After The Burial - Collapse Lyrics

We fold in difficult fashion, pinions clipped and forgotten
So we grow fray and suffer the cold
Like a shiver inside our own reason
Your feigned regard a frozen lake
I’ll leave you trapped, I hope your winter never ends

Replicated errors, we smash against these glaciers of mistakes
Replicated errors, and as summers melt we just
Find ourselves drowning in the flood

We melt away at the summers heat, stuck between
Our own ideas in paralyzed nights we kick and turn in searing waves
Like hollow shells, dread echoes inside
Reverberate in infinity, reverberate in infinity

Replicated errors, we smash against these glaciers of mistakes
Replicated errors, and as summers melt we just find ourselves
Drowning in the flood

We smash against these glaciers of mistakes
And find ourselves drowning in the flood
Smash against these glaciers of mistakes
And find ourselves drowning in the flood

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After The Burial Collapse Comments
  1. Alex Lemmer

    I played this for my lizard

    *He's a dragon now*

  2. Jack Bowles

    That solo note tho😬

  3. Alex Waters

    We smash against these glaciers of mistakes and find ourselves drowning in the flood.

  4. dwitt

    I contracted cholera from how sick these riffs are

  5. Metal snake 707

    3:33 fuckkkkkkkkkk

  6. Kenny Santana


  7. The Fall Of Genesis

    Yo they’re filming in California

    S G

    The Fall Of Genesis omg 😂

  8. Satan

    Listening to this once should be a crime

  9. Daniel Shim

    Listening to this song made my relationship.........


  10. 0oJAMBIo0

    such a fuckin sick song. That solo tho...idk...pretty trash

  11. S G

    The musicianship of this band is scrumptious

  12. Darth Serron

    I definitely want to see these guys live someday!!! Would love to mosh to this shit!!!🤘💀🤘🔥🔥🔥

  13. Travis St.Marthe

    That's how you start an album!

  14. Y. Cortez

    AMAZING MUSIC...!!! AWESOME BAND...!!! 🤘🏼😎👍🏼

  15. Snake Pliskin

    😎😎 this is the $hit

  16. Deli Manyakomik

    need more doctor for necks


    "Drowning in the flood!" WAAAGH green tide will drown you!

  18. Aien Israel Sayo

    See yah on august 21. STOKED #ATBAsiaTour

  19. D G

    No complaints

  20. Alexander Avelar

    Holy damn so happy to know this band

  21. FajarDian Rakha

    did i just see the Gate of Oblivion on the background?

  22. J5 John Garcia

    This is pretty much exactly how I imagined this video to be...

  23. Ahsan Yousaf

    is it just me or the outro riff should have been 20 mins long?

  24. Derek Pierson

    I didn't know I.T. guys could destroy so hard on the drums. Hi I'm 3 years behind

  25. Zebra Syndrome

    Welp now that I'm pregnant from that solo yall owe me money! 😈🥴

  26. M1NH

    resurrection of lamb of god

  27. Shadow Walker

    Id give this one big ass thumbs up if i could. Good shit

  28. Brr Black

    How the fuck did I not hear about these guys until a week ago ? Oh yeah I'm old . thank goodness for one of my sons turning me onto these guys , fucking love that solo !!

  29. Newyorkdavinci

    Drums sounds soooo good. That snare is perfect

  30. Jeremy Magee

    How does the drummer do double bass with a closed hi-hat at the same time?

  31. beastly tryhard

    the bass players hair line tho lol oof good at playing tho

  32. videorecordingman

    Just seen them live in Nashville last week they were pretty kick ass. Lead guitarist is legit as fuck. Hell they were all legit!

  33. Fuck Google

    I like their music less, now, that I have seen what nerdy looking hipster bitches these guys are.

    Keir Robertson

    What a nerdy hipster bitch thing to say! :)

  34. John Kelly

    My neck is killing me

  35. Joey Bingham

    These guys are just massively pulverizing

  36. Günter P. Gunt

    This bands singer went down hill huh?

  37. Captain Chaos

    My new fav band

  38. Ataraxia

    Every time the chorus kicks in with those grooves.

    *slow headbang intensifies*

  39. Robert Deherrera

    does the drummer have to look like he's concentrating on a playback for a video. looks so uninspired and bored, eventhough he's actually destroying

    Dan The Man

    he literally always looks like, just his style of playing

  40. Lucas Smallwood

    I remember listening to this band back in high school. I come back 8 years later and I find theyre still putting out sick stuff.

