After The Burial - Catacombs Lyrics

Sweeping barricades red with rust
Quiet this mind abandoned fields of thought
Searching for meaning, wandering in opaque
Closing my eyes, and let the color in

Quiet this mind ignite these fields of thought
Everything around me cold and still, searching for feeling screaming
Open my eyes and let the color in
We venture through time blind
Running hands against the walls
Everything around me slowing down
I feel a cold wind pierce through the wall
Abandon these fields of thought, try to quiet this mind
We'll serve a lifetime of terror inside
Wandering through these catacombs

Sweeping barricades red with blood
Quiet this mind, ignite these fields of thought
Searching for feeling, screaming in opaque
Closing my eyes colorless

We venture through time blind, running hands against the walls
Forgotten still searching the deeper we go
We venture through time blind, running hands against the walls
We will be forgotten inside these catacombs

Truth will always find me, I'll disregard the meaning
Caught with my head underground wide eyed and afraid to look up
Nightmares replicating on concrete sleep, trapped inside a feverish dream

Waiting for the weight I'm carrying to adjust
Waiting for something to wake me up
I've dug these up on my own, I’ve dug these up on my own
I will stay in these catacombs

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After The Burial Catacombs Comments
  1. Habitual Line Stepper

    When you don't think your dick can get any harder....then you find this song.

  2. Jesse Bowles

    Sweeping barricadessss

    Lined with rustttttt

  3. Drum 645

    dude waaaaaaaaaaaaaah dud waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dude waaaaaaaaaaaaaah dud waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah whaahunnnn whaahunnnn ,whaahunnnn whaahunnnn ,whaahunnnn whaahunnnn

  4. Oceanic Dangernoodle

    They completely ripped off this song from attila

  5. Jesse Bowles

    Sweeping barricade. Lined with Rust

  6. Daryl Johnson

    Notice how the guitars are out front in this song? That's unusual for ATB

  7. Noti Fawkes

    That 1:05 riff is so good. Like to me this artificial harmonic pinch is unique as fuck and nobody else other than lets say Dimebag could do it so well.

  8. Timothy Estrada

    That slow interlude reminds me of system of a down question

  9. Logan McIntyre

    Still my favorite to put on while i go out on my drives. Goes along perfect while going through gears 👌👍

  10. Acid Bruhh

    starts to be a very catchy song once you've listened for a few yrs

  11. David Stoker

    I seriously hear some thrashy, Pantera/Metallica inspired guitar rhythms in this. Among many others.

    ‍ ‍

    Well... it's g0t as many 0's as M0tallica. N0t that I dislike either band; I'm just saying.

  12. Ozz Mota

    If you are one of the heartless assholes who somehow disliked this song/band then you can grab the nearest size 14 and stick it up your ass before I do.

  13. Whiskers

    61 people suck.

  14. Jesse Bowles

    I like the way he says "wandering in opaque"

    Angel Cruz

    Jesse Bowles my favorite part is when he sings the song

  15. Nik core

    hasta abajo mami!!!

  16. curtis cole

    I’m happy because I feel like bands like this are gonna be on the radio soon and we are actually gonna get some new heavy music on the radio again. I could be wrong but that would be awesome if the radio would start playing these new djent bands cuz a lot of them have radio-friendly music and it would be awesome to have them played!

    Mar D. Chafee

    curtis cole As long as there’s screaming it’s hard to get on radio

  17. darkmetalbunny

    this sht too good

  18. sil djent

    ain love tis song

  19. Kaushik B

    DAT riff at 3:07

  20. Andrew Lilly

    This song rehashes a couple riffs from In Dreams.. I think the song To Carry You Away

  21. judson reagles

    Tom Morello is probably pissed someone else wrote this song.

  22. Sacredgeometry

    Sounds way too much like the other songs on the album. Forgettable track

    Nathan Pickering

    Sacredgeometry not really. It's certainly not as heavy as the rest. Guitar tone definitely isn't as heavy and it's not as groovy as the rest, but it's still pretty good


    It's just a total B side track to me.

    Nathan Pickering

    Sacredgeometry yeah I'm not a huge fan of this song, but I don't think it's bad. Doesn't sound like the rest of the tracks though


    Same key and scale as several other tracks on the album

    But sure what do I know right

  23. SSGSS Vegeta

    What genre is this?


