After The Burial - A Vicious Reforming Of Features Lyrics

Creator as Observer congruent systems collapsing mutating waveforms to become sight sound touch.
A sick perception is now my only link to reality sorched eternally blistering yet I prevail.
My merciless plan of creation etails seeing the unseen forge an abomination to annihilate with a cold hearted sense of compassion devastation.
Thy vicious modus operandi.
Observer as Creator beguiling unstable electric forms.
These tools of judgment they thirst for unpure.
Draining a carcass devour the contaminate and filth that roamst amongst us sterilizing out human forms.
Shredding tissue fracturing bone.
Burning synapse rewiring conscious.
A brutal reforming of features a hideous cleansing of God.
Self Purification achieved when whats left is devoid of deformations.

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After The Burial A Vicious Reforming Of Features Comments
  1. Joel Bennett

    even though he was a weird rapey douche, i still like the original singer's vocals for this album

  2. Nick

    I wish the original track was uploaded

  3. Butterduck

    Need a mosh pit here!

  4. Captain Chaos

    What a sick album

  5. Cole Allen

    O S C I L L A T I N G R H Y T H M

  6. Chris Brecht

    Why does no one mention 2:50 sickest riff in the song

  7. Osiris Avra

    Where did the original go?They deleted that version??

  8. Insanity Reaper

    This song comes to show how musically talented metal artist are. The meter and time signature is rad asf and the rhythms wanna make me nut

  9. Isaac Y.

    Nothin I like more than a nice bottle of melodjent.

  10. Dipanjan Guha

    3:16 *Damm that shit hit me stronger than Cocaine*

  11. Cursed Chris

    Cant wait to hear the whole album on their tour with the acacia strain


    Just did in Baltimore and it was SICK.

    Cursed Chris

    @DonnyZofChaos saw it in pgh twas sick I got smashed & barely remember atb's set lmao shit was lit.

  12. Michael Collins

    The intro has my L & R ears tortured .

  13. Curious Fiend


  14. J M

    Shout out to those that found this online here in 2010.

  15. Felipe Jofré

    Such a great album <3 dat memories...

  16. Convince us

    I've listened hundreds of times ,...every time my skin becomes electified with goosebumps

  17. Convince us

    This song is phenomenal

  18. Luke R.

    Really original rhythms in this song.

  19. Bradley Lightfoot

    Anyone else watch dat engineer and was like I MUST KNOW WHERE THIS RIF CAME FROM?

    Pedro Ochoa


  20. SlavicSteelboi

    That's a really g00d s0ng

  21. Torrey J.B.

    I pray that they play this on the upcoming Sumerian tour!!

  22. Abbey Jay

    R.I.P we all miss you.

  23. Embraced Empathy

    R.I.P man

  24. Akshat Chaurasia

    2:48. Fuck.


    3:41 molested my brain

    Manuel Sotelo

    3:15 covered every wall, floor, roof, rick sanchez mouth with jizz

    Tyler Ransom

    Can't fucking get over it dude

  25. Julian Cardenas

    4:37 ohh shiiiiiittttt!! what a fucking riff <3

  26. Robert Dr

    meshuggah 2.0

    Numatic Hades01

    No offense but i never liked meshuga i tried to get into it but it just sounds like shit to me


    +Mutant Hurdle6 pfft wow


    Raphael Robert its so good

    Curious Fiend

    @Numatic Hades01 really?, wow.
    Each to their own, I guess.

  27. どうして?

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

    Harry Callahan

    +Xandumas *whispers "you win".


    LOL i thought its the tabs for bass playing in the song, then i clicked show more :D :d :D

    Chris Renteria

    I did not realize there was a show more, til I read your comment

  28. Gonk Nodge

    this is the most perfectly written song I've ever heard

    Gonk Nodge

    @Benjamin Haworth I listen to tons of different music but in terms of structure, rhythm and just finesse by all instrumentalists, this song stands out

  29. SerperiorSC2

    2:29 Red sauce of judgment.


    +SerperiorSC2 That's why I'm all about that green sauce...


    instantly thought they were shouting out periphery when i heard that lmao

    Convince us

    I read that as he sang it😂

    empty words

    i will never be able to unhear this xD

  30. mathprodigy

    are these not some of the best fucking riffs you've EVER heard ANYWHERE? ATB is groovier than brand new TRACTOR TIRES.

    Adam Bryant

    +mathprodigy .....Best analogy ever.

  31. Jaime McChicken

    RIP Jus. Love you man.

  32. H B

    RIP Justin Lowe. Thanks for the music.


    One of the best guitarist ever

    dr .n0

    for real and ill bump it till tha day i die too

  33. Sylvie Lussier

    This is what deathcore is all about


    Ew. Just Heavy Metal.

    Alex Rogers

    Kalupz at this point heavy metal has nothing to do with this i see no judas priest or sabbath influence here or anything like that its djent


    at this point ppl are jus lazy so they call it djent, even tho djent is more of a meme nd its not actually a genre. its kinda like in the 90s when ppl started calling metal groove metal except groove metal is actually a genre lol im trolling i dont really care but its so fucking annoying when everybody corrects somebody on the genre. like if i put on a periphery video “i love metal”
    you fuckers know that one of you dickwipes will be like “uhh no..uhhh this...uhh is actually...uhh djent mhmm 🤓” but than u jus make metal fans look like either complete trolls which i wouldnt mind or worse people who actually take that shit that seriously that they have to be the genre police n shit

    Joseph Nappo

    @Alex Rogers I heard in an interview the guitarists are influenced by Pantera. Hard to tell in this song tho lol

    Curious Fiend

    Fuck it, I'll just call it rareform-core.

