After The Burial - Behold The Crown Lyrics

Eternal fury - the wrath within
Scorched by the fires that sent me
Battle on into the night
In shallow graves - they will suffer

Smash everything around you, it's all yours if you wish
Give and take in the palm of your hand
Return us all where we begin
Spun of earth, masked and secret, liars hide inside us all
With sharpened teeth vast that never end
To the gallows, we descend

Lost to the patterns of pitch and smoke
Where we will beg
Outside asylum that can't exist
Where we will beg
Where we will beg

All those who oppose us, pushed down and stamped out

Behold the crown of misery
A question of violent faith, to question all of Man
Behold the crown of misery
A question of violent faith, to question all of Man

All those who oppose us, pushed down and stamped out

Lost to the patterns of pitch and smoke
Where we will beg
Outside asylum that can't exist
Where we will beg
Where we will beg

Eternal fury - the wrath within
Scorched by the fires that sent me
Battle on into the night
In shallow graves - they will suffer

Behold the crown of misery
A question of violent faith, to question all of Man
Behold the crown of misery
A question of violent faith, to question all of Man

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After The Burial Behold The Crown Comments
  1. Josh A

    Good video and quality overall, I guess I'm alone when I say that snowball battles aren't metal imo. Not even with 10% viking clothing.

  2. DraculaXHunter101

    Who knew Game of Thrones got a re-boot and Sumerian Records decided to call it Djent of Thrones.

  3. Andrew Lawrence

    Dimebag Darrell still plays guitar hellz yeah!

  4. Jason Tank

    I love the pinch harmonics.

  5. Adam Cundiff

    It’s a snowball fight

  6. James Schlott

    I got a fever. And the only prescription is more pinch harmonic!!!

  7. cutanddry420

    Great tune dudes!!! But there is a serious lacking of pinch harmonics!!

  8. Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Never before seen footage of battles between the vikings and crusaders in Denmark during Winter, colorized.

  9. eva schultz

    ich mach dich tot mit meinem schneeball du opfer

  10. john stewart

    Still the most badass snowball fight out of all Tamriel

  11. Fabio Artos Cassone

    Snow Battle+ Vikings+ Mosh Pit . oh fuck yeah!

  12. Pain Cycle Of Hate

    Cheers to the comment section ! \m/

  13. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Saw this live on Dec 6 2019 they opened for As I Lay Dying!
    What a crazy show they pulled off!

    Jairo V

    I saw them live yesterday it was great!

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    @Jairo V hell yea🤘🤘✌!!

  14. Totality is Mentality

    I liked this song the first time I heard it

  15. Brian Russell

    Thought you were supposed be a Christian band? Cursing at a concert.disgrace

  16. HailOdin666

    Am I a degenerate white islander branch that ironically holds more power than many gods and does not even have the power of my ancestors

  17. HailOdin666

    Do white island blood lines dominate

  18. HailOdin666

    Am I a stronger occultist than 99 percent

  19. Christopher Figard

    1:21 It real when you see that Minecraft sword!

  20. Emil Velin0V

    And i want to play with snow balls like this peoples

  21. Dagster Blaster

    Totally awesome viking snowball fight!

  22. FuCkInGWhItEcHaPeL

    That’s okay, guys. I’m not into serious music videos or anything.

  23. ace djentura

    Why do I feel like if pantera was around this day and age they’d sound just like this

  24. Torqable

    The guy that keeps getting angry changes sides like 3 times or something lmfao

  25. therealforestelf


  26. Justin Minor

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT! The song! The video! I love it!

  27. Daddy_K 1906

    Before the song: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    After the song: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

  28. Leroy Jenkem

    This is how we settle shit in Minnesota.

  29. Tazmanian66devil

    Just saw these guys with AILD. Fucking murdered it. Best concert I've been to. Both bands came out for blood

  30. Matthew Wilson

    I fucking love this band and this song is sicker than a dog with parvo

  31. Courtney Hates

    The intro makes my brain twitch, like am i going to kill you right now

  32. Τασος Καρακασης

    i think at the end of the song takes the scene from lord of the rings with frodo wearing the mithril armor before the fight with balrog

  33. haiden o

    Seen these guys live with Emmure and AILD in Vegas, so fucking sick!





