After The Burial - Anti Pattern Lyrics

I am a shadow slipping into the abyss
A part of me that will never leave
Just to remind me of who I have grown to be
Pulling me side to side
It won't forget me

I'm watching where I step
So I don't fall between the cracks
An anti-pattern in disbelief

I can't convince myself to be better than I am
I am the watcher
This is a severance
We are waiting for the signs

It'll take more than fortune and shooting stars
To keep me from falling
I unwrap myself
I dissolve

Into one-thousand pieces

I am a shadow
Slipping into the abyss
A part of me. Never leave.

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After The Burial Anti Pattern Comments
  1. foul play

    Years later... still a banger

  2. heckoliver

    2:57-:3:11 if I could live in the riff everywhere I go I'd conquer the world

  3. heckoliver

    I am a shadow slipping into the abyss!

  4. Captain Chaos

    I used to not dig this album that much but forcing myself to listen to it, I actually think it’s some of their better work, not the album itself but the technicality of some songs, well thought out.

  5. Memory Hold

    This song is what plays in the background during Freemason ritual sacrifice ceremonies. That last breakdown is when the goat is brought out

  6. Byron Peña

    Prog. Metalcore

  7. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    I always imagine the guitarist twisting their caps backwards when 1:01 starts.

  8. Andy Arexx-Siharath

    heavily underrated band

    Curious Fiend

    Andy Arexx -👍☺👌

  9. Denny Rieche

    WHats the Genre?

  10. Mike Hintz

    2:39 "ENTER A THOUSAND BASSES!!!"  \\m//

  11. Reflect All But White

    that unmixed avatar samples .... lol

  12. Conor Keenan

    This song is fucking sick!

  13. Sarah Pace

    My favorite ATB song of all time <3

    Captain Chaos

    Interesting.. good choice tho

    Captain Chaos

    Interesting I really dig aspiration or berzerker

  14. k par

    1:57-2:03. "I came to represent, to be better than I am." Is Ash Ketchum in a band?...Hey Ash how's your pokédex going man?

  15. krzy doomsday

    This is my wake-the-fuck-up alarm in the morning.

  16. I'm A Pioneer

    this drummer is fucking nuts

  17. Ascended Serenity

    Metal and Iron brought me here

  18. Alex Bird

    Sounds like metroid at the beginning.

  19. Kyle Anthony


  20. DeaFX

    I want to see them live just for this epic intro :D


    +Jaxcompot you should. sounds soooooooo good live! very good live band


    DeaFX Yes, do it if you can. They're probably the best band I've seen live

  21. Ahead Fury


    Waffle Cat

    I'M DEAD

  22. Chung Boul

    1:35 When your voice cracks but they keep in the song anyway

    Dylan Gustafson

    +Chung Boul I don't believe that was a voice crack, man.

    Jandro Chaves

    Wtf are you talking about?
    That's not. Lol. It's just another type of voice.

    Chung Boul

    +Jandro Chaves It was only a joke

    Chung Boul

    +Jandro Chaves It was only a joke

  23. Dylan Imperi

    if you go to YouTube videos to complain about the production you're a homo

    Chung Boul

    but honestly just imagine if the production was spot on, like that new single they just put out, life would be great

    Angry Amy

    +Chung Boul I think he's referencing the fact that YouTube videos are compressed to fuck. Nothing comes closer to the studio than a physical copy.

    Matt G

    +amytothek Trust. Youtube compression is the worst thing to happen to music since... Fuck it, someone else can think of an example there for me

  24. meth0d

    1:35 wtf is that noise? lol


    Sounds like a wet fart lol


    Sounds brutal lol

    Jorge Félix

    my grandma scolding me lol :v

    Jonathan HERMANN

    it's like he's really really angry ahah


    its a whisper type thing but still being aggressive, i feel you tho he shud have done another take cause he kinda fucked it up a bit

  25. Atticus TheDeathMetaller

    RIP Justin.  :/

    trash account

    hey atticus

    Riff Ter

    Atticus TheDeathMetaller he died?

  26. Andrea Sierra

    this is the best shit ever!!!!! xD

  27. jeleopard

    I really pray the next album has better production. Cause this shit is so hard to listen to.

    lar ge

    I agree.

    Devon Weber

    +jeleopard With the song "Lost in the Static" im almost certain they'll do better production, that song was produced so well.

