After 7 - Gonna Love You Right Lyrics

Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you slow
Can't get enough of you
Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you over and over and over again

Some people live searching for love
And some don't believe no more
I've been on both sides
And I'm thankful because you're fine
'cause it feels good to hold you
And each time you tell me you'll be here the rest of my life

Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you slow
Can't get enough of you
Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you over and over and over again

Some people mistreat a special love
Find it hard to stop doing wrong
They don't miss they're well
Til they're water starts running dry
But I'll do what I can
To be a good man

Don't wanna hear no more your goodbyes

Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you slow
Can't get enough of you
Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you over and over and over again

Everybody needs someone to love
Gotta take my love kiss stars I've got the chance to love you
Everybody needs someone to hold tight
As long as I've got you I'm gonna do it right
Wanna love, need a love, gotta love, wanna love need a love, gotta love you

Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you slow
Can't get enough of you
Gonna love you right
Gonna take my time with you
Gonna love you over and over and over again

Love you right
Take my time
Doin' it slow
Love you right
Take my time
Doin' it slow
Never gonna love a girl the way I loved you baby
Doin' it slow
Love you right
Take my time
Doin' it slow

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After 7 Gonna Love You Right Comments
  1. Lorraine M. Johnson-Booker

    Did not know about Melvin.....😇


    Good music right here

  3. Antoine Townsend

    After 7 Gonna Love You Right

  4. Shaneka Goode

    Been looking for this song

  5. Laester Dickson-Willis

    There’s one thing that I can’t leave unsaid each of the Edmonds men sing from their souls they make you feel every word is the truth, they put you in a state of emotion

  6. Laester Dickson-Willis

    Melvin RIP, I will always love a play your songs, yours was and will be forever the man with the Billion dollar voice

  7. Marty Lemons

    A beautiful song 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘

  8. Laester Dickson-Willis

    When you heard his voice you knew without a doubt it was Mr Melvin Edmonds, , you didn’t need to see him, he brought your emotions to a high.

  9. Althea Davis

    This brought back good and bad memories one minute I'm remembering being sooo in love then I remember being beat,abused and shot at by the man who was supposed to love me forever....BUT GOD 🙏🏾

  10. Ravenbabe321

    I love Melvin's voice. RIP.

  11. Mo Denise

    Omg I've been looking for this song for over a year....thank you ❤❤❤

  12. Rickey Engle

    i will believe it when i see it,,

  13. Shan Jones

    All of them sound great, but hands up and down for Melvin. He is so smooth sexy and humble with it all. Another great song bird in heaven.

  14. Gloria Nelson

    Yes indeed underatted rest well Melvin Edmonds.🙏🙏🙏🙏💔😥👑😘

  15. Rati Mmualefe

    After 7 never got the respect they deserved from the industry, will remain one of my absolute favourites. RIP Melvin

  16. dkennedy64126

    I could Listen to at the seven

  17. Alliance/ Belizean

    This my favorite song of all time

  18. Natarsha Bailey

    They were one of the best in that time and I still listen to their music. I grew up listening to them and they had some great voices! I loved all their music and this song was one of my favorites. I would repeat this song all the time! That was when real music was around. R.I.P. Mr. Melvin Edmonds

  19. LaTasha Richardson

    RiIP Melvin❤️

  20. FirstSon's Motif

    I love this movie and I love this song so very much. Bring back so many memories. I really enjoy playing it and recently did a tribute to Melvin. R.I.P brother!

  21. Nicole Wimbush


  22. lynjs

    One of the best R&B groups of the 90s and still going in a new form. Rest in peace Melvin. Thank you for the legacy of your beautiful voice on some real love songs.



  24. Darlene Thomas

    R.I.P. Melvin Edmonds 65 years I loved this song :(

  25. J Princeton

    No disrespect but why does this sound just like Boyz II Men?

  26. Georgianna Anderson

    Sang Mr . Melvin , Rest in peace ,baby .🌹🌹

  27. Authentic 86

    RIP 🙏🏿. Classic

  28. TheAngelskye66

    RIP Melvin

  29. Shaundra Lee

    I love you Melvin! Thank you for the music!

