After 7 - I Want You Lyrics

Don't need no conversation
Won't waste my time explaining
You know just how I feel bout you
Don't you?
Don't need no conformation
You know what I've been thinking
I've always had a thing for you
Just for you, girl

Girl, I've seen beautiful
But not like yours before
Can't take this anymore
So, if this is the last thing that I do
I will be with you

'Cause I want you,
I want you, I want you
I want you, baby
I want you, girl
And all there is of you
Every part of
I want you
And I want you

Let there be no mistake in
I'm running out of patience
I'm done anticipating you
I want you, girl
Your heart, your mind, your soul
Your body under mine
At this point there is nothing I won't do
For you, baby

Girl, I've seen beautiful
But not like yours before
Can't take this anymore
So, if this is the last thing that I do
I will be with you

'Cause I want you,
I want you, I want you
I want you, baby
I want you, girl
And all there is of you
(All there is)
Every part of
I want you
And I want you
Every day
And I want you to want me, too
I want you, baby

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After 7 I Want You Comments
  1. Racheal Walker

    I love it, Kevon l Want You! That's feel good music. Thank you After 7 for always making Great Music!

  2. C Y Aaron

    Awesome ... although I would have preferred to see Melvin with After 7 when this was recorded back in 2016, Melvin's son held it down on this track. kevon's voice is forever the same and he's one of my favorite falsettos. Love this ... After 7 forever ... Melvin R.I.H.

  3. Lester Showout Walls

    Real music.... 💯💯😎😎

  4. Farah Nuradeen

    The whole entire family is amazingly talented...WOW

  5. Sandra Guess

    Love love love

  6. Danny Kenney

    This real auto tune. Damn!!! After 7 you guys killed it.

  7. D P

    Man, sound quality is excellent

  8. Graylin Anderson

    "Give the drummer some"? Shid, the drummer took it! Ijs...

  9. Granny Mae

    Sexy and sultry. I loved it!!!

  10. Roosevelt Tinker

    These boys bring the old skool back. New age 90s music. Timeless

  11. Mechelle Fisher

    I'm happy they are back together after 7 is a great group but I miss Melvin rip

  12. Mechelle Fisher

    I love After 7 and that song I want you omg and I love how Jason sing but I notice there was a problem kavon is looking at Jason and lifting his headphone like jason said something life to short

  13. As One

    Bass line is so good♡

    Elroy Mackey

    you are right

  14. luvfunk2

    I think I have watched this at least 100 times as of 10/2019!!!! Now that's R&B!!!


    They put on an awesome show, I saw them this past summer.

  16. Micheal King

    Sad not seeing Melvin up there RIP 👑

  17. Vera Cheeks

    Vera was here before hurricane DoriAn hits..seeking joy and i found it..This is my song..Hey Kevon love you..

  18. Carolyn


  19. Carolyn

    I want you baby 💯💯💯💯👍👍👍🥰👩🏽‍🦰👩🏽‍🦰👩🏽‍🦰👩🏽‍🦰👩🏽‍🦰🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💋💋💋💋

  20. Carolyn

    A want you baby l need you baby💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰👄👄

  21. Jean Peek

    One of my favorite groups of all times👌Rip Melvin you are truly missed🙏🙏

  22. Pink Stem Farm

    This sounds so good! Would to hear this live

  23. Lady Leniece

    The whole CD is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Timeless - Jason blends right in place of Melvin # RIH Melvin Edmonds # Babyface legacy lives on.

  24. Jeffery Burton

    Holdin' the shit down here in Naptown!





  26. The Last of Me

    RIP Melvin. What a man. And please gents, come back when the time is right. Keep the flame of R&B burning for us all ❤️🔥👑

  27. Watoene Watoenr

    very nice

  28. sobaytje

    This is how real good music sounds.

  29. brannulady1

    Ain't nuthin like live R&B.

  30. Clarissa Coby

    The Legacy lives on....

  31. TheLadyteena

    Kevon is so sexy to me 💞

  32. Carol Keith

    Yes I'm loving this

  33. javier de salta

    awesome !

  34. The honrable Cunningham

    1:58 guy randomly walks past studio session🤔 after 7's playing live i would stop in🙋‍♂️

  35. Joana Lopes

    Love you guys!!!! <3

  36. Bome Crate Crafts

    REAL Grown folk music....Yess babeee!

  37. Mark Gardose

    This song takes me in a dimension ive never been searching for a long time ago..

  38. とんとんとんび


  39. Rodney Davis

    Jason sounds like his uncle Babyface

  40. Jacqui Wilson

    That is HOT! I have watched this many many many times...and love it more and more...❤

  41. Kenny B Edmonds


  42. Ellen Turner

    These young boys can jam!

  43. Colin Mills

    Kevon is a beast!

  44. TheMandysings

    Omg! Love it

  45. Margaret Garner

    Love after 7 glad they come back. Gonna miss Melvin I loved his voice with his sexy self.

  46. Henry Greene

    Now that’s a damn jam session


    Radio Sobral City Brazil - The best soul music.Fantastic....

