person if they can't @ least acknowledge the talent it takes to make prog music in general no less Metal/ Djent whatever you call it. I know when they started Djent wasn't a thing in a way these bands of the late 90's early 2000's invented new music forms.

  45. Andres Lopez

    Fvck.. the riff gives me chills 10000/10000 times bro

  46. xXwatevermanXx

    veil of maya called

    Fubu Dan

    Shut the fuck up


    Danny Wolf emo bitch

  47. Marcello Martinez

    i feel like this song would sound fucking sweet with the dig deep production, especially the guitars!

  48. Thomas The Train

    Anyone else notice a strange noise around 2:58, or is it just me? I got a new pair of headphones but they're still completely fine, I have just literally never noticed that before. Anyone know what the hell it is?

    Martin Cunningham

    It's part of the song

  49. Neil Hess

    2:10-2:13 is where people at the gym around you think you are a crazy person...


    Yessir , much angry . very brootal

  50. Sebastian Mihail

    Forgive my ignorance, Is this grant luoma or anthony?

  51. ranka manka

    Fucking Probz to their drummer. What a machine!

  52. Mandy Scott-Bassette

    I'm like obsessed with this song.

  53. 420protoman

    makes me so mad that justin was drove crazy by possible gang stalking, he was not the only one who has come out saying things like that...... freemasonry is a fucked up issue. i have them in my family, they tried to put my mother in an insane asylum as well. Same thing they did to justin.... and it's very common for masons to use polaroid photos to fuck with people. My friend who is gangsta as fuck worked at this warehouse years back , all masons worked there. they didn't like him so they put polaroids of fucking people missing arms and legs nude in his fucking backpack. he went full ghetto on them and quit, knocked one of them right out too lol.... Masons do fucked up shit like this.... I would say that there's a 50 percent chance Justin was not crazy and if he has masons in his family or if that Trent does, well the chances he was not crazy are very high.... May Justin RIP, i seriously have my doubts about him being nuts


    Okay champ.


    pfft you are a fucking douche why do you even reply to me fuck head


    Good point, you didn't deserve this much attention.


    oh you're so witty and smart... you must be the illegitimate son of Isreal Regardie

    Samuel Rodríguez

    Your know whatsup but your missing the key elements.. Why they do what they do..

  54. Virgio Gets Onest

    hell yeah

  55. U FUKIN WOT M8

    2:10 dafuq was that? lmao sounded like a wobble board!

  56. captainloopstoop

    Apocalypse should make his entry to this song in X-men Apocalypse seeing as he has ties to ancient Egypt and all

  57. J "The Big Cheese" Nasty

    Does anyone else hear that weird noise in between the guitar chugs that start at 2:12? It sounds like it could be bass.

    Blake Smith

    Yeah it sounds like bass, but I think it is there intentionally.


    It's not bass. You can hear that it is panned to the sides, and played by both the guitars in harmony.

    Hannah Roberts

    Crazy fast arpeggio m8. MAAD SWEEPZ.

    Pentex Sucks

    yeah, you can tap that note on guitar inbetween chugs. i do it all the time, you tap frets 9 and 10 on the E# A# strings

  58. Javier De Leon

    shit is

  59. alienslovepeanuts

    I got the 140,000 view what amazing timing..

  60. Granny Soup Ladle

    I've listened to this album probably over 200 fucking times and it still gives me rock hard boners. Anyone else??

    Aden Hayes Sr

    I actually called a doctor cause the shit lasted so long


    Better than Viagra

    Winston Carter

    Same, except my boners are harder than diamonds....

    Black Indica

    Granny Soup Ladle Pitching a tent right now as I listen...........

    Black Indica

    Sarah Pace 😂😂

  61. seven

    1:12 is so fuckin bouncy

  62. Forest dontneedtoknowmylastnameffs

    AM i the only one who likes the old vocals much much better

    Dan Barbash

    +Forest dontneedtoknowmylastnameffs I don't dislike Anthony Notarmaso but I find him like a little bit too "hardcore" in vocal style. I especially like Grant Luoma's vocals more for this specific song.

    Anthony Dietz

    +Dan Barbash I agree with you. This sounds great with the other vocalist.

    Justin M

    on this song yes

  63. J. Cobb

    I just had to come here after listening to Lost in Static

    dsm 1g

    hahaha I did the same thing

    Scout King

    There whole catalog is fucking awesome. I have never heard anything from them that wasn't well written.

    Chris Baisley

    Me too!

    nicholasjames lee

    Good choice man. I think this album is one of the greatest metal albums ever created. Everything about it is incredible - the stories, instruments, everything.

    braxton kelsch

    And wolves amongst ravens

  64. MrxxSelfxxDestruct

    dat lead... so addictive.

