After The Burial - A Pulse Exchanged Lyrics

We jump from dream to dream, being to being
Same model, different world
Same places, different shores
We explore each other's eyes
Drifting passengers outsiders searching for it
Windows to worlds
One piece of the puzzle in the same picture
Tumble and perceive
Our dreams grasp realms
A passenger with false control

Life strings lead to different worlds
In night braille our souls un-hinge
Same cloth but never knit
Come set me free

Born of ash, shaped with mud
Carved from oak, we are ghosts

In parallel lives, do we die or
Disconnect lost frequencies?
Our bodies, nothing more than a shell
A pulse exchanged and let go

This life, in a moment disappears

I seem alright, as my body became undone
Into the great expanse

Into the expanse
Reborn and erased
A disappearance of faces
Another version of me

Through the great expanse
Reborn and erased
A passenger behind my eyes
I hope you're there…

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After The Burial A Pulse Exchanged Comments
  1. uber goober

    Some serious Revocation vibes going on here! Bad ass!

  2. Bob Ballard

    Exceptional album - better than I anticipated.

  3. Looie Ortiz

    1:20 i disconnected my own head

  4. A Lyons

    F***ing sick!

  5. Shane Nasty

    Sounds like the new, old lamb of god

  6. Aaron Weaver

    Head banged to this whole album. Then banged my wife to it.

  7. Vilehell

    The beginning gives me thrash metal vibes

  8. Lars Jensen

    Baaaaad ass riff

  9. Andrew Duha

    in the end so much meaaat aaaaahhhh

  10. SBK Reactor

    3:32 until the end...…..O_O

  11. Bob Ballard

    Didn’t expect this to be my album of the year so far...but it is - comfortably.

  12. WakeUpFalling

    0:26 “Wake up, let’s trick or treat!”

  13. Jordan Gunther

    There concert was awesome I went yesterday here in okc good band for a first concert

  14. sdracklryeg

    The riff starting at 3:14 reminds me of The Beast II from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack

  15. Zen Zstephen Valdeez


  16. Joe K

    When I started listening to this my shirt had sleeves.

    Zach Ward

    When I listen to this my tank top grew sleeves.

  17. Ricky Ricardo

    Bought the vinyl hoping to get it signed at their show and I break my tibia the day before the show😭


    You tried covering this on the drums didn't you :(

  18. Lumine Maverick

    Lol that shit ending.

  19. Ben Donahue

    They kicked ass on this album, as expected. Love you ATB

  20. A guy named Hector

    Everyone talks about Trent with the solos, but nobody talks about Dan's work on the drums, steel legs


    Dan is an incredible drummer. I've watched the playthroughs on his YT channel. He plays as if every appendage has it's own brain.

  21. Courtney Kreag


  22. Larris The Black Swan

    Oh hi there skin orgasms.

  23. Veilofmayaa

    Couldn't have asked for more, expectations were a lill high after dig deep but this album's right up there. Absolutely brilliant.

  24. Christophe 'Frog' Starling

    Actually not bad from what i've heard!!!!

  25. All Lit

    Scream overdose

  26. Vizkra 《》

    Double bass <3

  27. Dariah Wilson

    If kill em all and Meshuggah had baby. :(

  28. GoogleIs StartinToSuck

    I usually listen to Classical music, opera, trance and EDM... Holy shit this is good

  29. People who annoy you N _ G G E R S

    That intro riff is giving me lamb of God vibes

  30. 燒肉粽


  31. NormanBFMV

    So goooooooood

  32. Hollow Naruto

    >inb4 comment about song hitting harder than your stepdad

  33. Aqli-fa

    If the whole world could just hear this

  34. blackened872

    The feeling in my plums just strengthens every time I hear a new track from this album. Gonna be sick!

  35. TheInternetisSatan

    Zero thumbs down that's nearly impossible

  36. Dániel Szoboszlai


  37. Johnny Watkins

    Sweet more of the same shitty wanky riffs and the same exact lyrics as ever song

    Johnny Watkins

    @Ryan Bugden For you to even mention Slayer is a joke, you're obviously another mtv poser, go listen to Death, Testament, Sepultura, Death Angel, Nile, Kreator, Anthrax, Early Pantera

    Ryan Bugden

    Johnny Watkins Lol you’re gorgeous 😂

    Ryan Bugden

    Johnny Watkins All that whining and you didn’t even mention one band that you like... lol.
    We all know your type 😂

    Johnny Watkins

    @Ryan Bugden hi my name's Ryan I'm a metalhead my favorite band is After the cocks Burried in my ass

    Johnny Watkins

    Lorna shore, ion dissonance, carnifex, the facless, wretched, aversions crown, fit for an autopsy, acaia strain, Boris the blade, slaughter to prevail, shadow of intent,, signs of the swarm, them, ingested..could go on and on...but That's what I'm on man, I'll be listening to real shit while you headbang with 15 year olds and defend joke bands on youtube

  38. Gabriel Camargo


  39. InsideAlive

    Favorite song on the album by far.

