Afrojack - We'll Be Ok Lyrics

Hundred years ago someone said to me
You can change the World by the way you speak
But every word you hear is every word you say
I could see the feelings written on your face
You don't believe in love
You don't believe it's true
You don't know where I go
You don't know what I do
If I could make you see the way it supposed to be
Only love could set you free

We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh
We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh

A hundred years from now
Maybe we'll turn around and
See the flowers growing in the battle grounds
Let's go to sleep tonight, wake up another day
When we can built a world that's made of different shades
I still believe in love
I still believe it's true
I'm takin' where I've been and see what I can do
I'm tryina make you see the way it ought to be
Only love could set you free

We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh
We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh

Hold my hand,
You know we can learn to love again
And I'll never hurt you! I'll be your friend
Yeah, for better or worst
Just don't let go, goo!!

We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh
We'll be ok ooh oh
Don't be afraid, you know
Music will play ooh oh oh
We'll be ok oh ooh oh

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Afrojack We'll Be Ok Comments
  1. Aarif Mohd

    I still believe in love!!
    I still believe it's true!!
    Only love can set you free!!..
    "Music will play! oh! .. we'll be ok! oh!!"

    2019 anybody??

  2. Obraniak Design

    Still here bb

  3. Neptali Suarez

    2019 ♥️

  4. ArzufBKZ

    Bye AVICII :(

  5. Joao Salvatore

    melhor ainda...

  6. Pedro -pac2106


  7. Samuel Mendoza

    Thanks Afrojack your music inspired me, We'll Be Ok in #Venezuela

  8. Garbell Steek

    Muy buena canción

  9. Heryck Henrique

    We are you Afrojack

  10. Gherson S. Altamirano


  11. James Semaj

    Wrabel Ok

  12. Helena Francia

    My favorite well be okay

  13. José D ́h

    Whos's whatching 2017 ?? :c

  14. thegreenweirdo210

    when these two collide - boom, you have a beautiful piece

  15. harsh rokade

    they are absolutely stunning.

  16. Sergio GR

    la mejor que belleza ;)

  17. Natalia Gallegos Estrada

    Que recuerdos 😻😻😻

  18. Juan fedes'sb

    lo mejor de lo mejor....

  19. Christopher

    Good song mate (y)

  20. Niko Santos

    that's my ni

  21. Kevin Elias


    Esteban Quintero

    su mama

    Marioo puff

    Kevin Elias i like

  22. SuperMosesfly

    love this song very very much <3

  23. noLIMIT - MTG

    You sounds like james franco in this picture xD

    Mohammed Algthamy

    I've just noticed that

  24. ryan beeston

    this probably is the best ever album that has been released by anyone, never mind just afrojack

  25. Constanza Oyarce

    best song of the album

    Alexx Doerig

    I like this song too but the best in the album is ten feet tall

  26. Hashir Anjum

    i like afrojack very much but ill rate it second to ten feet tall

  27. Hlamong Sing Sing

    Nice song bro...

  28. Murilo Moore

    @Aline Santos a musica q eu tinha falo pra vc há um tempo atrás...

    Aline Pachêco

    Ae vou baixa !!

    Murilo Moore

    Oookay c;

  29. Vaibhav Dubey

    I am here because of Wrabel's Ten Feet Tall and mind you this song is awesome too /m\

    Eagle black


  30. Cris Belizario belizario

    afrojack  show




    don't forget the Drugs.

  32. DuckyyD

    This is very Afrojack.. Avicii uses more chord progression :) Xx

  33. cantforgetyou

    This song sounds better in tune. Then the other songs on his album. Sorry. 

  34. techination

    Love this!

  35. Diren Kilic

    this song makes me cry everytime.. The best thing is that Nick plays it most of the time at the end of his sets, so it's even more beautiful.. 

  36. Michelle Harris

    LOVE IT...Beautiful Lyrics,thank you for this one, i was not so sure about Love for a minute there,Love It.

  37. Javier Fernandez

    ctm !!!! amo este tema <3 Afrojack el mejor dj te amo <3 <3

  38. Leonel Salvador

    Esta canción es la mejor ♥ We love Afrojack!

  39. Melissa Castro

    this is fucking awesome 

  40. Luisa Fernanda San Martin

    I really LOVE THIS SONG 

  41. ana polo

    far from as good as ten feet tall, sorry this is a FLOP

  42. Diana Elizabeth Peña

    Super Lindo Es muy buen Track Afrojack Te amo <3 Cx'

  43. Inez Codd

    Afrojak don't give on fuck what those haters say don't let they let u down I fuckin love u i'll fuckin rave to this song all day

    LOO wen


  44. Aug Machino

    Which Tune in station can I listen to such kinda cool music all day. Love it . . . .

