After The Burial - Aspiration Lyrics

Victim of anger tied to distance.
Where does it come from?
Distrust I've stood strong held my head high through constant war.
So brutal so violent.
So I tiptoe through conversation a lapse in my step is misperceived
Unleash a breath of salvation in dormancy lies everlasting rage.
Remember all the fires we started our aspirations for progression.
we feed the burning for a better day don't let your selfishness extinguish the flame.
Prevailing with lasting intentions.
Never living behind your back.
Convictions leave me questioning if you've been living behind mine.

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After The Burial Aspiration Comments
  1. Austin Brandenburg

    It was so awesome to hear this live in minneapolis <3 l,,l

  2. Steven Winn


  3. Benny Presley

    The original is and will always be the best. This song and the whole album.

  4. dave moroz

    Can anyone PLEASE let me know if they know where to get the original rareform album!? Can’t find it anywhere

    Benny Presley

    dave moroz dude. I can’t either. I love both, but the original is just so nostalgic, and brings me to a different place. If you find it please put a link here.

  5. Shredzter187

    So does anyone miss the originals? This is... eww

  6. AlexTechNicol

    Why can I not find the original rareform anywhere?

    Surreptitious Writings

    I have it on my computer. listening to it now. the vocals are so much better in the original.

  7. Марфа Нерадужная

    Am I vomiting from my bra.a.a.a.a.a.a . .. . . . . where is the old good rithm... the melody... oh my gosh... what a shiiiii

  8. Vlad Nikonov

    Super great! Show on zaxidfest was fucking crazy!! Thanks!

  9. Phymatic

    They played this last night in Melbourne. It was fucking lit. These guys are incredible live.

  10. Dead Inside

    Saw them tonight this song is beautiful on all levels. Philly loves you Minnesota boys! ATB😍😍😍

    RIP Justin Lowe

  11. Dr Freezegood

    Give us the original Rareform please

  12. Ian Jaynes

    RIP Justin.

  13. Insanniee

    I love this song, I went to see them live last year (Dallas tx) and when they play this song was amazing I got chills... They also have a promo video on Instagram With this song, and I am on the first road so happy!! Lol

  14. Grizzly Poota

    One of the best fucking bands out !!!!

  15. sdracklryeg

    Something about that arching bend played over the top of the chord progression at 1:52 really gets me

  16. pardon my fuch

    Don't let your selfishness extinguish the flames ❤

  17. Sadam Death

    2019 ??

  18. Insanniee

    I just love this song! I went to see them last Oct 19. Awesome show and i loved to hear this song live, I got chills.... Got it on video you can take a look if you want on my YouTube channel...

  19. Justin Andersen

    Goddammit. I simply cannot find the original anywhere. :/ feels bad. Lost somewhere in my archaic library of cds. I just don't vibe with this version of the album.

  20. Tom Guerrero

    Warped 2017 I'll never forget crowd surfing to the front during that breakdown at 2:30 and hi fiving Chad. He was so happy looking🤗

  21. Недовольный

    обажаю этот трэк

  22. metalfuk1

    Man don yourselves a favor and listen to the other version of this song

  23. pookamonsta

    probably one of my favorite intros ever

  24. Matt Tomlinson

    Does anyone have a link the the original release? Its been years since I last heard it

  25. John Petrillo

    Everlasting grace.

  26. Ghosty Frost

    This song is probably their best work overall. Grooves so hard

  27. Kei TheKorono

    This reissue is complete shit and such a waste... why tf would you ruin this song?

  28. frizzybob

    He went for cigarettes. An hr passed. Two. Now 3. He is gone. Gone for too damn long

  29. Curious Fiend

    I know I comment alot here,
    ✌😆🤘, but [email protected] me sideways! this song is just absolutely incredible!

  30. Curious Fiend

    Tried listening to one AtB song, nek minute I've listened to all their albums.👍😘🤘

  31. Willeys Life

    A little harder to listen to without well you know... RIP Justin

  32. framus666

    I miss the original version, cant find it anywhere


    framus666 exactly bro I literally scrolled down the comments to see if there's any true fans out there

  33. Ryan McSherry

    You know I’ve never had an ad before this song...pretty sure it’s the only ATB song like that. Must be in Justin’s memory

  34. Chris Jr

    God this is such a trip to this day the feeling it brings out of me hot damn. ATB FOREVER

  35. Time Keeper

    By far one of the greatest songs ever written.
    People are always comparing them to us. Probably just because we're from MN. What do you think?