  35. One Little Gogh

    Burial best of da djent

  36. Timothy Farley

    This video reminds me of the letterkenny episode with hard right jay

  37. Alessandro Arzilli

    Anybody knows which amp sims & cabs should be used to achieve a similar guitar tone?

  38. TK Rector

    I like harmonics and all but that riff is fucking annoying, stupid song

  39. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view I read about ww2 Himmler said he wanted to kill and destroy as much as possible in a certain way for example reducing the stock of humans and gods to next to nothing with himself in charge of a seed of the remnants

  40. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view but I read about ww2 he said even if Jesus was somehow in some way both real and good he would stab him to death for being the most annoying larp in history and for not impaling more people

  41. Dylan Hyde

    When skyrim meets snowball fights

  42. Skyboss006

    ///////........we will get it right next time........europe Lord Don cummin.....he go deal with the issue.........

  43. God

    2:22 when the hot pockets are done and you see somebody about to steal them

  44. Nicole Davis

    overuse of pinch harmonic... violation... no pass given!

  45. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view but a friend read a book that took a balanced view and the book talked about ww2 and the ss said that the high command needed to hurry their invasion plans of enemy territory and the ss was the most patient and tough that the high command every dealt with but the ss did not like them and given the slightest opportunity the ss would bring terrible things upon them for their endless idiocy and foot dragging

  46. Brandon Sage

    “How long can you carry a pitch harmonic?”

    “Lets see.”

  47. Gee Dubb

    Death by pinch harmonics.

  48. Ron Swanson

    This music video is a PG version of Amon Amarth

  49. Adam Zebrowski

    These guys sound like they came straight out of a time capsule from 2000. I mean common, metal has evolved light years ahead of this tired and boring metalcore equation. I am shocked that bands like this still exist.

  50. chris craig

    I have jared dines locked in my biscuit tin


    best guitar sound.

  52. m0x hxc

    Orgasmo auditivo como suena esta banda por diosss!!

  53. Elijah Jacob


  54. FachtnaHarmonia

    sounds cool, but this isn't the After The Burial that got me into After The Burial

  55. Corey Fietz

    Those pinch harmonics though!

  56. Jheni S

    The harmonics in this remind me A LOT of in the midst of lions- the call

  57. Neur0s1s



    Some of us have missed our calling, where if you knew how to wield a sword it could make you a king.

  59. Rae Polleys

    The only snowball fights worth having honestly

  60. zej lol

    Damn that's a brutal war going on

  61. Some Guy

    I can hear the lack of Justin. Still a good band but he was so different and it really showed.

  62. Alessandro Arzilli

    The guitar tone sounds very similar to Ola Englund's. Any hints about what gear was used?

  63. Pupaktube


  64. Cody Derbyshire

    Norsemen,Anglo Saxons

  65. John Freitas

    1 pick scrape at at 0:33.

  66. Nash Fleury

    Let Rain the snowballs of War!!!!

  67. Toni's Studio's & more

    One of the most ridiculous cliche music videos i seen😂 but still a badass fucking song🔥🔥

  68. Jakob Andrew Cervantes

    Sumerian: We want you guys to make the most metal video you can make.
    Sumerian: That's not REAL metal!
    ATB: With full grown men wearing chainmail and viking/spartan/knight helmets, and everyone who gets hit a snowball dies!
    Sumerian: NOW WE'RE TALKING!!!

  69. Alessio D'Annibale

    Behold The Pinch Harmonics

  70. Mordor

    Another day in Russia)

  71. Mordor

    Another day in Russia)

  72. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it I have a balanced view I read about ww2 himmler said he was going to show the greatest blessings and the greatest terrors that history had ever seen the choice was to each individual as to what they would recieve himmler also said his opponents should not be excused for being mere cogs in a machines or ignorany they would and must get the worst treatment himmler said he would sniff out and ruin spiritually all his enemies and all enemies of the state of the people of the culture of the race

  73. Mark Johnson

    We wu we. We we. We wu we.

  74. new found life

    wat a weird song

  75. Aggressive Armadillo

    Somewhere in heaven dimebag is smiling :)

  76. LordRaven1104

    I didn't know a snowball fight could become so badass

  77. HornetXHD

    Buda wewewewewweeeewee

  78. Vincent Crandall

    This is the first song I'm hearing by them, any recommendations to look up?💀 Liking this song I keep coming back to it

    vibhu sharma

    After the Burial - Berzerker (personal favorite) and Lost in the Static.

