After The Burial - A Steady Decline Lyrics

The secret's out this is the last time.
Cast overboard, dragged out to sea.
All premonitions drowned today in the murky waters flowing from wounds.
But we emerged soaked in grace, dripping with the truth.
You've fired upon a target so clear, but we've shattered our own glass hearts.
We've fought with sweat and blood, this life is all we have.
Today has taken a bloody toll, but the nightfall will claim your life.
Claim your life tonight.
Her majesty will swallow you, she'll devour you.
And now we stand at this eulogy dripping with the truth.
You fired upon a target and we fired back.
We fired back on your stronghold.
We devastated all defenses.
Regret consumes you.
Regret becomes us all.

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After The Burial A Steady Decline Comments
  1. Denys Momot

    It sounds so different, so cool and so head banging!

  2. Happy Fun Time

    2:24 That shit dropped harder than the bombs on Hiroshima.

  3. michael silveroli

    so good live

  4. Aaron Walden

    Time to dust off them 2 steppin' shoes

  5. Blazthe LGND

    By far my favorite song I’ve ever heard live. Straight head banger

  6. Stephen Sturgis

    Those highs are fucking tasty boi

  7. Stephen Sturgis

    Progressive djent groove metalcore

  8. James Dallimore

    this version is POOP

    Troy Simoneau

    Your family is 💩 asshole.

  9. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Another incredible song

  10. Nick Tombing

    This is so imaginative right from the first strike of the cymbals!!

  11. Davi Abrantes

    Intro riff reminds me a lot of Meshuggah's New Millenium Cyanide Christ...


    Kind of like how the whole Wolves Within has a lot of Obzen influence. But it's also subtle in a way. Even the production seems similar. I love it and don't think it's a bad thing.

  12. Lalu Dhiya

    I hope they put The Forfeit, Forging A Future Self, and Warm Thoughts of Warfare in the next album. Cuz that's my favorite

  13. Steven Bacakos

    they should of just added these 3 songs to wolves within

  14. BobSaggot666

    I'm furious. I didn't even know this album existed until today... It's so amazing!!! ATB seriously hasn't made a bad record!

  15. massiv pp man xddd

    damn I don't know how well this has been done but w o w

  16. Mike

    this fuckin song, man.
    good god.
    heavy, brutal, groovy, bouncy, painful, and peaceful all in one eclectic mix of sexy

  17. ctsos

    Justin was a master of extreme metal...

  18. Zach Hasse

    Favorite part is 0:00 - 4:00

    Nick Lackovic

    +Zach Hasse No one would have ever known LOL

    Scott Summers

    Zach Hasse naw, best part in my opinion is 0:00 - 4:00

  19. Devon Weber

    Favorite part is 2:27 to 4:00 lol

  20. George Burns

    Love you, Justin.

  21. Dan Cooper

    R.I.P Justin.


    Killed by Sumerian.

  22. Levi Paustell

    1:45 - 2:05 is definitely my favorite part of the song

    Sidney Smith

    +Levi Paustell That part is legit! my favorite part is totally 2:22 - 2:54

  23. pizzadaddy

    I hate this version a lot


    Then you probably shouldn't listen to it. Just an idea

  24. Shapeless_Abomination

    The old version is much better. Not that the guy isn't good at vocals but why would they try to emulate the previous vocalist? He did his own songs better...OBVIOUSLY.

    Manuel Sotelo

    Dylan Rose do you even have ears? its not just anthony everything sounds better and brighter

    Manuel Sotelo

    Dylan Rose do you even have ears? its not just anthony everything sounds better and brighter

  25. Dexter Mondala

    Fucking amazing!!

  26. Sidney Smith

    I like the snare maniggas

    naea 247

    sweatergod maniggah?

    Sidney Smith

    +naea 247 mang I Sweater Jah.

  27. scooter

    0:52 \m/

  28. Cameron Ingram

    amazing fucking song!!!!

  29. Juan Deag

    They used to be technical before, now you can play their songs on a djentstick, why did they choose this awful path?