  28. Warrior Tha Witt

    Elitists hate all ya want but, this sounds NOOOOOOTHING LIKE MEAT SUGGAR I MEAN ME-SHUGGUH

  29. Granny Soup Ladle


  30. Matthew Sanke

    They play this shit sooo tight live it's unbelievable. Absolutely fucking awesome

  31. Oscar Saucedo

    2:55 love that shit!

  32. Rodman Smith

    This album is fucking awesome though..

  33. speedster338

    The breakdown is my ringtone ;)

  34. Nathan Zwiener


  35. WHIPGhostHunters

    Does the main riff in this song sound to anyone else like if A Steady Decline was played backwards or something? Perhaps the origin of the name of this one?

    Marksman 5147

    very interesting honestly

  36. Rodman Smith

    Rareform is still the best. Imo

    Razioski _

    I bet you listen to asking alexandria

  37. Random__itch

    "Into one thousand pieces" and I'm setting it off!

  38. Shit Eating Grin

    lol if mouments and meshuggah had a child... this would be it


    Except monuments suck..

    Francis Bacon

    @Jordan Davidson This made me lol^

    Michael Sims

    That makes After the Burial an inbred child

    Spoon Lord

    Blueskythinking you can fuck yourself until you die sir

  39. Shawn

    Love this song so much. And with a little bit of improv' I can finally play it on drums!!

  40. Machete kisses

    ну хуй пойми

  41. JohnAbroBoi

    Great song for waking up.

  42. Andrés Sabatini

    I love how angry are these guys. Keep it that way!

  43. Braden Groundwater

    these drums are so superior! 

    Jason Mingalone



    @Braden Groundwater Superior Drummer program right?

    Dig Deep

    Wrong. ^ It's Dan Carle.

  44. TheReav -

    Got to see them tonighg in NC at ziggys the mosh was crasy, some dude got knocked the fuck out on his way to thw ground from crowd surfing

  45. Anthony buck

    2:55 best part of the whole damn song!

  46. David Silguero

    Damn!!!!! This is so epic can't stop jamming it I gotta get this song!

  47. ONYX

    bounce, bounce, bounce, fuckin bounce, bounce, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh.. fuck

  48. TheMeatballMen

    No ATB will ever top Rareform

  49. theRebel Bass

    Who cares who else this sounds like. I'm pretty sure I just got raped....

  50. Daniel Cifuentes

    I think you would all enjoy Gojira.
    Check out "The Art of Dying" it's kew. 

    Ashton Cervi

    yeah but they arent after the burial, and i came here to listen to after the burial.

  51. punknege9


  52. VolsSEC

    After The Burial is, and has been, the best and most talent metal band on the planet. Every member is incredibly talented! If you have a chance to see them live...DO IT!!!

  53. Stephen Bishop

    2:40 oh my god...

  54. Nathan Thomas

    Delightfully chunky! One of my new favorites. Even BETTER LIve!

  55. enzio24

    To clear up any questions, the production quality of the album is brutal. This video does not do justice to how it sounds on the CD, and live. But the album, you will not be disappointed.

  56. enzio24

    To clear up any questions, the production quality of the album is brutal. This video does not do justice to how it sounds on the CD, and live. But the album, you will not be disappointed.


    is there a difference between the album and an itunes mp3 in terms of quality?

  57. 15 Miles To Fairvale OFFICIAL


  58. Eric Perez

    Definitely gotta get this album.

  59. Marcel Grengs

    so rich

  60. Timothy Crowley

    They are pretty original, which is hard to do in that genre. Somehow there is always a distinct sound in their music.

  61. SlayerFan21

    My ears just had a 3:27 minute orgasm.

  62. Frank Grimes

    I lose my shit to 1:30 every time.

    A.E. Kuyler

    Frank Grimes 808 bass drop my friends....

  63. Ataraxia

    Drummer's a beast, I heard he's called "Superior Drummer"...

  64. Caleb Leaman

    Omg this intro

  65. Shayne White


  66. Mandrew Logan

    Dude ATB KILLS

  67. We Are Wingless

    Hi guys, fell free to check out my new metalcore cover of "Strength of a Thousand Men" by Two Steps From Hell!

  68. 000sicair

    Are you guys sure this isn't Meshuggah?