  30. Boyd Daniels

    Rip Melvin Edmonds singing in heaven!!🎼🎹🥁🎤🎧✌️👍🤟🏻🍸

  31. Count Smk

    Rip Melvin 😪😪

  32. Reggie Walden

    RIP my condolences

  33. Martha Robertson

    R.I.P Mr. Melvin Edmonds Your Music Will Live On 4ever

  34. Cindydst81

    R.I.Heaven Melvin!! :(

  35. Clarissa Coby

    Rest in the Paradise of Peace, Melvin 🎶🙏🏽🎶😪



  36. disgurluvsmuzik

    RIP Melvin Edmonds Nov 2, 1954 - May 19, 2019 😭

    Kimberly Chalmers


  37. omegadean96

    RIP Melvin Edmonds go to soon , ThxU for blessing us with the gift God bless you with ♡


    Sorry for the type O gone to soon

  38. ILoveEmilee

    RIP Melvin Edmonds

  39. Ariel Strickland

    Rest In Love Melvin Edwards 🙏🏽

    Mo Denise


  40. ladyluck538

    r.i.p. Melvin Edmonds.

  41. Terencia Gillermo

    Listening to this gives me chills hearing Melvin's voice, he was awesome. May he R.I.Paradise.. Kevon's voice was just magical..

  42. Cynthia Moore

    I think I was in middle school when this song came out & I loved it then as an adolescent. Now I’m knocking on 40’s door & realize I need a GROWN MAN—these lyrics are everything. Thank you After 7 for the numerous hits you have given to the R&B community. RIP Melvin 😢

  43. Dawn Wright

    Sleep in Paradise Melvin Edmonds!!!

  44. This song made me wanna feel love. Still never got it fully, half love...maybe a third of love ❤️. Rest well Melvin

  45. Troleum Dawson

    R.I.P Melvin Edmonds May 18,2019.enjoyed your music brother &after7.

    Cupcakes 701

    Troleum Dawson 💯❤😥

    Keith Din

    Oh no! Didn't know. May the great Melvin RIP

  46. louisianagirl91

    Rest in power Melvin you were so exceptionally talented and an exceptionally talented singer 🙏🏽

    louisianagirl91 ⚜️⚜️⚜️👋🏽

  47. clamentas weathers

    R.I.P Melvin you will truly be missed...your music an spirit will live forever❤

  48. Angela Jones

    RIP Melvin Edmonds!

  49. nicholen88

    My favorite song by them...and Mr. Snipes was looking extra fine...

  50. Tamekia Collins

    Rest in Love Melvin!!! ♥️

  51. The1baddman

    Rest In Peace Mr Melvin Edmonds.

  52. Gloria Nelson

    🎥 sound tracks we're the shit.🔥😎🔥😎💩

  53. Gloria Nelson

    New Jack city era loved it the clothes the music.take me Back.🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

    Gloria Nelson you mean New Jack Swing era

  54. Tarkeema Lewis

    so the Day walker called girl 6 and they are having fun at the club and she went to work and he had a fight later that night with Ron Pearlman.hee hee

  55. Nintendobrothers

    Kevin Edmonds is so fine!!!!

  56. Stevie McQueen

    That's what I thought kevon said. I just caught on2 what he said. He said " don't wanna hear no more of your goodbyes.

  57. Stevie McQueen

    Kevon has the best verse on this. Melvin also has a nice voice on him too.

  58. Ayanna Barber

    I didn’t know it was a video to this song. There was a love scene deleted from the movie.


    Ayanna Barber I wondered about that. I just watched this on hbo & thought maybe I missed something!?

  59. Willie Combs

    Melvin handled his business on this track!!

    Melva Johnson

    Yes he did

  60. J H

    After 7 wayyyyyy. Underrated! Loved these guys!

  61. 83Jude

    Throwback to middle school YASSS!
    I loved this group & Babyface penmanship was best w them.

  62. Charles Jennings

    Kevon verse the shyt!!! Him & Ralph Tresvant had those voices...

  63. Black Anonymous

    Melvin has sex appeal.


    right day right time

  65. Linda Caines

    Melvin is so Fine and the brother can sang......Wesley lookin good too!

  66. Wynette Natt

    Gonna love u right... Yazzz

  67. Deb M

    I love these guys! But I especially love me some Milk Chocolate Melvin!