    Curious Fiend

    Time Keeper -damn that's cheesy, good thing I like cheese.
    Ima check it out ✌

    Time Keeper

    Haha, yeahh. Just a little. Honestly it HAS happened, but realistically we sound NOTHING like them in our opinion. Thanks a lot for giving it a look!

    Curious Fiend

    Time Keeper -👍😉🤘no worries, mate.

  36. Ohtmael Nkoftcuer

    I love the end of that solo when the strings just resonate for the rest of the song juss gives me goose bumps

    Convince us

    Ohtmael Nkoftcuer same here, full body chillz ,everytime

  37. Spineapple

    yaayy happy djent :D

  38. LaVonta’ Lee

    Love that song 🤘😀🤘

  39. Michael modaffari

    song makes me think about Justin. rip brother taken before your time I wish you could have found another way out. the memory will live on.

  40. Wanto

    Really guys... its pity.. Justin was really great but cmon. You cant said its sad songs or something like this... You can keep best memories to Justin just if you keep it brutal on his music!

  41. Phildo

    RIP Justin. You will never be forgotten.

  42. Adam Neilson

    should so do an instrumental album

  43. Swastik Roy

    02:53 it is !!

  44. 420protoman

    Trent Hafdahl is a pedo


    and a gang stalker


    wut? explain

  45. Siavash Tamizy

    Fuck ... this song is absolutely nostalgic for me , i remember i used to listen to this song in one my darkest periods of life , I broke with my gf and tons of other shit happened ...
    RIP justin , one day i'll meet you ...

    Manuel Sotelo

    I feel you like a soulmate on this

    Dawson Wade

    Manuel Sotelo I can third that

  46. Jon Ridley

    I wish I had jammed this shit when it came out. Fucking epic

    Manuel Sotelo

    me too and I listened to this. it was like an epiphany of music for me. a whole new level

  47. GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    god i love ATB.they always had the coolest djenty guitar rhythms along with beautiful soloing. i cant believe Justin's gone, i never met the guy or saw them live with himbut its hit me harder than any other death in music ever has

  48. Wesley Bond

    I'd finally listened to and AtB song on shuffle without instantly thinking about Justin. Of course less than a second later I see the first comment. Fuck.

  49. Brandon

    @ 1:11 all hell fucking breaks loose jesus christ

  50. Pounce Baratheon

    One time I was walking a trail through the woods with two of my friends and we were talking about our favorite riffs. I couldn't remember the name of this song so I just said "Either of you know that one that goes like Jukka-jukka. BROOooown duggle-duggit. Brown jugga. Down-duckit. Brown jug. Brown jugga. Juggle-juggit. DROoown Buckle-buckit. Brown duckit. Bo-bucket. Brown duck. Butt-fuckit. Sucken-fuckit. Drank? Huggle-buggit... " (2:53 for reference)

    ...Turns out both of them knew and loved this song, so soon all three of us are walking through the woods just making noises like "Brown-jug, No-knuckle, little-bucket, Wank? Shitta-nugget..." and I'll never forget that day because the look on the face of the hiker we walked past while imitating that shit in perfect rhythm with one another is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    R.I.P Justin Lowe.

    Mitchell Bruce

    Me and my bro were dead reading that lol, thx for sharing


    Pounce Baratheon you guys are like a different version of me and my old bros.

    J M

    What a cheesy ass story

    Jay DiNitto

    10/10 story and memory

    Did any of you do the solo?

  51. Apollo Blackblood

    The intro. One of the things I love 'bout "Djent".

  52. Shawn

    God I'm gonna miss you, brother! RiP :'(

  53. Bryce King

    2:55 though

  54. Josh Wigget

    Rest in Peace Justin Lowe.

  55. Brennan Shackelford

    Rest in peace Justin Lowe. Listening to this now is so saddening.


    Had the opportunity to get drunk and talk w him a few times at the masquerade in Atlanta, he was really a talented guitarist....

  56. danitk8888

    I prefer Chad Kroeger's vocals in this...