  34. Rose Colon

    I dont fucking know I love both vocals. But for this song I prefer the original vocals I think. For the first album though the new vocals are definitely preferable. 

    Francis Bacon

    I know what you mean, on some songs I prefer the old vocalist (this one and Cursing Akhenaten come to mind) but I think overall the current vocalist is better and fits the band better. The old vocalist is still sick though. 

  35. CryoSting520

    1:26 - 1:52 Favorite Part of the Song

    Medicine Man

    @CryoStinG267 I'm with you bro \m/

  36. Jake Rundell

    Holy shit. I didn't know there was a re-release of this album. I've been listening to the 2008 version for months now. I've always loved the instrumentals of this album, and suffered through the awful shitty vocals for them (still talking about the 2008 version), BUT NOW I DON'T HAVE TO! THESE VOCALS ARE MUCH MUCH BETTER.


    The old vocals are the best. 


    @OfArgento obviously not if they kicked him out of the band 


    @blisteringfilth I'm talking about what I think, not what the members of ATB think. Regardless, they could have very well kicked him out for something other than his vocals. 

  37. Stephen Meroney

    Dat outro

  38. MrTheZatoichi


  39. whiplash505

    Riff at 2:20 will make your balls drop.

    Jack Heet

    they did at 0:01

    Blacktooth Grinn

    even if you dont have them. they will drop.

  40. JPdrums

    Future Breed Machine.

    Space Cadet

    But that outro solo is very "How Could I" by Cynic.

  41. InsepidSynapse

    I think he says entails not etails..

  42. Hunter Rayborn

    Spencer is amazing

  43. Hunter Rayborn

    My goodness! This song is just, gdsiofhd!!!!!! <3

  44. LordJummy

    it's a pretty simple polyrhythm. just keep time with the hand playing the cymbal and you should be fine :)

  45. court mckinney

    except bands like AA

  46. Benzoo

    right? literally every song is fucking awesome

  47. herp derp

    i would assume, and hope to be wrong, that most of an audience such as this does not study quantum theory. It might be helpful to you to know that's what he's talking about.

  48. Ascent To Zenith

    Sorry just not a fan of it. Too post hardcore sounding.

    Alex Rogers

    Ascent To Zenith lalalalal this is the funniest comment ☆☆☆

    Dig Deep

    Ascent To Zenith Sounds in no way shape or form like post hardcore.

  49. Ascent To Zenith

    If only Periphery had a heavier singer.

  50. Ben Bachler!?!

  51. greasycrack

    *passes zoot* :)

  52. Kyle Grayson

    Oddly enough I only feel like killing people when im not on drugs.

  53. greasycrack

    i was just about to say that! exactly how i feel when im in drugs

  54. Dylan Matthews

    You bow to Sumerian then.


    Serious and creative shredding!

  56. Lupy Ra

    Feel like in drugs *o*
    Wanna kill someone *-*

  57. Lucas Rabassa

    Everytime...Every fucking time.....this song make's me want to Mosh Pit everything....Now i broke my fucking TV and my friends dont get close to me when im using Headphones.

  58. LordJummy

    1:50 :P

  59. Ian Jackson

    Vocalist is quite talented. Other than that, they blow more goats than a scotsman.

    Captain Chaos

    Whatever you say bud

  60. JonahS777

    I know right haha

  61. JankSmanks

    make me famous sucks dick.

  62. Generaleehigh

    Yeah Sumerian signs some fucking seriously awesome artists/bands. Fuck yes.

  63. JonahS777

    even make me famous, i see stars, and asking alexandria? O.O

  64. Ivan Hernandez

    I love this band and their second album! But I still think that the first version of this album is better ^^ with the other vox and drummer.

  65. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    HAH you must be a talented musician.

  66. guitarmaninflames1

    Dude i was high as fuck too, i heard the intro and then 30 second into the song i was just sitting there hypnotized by this song

  67. EventualDenial

    I've objectified my entire reality.

  68. mystx

    I was so outrageously high when I heard this the first time. As if the panning guitars ALREADY weren't enough, 1:51 came in as one of my favorite moments e

  69. Gabriel

    This is ATB's version of Periphery's The Walk, or vice-versa lol

  70. rareform1999

    Except all of the asking alexandria albums of Sumerian Records.

  71. William Black

    @PennaOutdoors that would be gay

  72. backburner123

    @The1234doe You're an idiot, sounds nothing like this.....

  73. The1234doe

    The intro sounds similar to Demetori's "Oriental Dark Flight" except for a few snare hits.

  74. syrette

    The drumming/rhythm guitar work in that section from 1:51 is fucking awesome. Just sounds so good and machine-like. Love the guitar tones on this album, and the re-recorded version is sonically so much better.

  75. Stefan Herzog

    anyone see the dislike bar? Neither do I.

  76. KawasakiSpeed7

    Best song ever bye these guys!!!!!!!!

  77. Matt Majcan

    @LukeasTheLynx agree. this is honestly probably my favorite metal song ever. riff at 0:58 blows my mind everytime, heaviest shit ever.

  78. sater3400

    thanks to sumerian records i have 3 new favorite bands,
    The Faceless, Veil of Maya and After The Burial yay!!
    Still waiting for the new Faceless album, it's gonna be fucking brutal!!

  79. Sircambert Hotjam

    @LukeasTheLynx Che'a man! ATB fucking rules. I'd say rareform is their best album

  80. Marcus Ellison

    I have loved every album on Sumerian records, i swear to god!

  81. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    thank you sumerian

  82. TheChocoLAKAI