  65. Dr. Phil

    The last 45 seconds needs to be stretched for like another 3 minutes. So groove e

    Ghosty Frost

    Dr. Phil yessss dude. That shit kills


    More like for another 3 days

  66. Matt Smith

    Oh shit a tech death drummer actuality know music theorie, shit it wasn't like I took lessons from the WMU jazz drummest professor or nothing.

    riley xdmsk

    Matt Smith weird flex but ok

  67. Lane Hughes

    Justin Lowe Memorial Show, featuring: After the Burial, Periphery, Volumes, Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris,  Veil of Maya, and Northlane.

    Jay Vermilyea

    Even though most of those bands are on Sumerian and it would be way more likely for this line up to happen, I would prefer an After The Burial headliner featuring August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and Breakdown of Sanity

    Jay Vermilyea

    And maybe Three Six Mafia to fulfill Justin's wishes lmao RIP to the 🐐 of metalcore/progressive guitar playing


    Gonna see BoO, VoM & Volumes this friday! \m/

    Alex Rogers

    Booo northlane what happened to them boooo¿¿¿¿¿¿


    Alex Rogers they jus released a new single

  68. H B

    RIP Justin Lowe. Thanks for the music.

  69. cazza710

    RIP Justin.

  70. nig ger

    RIP Justin. We lost you way too soon


    The jews got to him..... He knew too much.

  71. Mattia Mirabello

    SO EDGY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  72. Matt Smith

    such sick shredigg

  73. RunVulkunRun Gaming

    The china fade at 37 seconds. Puts me in a place, a good place.

    Ghosty Frost

    RunVulkunRun Gaming oh fuck yeag

  74. Warrior Tha Witt

    Such a solid band. Tour idea: Chelsea Grin, After The Burial, Oceans Ate Alaska, Make Them Suffer/A Day To Rememebr


    @spartan346 "make them suffer/a day to remember"
    Ah yes. Two very similar bands. Lol.


    A Day To Remember? Get the fuck out of here wtf.


    +Dat Myrono Northlane is trash

    J.P. Cummings

    +Asdfjkl Surprisingly enough, they did tour together.


    @Masketta Man
    when? i cant find any tour with both of them in it, pretty sure they wouldnt either

  75. Warrior Tha Witt

    Once that riff hit I literally jumped out of my chair!

  76. blackvolgan



    *...SEVERED HEADS...*

  77. Chad Hoffman

    fkn br00tal

  78. Gonk Nodge

    The only song I prefer with the old vocalist

  79. Gonk Nodge

    The only song I prefer with the old vocalist

  80. Tom Dickinson

    this version with old vocals would melt my face off entirely.

  81. andrei8543

    Better than the orginal

  82. Tyler C

    I used to have one of their cds amd god damn.. it was good

  83. powergroover19

    One of the coolest intros ever!

  84. Troy Herriman

    Hell yeah.

  85. osm1718

    this fucking song is in my playlist right now

  86. Sacredgeometry

    What is this binary code metal? 


    Drew Allen

    bro there is more than just the first and open frets in the breakdown. clearly a hipster among us. smh


    smh you know I was kiddding. God bless Lowe's soul. 

    Dale Doback

    Sacredgeometry lol please cover the song for us tough guy

    Then do berserker behind your back, live, flawless like Justin and Trent you scrub


    You just said hA£A.

    ryan mccarty

    Justin has been dead for like 2 years, but your point still remains.

  87. Cooper O'Brien

    MY SAVAGERY KNOWS NO END. Their best song in my opinion. 

  88. djent is totally a genre

    3:10 meshuggah is that you


    They wish.

  89. Liam Yates



  90. Tyler Yohr

    My favorite ATB song!!!

  91. theBOSpaladin101

    I don't think it sucks, personally, but it's their worst material out of everything. I think they said their new album will be more like Rareform. I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who thinks it sucks though.

  92. MortaL1F3

    No, they actually do too, but their next ones gonna be heavy as balls. Ive heard one of the tracks and it fuckin rips.

  93. SilentNight

    i'm i the only one thinking that their new cd suck

  94. MortaL1F3

    Me neither but this and Aspirations I cant get enough of.

  95. TheJoyOfGaming

    Finally found a new song that gives me a pump when I listen to it.

  96. Adam Cox

    I agree with you, do i still have to go fuck myself? Lol

  97. TheRoboticAssassin

    Im not a huge ATB fan but this song is perfection!!

  98. DAKthe

    This is way better than berserker (my opinion so go fuck yourself)