Afrojack - Too Wild Lyrics

Late nights, everyday is a motherfuckin' party
Too stoned, don't know what I did last night
Hangin' with my niggas gettin' drunk
Smokin' weed & doin' what we want
We live our lives
And ain't no one gon' bring us down
Staying out, sleeping when we can
Cause we don't stop
Going hard, wake up in the morning
Do it all again!
Roll up the Marley, let's get it started
Life of a party!
Let's live for today, we might not be here tomorrow
And they say I'm too wild
They said I'm too fun
They say it's too much
But too much ain't nothin' at all!
Cause we just want more, moore
We just want more, mooore

Every time I hear the music
I go crazy
Floating there you take me away
Higher we've ever been before
Take me to the clouds
Take me to the clouds
Take me to the clouds
Take me to the clouds

Every time I hit the club
I take my money, I spend it all
Standing on the couch just showing love
Don't give a damn
Don't give a fuck
Float me and take me away
High up in the clouds, never coming down
Somewhere out the space, never on the ground
Always turning up, never turning down
Another hundred grands
As soon as I turn around
Take me up to where I wanna be
Tired as fuck, but we don't wanna sleep
Mary Jane and them paper planes
Pouring shots, you better take this drink

And they say I'm too wild
They said I'm too fun
They say it's too much
But too much ain't nothin' at all!
Cause we just want more, moore
We just want more, mooore
They say I'm too wild
They said I'm too fun
They say it's too much
But too much ain't nothin' at all!
Cause we just want more, moore
We just want more, mooore

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Afrojack Too Wild Comments

    'cause we just want moooooooore 😭😭😭


    This was a blessing in 2014 😭

  3. Rishi Sharma

    Missing my school time and the old DJ music

  4. Arsh SHK

    Best song future and afrojack thanks

  5. KEVIN๛ ابن باكستان

    Welcome to jeddah city Afrojack

  6. Reaver Obscure

    Soo underrated.

  7. Shantanu Jain

    It's April 2019. Midnight. I just remembered I used to absolutely jam to this in 2014.
    Time flies :')

    Rishabh Singh

    And still it give those vibes ❤

  8. Sebastian Betancourt

    Damm what a Song!


    2019 Still listening

  10. Jilske Bruggeman


  11. Aashwin Cr

    Who watch it on 2018

  12. Sayan Chakraborty

    Too stoned 😑🍁🍁

  13. Scott The Wilde

    I love this song since 2014
    Now 2018 still wild. This is dope

  14. Claudia Lee

    whos here on 2018?

  15. Gangstas Make The World Go Round

    this is a masterpiece

  16. Luciano Luz

    tgod brasiiiil

  17. prashanth

    This takes me back to Goa

  18. Muaz Zubair


  19. Four Twenty

    2 0 1 7

  20. Gulshan Saini

    0:44 is the best part; that transitioning sound.


    Young Khalifa Men

  22. Hans Rathgeb

    te comi, penenlata

  23. Joost Sluijmer

    really nice song nick!

  24. Lucas Agustín

    Rrrrrreeeeeeee cheto ameo 😎

  25. Rhutar Dos porquitos

    no começo paresce que o homem tá acordando

  26. Muhammad Naufal Alauddin

    i really like it for damn sure... hehe

  27. Wtf is my life?

    We just want mooooore

  28. Octavian mushi

    best song

  29. siti haryanti ahmad faiz

    Love the music beat

  30. Andre Salles

    Sente a vibe mermão ! me vejo entrando no avião e indo pra Tomorrowland ! loucoo de quadrado kkkk

  31. Jelena Mitrovic

    Take me up to where I wanna be... Volim te Filipeee! ❤

  32. Mathy269

    muy genial afrojack es el mejor :$

  33. ricky hernandez

    no mames me encanta! 😄😀😀😄

  34. Nikuska O

    This sound sounds like Toca me - Fragma

  35. Lorenza Zenobio

    Love this song!

  36. Madalin Alexandru


  37. Mouad Mastapha

    perfect song 

  38. adolf ortiz


  39. Sky De Virgo


  40. Brian

    The part at 0:45 sounds like the intro of Delta bay from Empire of the sun.

  41. Ashish Masih

    I want to download the clean version of this song for free

    Carlos hugo C.R

    tube mate

    Imran Haque

    +Ashish Masih nice try

  42. Gautam Sabhahit

    Can someone please tell me the genre of this song? Its sounds awesome....