    SSGSS 3 Vegeta EDM

    SSGSS Vegeta

    rhym thanks smart ass

  24. Eban

    praise the sun

  25. Vance Griffin

    I kinda stumbled across djent out of seemingly nowhere.. best thing tht ever happened to me :)

  26. The misterious Man

    I love 1:05

  27. Kennedy Cipiso Sigauke

    if a tea cup pig died for each pinch harmonic at @1:18 and @2:40 they would have been at the verge of extinction xD

  28. Alexa Reneé

    Love the badass riffs in this song! 🤘🏻 so different

  29. tanja banfi

    cant fuckin stop to listen this album, brilliant stuff

  30. Bobby C.

    Great track! Incredible riffs, catchy as fuck and love the switches!

  31. Daniel Berkeley

    This song has more bends than I have children in my basement

  32. AIW Wrestling

    They're basically yelling "Feel the emotion!" Lol but yeah at the same time I ❤ ATB

    Austin Thomas

    Mr. Batman0716 whats up mr bad ass

  33. minusmodest


  34. Mr.Batman 0716

    This always gets me pumped before a football game

  35. David Paxson

    Love these damn riffs so much

  36. Dudeman_ 2151

    Lol i saw them live at warp tour last night so its the first time hearing of them

    Dudeman_ 2151

    The band is really chill and down to earth

  37. Carlos Ribero

    Sounds a little bit like 2 Chainz

    Arbios Muçolli


  38. Ary 98


    Ary 98

    but exist something that I might say for everyone: UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... POOOORRA!!!

  39. Toby K.

    Holy fuck every riff in this album just pumps me the fuck up. Such an amazing album. Totally having this playing constantly just like Rareform.

  40. RiotGames

    So fucking badass.

  41. Warboss Nekrogg

    Going hard in the paint👍👍

  42. Shannon Delahanty

    this album is clearly missing justin pretty boring and not like the previous releases RIP justin and ATB

    Zach McNeil

    Shannon Delahanty this is the last album Justin wrote along with Trent, he had his mental breakdown one of the first days at the recording studio

  43. Clay Ton

    This is Cymbal porn.

  44. Alvaro Concha

    I fucking love it!

  45. Leonard T

    *Disclaimer:* Every man, woman and child was harmed in the making of this song.

  46. Alex Gonzalez

    chon, aal, periphery, plini, tesseract, born of osiris, after the burial,


    Alex Gonzalez Contortionist and BTBAM


    Polyphia, Disperse, Intervals, Berried Alive, Archspire, Umi, Jakub Zytecki, Arch Echo, Pomegranate Tiger, Owane, Ghost Iris, David Maxim Micic, Joel Lindfors, Mammoth, Cyborg Octopus, Thank You Scientist, Haken, Vitalism

    Darkened Psynoid

    I need a pen and paper........

    Ethan Gurevich

    Within the ruins, erra, invent animate, veil of maya

  47. Kyle Davis

    I make love to this album daily. mmm mmmmm so good.

  48. Timur

    fucking hell this is good

  49. Zack Neves

    0:50 for arguably the biggest metal eargasm of 2016

  50. DandyDeicide

    I think this is the worst song (if I had to pick one) off this album.. and this is an amazing song O.o

  51. Joey Pertee

    why is this not on Spotify. Seriously. But Im not even mad gonna buy the album straight up

  52. Lesbian tmb


  53. xThe_noJx

    When you find exactly what you didn't know you were looking for. Humbled.

    Charlie Mule

    "Serendipidously Saucy" is the phrase they use

  54. Michael C

    go to gym
    lift heavy
    play this
    power levels over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Michael C I do the same.. repeat

  55. joel m

    Excellent work from a band that deserves more recognition for the amazing talent they bring to their genre. Fuk ye,I Love this album!

    David Stoker

    None of these bands get the respect and recognition for their talents that they deserve.

  56. Jacob Finck


  57. simkenheights

    favorite song on the album

  58. Scott Durrant

    fucking hell

  59. Tristan Traill

    1:04, is ATB trying to get someone killed in their pits?

  60. Silencyde

    This record needs 3,285 more songs as good as these... But I'm cool with just playing this whole album on repeat for the next 365 days.

  61. Dominic Gutierrez

    3:50 *heart rate increases by the power of ten*

  62. Allan Bloodworth


  63. MrFuckinTinkles


  64. Budsmokee

    digging this stuff

  65. BootyKiknChickn

    1:40 "I feel a cobweb piss on the wall!"

    You’ve Killed The Saint In Me

    BootyKiknChickn YOU’RE A GENIUS OMG 😂😂😂

  66. FeroxX

    This is fuckin Ace

  67. Stephano Castino

    bruh the last part especially

  68. Bj Hutson

    just got turned on to these guys a week ago from my tattoo artist. ...and all I can say is wow. it's the only thing my car...truck...or you tube has been playing for the last 7 days.