  68. Wynette Natt

    Yazzz Gonna 😍 u right...

  69. Lisa Lisa

    90's actress, Theresa Randle, the lady in this movie with Wesley Snipes looks like Monique Samuels from Real housewives of potomac or should I say the other way around because Theresa is like 50 something now and Monique is 35 I think .

  70. Margaret g

    Love to listen to Melvin,

  71. Cupcakes 701

    I miss the 90s. They don't make music like this any more .
    7/26/ 2018😍😍😄.

    Darlene Thomas

    they sure don't

    Cupcakes 701

    Jeremy Hackman 💯

  72. Tamara Jordan

    I love this song! 😍

  73. backnthedaydawg

    The movie tho. . .shoutout to 1993. Sugar Hill Soundtrack.

  74. Jewelina Jones


  75. Ulysses Hart

    Sugar hill was that movie

  76. Mr Clark

    kevon kills this.....I'm glad I can sing like him

  77. Mr Clark

    I agree

  78. Jackie Kennedy

    Melvin has a sultry sound that makes the music relaxing to listen to

  79. Tiffany seymour-woodward

    anyway dr.steven on ramadan 2013, i fell madly en love with you. steven r. singh can you offer me any consolation?

  80. Renee Pless

    Melvin you killing me with that voice love it .Kevon you got me staying up all night listening to everything After7 and Kevon Edmonds.

  81. Carol Harper

    Love this song; They sound great.

  82. JaLisa Jai

    Love ❤️ Wesley Snipes in this movie and this SONG!!!! Yes LAWD💯💯💯💯👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽😘😘

  83. Gloria Nelson

    Thank my lucky stars k e v o n sing to me oh.

  84. carl smith

    one of my favorite group of all time..after 7

  85. Kim Austin

    them notes Kevon hit at the end, them boys bad

  86. Gadd Ovame

    Kevon should've been a model.

  87. Betty Suber

    I love these guys! The new CD is the bomb too check it out "Timeless "

  88. Luv Mali

    I love After 7's music.... those Edmond brothers are no joke and although Keith was in the background his voice blended so well it made their harmony tight... so glad they have a new piece...TIMELESS

  89. jessica hogue

    Their unsung episode comes on tomorrow night. I will be watching.

  90. Valerie Naylor

    love this song old classic
    miss it

  91. Betty Gammage

    one of my favorite group

  92. terence kellys

    Love you Right beautiful woman

  93. Christina Yates

    Kevon Edmonds is a incredible singer and so is Melvin. That was conducted themselves as five modest humble older man wonderful music that everyone everyone can listen to. I miss this GROUP!! I actually named my son after Kevon. The Edmond brothers are very talented.

  94. dirtyreg22

    Melvin and Kevon both better singers then babyface to me

    Serai Zaro

    dirtyreg22 babyface doesnt need to sing. He is the mastermind!! Nobody writes lovemakimg like Babyface 😉😘

    Rodney Davis

    Babyface agrees with you. He said that himself

    Rodney Davis

    @Neka Renay no they aren't. Kevon is older by one year. He's light skinned. Babyface is dark skinned, they been on the stage together

    Deb M

    Melvin is my favorite. But Hands down. Babyface is the most talented. He's written 26 hits and has 11 grammys and he has his own unique voice. He is the reason Virgin Records gave his brothers a shot. And his hand wrote the best of their music.

    Willie Combs

    Melvin my guy. Got that soulful voice

  95. Steryjen Deese

    Always loVe sOnGs thAt mAke seNce! ;)I sTill cAn't gEt eNough lIsTen hIs sOngs! ;););)Not jUst hIs sOngs I LOVE moRe oTher sOngs tOO

  96. Rhino Black

    After 7 new cd is out now it's the bomb...

    Darren Black

    Rhino Black

    bust the windows out

    Rhino Black

    Runnin out from after 7 is on my page...

    kool breeze

    Didnt realize it was out

  97. Jason Hawes

    After 7 made some of the best music from their era.

  98. mrs.trice D

    now I wanna watch the movie old as it is never seen the movie


    sugar hill was the bomb great movie

    Michelle Mcdonald

    one of my favorite movies

  99. mrs.trice D

    what 26 people didn't like this song i love it been on repeat all day