Afrojack - Turn Up The Speakers Lyrics

Turn Up The Speakers

Turn Up The Speakers

Turn Up The Speakers

Smash the keys down turn up the speakers

Turn Up The Speakers

Smash the keys down turn up the speakers

Turn Up The Speakers

Smash the keys down turn up the speakers

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Afrojack Turn Up The Speakers Comments
  1. Carlos Belloso Arambillete

    Jaja !! Muy buen video , la morocha y los aros !!! Buena música !!! Booom

  2. Moon Subs

    Otro comentario en español ✌️🌻

  3. మనొహర్ నవులూరి

    Dec 2019??

  4. Prens D3DC4L

    what is girl's name ?

  5. Santiago Avila Caro

    Soy gei

  6. Oğuzhan Alak

    Who is here 2019?

  7. muqthada alzader

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  8. Jhon Ynothoan SW

    2020 ? :D

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  10. Sauloguedes Saulo guardes

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  22. Brandon G

    What's up diva

  23. Zach Barros

    ❤ ❤ ❤ this will NEVER die for me. From the first ten minutes it dropped to 6 years later ughhhh

  24. Maria Santos


  25. Danial Esrin

    I wonder if there's any more mv like this gold mine

  26. Pew Die Pie

    Like si martin garrix es y seguirá siendo el mejor dj

  27. Agus :v

    Cuando spinnin era chido

  28. J P

    Un grande el bizarrap

  29. Jesus Figueroa

    Me gusta muchísimo esta canción, pasan los años y no me canso de escucharla una y otra vez!!

  30. DJ J.R Gt Kings

    Amo esta canción de la electró

  31. DRINK

    Dogs : bark bark bark!

    Cats : meow meow meow!

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  32. Chubby Girl

    Fantastic 😍

  33. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    💓 beautiful song 💓

  34. Mary TheFairy

    Who still listens to this song in 205434743742?

  35. Kenny Louis Effruan

    Dec 2019?!!!

  36. Abema arambam

    Big fan of martin😍😍😍

  37. Lemon Nation

    Showed this to the pornstars

    They legit twerk on my virgin bed

    MK Geek

    looking 4 blow?😂

  38. DeniszYTC

    December 2019 ? Or 2020

  39. pablo xd

    The best electronic songs this channel has

  40. Lalding Ngheti

    who love this song like it

  41. SB808

    The Dislikes are people with tweeters not bass speakers 🔊😂😂😂🍺

  42. kareem the joker

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  43. Nahin Barberbiker

    Electrónica forever

  44. Hoàng Ngọc Nguyễn

    who still listens to this song in 2019 ?

  45. Bojke Bratinaa

    Best video ever, when girls where nornal. Like music.... I love this thing

  46. bash

    Wheres my 2014 comments

  47. Cibi Haja

    My Fly said , turn off cuz' we have bigger speakers

  48. Bruno Rafael

    this so cringe

  49. Ria Lucia

    2019 BALI

  50. theling bakuants

    Like si kiers el instagram de la morra :v

  51. Hussein Hamid

    اكو عراقيين بالطيارة🤣👀

  52. Victor Ribeiro

    Alguém Br🇧🇷

  53. IRVING AnToNiO

    Like si te cagan los comerciales

  54. Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    En el mundo de los ricos es muy malo decir que dinero tienes por que entonces no eres rico

  55. junjuncasp70

    I never get tired of this song

  56. Luis Herrera

    quien en el 2019

  57. Cristina Garcia

    Like si amas la música 🎶 de MARTIN GARRIX ( - _-)

  58. Gucci Shades

    2020 Where ya'll at?

  59. Lambo 24

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  61. Yıldırım Davut

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  62. Pratik Jadhav

    3039 anyone?

  63. SAGAZ YT

    El mío menos


    El inicio joder 👌💕

  65. Cor C

    I need party 😑

  66. Nicolas Leyton


  67. FedorMachida Last

    If you don't dance to this, you are dead inside.

  68. ますず!


  69. ますず!


  70. Marco Zurdo

    Expectacular las musica electronica

  71. Heru Orok


  72. Hamza Ashraf

    I'm here for seen this 0:23

  73. Axiel_is_HERE

    Who else got trauma here as i kid?

  74. Shaday Lugo

    En el minuto 11 sale Martín garrix

    Shaday Lugo

    En el minuto 1.11

  75. NonSense Stuffs

    This track showed me his style ... which is still almost same in 2019 !!

  76. Solomon Soane

    McDonald's: Lesbians and dubstep. I'm lovin it

  77. Shaday Lugo

    Vida loca un like por eso🤩🤪

  78. Terrestrial Creaturez

    Building up- Martin Garrix
    Drop- Afrojack

  79. charles gunter

    Where they play this music at in atx ..this hoe bang

  80. billi shush

    Che bei ricordi me vengono in mente, quando giocavo a cube wars.

  81. Mayank 17

    This is the channel which is responsible for Martin garrix to become a no. 1 DJ

  82. jeremy thug78


  83. Anant Krishali

    Rip Martin Garrix old tracks.

  84. Dhiraj Popli

    Neighbors: hey turn it off.
    Me: why?
    Neighbors: we have bigger speakers!

  85. Eli Stoyanova

    November 2k19 are u here ✌️🔥

    sanjeev rana

    Eli Stoyanova Yb

    HB Creation

    Yes sweetheart i am here for you

  86. Charles yang

    Like si te gusta la música electrónica

  87. Mitch pro in games

    Nederland staat achter je🇳🇱

  88. Mitch pro in games

    Martijn..... beste muziek ooit!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍

  89. Zol Per

    I came only to enjoy the comments...
    Just to realize that comments nowadays only repeat the year they posted that comment. PEOPLE STOP

    I'm not interested in the comments anymore.

  90. Vanessa Kx

    What is the name of the girl in the video?

  91. Vaios Koutis

    why is this so lesbian? nice song tho

  92. Ali Şen

    Bi zamanlar bu şarkıyla az mı kopardım be