    Rahul Joshi

    +Gautam Sabhahit this is progressive house

    Gautam Sabhahit

    Thank you very much :)

  43. Hazem Fahme

    ohhhh :D <3

  44. mohd aziz

    I too change na

  45. Krishan Badal

    This song is fucking awesome! It has everything to chill about. Get high, take a listen to this song and forget the world..

  46. Bence Somogyi

    it sounds like deadmau5

    Shantanu Jain

    Bence Somogyi really?
    kinda average compared to him.

  47. Sreya Molakalapalli

    its my birthday today

  48. Sreya Molakalapalli

    i love myself

  49. Sreya Molakalapalli

    i am beautiful

  50. luis eduardo dormos morales

    que tuani esta rola la adoro

  51. Nathan Oneill

    shag birds 24/7 init

  52. dundee520

    cheers 4 sharing

  53. Randall Gyebi

    Should have been Kid Cudi. Then instant hit!

  54. Cristian Fernando


  55. widuri ristoo ratulangi


  56. Nikko Calaguas

    i love wiz i love afrojack but this song is just not what i expected from them. i fuckin hated the drop i even know if it is considered a drop love the chill vibe tho

  57. Weabe

    very kewl

  58. raiiza caseres

    es una buena cancion

  59. Jonatan Tiago

    \You Fuck Music Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee O my God '---' 
    ♥♥♥♥♥ afroJack 

  60. Aries Alvarado

    Que genero es este?

  61. shalom gonzalez


  62. phalgun rao

    Such beautiful music but the vocals ruined it, I love afrojack

  63. Devi Permana


  64. Esketitt

    awesome song!!

  65. Yarson Rodriguez


  66. Danish Ali

    why is ths guy featuring with rappers.!!! it seems like afrojack didn't get anyone better..!!!

    Jordy gaat je niks aan

    no its because he gets more money and he wants to do different things

  67. Samir Bedari

    C est de la bonne la musique

  68. Ramazan Cicek

    2:14 Wiz Khalifa Timeeee :)) <3

  69. Edgar Yankee Studio.

    I Love This Song

  70. alberto yahel

    buena cansion <3 se dejaron cai <3 nose porque jente pelea si wiz khalifa iso una rola con afrojack o si pitbull ase remix de todas :b si sale buena la musica me vale madre , solo disfrutenla <3

  71. Ashnoor Sidhu

    i love that shit ! 

  72. Rubem Paulo


  73. Портер Porter

    Deadmau5 style....I like it :)

  74. DOP GURM5


  75. Luis Ochoa

    Sounds like deadmau5 style, +Respect Afrojackk you are an amazing producer, keep working!!!!!!!!! 

  76. LEIS

    amazing tune

  77. Vilde Nordli

    i actually get kind of emotionally attached to this song
    i dunno, but i love this shit 

  78. eyitayo obikoya

    I feel this sort of music doesn't suit Wiz Khalifa. And Afrojack should go back to electro house, he was betterat that.

    Irenej Hvasti

    It's not electro house! It is too, but he's more like electro dance. But ur right :)

    Wayne Aarts

    @***** he makes what he wants to make

    thommie busch

    @Math Hagen and Dutchare Mastersof the entire world

  79. Luiiss Moraless

    ohhhhhh \('.')/ I love the new album ___ AFrojack

  80. Guilherme Santo

    Wiiiiiiiiiiiz :D

  81. Ximena Parra

    My fucking hit, this sounds better in spanish: ESTÁ ACANCIÓN ME MAMAAAA.

  82. Andrew J.

    Great complect - Wiz and Afrojack. :)

  83. Imam Faiz

    OMG! this is a good collaboration ~

  84. Gopal Basanet

    Simple amazing..

  85. Marcela P.F

    Simple and perfect. Love it! :D ♥

  86. 01Warfare

    Haha do you guys really think that Afrojack gives a fack what you think of this song? so dont be a hypocrite and shut the fuck up 

  87. Salem Ahmed

    killed it , 420 <3

  88. Rahul Rajput

    u awsum afroo!!!

  89. Stella Marie

    every time i hear the music.... i go crazyy

  90. kevin JesuS LunA

    y el dirty dutch??? afro??? donde quedo el dirty dutch???......antes eras chvre U.U