  40. Pat Holliday

    Starts the album with skin like a baby’s butt, ends the album with chest hair.

  41. เด็ก คลองเตย

    Double Bass Drum Intro Riff is very Sick.

  42. Sleeps 90

    After the burial is one of the only bands along with Architects, bury tomorrow and counterparts where I always just download the entire album right away because I know there won't be a song I don't like.

  43. ytsersius

    need more fucking blast beats like this in prog !

  44. Cryptonics

    ATB for lyfe

  45. Disco

    BUY the album. They deserve it

  46. Wes K

    My jaw dropped at the beginning of this one.

    SBK Reactor

    What about at the end? That was where my jaw dropped.

  47. Mike Hintz

    @Dan Carle : I can't wait to see this drum cover

  48. Mike Hintz

    How the hell do I get through this album when I keep repeating songs because they're so fucking great, someone help??

  49. Cristian González

    Bazucazo en la nuca

  50. Kirby Cory

    what a way to end the album. so sick.

  51. ElementalWitness

    Fuck... After the Burial never ceases to amaze

  52. blackburn932

    Thrash Djent


    I always thought ATB was the true djenty sound. And I think its just their way of doing things, rather than an attempt to create a field called djent. Its still got a flow. But Then newbs came and just threw discordant trash together and made a genre called djent. Larping like they are ATB.

  53. zehlier ragnair

    Berzerker incoming!


    Right, the ending part of berzerker

  54. tenaciousjoe24

    This would make a great leg workout song

    Jason LovesABR

    Leg press all the way.


    @Jason LovesABR Dan's legs have got to be jacked after this lol

    ???? ¿¿¿¿

    The bugez would approve

  55. Corby Dinsburger

    mmmhmmmm. groovy.

  56. Jason LovesABR

    3:32 is madness.

    Will i am

    Me: well what happens at 3.32?
    *clicks on it
    Me: ohhhhhh
    *evil laughter

  57. Kam Cambyses

    Every song of this album is equally competitive and good. This band never disappoints.

    Lumine Maverick

    Entire album is dogshit. Lol equally boring. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel.


    @Lumine Maverick Your mom's a stripper bitch

    Shane Nasty

    Honestly I REALLY fuck with After The Burial, and I think this album is weak as fuck compared to previous albums.

  58. Alex reid

    This is tough. @ 00:25 homage to blackened?

    Roo Castillo

    Don't think so

    Alex reid

    @Roo Castillo ok il rephrase. It sounds a lot like it


    I see where you're coming from but everything anyone writes now is "inspired" by previous riffs either intentionally or unconsciously


    some blackened + some disciple vibe

  59. Dead Inside

    2k19 has been fucking sick with these releases

    SBK Reactor

    get ready, humanity's last breath is coming out with their new album in early august

  60. Jordan Bradfield

    I was worried that the album might just not have the same magic. So far, really good follow up to Dig Deep.

    Corby Dinsburger

    so far it's not quite up to par with Dig deep. I honestly think the farther away they get from Justin's demise the more they will shift into something not so unique. I've been a MN fan since 04 so I say this with all the love possible.

    Jason LovesABR

    @Corby Dinsburger How can you already be saying that? This album is filthy. Give it time.

    Roo Castillo

    Absolutely better than Dig Deep.


    @Roo Castillo absolutely

    Neil Newman

    I think the music is great, but the lyrical content doesn’t resonate with me on the same level as dig deep yet.

  61. Roo Castillo

    This is so dope! That double bass is amazing!

  62. Daniel Nobles

    🎧🖒 never disappointed

  63. CodyHGaming

    RIP Dan Carle's legs

    Ryan Bugden

    CodyHGaming Drumming on this album is absolutely insane! Haha.. such a crispy mix too 👌🏼

    Will i am

    Justin lowe🙏

    Xabro Fuentes

    The best comments! Sad but true

    Dan Assunção

    best double bass 🔥🤘