  69. Derk Ender

    that intro is the most fucking amazing thing ever

  70. PatInTheHat

    This song has a fucking ton of old school metal influence as well as some iron maiden and good ol dimebag himself. I like that they are trying to get off the beaten path with progressive djent metal. Still some djent in there but not as much. Its the same thing im having a problem with in my band. How do we make something epic and heavy yet groovy but not be in the same tuning. Play it in a higher key and go down on parts!

  71. Jotaro Kujo

    *we will be forgotten inside these catacombs*

    Amazing song, amazing band, "Dig Deep" is easily 11/10.

  72. Knotunit

    spotify when?

  73. Jaller

    Those pinch harmonics tho

  74. RapperTheOne

    I desperatly need this on spotify asap. Love this!

  75. Sidney Smith

    Such classic ATB! Love this one and Mire the most so far

  76. Sd Ny

    Album is sick from top to bottom. Fucking riffage on this song is nutz.

  77. Blacktooth Grinn

    I'm really trying to imagine another band with a bigger, better guitar tone than ATB and I just cant.

    Catalin V

    haha u funny =))

  78. Heath C-c

    I love that it's their newer sound moving forward as a band but the song still has hints of old stuff like I noticed a part that sounded like To Carry You Away

  79. Brian Foster

    I was kinda moving away from metal to new genres recently... this brought me right back

  80. Clarkzor

    God fucking damn put this shit on in the gym with that mean mug and pump that iron i wish i could scream me head off except i would get kicked out i love u guys


    +Clarkzor the feeels

  81. Reynaldi Prabowo

    very great song!!!!!

  82. vicpic666

    I need to tab this :o fuuuuuuuuuuu that breakdown

  83. TonyX311


  84. TAKEmy GRITS

    Holy frozen vegetable cocks this song...

  85. bfahrnow

    So does anyone know who they have playing guitar in place of Justin Lowe ??? Sick album this is! Wonder how many songs Justin was involved in on this album before he passed away?!

    Michael Gonzalez

    no replacement. no talks of that at all.

  86. jamescmiller13

    3:50 makes me wanna break shit.

  87. sk8erKyle14

    Saw these guys with BOO and Veil of Maya and killed it. Easily the best show I've ever seen in my life. I just wish ATB played more than 6 songs :(

  88. joey BOYER

    I miss Justin lowe
    these guitar riffs Arnt that good to be honest
    it just went bland
    the riffs are thrashy they are
    not a djent band
    anymore 😢😒😒😞😳😟

    Benz Pantera P.Drive

    Justin write the riffs 😒

    joey BOYER

    +Benz Pantera P.Drive show me

    Benz Pantera P.Drive

    +joey BOYER they maybe don't have a video dumbass. I can feel riffs by listen to this song and i know Trent and Justin made this song and remains me to legendary dimebag darrel tune.

    joey BOYER

    +Benz Pantera P.Drive why would you need a video for proof that wouldn't even tell me anything
    what I'm asking for is the copy right document
    the name of the artists should be on the top and sometimes what parts they made are there too

    Benz Pantera P.Drive

    +joey BOYER Why do you ask the evidence? Clearly you didn't listen to Justin so much. Im not even deaf enough to know this is sound they will write if he still here. 7years listen to this guys everday. Maybe im not even pro about tune but i know as 7years diehard ATB fans.

  89. Aaron Bull

    at 1:02 when we all smiled, you know you did

    Tactical Moose

    this damn near made me cry.... STOP!

    Mark Franklin

    I spinefucked myself, if that's even possible..

  90. Andre Lopez

    This song just resurrected my love for this genre of music thank you ATB

  91. Ocean Harvest

    Holy fuck beautifully done !

  92. Mason Venhaus

    the pinch harmonics are everything

  93. pijips123

    never listened to them before, but completely addicted now by this album

    Benz Pantera P.Drive

    listen to rareform


    +pijips123 also don't forget to look up forging a future self, its there true first album but was self released

  94. Michael Van doran

    why is this not on spotify anyone know

  95. Nine Worlds

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh those pinch harmonics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Marcin Bulczak

    Was waiting for something like this !!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes

  97. Ry Guy

    So happy for the success/great feedback this album is receiving for you guys but at the very same time so damn upset. Because it CLEARLY shows the world lost an AMAZINGLY TALENTED guitarist/writer this past summer. Why God,why do the great ones always get taken away? BS