  79. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it but I heard this is a video about the mortals killing every single immortal and most of the rest as well while crowning themselves

  80. courtesy _ trpz

    1:02 is when the “singing” starts. Still a pretty good song

  81. neon strip

    My ears hurt.

  82. Zac Bestul

    Duluth MN 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  83. Plagued Panda

    The pinches made me feel like I was scrubbing the bathroom mirrors at work

  84. Dima Terehov

    Fuuuucking amaaaaaasziiiiingggg!!!!

  85. Jay Motzer

    They played this when they came to Philly, was hesitant at first with the harmonics, my feelings quickly changed midway through haha

  86. gob gooberson

    Theres always about 3 cups of sweat sloshing around in my boxers when I hear this

    Rio Mariucci

    Every time I hear this I get flashbacks to finding out that my hair was frozen to the inside of a helmet. Haha

  87. Danielle j e Cruz

    ☺Duuuuuuuuuuudddddeeeeeee yes.

  88. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it but book also said there is little chance anyone will be forgiven.

  89. HailOdin666

    I'm not sure about it because I love jesus and hate pagans and immortals are good but I read a book about ancient pagans and the pagan said that they laughed at the gods because they did not believe any were good even though they may say differently and pagan said their goal was to kill and wage horrible warfare upon every single one if the gods because thru action or inaction they had caused the pagan more trouble than they should have to consume therefore as a group the gods had to be all punished for they had all let pagan down and the pagans were not going to foot any bill and were going to impose it multiplied upon the gods and the pagans said they were going to destroy all religions of any significance this included any recognition of the immortals for they had failed and had been weak and impotent if they were not outright troublesome and that new religion would wipe them all out and the pagans said they were also quite tired even if there was some general distant hardly discernable truth to some sort of Abraham mythology and human history. They said they were tired of the story and anything to do with it. The pagans said if they had been there to record and to be priests a very very different sounding written work would be available and a very different temple would be erected and very different people would be worshipped as gods. The pagans said they were also tired of the very hard effort to connect every magical system to the Hebrew letters and endless rabbinical sounding drivel and endless mathematics which serve no purpose in the moment and are explained poorly when these things would instead be presented in a good way and only taken out of the shelf when appropriate. The pagans also said its funny that germanic runes and Babylonian runes are not prevelant and have various profound insights and mathematics which may not be easily tied into the rabbi narrative and the rabbi runes. I'm not sure about that and im not sure we should disparage Abraham and rabbis and Hebrew. I'm not sure about these pagans in the book. But then the pagans in the book said there are only two options. That all these immortals and all these prevelent systems would either be completely razed to the ground and forgotten or they would face a trial where every facet and action and event would be scrutinized for its worth. I'm not sure about that.

  90. Jessé Levy Vieira

    After the Pinchial

  91. Cory Looper Beats

    i dont think the end will be quite like this lol but that is one hell of a spiritual fight

    Cory Looper Beats

    the fantasy aspect is amazing on this.

  92. SpheniMoo

    Pinch Harmonic Levels: *Asian mom pinches*

  93. Martin Hrdý

    I think this song needs more pinch harmonics.

  94. HailOdin666

    I read a book about this I'm not sure about it but it said it looks the same yet it is not and its subtle and now the difference isnt discernable and now we have become cryptic jews who cannot be understood by a nuance so deep

  95. HailOdin666

    I saw a post about hitler it was kind of positive and I was very slightly moved closer to the side of him being ok

  96. HailOdin666

    I read about these kings Idk may have been greek and the pagans and shit and the med region and one king was like to the other they wanted to work together and one king was like you havent dont 2 percent of what you need to get us to sign agreement with your kingdom what is you plan to throw out the subversive in you kingdom and the other king was like......

  97. HailOdin666

    I read a book about ancient kings and old battles and walocks and shiy and the one king said to the other he was like fuck you you fucking piece of shit this king is smarter than you and knows it all we wont accept Trojan horses. Idk might have been like greeks and shit Idk about it.

  98. Nick Knee

    Heaviest snowball fight ever

  99. edwin bro

    Shit slaps

  100. Brennan Long

    Bad ass snowball fight