  45. Gabriel Quizon

    Stop making Wrabel happen. It's not going to happen. Plus,
    this song is bad.

    Mr Roquines

    @jan klaase wait, I'm gay and I think this is a great song, why you think be gay is an insult, idiot

    Alex Udrescu

    Haters gonna hate! :P

    A swan

    @Mr Roquines lol, we dont care whoever is gay as long as the music is dope.

    Venkat Krisshna

    stfu u shit go listen to your mom fart.

  46. andres

    la mejor cancion del album 


    Pienso lo mismo

  47. Ashish Chopra

    Story of my life

  48. Kristi Llamuca

    mas k bella =D 

  49. Jesse James

    Wrabel canta mt .. esse cara precisa de mais reconhecimento pq tem talento !!

  50. MaceN

    man you are my idol 1 day i want to be like you ! also i want to meet you...will you ever come in greece ??? 

  51. Edin Ademovic

    I am so happy that Afrojack jacked this song up :)

  52. ay caramba!

    amazing lyrics amazing!!

  53. ingrid lopez

    simplemente me encanta 

  54. leo sousa 66

    wrabel is awesome

  55. Daisynta Aninditya

    i think i should buy his album

  56. I love iraq because it's my country

    yes well Be Ok

  57. Hen4ryGames

    You are best

  58. Dilip Arora

    Inspirational lyrics...heartbreaking beats...

  59. Yul Nep

    Afrojack + Wrabel = absolutely magnificent


    Afrojack + (Anything) = absolutely magnificent**

    Aakash Jain

    you're Right It's Perfect Match

  60. Melchior Gaspar

    oooooooooooh myyy gosh..... i love it ^-^

  61. Fernando Casas Orta

    :DDD ~*U*~

  62. Bleachdrinker 24/7

    this is one of the best songs of the album

  63. m̶i̶c̶h̶a̶e̶l̶ b̶r̶i̶g̶a̶d̶a̶


  64. Wendy Heredia

    I love this song ♥

  65. Arli Girón

    La mejor que escuche esta semana <3



  67. Luis Correa

    exelentes melodias las  de este album

  68. Leidy Ruby Romero

    Te amO afrojack

  69. Tina135790

    nice song<3

  70. Sidney Alberts

    Wrabel is Magic! 

  71. ra1ndr0pz

    Did Afrojack & Avicii use a same software ??

    Pinkul Ahmed

    ra1ndr0pz yes

  72. Edwin vdm

    Best song on album!

  73. Jean Saucedo

    una muy buena canción y que bueno que se le de la oportunidad a wrabel de poder salir con un nueva producción de afrojack será buena para su carrera.

  74. emmanuel sanchez

    es una de las mejores de este album

  75. The Salvadorean

    Es un éxito (Y). 

  76. AzzA

    Love that synth in the melody

  77. Luis Fernando Garcia Sanchez

    Se parece mucho a I'm Not alone de Calvin Harris :v

  78. Just How It Is

    Really cool, Wrabel's voice fits really well with the progression. However, it doesn't sound like Avicii, it sounds like Afrojack's usual progressive style.

  79. Francesco Bettanin

    this is not afrojack

    Lord StickMAn

    it's afrojack ,man!

    Lord StickMAn

    Lorenzo Beeuwkes

    @Gilbert Matabadal. Lol

    Shreyas Yedekar

    Lol you are so fricking MAD!

    Lord StickMAn

    @Shreyas Yedekar  Who?Me?why?

  80. vecagpx

    We'll be ok don't be afraid ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  81. vecagpx

    We'll be ok don't be afraid ♡♡♡♡♡♡


    Thats why I listen to The Afrojack!

  83. Nerito lll


  84. fuaad nakhwa

    More then perfect

  85. Artur Michalczyk

    Love song Afrojack-Wrabel<3 ]

  86. Mike VDK

    nice song k zag je btw bij rtl latenight xD

  87. kikuCGO

    I love every single song of your new album Afrojack you're amazing!!

  88. Kevin constantine

    the drop sounds like galantis, anyone?

  89. hamaad karim

    what a song

  90. Blue Gooze

    Tbh the drop is the only good part of it. Wrabel did a lot better in ten feet tall

    Bleachdrinker 24/7

    wel it depends on ur opinion . i prefered this song then ten feet tall.this is actually fav afro song next keep our love alive

  91. [NA] Neonatic

    THIS Shit song is like Avicii

    Bleachdrinker 24/7

    fuck avicii , this is afrojacks song

    [NA] Neonatic

    Fist him