  48. louise palm

    Fantastic!!!! They guy in the middle moves to the rhythm.

  49. Grupo Neves Distribuidora

    Sobral City Radio Brazil - The best of music soul.

  50. Dave Perry

    I've been jamming off this for about two months now. Just keep playing it. Flawlessly executed.

  51. Rebecca Bromell

    my favourite song , awesome performance !! just fantastic!!

  52. Gia Laarni Indonto - Simbulan

    The music we NEED

  53. JSBjewelry

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee this song, I keep playing it over and over again. After 7, you are BAD!!!

    Vickiewe Price

    Me to Melvin started after 7 in th 80 jason sound just like his dad and uncle face he did get a chance to dk timells thztz last cd they did befor he died rezt on paradise

  54. BayArea Network

    Great Group! Rip Melvin

  55. daneen morris wynn

    🙏Rize in Peace 🙏
    Bro Melvin...memories will always linger in the 🎶 music!

  56. Reginald Carr

    RIP Melvin. Gone too soon!

  57. randall smith

    Rip Melvin edmons son doing a great job first verse fire real singers

  58. jinae di nisci

    Great rendition

  59. Tre Michelle

    Freaking awesome!

  60. Dawn Wright

    Sleep in Paradise Melvin Edmonds!!

  61. Carolyn Nash

    This was "SANGIN"!!!!!!!!

  62. mr198221

    1:17. The way the regular song kicks in. My God. This isn't metal, but I was headbanging to this.

  63. Iyatha

    Sounds good kinda take me back to the days of good music

  64. Cynthia Pritchett

    i watch this at least 6-10 times a week.  LOVE THEM!!

  65. Denis Brasco

    Tak jako....tohle je MRDA.....LEGENDY Live "I Want You"


    The best After 7

  67. High Crimes

    Their harmony is so perfect, it sounds like there are ten people singing.

    Rodney Davis

    They do have the background track playing with them

  68. Kevin Tarrant

    They killed this live. I liked the Marvin Gaye tribute in the beginning. Great group and very underrated.

  69. Tommy Williams

    Damn. Why isn't music like this anymore?

  70. Jeanette Newby


    Rodney Davis

    Are you serious? Kevon is 61 looking like he's 41. You say that horrible?

  71. Schenequa Tillman


  72. King Spotlight

    *Kevon Edmonds* got the youngest and best 60 year old voice, ever in the history of music.....🗣🎙📻🎶🎵👍

    Rodney Davis

    Don't forget Smokey Robinson. He's late 70s and still sounds like a kid

    Rodney Davis

    And Charlie Wilson looks and sounds the same too

    King Spotlight

    @Rodney Davis Yeah and *Lionel Ritchie* too, however *Kevon* leads the pack.....🤔

    King Spotlight

    @Rodney Davis Agreed, but *Kevon* got this....🤔

  73. melissa dixon

    kavon,j\kavon,love him,he can sang to me anytime,i want you

  74. Evets Zerimar

    Those drums sound incredible

  75. Tony D.

    Kevon can sing me to sleep every night!

  76. Rebecca Bromell

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Love it !

  77. 神様


  78. Terry Sanders

    Melvyn is on the release track... Melvin's voice is so unique. It took his voice to slam this great jam. But his son's tone is nice just should let it all come out. Edmonds trade mark...feelin it. That's all I'm saying.

  79. T. C.

    Amazing...Their voices still give me goosebumps!!!!

  80. Allen Kim

    I like that they acknowledge the original Marvin I Want You on the top, then they do that After 7 harmony thang.

  81. Ole Fish Eyed Fool -Watch it Sucka!

    Mmm Hmm !!!!
    Just what we need real singing and musical instruments

  82. Rayko Blue

    That sounded great.

  83. Randria Del


  84. JWCMMC

    So good.  So, so good.

  85. Branislav Milic

    It's a shame that they are so underrated in the music industry. Amazing vocals by true artists with real instruments. Beautiful song too.

  86. The Piscean Nicole

    Kevon!!!! 😍

  87. Radio Sobral City webradio

    Sobral City Radio Brazil - The singer beautiful music

  88. Alizabeth Shaw

    I love this!

  89. Alex Güemez

    The best song I've ever listen in my life!

  90. Carletta Goodrich Mann

    DArnell and Curtis love your R&B swags. Write on write on write on write on top-guard performers Tuskegee R&B icons

  91. Jon Huff

    That intro was so dope

  92. Garfield Harrison

    Fantastic! Brilliant!

  93. Trayona Lawrence

    The Marvin Gaye intro is literally fire. I love After 7

  94. Mariel Castillo

    Hello there from the Philippines listening here. I really like the arrangement of the tune and the beat totally package

  95. Gwen Stevens

    My Crush 🌹💕💕💕 Kevon after all these years just like 🍷 better with time 🔥🔥🔥😘


    💋❤️🥰💋❤️🥰💋❤️🥰 Yes

  97. luvmusic810

    All I can say is I Love It! I have been a fan of AFTER 7 since the beginning!!! This is GREAT!

  98. sobaytje


  99. Ms. Nini

    I love it!!! ❤❤❤