    Cody Hardy

    Alek, have you heard the first song on their first album dipshit?


    a wolf amongst Ravens is the only ATB song you can play on a djent stick, any of the newer stuff on that album like Nine summers kicks ass

    Dig Deep

    Are you fucking retarded?

    Dale Doback

    Juan Deag you mean one song? Play nine summers on a djent stick faggot

    I'm A Pioneer

    and even that song has a solo in it lol

  30. ftffighter

    Such a great re-release! Now....where is The Forfeit?? :DD 

  31. Michael salim

    Im so happy they remade this the old vocalist sucked my pp twice

    StevenThe Architect

    you dumbass its sounds exactly the same

    Dig Deep

    Grant was alright. Nick was just...idk. I couldn't get into Nick's vocals. Anthony is beyond fucking amazing. ATB are so lucky they picked him up. They are now a perfect band.

    Dig Deep

    I can get into Nick's vocals. I can't with Grant. I mix them up.

    Nick Jennings

    Nick is the best vocalist ATB has ever had. That’s the only thing missing from this version.

    Julian Salazar

    Nick was sick. Fuck off

  32. Matt Wheeler

    your name ends with djent n ur hating on breakdowns? jump off the wagon kid dont be scared of the pit.

  33. P DuF

    I can't believe they remade this!!! Wishes come true O(≧∇≦)O

  34. Sahil Vaidya

    I'm addicted to this :D

    Convince us

    Sahil Vaidya
    😅I actually think I am too,waves of strong goosebumps constantly

  35. UnearthMETALHEAD

    2:23 onwards. this is metalcore at its finest!

    Ben H

    This album is metalcore at its finest. The original FaFS


    @Ben Heien whats FaFS mean


    @chain5aw1 I think Forging a Future Self, it was their debut album

    Lukas Lager

    Doesnt really remind me of metalcore way heavier only thing it reminds me of is like meshuggauh n deathcore n djent

  36. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    Sit behind a drumset and play the first 30 seconds over and over again it just grooves so hard man and there is room for limitless possibilities. I should have been more elaborate.

  37. Oscar Vargas

    You're right, i used listen to metalcore and deathcore, before the breakdowns every fucking seconds fever came out.

  38. beyondbassic

    Why is everyone commenting on the new vocalist like he hasn't been there for 5 years?

  39. PeripheralDjent

    That's the worst idea ever. Go listen to Asking Alexandria if you just want constant breakdowns.

  40. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    i wish this whole song was the first 30 seconds repeated

  41. Apopeth

    Saw this band a couple months ago. Went so hard.

  42. CevizliSucuk

    Wow i just discovered this band THEY'RE FUCKING GOOD

  43. theBOSpaladin101

    Anthony is a better vocalist, but his voice doesn't fit the sound of this album IMO.

  44. Scout Beren

    I personally like the original better. This is still good though.


    Wow o.o first time listening to ATB in like a year and I come back to this! XD \m/

  46. Nick Narancic

    the reason this sounds so good is because motherfucking Terry Date (most of Pantera albums)

  47. Brett Williams


  48. Brandon Tredo

    If you don't know enough about the band, don't just make shit up. All of us ATB fans know that's not true,

  49. peripheral8

    Nahh haha, they are in the process of finalizing their brand NEW album :D Can't wait!

  50. Adrian Ocaña

    u wot m8?

  51. theBOSpaladin101

    The original one fit this album better IMO.

  52. fliked_

    Hey i have a question. I saw After The Burial releasing some studio updates on their upcoming album~ the one with one of the guys's kid in it. are they just gonna do this album over in a better quality instead of making an actual new album?! If they are I am going to be so pissed at them. Lol

  53. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    one of my favorite bands never fails to let me down

  54. Popabuddy1

    We need more djent. What are you talking about.

  55. Steven Bishop



  56. Mac

    The melodic riff at 0:40 is absolutely sick! Shame they didn't bring it back before the end of the song with a solo or harmony, would have been neat.