    Alex Poelstra

    be nice life not a game to be a noob at.

    z s

    Has polyrythms and djent = must be meshuggah

    Captain Chaos

    Hell no

    z s

    It's official meshuggah invented polyrythms

    Anastasia Kendall

    You can definitely tell where After The Burial got one of their influences from.

  69. djentlove

    That intro....replayed 50 times!!!

  70. Jonny Wu


  71. Lasagnaviking

    This band reminds me of Volumes.

  72. Shayne White

    @Troskot Skot the production is different for the youtube versions because their label doesnt want people to illegally download the album but I promise you the actual disc has killer production I have it and its a LOT better

  73. Austin Langston


  74. snapapples817

    cant wait till the tabs for this album are made

    Eric Ison

    Learn it by ear maaan

    Braeden Billey

    It's easy enough to figure it out haha

  75. knifeboxing


  76. DespiseTheSun66

    Anyone else notice that weird ass voice in 1:35? Wtf is that?? Doesn't even sound like the vocalist lol. 

  77. Blake Webb

    I have a feeling these songs are going to be insane live

    Andrew Morrissey

    They already are. They played some new songs live on tour with trivium/devildriver.

    Blake Webb

    Thats awesome man. I'm bummed I missed that tour though, trivium and devildriver are great

  78. Troskot Skot

    Awful production, it's a shame, really...

    Steven Brooks

    i dont like your choice of adjective friend, it is a different production because atb strives to be different, the shame is that people like you shun music like this because of the stupidest reasons, here is an idea start looking for things you like in music instead of things you dont like, i promise you will find yourself enjoying music far more, be open minded bro

    Troskot Skot

    What a overreaction to my opinion. Dude, I listened every album so far and I liked every album in it's own way, I never said the music or the band sucks, I just stated my opinion that the production is awful (which it is in comparison to "In Dreams" and even the re-issue of "Rareform") 
    I'm as open minded as it gets, bro. 

    Steven Brooks

    haha, i didnt say that you said they sucked, i was referring to you calling the production "awful", i dont wish to argue, its sad that people looks for flaws in music instead of taking it for what it is thats all, happy holidays friend 

    Troskot Skot

    I think it's a shame not to present your music and ideas the best you can, and they've got plenty of great musical phrases and ideas that would sound even better if the production was better. No argument here, just talking :) To you too, bro. 

    andy shattuck

    @Troskot Skot yea I agree with you. this sounds prettay lame compared to some of the other mixes.

  79. jose garcia

    I feel that whenever bands release new music and stream it on YouTube like this, they should insert random animal noises in different parts of the song to prevent people from illegally downloading it. Like right at the solo insert a random elongated "MOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and shit. Haha


    Good concept, but people want to hear what they're paying for.

    Manuel Sotelo

    were you listening to the song while milking a cow? and then came up with that theory?


    all that remains - become the catalyst

    k k

    arch enemy has done that

  80. Brandon McBath

    What a way to start a CD! Gosh I've never heard such a sick not too overly technical drum intro!

  81. Johnny Nonny

    I think the vocalist is getting better. I wish he would sing a bit though into some of the screams. It would make the guitars stand out SOOO much more. 

  82. SoniclyCruedRecords


  83. JoGtrackriff

    the TIGHTEST

  84. Christopher Lemons

    This mix is painful.

  85. Damian Walcott


  86. DaIsland925

    about time with some new shit..

  87. ViCiouS HeRoicS

    The intro had me like...
    errr merrrr gerrrrrrrrrrd. 
    Then jizz spewed out of my ears. 

    ALE melchenko

    did you let somebody jizz in your ears again?

  88. STAIND12300

    they played this live and house of blues shook so fucking hard. I love these guys

  89. Tree Tape

    much vildhjarta


    this really sounds nothing like vildhjarta


    @Bob Dole The intro kind of does actually.


    This band is better than them imo =/

    Zaq Pariah

    @Jumpayh Bi-Ohmes thall


    not schwedisch

  90. danny ingersoll

    meh well maybe next time

  91. Pascal Desjardins

    1:34 ?? what.. 

  92. Stephen Ginter

    LOVE IT! probably my third favorite song off the new album.

  93. Seymour Butts

    Easily my favorite track on this album, that drum intro and opening riff kill me. So amazing live too!

  94. Edward Kenway


  95. Allan Madhuram

    2:10-2:28 is a homage to Fellsilent! \m/