Afrojack - When You're Gone Lyrics

I can't stand the rain
I can't stand the rain

It only comes when you're gone
When you're gone
When you're gone, it all comes down

When you're gone
When you're gone
When you're gone, it all comes down

When you're gone, it all comes down

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Afrojack When You're Gone Comments
  1. Diego Alejandro Murillo cerquera

    When you're goneeeeee me gusta

  2. Samie Breslin

    The good part doesn't come on until 1:05 w the /vocals 😚💬 Gotta tell ya❕❕❕

  3. Ryi0n Grey

    Sounds like she could really go a "year without rain." But really please remove this song from BPM channels.

  4. Rabbi Schmiel

    Ester Dean does a beautiful job on this track.

  5. Tor Net

    holly molly, damn dude, lit af

  6. Kristina

    This would make a beautiful acoustic song!

  7. Cooler117 Gaming

    this is Lit

  8. XxpomxX

    Love you ester dean

  9. Jf Dominique

    This Music 🎶 is spectacular

  10. Jf Dominique

    Sounds great👍👍

  11. InvokerOf Legend

    Perfect song ! Thx Afrojack

  12. Nessa Tovey

    i cant stand the rain! great beatz

  13. Mr Airpods


  14. ChopstiX Official

    Reminds me of Avicii's when he was at the beginning

  15. Omkar Juyal

    Lovely track 💖🙌

  16. Afrojack

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  17. Diana Navarro


  18. Masis Oznigolyan

    This shit is amaizing🔥🔥🔥

  19. aby Wheifahn

    Amazing Vocal :3

  20. Luiswxm

    Increíble, me encanta este tema!!👏👏

  21. Rudy Alexander Ccorimanya Ccorisoncco

    Afrojack the best, again comes back with his own style in progressive follows like this the best Wow!! amazing

  22. Lluís Vilella Piqué

    Love those Nick and J&S collabs

  23. Cynthia Martinez

    Love this track!!!!! Loved when you premiered at Ultra Mexico❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. MusicIsLife

    back to 2014/2015

  25. Pau e.f.

    Best song of the year

  26. BreendaaBTR

    escuche esta canción por primera vez en el Ultra México y fue hermoso ❤️ la emoción mágica 🔥🔥🔥🇲🇽🇲🇽

  27. うんこちゃん


  28. R1J8

    Best track🎶🔉 of press play ep no doubt ✍️ 💯%

  29. Risha !!

    This song is my favourite from this EP.. 💗💗💗

  30. EDML

    Best from all collabs with J&S ;).

  31. J.RO. Official

    This sounds like a perfect blend of Afrojack and Jewelz and sparks!! The vocals are so good and I really dig the drop with the xylophone sounding melody! The build is fantastic too!

  32. Briana Drew

    All time favorite so far. :)

  33. Alexis Lezcano

    You're the best, Afrojack!!!

  34. Dj Mocte

    Waiting for this dince Ultra Mexico!!

  35. Aulia Alif


  36. Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666

    Es hermoso!!! 💞💞💞💞

  37. Kevin Camargo

    Tremendo track

    Rafael Espinosa


    André Carvalho

    @Rafael Espinosa
    Naco pedorro

  38. Rishab 01

    Been waiting for this since Ultra mexico.Thank you Afrojack for releasing it❤❤

  39. Edgar Piscoche Olivarez

    Excelent collab

  40. My Name Is A Sonic

    Looks like Ester Dean is back with Afrojack after they did Another Life with David Guetta

  41. Dianely Morales

    La mejor 👏🧡🇲🇽

    Rafael Espinosa

    La mejor de el mejor 😍

  42. Christian Ozorio

    Cool one

  43. Leonardo Carvalho

    Maravilhosa ❤

  44. LQD

    This is way better than the version played in ULTRA Mexico

  45. Tejas Mahadik

    Came only for Ester Dean

    Cock Dickinson

    hey everyone look, its a person with an opinion

    Edward Lalhminghlua

    Go fuck yourself

  46. Kelvin

    My favourite from the EP

  47. Puneet Shukla


  48. Twanxx

    Beautiful 😍🔥

  49. nm diantoro

    Nice to see you upload the new Album... Waiting for the video clip of your song

  50. Shyam K.shyam

    one of the fucking melody song of the year 😘😚😙😙😘😚😘😙😍😚😘😍😙😚😍😙😘😚