  41. David Stoker

    This is the album I would take to a deserted island with me. HOLY GODDAMN

  42. berserker96

    Guitar solo: when everyone around you is pissed but you're happy AF and you're gonna wreck some sh*t anyway (: badass, literally looked this up just for the solo. Take chances

  43. nate trujillo

    I need a shower after that riff haha

  44. Dick Hamilton

    The drummer lookin like he just got done doing some taxes lmao

  45. Darthler funniest ATB Behold the Crown reaction!!!

  46. Justin Zelenak

    Just stopped by to check if this is still fire. Yup. My work here is done.

  47. Relentless Ohio

    Justin I sure miss you man. Rest easy my friend.

  48. SonicWavePassenger Music

    those grooves were obscene

  49. Jeffery Meredith


  50. Four Seven

    1:07 so nasty

  51. Christian Halkides

    Will forever be the heaviest grooviest band alive ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤙🏻🔥🔥🔥

  52. Michael Walsh

    Reminds me of the acacia strain 🤘

  53. Angel Cruz

    Showed this to my senpai, he unsubbed pewdiepie

  54. inner decay

    dat solo and breakdown

  55. Clint Basile

    I've seen brighter scenes on daredevil

  56. SamWilliams_Music

    I beat a high lvl RuneScape monster to this song. So yeah.... it’s good

  57. Kurt Shelton

    You guys fucking rock

  58. Matthew Borts

    I feel like one of their nieces or nephews wrote the guitar solo. Besides that I want to punch my boss in the face!

  59. KyleBurnsMusic

    I just...i cant. Its like. One of those riffs you know homeboy came up with and people are like "thats fucking fire" and hes like. Yeah. I know.

    Keir Robertson

    I just like totally can't right now guys like I just cannot even.

  60. Max Kliegl

    The 348 dislikes are probably ones who don't know what real talent is.

  61. Happy Arnold

    The beginning of the solo for this song makes no fucking sense, but otherwise this song goes hard af.

  62. justclimb77

    Still not Meshuggah LOL

  63. Sick and medicinal \m/

    Anyone else notice that thick ass @ 4:18 ??

  64. Nelson

    Wtf meshuga copy

  65. Hello World

    Has the success been worth the death of friends or family? - Lord An (Master of Heavens)

  66. Jay Findlay

    Look at the singers hand at 1:08

  67. Four Seven


  68. Manuel Barro

    Sounds just like Anup Sastry

  69. Sottocolle Landro

    0:15 WTF, the non metal dance

  70. dustin zoll


  71. greedy500z


  72. Sam Delfino

    Filmed in California

  73. Airsoft Panda

    324 people are going to collapse and drown in the flood


    I honestly don't know how they do IT!

  75. Cannibal Cake

    Finally Youtube algorithms got it right and brought me here. \m/ (^_^) \m/

  76. XerDav

    2 years later, i still notice the rhythm guitar volume drop during the solo, that is what we call lazy mixing.

  77. adam costello

    Imagine seeing them in st. Paul in a club that only holds 350 max cap. I was there for the in dreams release.

  78. adam costello

    The people who disliked this have parental issues.

  79. Stickman Zed

    That last bit after 3:29 makes me want to go back in time and kick myself as a baby in the head.

  80. Robert Sheffer

    Might have found myself my new favorite death metal band! This shit goes hard!

  81. Anton Kravets

    Looks like they are actors. No energy at all

  82. michaelsromero1351

    That OUTRO🔥😭🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  83. Kelby Mendez

    Tonight in Dallas. Let's get it!! 🤘🤘

  84. Alex Rogers

    1.2 mill views on an atb video famtastic

  85. martin ratcliffe

    Yes. This is more like it

  86. Acti0n Jack

    This song makes me want to play the WII without the safety strap...

  87. Gabe Alvarez

    this is " I killed my friend / bandmate and framed it as a psychotic break" metal

  88. Precious Metal Head

    I’m gonna go in my kitchen and break some plates on the wall now. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  89. Donnie Boyles

    ATB is so underrated!!!!!

  90. David Stoker

    I wonder what happens in any other dimension when this song is played

  91. Ricky Rampage


  92. Anatoly Zheltikov

    No one is going to comment about that ass solo.....?

  93. alienincognito

    That solo was fuckin ridiculous...these guys surprised me.

  94. ashtrash

    1 million of these views are from me. #banger

  95. hilariousgas

    fuck yeah, get it trent!

  96. messengercrow

    Beautiful solo