    Tommy Wertz

    @danitk8888 haha you so silly. love drew :)

  57. Conner D.

    I love the lyrics to this song. 
    "Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh
    How did our eyes get so red?
    And what the hell is on Joey's head?"

    Mitch Short

    You never made it as a wise man.

    Ricky Imbrogno


    Xabro Fuentes

    Retarted comment

    Unicorps TV

    I see you're a fan of Drewsif too, muh boi

  58. Jack Heet

    2:28 oh shit... 

  59. Marshall Heim

    Anybody upload an instrumental version?

  60. powergroover19

    2:55 commence head banging!

  61. ForLorNVuLgaR

    Prog Dftones

    Steven Williams

    Dude. Genius.


    Wow the “Stop It” comment never came, im truly astonished. usually the metal videos are the fucking worst with comparing bands, its almost liek every band is like a political or something. nd one is the best nd if u like another band than ur not a true metal fan, the dumbiest fucking thing. no wonder why i only have one buddy that loves metal, bc the ones ive met r jus as crazy as the internet losers

  62. Austin Appel

    1:12 has the best riff imo

  63. Josh

    probably one of my favorite metal songs of all time

  64. mike titsucker

    yeah i agree, i saw these guys live yesterday and the guitarist has mad skills, but rarely showcases them enough. i met the singer though, great guy.

  65. whatchamacallit

    The beginning kind of reminds me of that U2 song where the streets have no name.

  66. owmyears55


  67. Zachary Scott

    This song is one of the most compelling songs I've ever listened to. Very well written too.

  68. vince guzman

    this song is funny.

  69. adam butchard

    Dat intro is so beautiful and divine

  70. KudyProd

    Wow...This song is fucking amazing

  71. Ian Jackson

    Oh my fucking satan <3

  72. Dante

    i agree...they made a cool work with the vocals.

  73. Dan Kemph

    yes, this was released a little over a year later (2009) than the original album created in 2008. The re-release includes remastered live drums, and re-recorded vocals from their current vocalist Anthony Notormasom. the whole album just sounds better.


    No tf it doesn't... don't take this comment personal but... no it just NO!!!!

  74. Dan Kemph

    right!!!! like how in the world can something this beautiful even be possible

  75. colton zimmerman

    best intro to any song ever

  76. VaVaValiant

    Breaking deadlift PR's to this song is honestly better than sex.

  77. Dante

    is this a remaster? because the version in Rareform album is different...btw this version is better in my ears

  78. 35555

    Just listening to the lyrics and the mucic brought a tear to my eye.... this song is so amazing.

  79. xiJester

    0:56 - 4:41 *drools*


    Yes. I'm having a fucking miserable day, but this just made it better.

  81. NMcCall

    This is the most uplifting metal song I've ever heard.

  82. Tormented

    Don't let your selfishness extinguish the flame ♥

  83. Karol Gacek


    Jesus Christ

    Karol Gacek you're beautiful


    Just like u 😍

  84. Mansinator17

    I said nothing about proving anything i just love his solos and would like to hear more.

  85. Mansinator17

    They have the maddest guitarist why is there hardly any solos in there songs and if there are what are they called? :)

    Relentless Ohio

    Mansinator17 ometh

  86. FutureSequence


  87. Calibur43

    Saw them play this in 117 degree weather on blacktop, didn't matter.

  88. scott b

    o really? like this might sound crazy but i THOUGHT taste in music was a personal opinion...weird

  89. timothy recio

    Ok maybe weird is the wrong word. I should say "unusual" :)

  90. Alister Tate Anderson

    Fuck Chelsea Grin. The only reason they're even listenable now is because jason joined the band,

  91. scott b

    1080p makes a big difference in sound quality

  92. scott b

    and chelsea grin

  93. timothy recio

    Ok maybe not weird but it's unusual.

  94. Jake Bricker

    I was watching them at Warped, and this was their last song.. as soon as the intro started I got goosebumps. I've seen them twice now and they are the best live band I've ever seen.

  95. Ian Jackson

    I love this song.
    And that speaker is about to get blown........again. To the same song.

  96. timothy recio

    This is so weird that it's in Gb major but it's gorgeous and amazing and I like it :)

  97. Tim Vasquez

    lol yeah, it a 2 minte song after the burial did where over 100 digits of pi were used as the rhythm for the bass drum and guitars, its really good