  57. jake clark

    dude. what the fuck too much dejent

  58. joshua proulx

    We fucking did

  59. ram150023

    ABOUT FUCKING TIME GUYS!!!!!! UNREAL!!!! Been waiting for ANYTHING from you for a looong time!! Cheers to an absolutely $iC remaster!!! Need more!!! \m/

  60. Orin Paul


  61. Ramon Valenzuela

    Nick was the shit

  62. MrSmr2010

    how long has this vocalist been in the band?

  63. Stephen Prahl

    i have been a huge fan since the beginning of ATB and I can honestly say as a musician they steppeeeedddd ittt uppppppp!!! love the new stuff guys awesome job!!!!!!!!

  64. Liam Dolan

    Shit the bed. Can't believe I missed these remasters! Fucking awesome.

  65. Kci Ruiz

    Drop a new album already ATB!!!

  66. James

    new vocalist is so much better, way more powerful and badass

  67. michael head

    Whatever. Its still good. New or old who gives a fuck? We get metal so who cares.

  68. Katteenn

    How can u guys not like this? This is awesome

  69. vladmandingo

    Studio update for new album on February 25, 2012. Today is June 14, 2013. Not even a new song. I'm getting impatient. We don't need another Necrophagist :(

  70. Vincent Pugiese

    That awkward moment when the two top comments are the saying the exact opposite of one another.

  71. Jim Campian

    Yes, a million times yes. I am very concerned about accuracy on the internet. All of my information comes from Wikipedia so without a doubt, I know I'm right.

  72. Jim Campian

    KyleBakke voted for OBAMO

  73. TsarDragon

    Is this life ALL that we have or is this life EVERYTHING that we have?

  74. Xavier Yaurimo

    What happened to the old vocalist

  75. Shawn Swinehart

    The overall production quality is better on the old one. This sounds...weird...

  76. nopityforacowerd

    A.t.b is always so sick!

  77. Arth Glob

    A.i.(d) is more like Djent + IDM + Meth

  78. Adam Mcculloch

    A.i.(d) - bath salts

  79. BXR Maverick

    Jesus fucking Christ that change up made me get up and break everything valuable in the room

  80. Harison Gross

    It is both, re-recorded with the 8-string, different drums and a new vocalist

  81. Harison Gross

    good to know, thanks

  82. TManXL2000

    Idk...i actually like the original version.Im not so crazy about the djent tone :/

  83. rocksteadytattoo

    2:43 :-D

  84. rocksteadytattoo

    hahahahahahahahaha that comment made me weak as fuck.. i love the new singer(ant) but it was funny as shit

  85. InMemoryOfJimmy

    Is there such a thing as too Djenty?

  86. TheStigmaticVoid

    I mean... I love the song itself and always have.

    But the original "mix" was better... I just prefer Anthony's vocals to the old vocalist. This new mix isn't real great though...

  87. MeTaLoCuST

    I think that the tracking for the drums was just terrible in this remastering

  88. Kevin Oper

    /watch?v=FA3S-G4QcfQ check this out

  89. Josh Burgess

    I think this is better than the original

  90. UltraUnicorn3000

    They seriously took that singer from a garbage can, even a duck sounds better than him.
    (The music is still as good as the first one.)

  91. PirateCrab

    "He is well known for his work with Slipknot, Pantera, Soulfly, White Zombie, Deftones, Dark Angel, Dream Theater, Soundgarden and Limp Bizkit"

    Sorry what?

  92. stopanator2

    1:47... I love it so much

  93. Carl Nyberg

    Nobody can pull this style ever. Good shit.

  94. InMemoryOfJimmy

    Well they did sign capture the crown... he speaks some truth

  95. mysteriousDSF

    Terry Date is the worst engineer I've ever heard ...


    Sumerian signs some of the most unique acts you can find (other than AA, Capture the Crown and Make me Famous aka Marketing bitches)

  97. D-Rock Hill

    Best re-record from this new EP hands-down. Good job.

  98. Jeremy McDonald

    false word was on in like '05 so you lose